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Love Attraction Unscented for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Unscented for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Unscented for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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To my son

I bought it for my son who is not good at human relations. I was pretending to go out in the morning. Then I do not say clearly, but I feel that the atmosphere has become brighter. I feel that the relationship I was worried about is calm. I will continue to repeat!


June 18, 2015


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Did it arrive in the porte period?

Because 70% of the staff is a work environment for women, I thought that it would be a part of smooth communication, I decided to try pheromone perfume.
I like the perfume you usually wear, so I decided not to disturb it, this time I chose alcohol-free fragrance.
I actually put it together with my favorite perfume because I do not smell like water at all, I will be careful not to overdo it just because I do not smell.
Because I am building a very good relationship with the female staff, I think that there is an effect person.
Approximately ten days after I started attaching, a sudden change in hair style and makeup, several daughters who became very pretty, came to talk to me often attaching to something.
When most staff talk to me I feel smiling and smiling.
It is effective so that it seems to misunderstand whether it has arrived in the Yotei period (lol \)
Next time I think I tried a premium etc.


March 19, 2017


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It is a repeater.

I think as good as ever.
All small changes are moving in a good direction.
I feel that confidence without evidence surrounds it as an aura.


September 24, 2011


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How many times will it ...

Re-purchase. If you look at purchase history · · · However, it is worth purchasing many times, it is effective.


June 23, 2014


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I felt the effect despite being fragrance free!

I attached the neck and wrist as the center. I thought something was wrong with the smell like a little when I got it a little, but as time went by, it also disappeared, so there was no problem in particular!
It was in the train that felt the most effect.
When a woman sits next to a seat of a train in commuting etc, the woman slept as much as possible and often leaned against her shoulder. I thought that there is also a relaxing effect to relieve the woman somewhat, because it is a fragrance-free work so it does not hurt to work, so I'd like to try using another fragrant thing again after trying it!


May 27, 2015


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No fragrance is easy to use!

I think if there is more amount, I use it mixed with lotion and perfume.
I hope aroma perfume and limited perfume are around this amount.

One half

February 01, 2010


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Very nice feeling ♪

It is a comment that I tried using for a while.
My company is a woman all but me, but my attitude changed obviously!
Everyone was always smiling, the inside of the company became bright.
I am kind to how to treat me.
I can not give away this perfume anymore ♪ In the future I would like to try other types as well.


November 05, 2018


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I used it for the first time

I first encountered this perfume and tried using it, but thought that I was deceived at first as alcoholic!
The effect was soon spoken to by the next strange woman and we had meals together and got a phone number Why is this perfume an item that you can realize that even this falling over me can do it!


April 10, 2015


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Wait and see

I do not know if it has any effect, but I think that it is good to use it as a follow-up in the mental aspect.


January 29, 2011


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Is the effect the same?

I used Perfect Love. Since it's getting fewer left, if you look at HP to purchase it will be discontinued · · ·. I am sorry that it was lost just because I liked it with odorless and self-effective feeling. I want you to resell regularly.


September 20, 2010


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Joint control

Until now, I have participated in the gossipers as far as I can count.
But as soon as I was there, I never saw those women.
There was a sudden change from this product use.
After the gangsters, they came to be invited frequently as they wanted to see them from a woman.
Effect It is a textile.


December 10, 2017


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I do not know yet, but (laugh)

Honestly, you can not buy this kind of product unless you have a sense of common sense at Dame Moto. However, it seems that we have obtained a patent, and since we have noticed that a word lie can not be disregarded unexpectedly as well as word comments, I will try it.
I will report it when there is a serious effect.

Takumi 8

January 20, 2011


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It is strange feeling.

I bought it interested by looking at the net. Although I did not expect much, I used it in my workplace, but as soon as I realized that women are talking nearby unnoticedly, I can fix it with the feeling that my breasts can be seen from the neck of my shirt in front of myself Even on the way to the meeting I feel somehow touching my arms, it is strange feeling. Is this pheromone effect? ​​Everyday is fun.


August 09, 2015


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Effect feeling!

I always have it when I meet my child I like.
It is definitely better mood.
I feel like I'm going out with me now.
I bought it for 5 meters, but I ran out of order because I ran out of money. Because it's a date next week!
I think that it would be good to have someone with her.
I think that a couple can be a love love, and the conversation gets fun with nature.
Also, although it may be due to crisis, there are many things that are seen as cancerous by children and toddlers. Is Jovi organ is more sensitive than adult?
About 3 months since I started using it. I realize the effect.
Bought a fragrance free, perfume is another popular trendy fashion now.
I carry a small small one per bottle of fragrance pheromone and ordinary perfume.

Nozomu Fuchigunmon

August 03, 2010


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I like this perfume

I used a premium before, but changed to this one.
I think that this perfume has a sense of stability within myself.
I do not have any special good, but I like it.


November 13, 2013


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Some day

I have purchased it many times and keep using it, but I never realized the effect. But I ended using it many times after all. I hope there will be something this year.


January 23, 2011


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I was surprised

At first, I felt suspicious, but when I went to work, the reactions around me were completely different.
A normally unfamiliar woman calls out with a smile.
Another woman greets me with this back.
Well, I do not know yet, but I was surprised a little because this happened at the same time on the first day (lol \)
I'd like to try it out on my mind.


August 20, 2019


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Was it effective?

Colorless transparent odorless. It is not different from water at all, there is no feeling of use. I told a lie that it was magical water to remove the active oxygen to the intentioned person, sprinkled over the back of the hand and breathe deeply for about a week. I do not know the effect by chance, but it seems that I wear a yukata wearing fireworks together

Blue General

August 02, 2013


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First Purchase

Although this time was the first purchase, the quality of the goods as well as the closing of the courier business office etc, there were also various uneasy things, but I was able to purchase with confidence because I got in touch with mail in detail. By the way, because I registered the mobile address, it was also good that I could contact the family without worry that I could see mails.
Well, it is actually used impression. I still can not say anything, but it certainly feels like the girls are gathering around! The distance is getting closer than anything!
The most important thing is to make a solid human relationship, but if there is this love attraction on that, it seems that life will be more fulfilling ♪ If it says it is the only thing to worry about, it will drop out with 1 push I thought it would be nice if it was a little more misty.
It is going to be a long association!
[Postscript] I was wearing it like every day from that, but at last it was "I like the smell!" It is not exactly the effect of a love attraction, because I never said what I liked the smell I am thinking!
Since it was almost gone, I attempted to purchase a premium this time. Expectation is more than double !!


December 02, 2013


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Changes in intentional women ...

A woman who was intentional in the work place, somehow ... even a little ... I bought a fragrance without feeling that I would like to approach!
There is a difference between before wearing and after wearing!
The difference between the amount of conversation and the degree of tightness came out (^ _ ^) v The woman also smelled faintly honestly, and it often happens to be scrambled ... I think that I should invite her to eat even thoughtfully.
I think that there is an effect ♪


February 21, 2015


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