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Love Attraction Unscented for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Unscented for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Unscented for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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※ These reviews reflect each customer's personal experience. Please note that they do not guarantee you will get the same or similar result.
The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction Unscented for MEN (Alcohol Free), which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

The real thing is ...

There is no way that everything has changed dramatically.
However, it feels like being a support of the mind than not being.
Perhaps it is time to go to those who can afford this delicate margin.
I feel that there is some smell as much as 30 minutes in the beginning of turning on, but I think it is trivial.
As the name of incense-free products, when you notice, there is no smell.


October 09, 2009


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I want to expect in the future.

I bought for the first time a love attraction (no fragrance).
The smell like alcohol smells something delicious like royal jelly, but after a while the smell disappears.
I arrived and used it as soon as possible, I went to the cabacula and tried to see the reaction. My nominated daughter began sticking together and brought it to a kiss. And is it worrisome? I have put my perfumed wrist near my face. Do you understand something?
Is it too effective?
I went to the company with expectation, but ?? \?
I do not know whether it is effective, but is it because the daughter in the same department speaks more than usual?
It is still 6th day of use, so I do not know yet, but I'd like to expect in the future.


September 02, 2012


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Is it easy to use?

The second one is in use.
No fragrance is very good.
I'm putting it at work.
Although it is not dramatic, I think that attitude and reactions of girls' employees are only around themselves, I think they are very soft.
Greetings, good morning, good taste, sort of things, at least they do not make me feel uncomfortable.
As I expected, I feel a step now, but it is not bad.
Expectations will expand more and more what will happen if you are using as it is.
Too much expectation is not good, but there are some interesting phenomena around you.


May 27, 2010


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By any chance

I am not good at sweet scent, so I tried buying it with black.
It was a light feeling that it might be a countermeasure against aging odor, but the pheromone effect may also be appearing.
For one young woman who had never talked with her for a year at a study meeting, she was suddenly called out one day and started to eat together It was.
Originally female uke is not bad, but it was an event right after I started wearing this perfume, perhaps it might be a pheromone effect.


February 13, 2012


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To my son

I bought it for my son who is not good at human relations. I was pretending to go out in the morning. Then I do not say clearly, but I feel that the atmosphere has become brighter. I feel that the relationship I was worried about is calm. I will continue to repeat!


June 18, 2015


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Changes in intentional women ...

A woman who was intentional in the work place, somehow ... even a little ... I bought a fragrance without feeling that I would like to approach!
There is a difference between before wearing and after wearing!
The difference between the amount of conversation and the degree of tightness came out (^ _ ^) v The woman also smelled faintly honestly, and it often happens to be scrambled ... I think that I should invite her to eat even thoughtfully.
I think that there is an effect ♪


February 21, 2015


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I want to have confidence

I am not confident and I am not good at talking and speaking properly. I decided to buy with confidence and trying to make sure I can see and hear it properly.


September 28, 2010


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Good odor from a smell

I think that the condition of a good man first decides his scent.
Even so, I think that fitting is also an important means for seasons and time zones.
I am looking forward to this product.


February 18, 2010


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Purchase as a gift

Purchased as a premium gift for the wedding second party. After all it seems that everyone seems to be interested when it comes to pheromone perfume and it was very exciting.
According to the subsequent story the person who hit it seemed to be able to do.
Perhaps it is like having a mind, I think that there is also a pheromone perfume if it can become happy.


March 06, 2015


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Using a love attraction fragrance, the feeling of my wife changed. Somehow seems to be always near ... When putting in a futon and putting it a little before going to bed it was said that he wanted to sleep together. Although there is no dramatic change, the attitude has definitely changed so far. I will continue to use it in the future.


January 22, 2015


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Was it effective?

Colorless transparent odorless. It is not different from water at all, there is no feeling of use. I told a lie that it was magical water to remove the active oxygen to the intentioned person, sprinkled over the back of the hand and breathe deeply for about a week. I do not know the effect by chance, but it seems that I wear a yukata wearing fireworks together

Blue General

August 02, 2013


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Very good, good.
I will buy it again.

middle aged

October 17, 2018


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In an environment with many women

In the previous review, I saw that a woman is using it at a woman-only workplace, and I used it as a trial when I changed my job.
I can not say the result yet, but it is also scary to stop using it (laughs \)
I will continue to use it as it is.


April 29, 2019


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Somehow, it is mysterious

I bought a love attraction no fragrance (for men).
It is a strange thing, many things being spoken to by people, in particular being able to be spoken to by a woman has increased visibly.
Thanks to you for being asked to do work too often, I have been busy but everyone talking about other stories of my talking also have a good feeling.
Although there is a wife, apart from that, a sweet man who really wants to believe in his power, but can not make it feel still more after 30 mid-stage which must attract adults' attractiveness at work, to help perfumes I asked for it. The result is quite good. I would like to find out what I can go out for as long as possible trying all out if possible.


April 16, 2015


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It may have been effective

Since I was concerned about the smell of alcohol before, I used alcohol free this time.
I pushed one arm and sniffed the smell. No alcohol smell was also smelled so it was feeling that it was wearing water.
I tried pushing pheromone perfume one by one to both arms and neck, and attached it to a part - worker destination. Then I usually chatted from a girl who only listens to my job content of work, only for today I was able to chat for something other than work. At that moment, I thought, "Did it be thanks to this perfume?"
By attaching this perfume, I feel confident that "probability to move from opposite sex may have increased!" I think that it became possible to think positively and positively in a heterosexual relationship.
The good place of this perfume is odorless so you can put other perfumes as well. I am happy because I can make my favorite perfume with pheromones. Moreover, because alcohol is free, there is no worry that the skin will turn red.
I am planning to date her next time, so I would like to try this perfume again at that time.

Kitano Total

February 28, 2013


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I am looking forward to it!

I decided to buy by seeing reviews of various people.
I am looking forward to arrive. .


January 05, 2010


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For people who are not good at communication, I think it will be a very good opportunity.


April 12, 2017


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With expectation

I could meet a woman who wanted to associate seriously in a few years.
If it is fulfilled it is thanks to Kole. The result will also be up.

Fame Roberly

March 22, 2011


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A nice fragrance that can be secretly kept secret!

It is best to use it together with other perfumes unique to non-fragrance.

Although it smells like alcohol slightly when attached as a single unit, it will not bother you at all if time passes.
I used it from the top of my favorite perfume and my friend said something better than usual!
From my friend with the power of smell, I feel like the distance has approached somehow.
Please try it all by all means!


July 30, 2018


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I do not know.

It seems like it works somehow, it does not seem to work (lol)

I wish I wish a lot more quantity.


October 16, 2010


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