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Love Attraction Unscented for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Unscented for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Unscented for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction Unscented for MEN (Alcohol Free), which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

It might be good for you

I met this perfume, it is a half year. As usual there is still no dramatic change, but I think that an interesting phenomenon is occurring than using other perfumes.
I want to try it a bit more, so it's purchase.


October 21, 2010


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Very good, good.
I will buy it again.

middle aged

October 17, 2018


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Changes in intentional women ...

A woman who was intentional in the work place, somehow ... even a little ... I bought a fragrance without feeling that I would like to approach!
There is a difference between before wearing and after wearing!
The difference between the amount of conversation and the degree of tightness came out (^ _ ^) v The woman also smelled faintly honestly, and it often happens to be scrambled ... I think that I should invite her to eat even thoughtfully.
I think that there is an effect ♪


February 21, 2015


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Recommended for sensitive skin people!

It's sensitive skin that turns the skin red as a result of alcohol disinfection before injection, but it was safe to use because it is free of alcohol. One puff when leaving the house. Like the favorite rose, white musk, jasmine, first of all I feel the effect that makes my feelings lighter and lighter. The effect to others is that young women who do not go away from me even if the train is empty, are you feeling comfortable so much, a high school girl sleeping asleep with my head on my shoulder, etc. This may be effective There were many.
Also, in the same sex, I felt the effect of calming the partner 's heart during a meeting at a close range.
Even sensitive sensitive skin like myself, when it is called "the first time!", It is reliable as long as you can spray plenty on the neck without hesitation.
Speaking of greed, I think that it is even better if alcohol-free "concentration 2 times" is released soon.
I am hospitalized for about a month now, so I would like to continue to try on the effect on young nurse.

Prince of Rose

February 26, 2013


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Using a love attraction fragrance, the feeling of my wife changed. Somehow seems to be always near ... When putting in a futon and putting it a little before going to bed it was said that he wanted to sleep together. Although there is no dramatic change, the attitude has definitely changed so far. I will continue to use it in the future.


January 22, 2015


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Looking forward to it!

Using Sweet Attraction makes it even more fun to talk with people whether you are confident about what you are using. I think that I would like to purchase because it seems to be lost.


October 20, 2010


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It is a good feeling.

product has arrived. I always use fragrance not love attraction. I mix my favorite perfume depending on the scene, and I am turning on as it is. I do not care much about it, but as it is attached, the smell of alcohol was first concerned. I thought from a long time that no one knew what I was putting on. This time, since alcohol free is out, it is very good feeling because I do not smell alcohol at all as I purchase it immediately and use it. I also expect the effect of attracting females more than ever.


February 18, 2013


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Easy to use

There is no smell of alcohol and it is easy to use. Recently, there are women who sit in the same box almost every day on commuter trains, but do they feel pheromone, or do they pretend that they do not feel ... even if they shut their legs tight?


July 14, 2019


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I am using it for a pretty good period. It is expected that we will have something effective soon.


November 29, 2010


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with her

When you meet, you are sure to put on, although she does not do special things, she takes care of herself very much.
It seems to be bragging around and it is a pleasant pressure for me.


December 10, 2017


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I use it by transferring it to a small spray container.

I use it while putting it little by little into a small spray container that goes into a pocket.
It is recommended not to be wasteful as it can adjust the amount of ejected.
When put in pocket, it is convenient because it can be sprayed every time.

When my grandma came close to me by train, I had quite a cold sweat .... It's quite powerful.


May 20, 2010


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I use it for retrofitting

I use fragrant perfume in the morning, but it is not good to smell so I use this nonflattering type here in the afternoon as it is not a good workplace. Although it smells a distinctive smell, I am strangely familiar with myself and calm down. I also became able to communicate with a woman in the workplace that I thought she probably did not like himself with a smile. Women around me are talking with a calm face. It is favorite!


January 26, 2018


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It is a standard.

We always buy either fragrance or premium. I can afford a feeling (mind). It may be due to mind ....


February 06, 2012


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I want to have confidence

I am not confident and I am not good at talking and speaking properly. I decided to buy with confidence and trying to make sure I can see and hear it properly.


September 28, 2010


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Honestly I could not judge it well.

I tried using it in places where there are plenty of people, but unfortunately the reaction did not change very much as usual.
It seemed that my wife did not react well.

One piece

June 23, 2011


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I am trying to use it. It is a problem of feeling, but I am using it because it is a workplace with many women. In my case, it is a tool for smoothly progressing work, so there is no such thing as romance, but obviously the atmosphere has improved compared to before, and I heard that a woman's subordinate is also saying .
It is best to change myself more than anything, but I think that it can be used enough


February 13, 2011


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Good odor from a smell

I think that the condition of a good man first decides his scent.
Even so, I think that fitting is also an important means for seasons and time zones.
I am looking forward to this product.


February 18, 2010


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Evaluation ★ Three!

Since it is a fragrance-free agent at first, it was half-trusted, but the surrounding reaction is obviously different. Attitudes are changing as women invite from women or try to find distant neighborhoods strangely even during normal conversation. What is this effect? ​​Because I do not know the smell at all, it is a mysterious feeling, but I think I will continue to use it. This is recommended.


September 14, 2010


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I am handy at work

A woman at the workplace gentle and I am enjoying my work. Also, yourself becomes relaxed feeling, you will have a margin. It is very easy to use without fragrance.


July 10, 2011


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First Purchase

Although this time was the first purchase, the quality of the goods as well as the closing of the courier business office etc, there were also various uneasy things, but I was able to purchase with confidence because I got in touch with mail in detail. By the way, because I registered the mobile address, it was also good that I could contact the family without worry that I could see mails.
Well, it is actually used impression. I still can not say anything, but it certainly feels like the girls are gathering around! The distance is getting closer than anything!
The most important thing is to make a solid human relationship, but if there is this love attraction on that, it seems that life will be more fulfilling ♪ If it says it is the only thing to worry about, it will drop out with 1 push I thought it would be nice if it was a little more misty.
It is going to be a long association!
[Postscript] I was wearing it like every day from that, but at last it was "I like the smell!" It is not exactly the effect of a love attraction, because I never said what I liked the smell I am thinking!
Since it was almost gone, I attempted to purchase a premium this time. Expectation is more than double !!


December 02, 2013


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