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Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free), which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

Love attraction no fragrance

Because there was a person who is interested to a massage shop who always goes, I went with a fragrance not having love attraction.
People who are interested are on holiday on that day (crying) and others massaged them.
I got massage for about 90 minutes.
Having a conversation more than usual, when my massage was finished and I was guided to the changing room, I got hold of my hand and it seemed to be kissed.

And there was invitation of meal.
The effect was amazing.
It was not just an interesting person, so I will come again the next day because it is work.
I came back.
This is ... ('∀ `) There is no doubt as to the pheromone effect.


December 16, 2013


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I am relieved.

After all I am relieved if I have one perfume.
I mix it with fragrance, use it alone, and use it in various ways.
Thanks to this child, I became more confident about myself a lot and it may have changed my life from before I started using it!
I am indebted for your help from now on.


November 06, 2015


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To make friends

I am not lost. My husband and wife is 160 years old. But I think that it is helpful to get along better. I would like to recommend to older friends. Of course the couple. Also for single people.


June 07, 2011


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100% odorless!

The pheromone perfume here tried neither fragrance nor fragrance, but I was curious that a distinctive smell remained.
I talked to myself, "This is the smell of pheromones!", But when I tried alcohol free this time, I noticed that it was alcoholic smell.
Indeed, there is no smell at all.
It is recommended ♪


February 21, 2013


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Even while working with fragrance ◎

I used a fragrance before but I was worried about the smell of alcohol so this is really a fragrance and it is recommended for those who care about the smell of alcohol!

Because there is no fragrance, I think that it is a nice point that we choose neither the job title nor the place to use.
If raising the difficulty perfume alcohol free, it is that you have an impression like lotion when you turn on, and you do not know whether there is sustainability.
I do not feel like putting on, so I think that it is okay for those who are not good at perfumes.
I did not understand the effect honestly.
Maybe I used it little by little. I am not in love, but I feel like talking to people around me.
I agree with the fact that it is alcohol free itself, I think that I would like you to make a pheromone concentrated doubled version by all means!


February 26, 2013


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There was an effect !!!!

Although I did not buy it before, but when wearing this, people around me are more friendly than usual ♪ I will talk to you well!
I used premium people, but when I turned on alcohol, it was said that my friends smell like sake so alcohol-free was easy to use!


June 23, 2013


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One person win and attention!

Although I dared to order something without fragrance this time, I felt power from the moment I put it on!

I was exhausted, so if you helped me with a little femininity ... I got a perfume at a drinking party with a feeling of a little ...,,, a lot of people are saying at once, says exaggeratedly If you win (lol) this is too bad (// ∇ //)

From that point on, I wanted to tell you .... Please listen to me, ❗

Even LINE has an invitation from here and there. .
Perfume's pheromone effect is that it penetrates the space and spreads even to those who have not met

There is a perfume called taboo, but as far as I am afraid this is taboo. ✨

The effect is extraordinary, it is attention to use ✨


November 30, 2018


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The evening that I wore for the first time

I was invited from Koto to my husband.
I wonder if I will do it once in a month, so is this effective?

The fragrance is not perfumed, although it is a fragrance free.
Although it disappears quickly, at the moment of push I feel that alcohol smell and wild men 's scent will be on. That is a bit weak.
Next, I will buy scented.


November 02, 2011


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I can not let go.

Excellent effect. When walking, you are always spoken to regardless of gender. A young man of intention is approaching a distance with a smile more than necessary.


March 08, 2018


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There may be.

Somehow my husband is kind ... ... the fight has decreased.
I feel that I am relaxed more than usual.
I think that there is an effect.
I will rip it!


October 22, 2011


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Gentle to the skin, outstanding effect!

I have bought several of them so far. There was an effect, so it seemed to be a good bargain with the people I like, so I always attached a day to meet. But my skin got red as weakly on alcohol, so that was the only drawback. Therefore, this time alcohol-free was developed and I was very happy!

If you do not have alcohol again, you can rest assuredly on your skin. This was really saved. Of course, the number of people who speak to them is different when they are attached or not. I tried the experiment saying "I do not attach it at the beginning of the day when I meet a male friend and spend some time and spend pheromone perfume at the time of the wash."
As a result, · When not attached ... I will enjoy the conversation, but of course it does not stick so close.
· When attached ... The body touch gradually became more and it was hugged with jokes at last. The distance at the time of conversation also breathes on my face ... It is really close.
I got the result.
Of course, I will be staying with people, not all of them are interested in becoming motomote! But it gets much to talk to!
We will repeat from now on!

Cherry Blossoms

February 27, 2013


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First time

Seeing everyone's reviews, I thought this was a purchase.
Because it is your skin or sensitive skin, I chose alcohol free.
Because I am working in a workplace that deals with food, I chose this product because I do not like smell of perfumes as well as smell of perfume because it is better without smell.
Recently, I spent my days relaxing with stress due to relationships between humans, so I tried it with a thoughtful feeling.
None of the experiences like you will happen ... Still, I will shuff a lot more than everyday with expectation, but no change will still occur ... I will be dented .... Is not it suitable for me?
Oh, I just wanna be happy ....


June 12, 2014


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This is one of the supplements.

I will eat vitamin minerals and specialized supplements. I use it as one of them.
No fragrance is the best, because perfume wants to add something good. By attaching it, skin gloss will improve. Exterior. Well ... By attaching it, the aura of the positive (not sexual) comes out. It is preeminent to silence the ego. So, I think that it is more effective to use it when "the ego" is quiet while falling asleep while wearing before going to bed at night. Also, as I see a favorable dream, I can get up in a good mood the next morning. Although smadra was also imported from abroad and drunk, this pheromone perfume, smadoradike, no more effective.


January 17, 2012


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As expected after all!

Love attraction was not used concurrently only for perfume on hand.
But when I used it for the first time in a long time and met him, I said "I'm kind of excitement!"
After all it thinks that it is the effect of a love attraction !!
From now on, I will always use it only when I meet him !!


June 29, 2014


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I expect it!

Although I am close to old age, I got a favorite person.
It seems that there are also young girl friends who are friendly with men of that kind.
I decided to order because I thought that he might turn around with this perfume even if only a little.
It is my first order, but it seems to be a virtue size so I tried it here. I am looking forward to receiving it.
I made ★ 5 pieces with expectation!


December 04, 2010


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Encourage yourself in your pocket, feel free to shoot!

I have been repeating many more!
It has become indispensable for my life as much as that!
It is a perfume you want to use forever instead of an amulet.
I always buy fragrance free, I attach it with my favorite perfume and body spray.
Since it is a small bottle, keep it in your pocket and connect with impressions UP if you go shopping before meeting with your boss or president!
However, when the return train on the way back is a bit crowded, the distances of unknown organs are close, so we are avoiding just before the closing day (lol \)
I will continue to repeat from now on!


March 04, 2017


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Strange! !

I used it for the first time today.
I recently changed the department, but I do not have anyone to know, I do not have the courage to talk to you quite often, so I am always alone, so I ordered it with a half-faithful and interesting half. (Excuse me\)
But apparently it is real.
I will continue to verify from now on. I will report again.
//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////

2013.07.13 It is a result report about 3 days commuting ~ company use.
I thought that I really had a pheromone.
Because, the response of the surrounding men is totally different from the response to me. Since the former job was a sales office work, women were about 30 other men relative to 2 people, so if you knew Kore at that time !! And it is regrettable !! The current workplace is much more for women Because. But I feel that women are reacting a bit. Perhaps the reaction of men is too different and it may have been observed that "Why are not you pretty?"
But it is really different. What is different, the men around twice looking at commuting first. I am neither beautiful nor gorgeous as I can be seen twice. "Smile when you talk for three days from the morning of the day when people talked to me almost when they talked to me. My boss was also a cold person, somehow smile. Most of all, the surrounding men made me very tender.
If it is different so far, it is like feeling "I do not wear it!"
It is like going to the office to forget to write the eyebrows. It became a necessity item in only 3 days!

When attached, since the scent of alcohol is strong, after adding, citrus perfume is superimposed and alcohol smell is erased.


July 10, 2013


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I can become an attractive person

I felt a thrill of being unconscious in acts of opposite sex in places I was not aware of myself. From those who came by me ... I am in love ... I will be confessed ... I am surprised that such experiences have increased.
Women are sure to be able to get a lot of joy and various possibilities by being liked. I think that men like charm people. The effect of Sweet Attraction is "Large".

Mature ladies

December 18, 2009


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It is odorless and easy to put on!

You can reposition it so that it will not be noticed.


September 09, 2016


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it's the best.

I am saved astonishingly that there is no fragrance. I have a long headache and become depressed with it, so I do not want to go out anyway. But to treat facial pain I have to go to a university hospital just a bit far away.
At the beginning, I have a license of a car and I went by my own car One day suddenly the teacher of the doctor of the doctor [If you really get treatment here, it is a rule that you can not go get in the car . It would be nice if someone would drive, but this time I do not consult anymore if I ride a car alone. End. 】 It is said that despair is told. At that time I learned about the presence of this fragrance free fragrance. When I put this on my mind settled down for some reason my hospital visits to the bus did not get distressed once in a while I could not call out when a group of young men got on me but when I saw a glimpse of it I saw a glimpse of falling down I will be pleased if my eyes get together.
Telling the hospital that my doctor's doctor who was afraid also told me that he came by bus, he treats me very gently and treats it. I really want to put this on in future so I can put it anywhere.


September 28, 2015


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