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Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free), which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

If it does not become red ...

When putting on for about five minutes, the place you turn on turns red like urticaria. I will cure it after a while.
I was not particularly sensitive skin and I did not get rash on cosmetics as well.
But liquor is certainly weak. Weakness of being uncomfortable with a sour glass.
So alcohol-free type may be better if you have a weak sake.
The key effect was confessed to the man who thought that it would be nice if I turned on this effect. But since it was originally a nice feeling, the effect of this is a subtle place.


May 29, 2013


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It is a secret stabilizer.

I am surprised you have not been to the word yet.
At first I bought it by not being a fragrance, but now it is a secret stabilizer for me.


October 26, 2011


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It is Rikipi! !

How many times have you purchased it? It is a source of confidence that I can not meet people without it anymore!
How can I talk with myself when I put something on this. When you open your mind this will open the opponent. This may be the key to opening my mind.
I sprinkle around my nose like a neck and myself. Then it calms down. It is a fragrance-free one.


June 15, 2018


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I expect it!

Although I am close to old age, I got a favorite person.
It seems that there are also young girl friends who are friendly with men of that kind.
I decided to order because I thought that he might turn around with this perfume even if only a little.
It is my first order, but it seems to be a virtue size so I tried it here. I am looking forward to receiving it.
I made ★ 5 pieces with expectation!


December 04, 2010


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(· Ω ·)

About one week has passed since I used it, but I do not know if I had an honest pheromone effect (lol)

However, I can talk to people around me always at work, never get angry and relationships are good.
Since this product has no unique scent of alcohol, I think that I want to repip since I do not choose a place to repay it.


February 26, 2013


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it's the best.

I am saved astonishingly that there is no fragrance. I have a long headache and become depressed with it, so I do not want to go out anyway. But to treat facial pain I have to go to a university hospital just a bit far away.
At the beginning, I have a license of a car and I went by my own car One day suddenly the teacher of the doctor of the doctor [If you really get treatment here, it is a rule that you can not go get in the car . It would be nice if someone would drive, but this time I do not consult anymore if I ride a car alone. End. 】 It is said that despair is told. At that time I learned about the presence of this fragrance free fragrance. When I put this on my mind settled down for some reason my hospital visits to the bus did not get distressed once in a while I could not call out when a group of young men got on me but when I saw a glimpse of it I saw a glimpse of falling down I will be pleased if my eyes get together.
Telling the hospital that my doctor's doctor who was afraid also told me that he came by bus, he treats me very gently and treats it. I really want to put this on in future so I can put it anywhere.


September 28, 2015


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Is it really effective?

I have about 2 kinds of pheromone perfume, but this is my first time to use perfume.
I examined myself on the net and I found out this perfume, but I found it afterwards in a magazine, I really wanted it !! I bought it.
I will report if there is a good thing ★


April 30, 2010


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Because I want to use it

Limited pheromones such as perfume are full of attractive products, but for me that I want to use on a daily basis, I made this perfume with a lot of content. I think it would be nice if there were more of them.


November 13, 2009


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Second time

If you do not have this you will encounter the bad thing.


September 25, 2010


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First purchase

Suite that I was concerned about before.
I usually try not to buy perfumes to try perfume.
As you can see, it smells like sake at first, but I like it quite well. However, I am a little worried about how fragrant it is from other people ... I do not understand the effect yet well, but like an aunt who is not talking usually, for example, something like a laundry can be spoken for a long time It is a feeling that consciousness gets terrible to other people by being myself being attached.
I will report it if it is effective.


October 09, 2013


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I became a repeater

For me it seems that one for women fits better. I became a repeater. I feel a little young.


April 04, 2011


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Amulet and smile

I bought it for the first time. I have been using it for about 3 days but ^ ^; Recently I have not quite fought with him ... I was tough without anything. Human relations at work did not work well and it was quite depressed. Something ... I wanted to change and I searched for various items and purchased this one. I think that everyone thinks that if you make contact with a person with a smile you will receive a smile from your partner and you can build a good human relationship ... I believe it ^ ^; Although this perfume has a slightly unique scent, my perfume (I think that the scent of my perfume will remain strong, of course \)
I feel relieved ... I do not understand well, but it is easy to smile ^ ^ Thanks to that, I became better with him and my relationships at work became better as well. I do not yet understand that various people say I can speak. I love him so much ... Because he loves freedom. I want to do my best to make you think a bit more.


May 13, 2018


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Use it by splitting

I use fragrance, angel, premium, broken. . Although I have never used it alone, again, by splitting by three, it is feeling that it does not have a strong fragrance but it is sweating only the effect of love attraction.
Right now, I am trying hard to refuse my uncle's invitation.
Young child, I wonder if I can come to work


May 06, 2016


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I can become an attractive person

I felt a thrill of being unconscious in acts of opposite sex in places I was not aware of myself. From those who came by me ... I am in love ... I will be confessed ... I am surprised that such experiences have increased.
Women are sure to be able to get a lot of joy and various possibilities by being liked. I think that men like charm people. The effect of Sweet Attraction is "Large".

Mature ladies

December 18, 2009


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Secretly, and soon!

Since the smell of alcohol is left for a while in the perfume of the past, I think that it was probably balding, probably after it was with him and standing by the seat on the way, after shunting (perfume worn out). The next time it was a natural "secret!" It was very natural that he came to us more than usual and accepted it with a very open mind. The effect of naturalness that you do not know whether this alcohol free was attached or not is outstanding. I do not have to worry about going down as it is not used in the bottle because there is not alcohol and alcohol. It becomes a repeater of this product.
it's recommended.


February 22, 2013


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It was the first pheromone perfume

There were a few times that a small child would say that a good smell would come around!
It is a wonder that the president and boyfriend have a superb smell, and it is a repeater of this perfume all the time after. . .
I mixed it with body cream and used it.


May 26, 2014


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eh? Had any of you been a hangover here as well?

Since there was nobody, I was relieved to have a jet of afternoon in the rest room in my office, and my senior in the work place who came in after a while gave me a nostrils and said one word of the title.
I thought it was a bad, but when I asked "What's wrong?" With a face that does not matter, "Do you smell a thin alcohol like sake like something?" I thought it was getting more and more "Eh?
Is that so? In fact, I did not notice because I caught a cold and my nose did not pass! "I answered Shiratshi with a smile.
My seniors seemed to be concerned about the smell of alcohol in my workplace, so I was snobbing for a while, so I tried purchasing alcohol free this time. I hope that you will not be afraid even if you turn on the afternoon ...


February 26, 2016


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This perfume

As I put on it, it feels like everyone got tender. Men also feel gentle without feeling.

Saa chan

June 22, 2012


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I mixed it with my favorite perfume

I purchased it by being able to mix it with my favorite perfume. ^ - ^

Recently, recently I will ask if my boyfriend is right. Marriage was active for a month since I joined last summer, but after that it was a ghost member who only pays membership fees. I am not good at feeling like being stocked. However, I start to get married again from this week with courage and confidence, attaching perfume ^ - ^


May 12, 2015


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Although I bought a fragrance as well, I really appreciate alcohol smell, I was worried that it would be impossible to get rid of it unless the odor washes it when attached to clothes, alcohol free is very easy to use and it is very easy to use! Because the amount is small I use it carefully.
Also, there is no cover of alcohol than non-fragrance, so it turns out that the effect is immediately effective, and I feel stronger than non-fragrance. So, I've stopped attaching alcohol free alone, and mixed it with perfume to use it. In addition, I thought that it would be better to be careful about the place to be put on in the summer. My side is bad. I feel sorry for the people who sensed pheromone


August 10, 2013


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