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Company Profile

Company Profile

“We would like to change a lot of people to a smiling faces with the goods which enrich their mind.”

When people can meet with a favorite goods, it b unconsciously rings a smile to their face.

Because things are overflowing today, it's important to determine the one a customer is really needed and the one which puts on a smile unconsciously if he/she takes in his/her hand.

We will send out such goods to the world which make people's mind rich and in which a life becomes pleasant more from now, through which we would like to be a company which can contribute to the society where many people become smiling faces.

Company Name PROSTY Co.,Ltd
Representative Chitoshi Onda
Company Address 2-5-11-3F,Kichijoji-honcho Musashino-shi,Tokyo,180-0004 Japan
Phone Number +81-422-23-7312
Capital 20 million yen
Founded December 1999
Number of Employees 17