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Terms of Use

When using the online shopping site "Pheromone perfume lab" (hereinafter referred to as "this service") which PROSTY Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), we establish Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement") as follows.

1. Scope of this agreement, and change

This agreement shall be applied to our company and user (it is defined in the next clause) about offer and its use of this service.
Our company can be subject to change this agreement without prior notice to a user and consent.

2. Definition of user

In this agreement, the "user" refers to the person using the inspection of this service, purchase, and the user of other these services.

3. Use of this service

The user shall use this service according to the shopping guide etc. which this agreement and our company define separately.
We shall be able to change the contents of this service without our notifying in advance to the user. And when disadvantage has occurred to the user by this, our company shall not take any responsibility.

4. Membership

The member is called a person after consenting to the contents of this agreement and he / she applies to this service and we admitted.
Less than 18-year-old person can't register nor purchase of goods as a member.
In the case of member registration, please register the true and exact information about the user himself / herself. The person becoming a member shall perform the registration procedure.
The member can use this service according to the conditions which our company defines.
The member shall report promptly by the predetermined our company method when change arises by the contents of registration such as the name, address, telephone number and e-mail address which were submitted to our company.

5. Management of member ID and a password

The user shall take all responsibility about the management of the member ID that the user set and the password and about the use.
Please register the e-mail address of the subscribed person himself with subscriber ID.
When five years or more have passed since the last purchase, the use of applicable ID may be suspended without prior notice to a user or consent.

6. Withdrawal from the membership

When a member withdraws, it's required to submit from the member himself with an inquiry form. It becomes the withdrawal after predetermined procedure process.

7. Purchase of products

The user can purchase a product using this service.
When a user wishes the purchase of a product, he shall apply for the purchase of goods in accordance with the method specified by our company.
As for the cancellation after a product application, it shall be followed as a shopping guide which our company defines separately.

8. Payment

About the amount and the method of payment, it shall be in accordance with the purchase page and shopping guide of each goods.
Payment of credit card or PayPal shall follow the conditions which a user makes a contract with a card issuer or PayPal separately. In addition, when a dispute occurs between a user and the credit card company or PayPal concerned, it shall be solved by both parties concerned, and our company shall not take any responsibility.

9. Returns of goods

The return of goods cannot be accepted in principle.
When unavoidable such as inferior goods, please contact PROSTY customer service within seven days after the arrival of goods.

10. Prohibitions

The user shall not do the following acts when using this service. When a user violates a prohibited matter, our company may stop offering of this service and refuse future dealings without carrying out a notification to the user concerned. Moreover, when damage arises to our company because of the violation of the user, the user concerned shall take responsibility to compensate the damage.

  • ・The act which applies for the false contents in the case of an information input
  • ・The action that might affect an act to disturb the administration of this service, and other acts with a possibility of interfering with this service.
  • ・The act which uses a credit card illegally and uses this service.
  • ・The act which uses an e-mail address and a password illegally.
  • ・The act which spoils the right of other users, a third party, or our company, profits, honor, etc., or any acts of those fears.
  • ・The act that infringes other users, third parties, or our trade mark right, copyright, on privacy and other rights, or an action with those fears.
  • ・The act which offends public order and morals other laws and ordinances or any action with those fears.
  • ・Additionally the act our company judges to be unsuitable.

11. Cancellation of this agreement

Our company shall be able to cancel the agreement concerned or suspend this service, without notifying to a user in advance, when a user corresponds to either of each of the following items.
  • ・When the act of a prohibited matter of the 9th article was performed.
  • ・When it was revealed that it was against this agreement in the past.
  • ・When there was observance delay of the agreement or other failure of payment debts such as the product price.
  • ・When there was a contact of the purport of card credit failure from the credit card company specified by a user.
  • ・When the situation which can be accepted that the user's solvency became dangerous was revealed.
  • ・When goods become out of stock and we can't deliver it easily.
  • ・We can't deliver it by destination obscurity and the long absence.
  • ・When this agreement is violated.
When our company took measures of the preceding clauses, and even if disadvantage and damage occur by the user concerned or third party, we shall not take any responsibilities.

12. Management of information

When judging that it is required for the word-of-mouth communication and other information that the user sent, our company shall delete this without consent to a user.

13. Copyright

The user shall not use or release any information about copyrighted work offered through this service, which exceeds the range of the private use of the user individual setting in the Copyright Act without the authorization of the right holder.
About information, including the word-of-mouth communication etc. which were brought by our company from the user, we assume that the right to use is given to our company and our company may post it on a pamphlet, WEB, etc.

14. Disclaimer

When falling on each next item on the occasion of administration of this service, our company may change and add all offers of this service or some part, and suspend and cancel it without prior notification and consent.
  • ・When it is necessary for the routine maintenance of the system and urgent maintenance
  • ・When the use of the system becomes difficult by a natural disaster, a fire, a power failure and an interference act by a third party.
  • ・In addition, when our company judges it is required.
Our company shall be exempted from the obligation by processing office work according to a user's contents of registration.
When we're under a notice obligation to the user, we assume that the obligation was achieved by sending notice to the e-mail address the user registered beforehand and by delivering goods about the delivery of goods to the receiver's address directed by the user in the case of merchandise purchase.
The user is considered to have been agreed that he performs all this at his own risk for the use of this service. Our company shall not take responsibility for every damage, loss, disadvantage to produce to the third party except there is a particular agreement between a user and our company by the use of this service or by this service not having been available.
When a user changes a password, it shall be exempted from the obligation by changing by the method of our company's specification.

15. Resale of goods

We decline the purchase of the product for the purpose of the resale (reselling) and the product using the Internet. The resale (reselling) here means the act that the person other than our company sells our products to the unspecified number of persons regardless of a company and an individual. Even if the goods which our company offers were sold at the auction site, a trader, an individual site, etc., our company cannot take any responsibilities.

16. Others

The means of communication of our company and a user shall be based on an E-mail and a telephone in principle.
When the problem that cannot be settled occurs about the use of this service, both sides shall talk between our company and a user in all sincerity and solve this.
Regarding the use of this service, about dispute produced between our company and a user, the Tokyo District Court or the Tachikawa summary court shall be as the agreement jurisdictional courts.
By delay or failure of the performance of obligations for the product price, the observance of a contract delay of the payment debt and the agreement violations or other failures of the user, compensation for damages and the duty occurs to a user, the user concerned shall bear the legal fee when we use a lawyer for dealing with it.

17. Governing Law

It's based upon Japanese law about interpretation and application of this agreement.

Supplementary clause: This agreement is put into effect from June 1, 2017.