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Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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No fragrance

Actually, I use this fragrance free angel? Premium.
(Because the premium seems to have a slightly unique scent)

Basically, I think that it is a good impression to men. My workplace is not married because of married men, so it is not subject to romance, but it is certain that the teaser is very important. (Just a mistake at the level that you want to ignore if there is no human relationship in the work place \)
So, I think that there is an effect, but I think that usage is necessary attention.


August 11, 2016


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Effects will be available later

I like the scent like a rich floral feeling, but the smell of alcohol is a little tight.
Like sweet sake like sake (laugh). It took me a month to get used to it because it is a weak constitution for drinking.
As I got out for the first time and it got going out, I felt like drowning like drowning, so it seemed drunk, so I recommend using it when going out at home.
After a while you do not mind alcohol smell, but when you go out, you can quickly add a toilet etc ... How long will it not be a casual fragrance if you do not do it for tens of minutes?
But there was a little effect.
My husband became somewhat aggressive, and it seems that the switch turns on automatically when sniffing the fragrance of this fragrance (no fragrance at all, floral + unique pheromone scent). Looking at me looks more gentle than usual ... How to distinguish the identity of this scent that makes me unnoticeable What kind of fragrance? Shampoo behaviors Behavior suspicious movement I will keep it secret.
I think that I do not know if I do not take effect for about a month and I thought that this shopping was unsuccessful at first, but I gradually became accustomed and I liked the first alcoholic smell .
I would like to try another.


November 25, 2014


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Alcohol free

Whether you get drunk when premium alcohol is on your neck, because I have a headache, I wanted to try alcohol free, I bought this.
There is not a unique scent of alcohol, it can be turned quickly.
Even if I use a lot, I will not get drunk and I will not smell alcohol and so it will not be noticed around me.
I do not know because it is not used separately because it uses a set with a flavor, but it can be superimposed.
I think that it is a pheromone effect plus and I will continue to use it.
Later I would like you to make an alcohol-free premium!


October 28, 2015


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It seems to be a perfume for yourself to calm down.

This perfume is not a perfume that the other person turns around by putting on, it seems to be a perfume for you to relax yourself by sniffing yourself (see bulletin board \)
If you calm down and touched it, that general human relationship will do as it is, but love is another matter.
I think that it is right as it was also in other people's reviews that people who are not interested in me originally have no effect.
In other words, this perfume has no effect on the desire to "turn around", so it has become useless shorts to me · ゜ · (P Д 'q.) · ゜ ·

It feels like a good effect on human relations, but I'm already referring to romantic love, or for couples.

I do not have anything particularly troubling about human relations, so I wonder if Ripi is .... It is too painful for people who like this price to have no effect ... · ゚ · (∀ `;) · ゚ ·


May 12, 2012


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It is easy to use because it is non-fragrant

It is convenient when used with other perfumes.
When I was having rice with my friends, I got the effect of this perfume in secret.
I was being called out by a man sitting near me while I was out of the seat.
After that, after being separated, I heard that he was on a train and he said that he was able to say a voice to a male person today because he was told that he was a pheromone perfume.
I was pleased when I gave him the next presentation.


January 20, 2016


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I bought it for the first time.

Actually, I had been thinking for quite a long time ago, but I tried purchasing because the evaluation of the word was high as to what the effect of patent pheromone is.
Since I started using it, I feel that somehow the surrounding men gently began to care about me. I am very shy, so I am very happy to be able to talk to each other. I will try to patronize from now on.


August 11, 2016


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Cheating up

13 years have passed since we got married. Meanwhile, I was cheated a couple of times, but I guess if it's a guy alone or not, I guess it's partly useless!
But this time the flirt was different. I came back home and seemed to have become serious with a woman, so I bought this item for divorce problems, and attached it every day without fail. Then, I came back to the old good couple.


October 27, 2010


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Because it is this year, I feel that women will decline rapidly unconscious, I will try it. I chose a fragrance free to add it to my favorite eau de toilette.
When I tried using it, the college student in the part got so nice to herself that she was getting nervous, and it was truly effective to be spoken to by a regular customer who was unfriendly at the time of customer service !!
I was told that something became beautiful even from a woman ... I can not release it anymore.


June 20, 2011


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It will not itch!

Because it does not smell, it does not itch, so I tried it to various places to try.
I had eaten at the end of the work with the people who worked together that day, but the person sitting next to me stood up to me and said, "It is really beautiful, is not it?" "It is cute." And in a row. Sometimes I was invited to date on the line, but I was surprised because I never told my face.
Moreover, saying "Come to stay at home" ... Because they were not just two people, it is crowded from surroundings as "Do not want to get in the way" and it is not a type of person who usually talks about or appeals to us But is it still quite useful if you are nearby?
Alcohol free From now on too!


April 15, 2016


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It's been a while since I first used it

I will purchase it for the first time and let me use it little by little everyday.
Job business Pat a woman alone, there are no men.
People who are coming or an elderly who comes as a customer ... Occasionally a young person comes, but she almost has her (lol \)
I think that it is due to mind after using perfume, but people with a trader smile often and have a lot of mouth if it is with me.
Those who are married coming in have a light sexual harassment, but it is going through; There is nothing that I think is still "thanks to perfume!", But I feel that I can feel confident even if I have it I think that I will continue from now on.


January 11, 2010


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Used for everyday use

Although there is no fragrance, there is some kind of "scented fragrance".
Like a body odor of a few people ... Of course it is not a smell, I do not dislike it.
What is this is pheromone?! ... In my case, there was not any big reaction from surrounding people, but as a base before attaching other perfumes, in combination I am using it everyday.
Five star with expectation that there is something action in the future.


December 25, 2011


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It is easy to use

I have mixed favorites because I have a favorite scent. It may be useful if there is one without scent. I do not know if I use this, but my younger boy will be very kind.


April 09, 2016


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Mysterious perfume

Because it is non-fragrance, I mix it with my perfume. It is easy to use because there is no smell of alcohol.
What I was most surprised with as soon as it arrived, I feel calm when I use it when I am irritated. Although I can not usually do it when I get along with him, I am able to talk calmly.
I am far away from him, so I have not yet confirmed the reaction, but I'm sure I can go with him with confidence.
I will also report about the reaction ♪


May 30, 2016


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The surroundings became gentle and the Mote period came!

After entering the late 30s, it was me who was losing confidence as somewhat surprised as a woman who treated me as a girl.
Even with a pheromone perfume even a little confident in myself, after using non-perfumes and Venus, the environment changed to gully and the surroundings gently touched me regardless of age and sex (* ゜ 0 __ *)

One month after I became confident in myself, I was confessed to him younger than 15 years old and I am currently seeing you. Not only he but also other men were invited to speak out, a good relationship continues as he knows it and gets more and more serious about me ♪

There is no fragrance, but a slightly gentle fragrance has a healing effect both on my own and around (^ ^) I realize that the effect of scent can not be stupid!


July 15, 2011


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It is an item you can not release!

I have been repeating for 5 years already!
Even in my workplace it has already been the station's position completely (lol \)
Still, male employees are doing better.
Every year I join young new recruits, every time I see a woman talking about a woman at work at a drinking party etc. between sales men, I hear every year that everyone's newly liked me! (Teru) I appreciate it ...

I am confident in myself and it is an item that I can not afford to truly.
I think whether there may be some courses that can be bought cheaply by subscription!


November 28, 2016


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Effect, nothing?

Relationship is good, but after 10 years of marriage it is somehow not "man and woman" It is feeling that it is getting rid of ... and feeling, if you continue to look after it as "heterosexual" and will handle it with the unity I want ... ..., buy it I did it.
There was no effect like this. Sorry. Although it feels alcohol smell when spraying, I do not particularly feel that "I am healed" ...

By the way, although it is spraying on beans on the day when the merchant enters and goes out to the house or when going out, there is no effect such as arrow stick.
This ... Is it my own, personal problem ... bitter smile.


June 12, 2012


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There was an effect immediately.

With boyfriend feeling like a manneri, I recently did not do anything so recently, I thought that it would be something inspiring ... ... I bought it with a half-trust.
It was effective on that day.
Originally, he is a person who does not feel like it at all when drinking, and he or she is not accompanied by a body,

I drank alcohol, even the next day was early, although I have not been here in the last two months, suddenly.

I can only think of this perfume.
It became like propaganda, but it was too marvelous, I was happy, I was surprised and I wrote a review.

('... ``)

June 17, 2016


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The effect is outstanding! ! !

I am using it at a company! It is an amulet that I can not release anymore.
Until now my boss got pissed off and my eyes also disliked me, but ..., the number of times I get mad withered after wearing perfume has drastically decreased, smiling face has turned away, and recently it got pretty gentle I feel like.
I am really saved! It is perfect for me to meet.
I can not release it anymore !!
It smells like the alcohol first, but it does not bother me immediately.
For those who are suffering from human relations at work, I really want them to try.

Honey Girl

June 26, 2013


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Be confident in yourself

Opportunities to talk with your favorite men increased. Also, it is fun because you can respond calmly at such times. I am wearing it in the morning, lunch break, and on the way back. I gained confidence in myself.


November 08, 2009


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♪ you can put your favorite perfume because it is incense-free

I was told by men that it was decisive

I thought this was real.
What is that word ...

"Something awesome pheromone! Oh no I can not do it!"

I told you to hug me (laugh)

I have never told you that there is a pheromone ^ ^


July 22, 2015


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