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We use SSL for the screen which inputs credit card information and a visitor's important personal information. Thereby, since a customer's information data is enciphered and transmitted safely, you can enjoy shopping in comfort. As for the privacy policy of the pheromone perfume lab, please look at a privacy policy.


What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an encryption communication system to exchange information on the Internet with security. It has two roles on a security side of net shopping.

The 1st is enciphering the contents of communication. An alteration and furtive glance of data are prevented by enciphering important information, including the number of a credit card, the customer's personal information, etc. that are not to be known by other persons.

And the 2nd is proving the operator of an Internet site. I think it is uneasy to offer information, although you don't know who an operation person is. It is an existing company, and it is proof of the company information written in the homepage being genuine that the SSL certificate is issued. Please enjoy shopping in comfort.

How to check SSL

1. As for the page using SSL, URL becomes "https:" instead of "http:”

2. As for the page using SSL, an address bar or a key mark is displayed on the screen lower right.