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Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free), which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

This is one of the supplements.

I will eat vitamin minerals and specialized supplements. I use it as one of them.
No fragrance is the best, because perfume wants to add something good. By attaching it, skin gloss will improve. Exterior. Well ... By attaching it, the aura of the positive (not sexual) comes out. It is preeminent to silence the ego. So, I think that it is more effective to use it when "the ego" is quiet while falling asleep while wearing before going to bed at night. Also, as I see a favorable dream, I can get up in a good mood the next morning. Although smadra was also imported from abroad and drunk, this pheromone perfume, smadoradike, no more effective.


January 17, 2012


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The evening that I wore for the first time

I was invited from Koto to my husband.
I wonder if I will do it once in a month, so is this effective?

The fragrance is not perfumed, although it is a fragrance free.
Although it disappears quickly, at the moment of push I feel that alcohol smell and wild men 's scent will be on. That is a bit weak.
Next, I will buy scented.


November 02, 2011


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I love it! !

It was three more days we used. When I take a class, when I take a train, the number of times the man talks to me is increasing (laugh). I think it is quite strange.


June 13, 2011


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Use it by splitting

I use fragrance, angel, premium, broken. . Although I have never used it alone, again, by splitting by three, it is feeling that it does not have a strong fragrance but it is sweating only the effect of love attraction.
Right now, I am trying hard to refuse my uncle's invitation.
Young child, I wonder if I can come to work


May 06, 2016


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After all unscented

Hello Since the air which has woman and a little jerky of work colleagues was flowing, I bought a fragrance-free pheromones perfume after a long time I think that as long to change the air.
The day after I arrived, I immediately put on the perfume, and that person started to touch the smile again.
Without this you will be anxious.


August 17, 2019


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Amulet and smile

I bought it for the first time. I have been using it for about 3 days but ^ ^; Recently I have not quite fought with him ... I was tough without anything. Human relations at work did not work well and it was quite depressed. Something ... I wanted to change and I searched for various items and purchased this one. I think that everyone thinks that if you make contact with a person with a smile you will receive a smile from your partner and you can build a good human relationship ... I believe it ^ ^; Although this perfume has a slightly unique scent, my perfume (I think that the scent of my perfume will remain strong, of course \)
I feel relieved ... I do not understand well, but it is easy to smile ^ ^ Thanks to that, I became better with him and my relationships at work became better as well. I do not yet understand that various people say I can speak. I love him so much ... Because he loves freedom. I want to do my best to make you think a bit more.


May 13, 2018


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First purchase

Suite that I was concerned about before.
I usually try not to buy perfumes to try perfume.
As you can see, it smells like sake at first, but I like it quite well. However, I am a little worried about how fragrant it is from other people ... I do not understand the effect yet well, but like an aunt who is not talking usually, for example, something like a laundry can be spoken for a long time It is a feeling that consciousness gets terrible to other people by being myself being attached.
I will report it if it is effective.


October 09, 2013


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It is Rikipi! !

How many times have you purchased it? It is a source of confidence that I can not meet people without it anymore!
How can I talk with myself when I put something on this. When you open your mind this will open the opponent. This may be the key to opening my mind.
I sprinkle around my nose like a neck and myself. Then it calms down. It is a fragrance-free one.


June 15, 2018


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Is it really effective?

I have about 2 kinds of pheromone perfume, but this is my first time to use perfume.
I examined myself on the net and I found out this perfume, but I found it afterwards in a magazine, I really wanted it !! I bought it.
I will report if there is a good thing ★


April 30, 2010


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It is a secret stabilizer.

I am surprised you have not been to the word yet.
At first I bought it by not being a fragrance, but now it is a secret stabilizer for me.


October 26, 2011


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Skin friendly

This type is attached to the skin only because the skin is weak. It was next time when I drank some people last time for fulfilling with people under 16 years old, but it is a good flow. The workplace got away from work everyday at the workplace everyday, but when I saw it occasionally I bought it because I wanted to impress but it seems to be the correct answer! Since I also purchased Venus this time, I will show it at the year-end party in a few days after double I want to deepen our relationship. I will do my best. Thank you for the nice product. Thank you in the future ♪


December 03, 2015


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I became a repeater

For me it seems that one for women fits better. I became a repeater. I feel a little young.


April 04, 2011


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It's amazing!!

After having brought a child, I lived without fashion. However, I thought that I would hate myself in this way, I bought it as soon as I got a chance.
Together with the perfume on hand, I immediately approached from my colleagues !! Because I am married, of course I declined, but my colleague knew that I was married, so I approached it, I think that it has a dangerous effect.
I would like to attach it only in front of my husband from this time.


February 12, 2014


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Second time

If you do not have this you will encounter the bad thing.


September 25, 2010


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Protect, like (laugh)

I am blending with my perfume. Before going to work every morning, shoot one blow at the chest!
The spine stretches for a while, it turns into a work switch with nature and smile.

As the workplace has many female ratios, men do not flock (laugh), but senior people (including those who are troublesome) will not be disliked, dislike is not told, rather they will get sweets or shoulder through I was asked to speak while rubbing, to be invited at noon, to be tied up with a story in the toilet (bitter smile), because you are carefully cared for anyway you can not let go!
(↑ Is it a departure from original use purpose? (Laugh))

It is Route 1 every morning in the sixth year in place of jobs from previous customer service to desk work!


February 12, 2018


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Because I want to use it

Limited pheromones such as perfume are full of attractive products, but for me that I want to use on a daily basis, I made this perfume with a lot of content. I think it would be nice if there were more of them.


November 13, 2009


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I mixed it with my favorite perfume

I purchased it by being able to mix it with my favorite perfume. ^ - ^

Recently, recently I will ask if my boyfriend is right. Marriage was active for a month since I joined last summer, but after that it was a ghost member who only pays membership fees. I am not good at feeling like being stocked. However, I start to get married again from this week with courage and confidence, attaching perfume ^ - ^


May 12, 2015


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Sensitive skin is okay!

I have migrainous pain on sensitive skin, and recently when I applied perfume, my skin was red and my headache was badly troubled. So I was hoping for this odorless love attraction. Then ... as I thought, the skin does not turn red, it does not become a headache, I am satisfied very much! As for the headache, not only there is not a stimulus of smell, but because I got a kind feeling and a relaxing effect, my I think that it may reduce headaches. It seems that there are more cases that the people around me also gently contact me. I am happy and feel good every day.


February 24, 2013


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I have confidence.

I bought it for the first time.
With no fragrance, I thought that I could use it with my favorite perfume. As everyone wrote, it smells a lot at the beginning (laugh) It will be tough for a few times (laugh \)
I do not know if it is effective, but some men who are near me seemed to have a hot body temperature. I was watching the air conditioner.
Afterwards (although it is a person who speaks well) I came close to the day when I told you to work and braided my hair and was praised as a cute boy.
It seems that it will be better to keep on attaching.
I look forward to working with you.


September 18, 2013


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Surprisingly there are effects!

At first I was wondering if I should use it as a funny or amulet like feeling, but I was surprised to try it. The fluffiness calms down and becomes more sociable. Although of course it is a love love with my boyfriend, more than anything I can talk with my colleagues of ikemen. Ikemen colleagues seem to have considerable effect while I do not know whether it is interesting or not. I do not feel like being infidelity, but I am glad that I would like to deepen friendship. Also, although it is a kind of service industry, men 's clients are also smiling or being embarrassed as they are wearing it. I love it like a supplement.

Your older sister Gal

February 28, 2015


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