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About pheromone

What is pheromone?

Pheromone is a substance for being emitted to the outside of the body through a sweat gland etc., and giving characteristic information to the same kind as oneself such as "friends are gathered", "the danger of the body being told", "a way being told" and "drawing the opposite sex."
It was thought for a long time that the creature which did not have means to convey the information including the language had these pheromone and human had no pheromones and sense organs didn't also exist. However, it was also discovered that humans also had a pheromone and there was an organ to sense it by the Dr. David Berliner around 1987.

What is the vomeronasal organ which senses pheromones?

In 1811, scientist Ludwig Levin Jacobson of Denmark discovered that the organ which took in pheromone in the nose of the animal existed and he took his own name and named "Jacobson's organ".
It was said that this organ didn't exist in a human being because a communication tool of a language developed among scientists, but this organ was found by Dr. David Berliner in around 1987, and is generally called vomeronasal organ at present.

How does a pheromone differ from hormone?

“Hormone” is made in the body of a biology, and it works to maintain a life in the body. The representative thing has "estrogen" known as the female sex hormone.
On the other hand, a ”pheromone” is a substance which is emitted to the outside of the body, and causes a reaction peculiar to the same kind of creature, or transmits information. The word pheromone is a coined word, and the etymology of the cause comes from the place that put "pherein" (carry) and "hormon" (excite) of the Greek together.

How does it smell?

Pheromone does not have "smell". The smell is taken in with "the sense of smell nerve" in the mucous membrane of the nose, but pheromone is usually taken in by the part called "vomeronasal organ" which is different from the sense of smell nerve.
Pheromone brings about the effect in an extremely small quantity, and since it is no odor mostly, it turns out that the communication of information by a smell is a completely different thing.

Discovery of human pheromones

Is the pheromone of a man and a woman different?

It is said that there are two kinds of pheromone which acts on a woman and acts on a man as of now. What acts on a woman is included in the male sweat called "a male pheromone compound Androstadienone," and acting on a male was discovered from the female urine called "a female pheromone compound Estratetraenol.
However, it turns out that secretion of female hormone prospers and the woman who took in the "male pheromone compound" makes her pheromone active, and it is said two relations are difficult to separate.

Research of Human Pheromone

Is it better to be a lot of pheromone?

The quantity that pheromone brings an effect is said to be 1 picogram (1/1 trillion g). Moreover, the time required which starts after taking in a pheromone in a ”vomeronasal organ” before activating cerebral hypothalamus is said to be 1/only 10,000 second, and it is made more important to continue giving off for a long time rather than a lot at once.

Where does the pheromone come out of?

Origin of a pheromone is made in the body, and it changes from a sweat gland to a pheromone by going out on the skin. In the case of man, the majority comes out from under armpit, but quadrupedal animals, such as a dog, are taking out the pheromone from the point of a nose or the anus circumference. Moreover, in an exceptional case, it turns out that the pheromone which attracts a baby comes out from a nipple.

About pheromone perfume

Please tell me how to use a pheromone perfume.

Please use it in the same way as normal perfume.
By spraying parts of the body that have a higher body temperature, the human pheromones contained in the perfume diffuse into the air when the moisture vaporizes. As for the point of how to use, please look at how to use pheromone perfume.

Is it better to use it a lot at a time?

Because the human pheromone is said to work with a little quantity, one to 2 push is enough as the quantity like an ordinary perfume. It is said that the temporal duration is about 2 to 3 hours since it is used. Using slight quantity and frequently is recommended rather than using a lot at a time. As for the point of how to use, please look at how to use pheromone perfume.

How does the pheromone perfume smell?

Human pheromone in itself does not have any fragrances.A scent-free type pheromone perfume has no fragrance, so you can use it with your favorite perfume. In addition to scent-free type, pheromone perfume blended fragrance ingredients is also available.

I am pregnant, can I use it?

Although you can use like a usual perfume, since skin and the body become sensitive especially during pregnancy and the state is different, please use it while seeing how things are.

How long does 1 bottle last by (10ml)?

About 130-140 sprays can be used. It also depends on the frequency in use, but there seem to be a lot of people who use up in about 1 month.

How long is an expiration date for use?

It is about two years in the unopened state.
Once it is opened, we recommend you to use up as earlier as possible.

Is it effective on the same sex as well as the opposite sex?

It is said human pheromones attract the opposite sex and, at the same time, and enhance relax and reassurance of his / her own and improve the favorable public image from the neighborhood. Please use it for the place of communication to become friendly with the person of the first meeting who wants to talk happily and who wants to raise an impression etc. regardless of a person of the same sex and the opposite sex.


Can I place an order from other than the Internet?

I'm sorry, but we accept only the order on the website. We do not accept an order by telephone and other methods.

Which country and area could you deliver it to?

Please refer to the shopping guide for the country where a delivery is possible.

Is there a limit of one time ordering quantity?

You can order up to 4 bottles for one order.

How much is the shipping fee?

It costs shipping charge. The shipping charge is different depending on delivery countries, so please refer to the shopping guide.

Does it cost other than the product price, the shipping charge?

It may take the customs duties, import duty and a customs clearance handling charge for the present local tax in a country and an area. Since an importer (customer) pays, please pay to a delivery trader directly at the time of a receipt. For more information, please contact the nearest customs directly by yourself.

How much do a customs duty, an import duty, and a customs fee cost?

The customs duties, the import duty and the customs clearance handling charge are different depending on countries and areas. Please contact a customhouse of the country and the area you'll receive for more information directly by yourself.

I cannot log in at the time of an order.

The mail address and the password you input may be wrong. Please confirm again whether it has been input by one-byte alphabet and numbers, and since a capital letter and a small letter are distinguished, the alphabetic character has agreed with the information at the time of registration. When you still cannot log in, as we investigate, please contact the inquiry.
In addition, if five years pass from a viewpoint of protection of personal information after placing an order last, a customer information will be deleted automatically. In that case, please understand beforehand that you need to have new member registered in order to use it again.

An email of the order completion does not arrive ….

In free e-mail (Gmail etc.), since it is considered that automatic distribution mail is a junk e-mail, it may not be correctly received. First of all, please confirm inside of a junk e-mail folder.
Or the mail address at the time of registration is wrong, or the card settlement may not be completed until the end. Because we check it, please contact the inquiry.
In addition, goods ordered from the purchase history are seen whether indicated after logging in to Account, and it can be checked whether the order is completed.

Can I change such as the addition of goods, etc.?

When you want to change order for product contents including the addition, it's troublesome, but after having canceled it once from “order cancellation” of Account, please order once again. When the order contents aren't shown on an order cancellation screen, it's included in shipping off preparations already, cancellation by the customer himself cannot be done. When it's before shipping off, we can accept the change, so please contact us from the inquiry. In addition, we cannot accept the change after shipping off of goods.

Can I cancel the order?

If it is before shipping goods, you can have it cancel more easily from the “order cancellation” of Account. When your order contents aren't shown on an order cancellation screen, it's been in shipping off preparations already, so you can't cancel it by the customer himself. When it's before shipping off, we can accept the change, so please contact us from the inquiry. In addition, we cannot accept the change after shipping off of goods.

Doesn't the personal information input on the occasion of an order leak?

In Pheromone perfume lab, all persons are aware of the importance of the personal information protection and are engaged in business taking scrupulous notice of customer's private personal information, and we're managing strictly because we would like to have a customer use it in comfort. Since we are using SSL for the screen in which we input credit card information and a customer's important personal information, it is enciphered and a customer's information data is transmitted safely. Please look at a privacy policy about security for details.


Please tell me how to pay.

You can use an On-line settlement with a credit card and PayPal. The credit card which can be used is VISA and MASTER.

Is the payment of a credit card available by division and a revolving repayment?

Excuse me, the number of times of payment of a credit card is only 1-time payment.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

No, we do not accept payment by bank transfer.

I am worried about inputting a card number. Is security OK?

In pheromone perfume lab, to have a customer use with security, we are aware of the importance of protection of personal information, and all the persons manage severely and are engaged in business paying careful attention to the customer's privacy and personal information. Since we are using SSL for the screen which inputs credit card information, it is enciphered and a customer's information data is transmitted safely. In addition, in consideration of safety, we have you input the card information every time without recording it at all. Please refer to the privacy policy for more details.


How long does it take to reach the goods?

It's different depending on countries and areas, but we'll deliver it in 1-2 weeks from shipping off.

Can I specify the time of a delivery date?

You cannot specify a delivery date, a day of the week, and time.

Can you send a place of duties besides the home?

Since import is permitted on condition that the person himself/herself who placed an order uses it, it is necessary to send private importation to the order’s address (house in principle). If the address serves as a company name and a store name, it is considered that it is the sales purpose and we may be unable to send to you. When there are troubles, such as the confiscation, by having set it except the house as the address at the time of import clearance, it is considered as a customer's self-responsibility in principle, and compensation of goods cannot be performed.

What is the delivery method?

We send it to you directly from Japan by EMS.

How are a ship-from name and an item name of the delivery slip written?

In the delivery slip at the time of a goods, it is written as the "skin lotion". In addition, the origin of the shipment is "PROSTY" Co., Ltd. (PROSTY Co., Ltd is the company name which manages pheromone perfume lab.)
Since a brand name and the name (pheromone perfume lab) of this site are indicated with neither a check nor an outer packaging, there is no fear of being known by a family or a delivery person.

The product which I ordered does not arrive ….

After dispatch of goods, although we usually deliver it to you in about one to two weeks, it may be late according to many situations, such as a public holiday, year ends and New Year holidays, customs procedures. When goods don't arrive even if two weeks are passed after your order, sorry to trouble you, but please contact me with an inquiry. We'll check the delivery situation.

I could not receive a product by absence ….

A product is kept at the nearest post office indicated in a delivery notice. Please receive it at the window of the post office. (The practical use is different depending on countries and areas. Please check it in the nearest post office.)

Returning goods and exchange

A wrong product or a defective article arrived ….

Please contact a customer service within seven days after arrival. When a product is sent back without a prior notification, we cannot refund of the price for the product and a mailing cost.

Can I return a product and exchange?

We do not accept returns and exchange a product at your convenience.

The exterior of the package I have received was broken.

The ordered goods have taken all possible measures against packing so that breakage may not arise, but a crack, dirt, and a dent may produce by the shock under delivery, etc. As far as there are no problems with a product itself, please understand the item you bought cannot be refunded or exchanged.

I don't like the fragrance; I used it, but I want to return it (or change it) because it was different from my image.

After opening and the use, we do not accept product returns and exchanges. Because there is individual difference for how to feel about quality of skin and pheromone perfume, and it may not be suitable for a skin type and the effect which was expected may not be felt. In that case, too, please understand you cannot return it.

It has been sent back to Japan.

When it is sent back to Japan by a customer's long absence, receipt refusal and owing of the outstanding payment for customs duties and customs clearance handling charge, the purchase price and the shipping costs are not refundable. Please understand this situation.

Member registration and a point

I forgot the registered mail address.

When forgetting the address you registered, please contact us from an inquiry.

I forgot my password.

The person who forgot a password input the mail address here which you had set at the time of member registration.

I want to change the member information such as an e-mail address and the address.

Please register new information from the change page of a customer information after logging in to an account.

I would like you to delete my member registration.

When you want to delete your member registration, sorry for your inconvenience, but please contact us from an inquiry. Please understand beforehand that all the points or the shopping histories will be deleted if member registration is deleted. When you want to use again after deletion of member registration, please do new member registration.

Doesn't member information, including a name, an address, etc., leak?

In pheromone perfume lab, we are aware of the importance of protection of personal information to have a customer use securely, and all the persons engaged in business manage severely paying careful attention to the customer's privacy and personal information. Since we are using SSL on the screen which is input credit card information and a customer's important personal information, it is enciphered and a customer's information data is transmitted safely. Please look at a privacy policy about security for details.

What is the pheromone perfume lab point?

It's the service that you can save a profitable point by using our store. Saved points can be used for shopping in pheromone perfume lab at one point = 1 USD.

Do the points have the expiration date?

It's for 5 years after you get a point. When you shop again within 5 years, the expiration date is extended for 5 years from there again. Further, you receive an e-mail which will inform of the expiration date of the point 1 month before when it expires. Please keep in mind the point which has expired does not restore even if you shop again after that.