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Love Attraction Unscented for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Unscented for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Unscented for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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I just caught a voice

Sometimes there is a fast food restaurant to stop by, but as soon as I can turn on this, I have spoken to someone who is interested. It seems that myself has changed.

Indecent nature

September 11, 2011


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Perfect Love → Sweet Attraction

Last time I used it was January.
In the early days, there was no odor except for alcohol smell at the moment of attachment, so it was half-trusting that "I was cheated ...", but on a certain night there was a drinking party hosted by a friend, from a woman next door, " It is a nice odor, what do you use? "

Before I went out, I was shocked and I was honestly surprised to hear that I got a perfect love (PL hereafter).
Perhaps it was a scent of a commercially available body shampoo (cheap (laugh)), but it is obvious that her favor is gained, and as her drink goes on, her actions escalate and my neck of my shirt Pull up his nose in the shirt every face and say "Ah what ?? This nice scent" and everyone who was around me truly donned (laugh)

It was a PL night.
After that, every time I got there, I became indebted to PL, and I got to carry it in bags.
In the past year and a seven month, I became likable to homosexuality and opposite sex, and my feelings came to be positive.
And this time, I tried using "Sweet Attraction" for the first time.
Although the capacity slightly decreased (T_T), the effect seemed to have increased persistence rather.
First of all, at the moment of attachment, there is a component that comes with "Tone" which was not found in PL, but it is a selfish interpretation but it feels like a pheromone concentrated liquor.
Of course we are carrying it in the bag, so whenever you are ready to have Naniga at any moment!

Needless to say (laugh)


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It is said that you like your smell ...

When I meet her I always wear a fragrance type of pheromone perfume, around my neck and thighs.
I will nose my nose if she is sensitive to olfaction, or if Jovi organ is sensitive, I like my smell.
Is it like a matatabi for cats?
As I cling to karaoke I cling to my knees and I will sniff my smell so I keep it cranky until I get sick.
Love attraction "fragrance free" scent! (Laugh)

Nozomu Fuchigunmon

May 11, 2011


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♀ neutralizing agent at workplace

I will always use it.
It's been a half year since you started using it.
I am working at a workplace where women are 90%, but why is this woman making friends and making small groups this way.
You are doing good on the surface, but doing shadows is fine. . . (; · ∀ ·)

I often listened to such tingling contents and I was getting hitting the surroundings and myself while I was at work, but since I used Sweet Attraction or when I'm at a short distance, I feel a little tender Somehow it is quiet. Lol.
Is it also because it is settled with pheromone. Does myself wearing sweet attraction become a neutralizing agent in the workplace ww


February 14, 2010


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There is an effect.

Of course it is a matter of attaching to myself, but I will puff in the car just before putting her on a date. The air conditioner is inside air circulation. Even if you eat, you want to go to the hotel from her, saying "Let's go quickly" soon after eating.


April 05, 2012


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My wife turned to bed for me.

I am sleeping on my bed with my wife, but since I started to sleep with a love attraction I got a lot of time to sleep for myself.
After that, I went to the barber shop with a love attraction and went to the test, but the woman's person seemed to be unable to work properly when sucked properly, but I got harvested, but like a train mowers With the finish, a female barbersmith was looking for eyes.
Also, I would like to attach a love attraction even if it is trimmed.


September 27, 2014


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I try to push one at about every two hours per earlobe.
In the workplace, I feel that conversation with female employees has become much smoother than before.
There were a few thrilling things a little closely approached during the conversation.
I have not concrete events yet, but I am a very relaxing person.
I think that it is good to put it around every 2 hours for beans.
I feel that women are very friendly even outside my workplace.
I would like to push one to the beans one everyday on expectation of a specific incident in the future.
Recently I always put in my pants pocket so as not to forget to put on.
Postscript: I tried 4 kinds so far, but this is the best.
For those with fragrance, it seems like "This guy is perfume and not attached," so I feel calm. No fragrance at work. I think that smelly ones are good for private.
※ Additional notes: 10 km thin, I got married!
I think that pheromone perfume has an effect when continued use.


November 04, 2012


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It is a favorite.

When I meet Sefre, I will only add sweet attractions, but she says that something is good.
It is often said that "Are you wearing something?", But if you say "I am not turning on anything", it is said that "Do you feel a scent of something happening?"


June 27, 2010


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I use it blended with the perfume of L'Occitane I bought while being made fun of being able to hide aging odor. It is comfortable not to misunderstand when brand name is heard. Of course the effect ...


July 20, 2016


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Good vibes! !

I just happened to know on the net and purchased a love attraction free fragrance.
I thought that because I go on a business trip, I tried using it for a lot of chopping to go drinking at night, but if it is too much, the smell of alcohol is the first thing to worry but after a while I was not worried and I got strange and recently Even though I go drinking, I do not argue for girls too much, but I became aggressive as if I got momentum on myself, and the talk was also a little younger than myself than myself!
The next day I was invited to din on the next day, I thought that it was a business purpose The next day I said that I can not go to the shop because I will go home, but it was fun so I went to eat alone ... but!
I have not had this until now, so I am half confident.
I would like to try using it in various places from now


July 14, 2011


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A game !

There is a woman I love long ago and I continue to attack, but I can not say "no" or "yes" clearly ...
I do not dislike it at all when I hear that I hate it. Although it says it does not go out I will not go out for dinner with only two people, watching movies, but eventually will not go out I think that I have to manage this situation a lot Sometimes I took a presence of "human pheromone".
Pheromone found that human beings were unconsciously controlled emotion.
This time I would like to apply this human pheromone perfume.
I want to go out with her for somehow!
I'd like a sweet attraction.


November 18, 2009


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This is pretty!

Two weeks passed after I used it.
Indeed the opportunities to talk with the surrounding women increased, and the conversation time was longer.
I will be talking from over there.
Once I worked with a woman in my office, my eyes met with an unnatural feeling, but it was clearly a feeling that was a tron.
Although it may be due to mind ...

This may also happen, but my judgment may be raised.
Because the work is doing quite well.
I think I will also purchase a premium.
I expect it.


September 07, 2014


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Mysterious power

I am careful not to create an unpleasant atmosphere for elderly people and overwhelmingly large number of female officials who work for elderly health facilities. Being more attentive to the sense of smell and more than words, I have been paying special attention to the sense of smell, I have experienced "smells say things as much as mouth" from a young age, so I think that it is an essential condition in a scene of interaction with people I will. However, this is not preferable, as it is a state like a cologne, a tight, piercing smell is rather uncomfortable for people and not working. Let's make the relationship with the elderly stronger, I devised the energy of this smell with smile and voice call and used the product of your company as I was planning to complete the duties. Originally sensitive to odor, this product scarcely smells. It is nice to have it not to be tight, but I was wondering "Is it OK?" I really thought so.
And, little by little I worked as usual on the neck every day, I always happened to be angry and bad with Mr. A who happened to be involved, but from A's smile full face He spoke to me. Mr. A has a severe dementia and despite extremely disliking to be in contact with people, I feel like having my sleeve pulled back like my husband, or as I miss her gentle father It was for me. Female officials gathered around unnoticed as soon as I noticed. I feel that it not only attracts opposite sex but also has the power to make people involved happily. However, I do not know because it does not smell on my own .... Regardless of age, if there is a difference in sex, a pleasant stimulus will be immersed from olfaction? Is it a mysterious force? I would like to continue offering this pleasure to other elderly people.

Utsu Umesa

February 28, 2013


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Comment on using

I felt that this perfume was not directly translated as it was used.
For males, the percentage of pheromone is female: 75% male: 25%, so I think that I feel confident in the inside by attaching female tolerance to myself.
And I think that I have the effect of giving peace of mind to women around by relaxing myself with female pheromone effect. Moreover, I think that there is also a sense of security as a homosexuality by female pheromones.
So it does not have any effect like H and immediate as soon as it is attached.
I think that it is a feeling that draws out charm from inside of myself.
The effect was about 1 hour and half with 2 drop push.
Considering that it is necessary to frequently reattach it, I felt 3980 yen was expensive in 10 ml.

Shipped the day until 2 pm

December 27, 2013


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Expected large ♪

I am working in a workplace where there are many young women, and my age of men surely keeps a distance away from them such as ... If we can make a relationship smoothly and work without unnecessary care, I think!
If I am admired by a young girl, I will take care of my husband Highway!

White Tiger

December 13, 2009


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There is no doubt effect

I always have it on when I date her.
However, there are times when I forget to put on occasionally.
So you can see the difference between her attachment and forget it.
She always burns a kiss from her when she's wearing it. Turn your hand behind my head. It is purchased again because it is gone.


August 03, 2010


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Again the effect ant?

I do not smell at all, I think that it is very easy to use because it can be used with the colon I normally use.
It looks as if it is spraying water.
In order to test the effect, we had a schedule of compatibility with women in their twenties, so I tried spraying it much on the neck and wrist from the morning on that day.
Women's reactions in trains and crowds were not felt at all.
And then it blew further just before the beginning of the gong.
As I did last time, I have forgotten that I am enjoying it as much as I drink and putting a love attraction.
But I became close to a lady of intention, I touched lightly, I promised my next date and I could exchange my phone number smoothly.
Let's continue trying whether it is the result of becoming psychologically aggressive by using love attraction or whether it is the effect of pheromone.
Either way, there is no doubt that unprecedented results have been continued, so it is a repeat purchase decision, but I think that it is even better if you double the pheromone.


February 23, 2013


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I am dating

She does not say that she is wearing perfume, but she is told every time she meets a unique smell. If I thought that I had a good impression, I was told that I liked it later. It seems to be addicted. I feel that there is a good response to women who have a romantic experiences abundant type who is motivated by men.
I personally like to appreciate it without feeling parenthesis wearing perfume, I like it to the highest.


June 02, 2018


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Next time···

Since I was able to experience alcohol-free and magical experience I bought last time, I tried to purchase a fragrance free. I have a smell of alcohol a little, but I do not mind and I use it everyday. The first time I went to her house the other day I tried to add a fragrance, but it came as a tron ​​from the way and acted more aggressively than usual. It is realized that there is an effect. Even when I am asleep at night, I usually have a large character next to it, but when I turn on I sleep while sticking to myself and cunning. I will tell you if there are things that feel the effect.


August 09, 2015


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Thanks for your help

I began to know and use it on the Internet about a year ago, and now I can continue to associate with a girl who is unlikely, and I am continuing now. Every time on a date or just for a moment to eat, I always make it to the bag with a custom and always try to meet after blowing.
Just to ensure that it will not volatilize when used, put it in a small vinyl bag with a sealed zip will last long ☆

Nozomu Fuchigunmon

May 11, 2011


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