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Pheromone Perfume Labo is the only one online shop in the world for the perfume mixed with human pheromone that has acquired the patent.
Our human pheromone has acquired the patent.
Around 1967, in USA, it was found that human beings also have pheromone and “vomeronasal organ” as the organ to perceive such pheromone. Dr. Barliner, who discovered the existence of human pheromone, then researched the mechanism of human pheromone and succeeded in producing human pheromone artificially. In 1991, he formally announced his research in the academic journal that human pheromone acts on human beings. In 1992 in USA, and in 2000 in Japan, human pheromone has acquired the patent.(Patent No. 3121016)
Human Pheromone Mixed Perfume “Love Attraction”
PROSTY Inc. as the management company of Pheromone Perfume Labo has acquired the import/sale license for the perfume in which human pheromone is used in 2003, which started the sale of such perfume as the manufacturer in Japan.
The products of Pheromone Perfume Labo have been reported on various magazines and received over 10,000 review comments from the users. There are many repeat customers, who regularly use the products for a long time.
Proudly made in Japan.
Pheromone Perfume Labo proudly produces all its pheromone perfume, bottles and printed boxes in Japan. The trustable alcohol free pheromone perfume comes in a little but high quality travel-friendly spray bottle.

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