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Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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I do not know yet

After marriage, things such as love were far from far.
However, recently, a suddenly anxious person appeared.
Mr. A of the same company.
My husband is a good person and I have no dissatisfaction with my present life, but recently I have been thinking about Mr. A recently.
Anyway, this excitement and excitement ... It's been a while, it's a while.
Mr. A is not a special ikemen, but it is kind to everyone and it is a popular person.
But hopefully ... Because I only need a little, I am thinking that I want to make friends better than everyone else.
- So I decided to purchase (lol \)
It can be a good score.
Even if it does not work physically, I expect it to be effective on my mental side! (Lol)


May 15, 2010


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It seems to be a perfume for yourself to calm down.

This perfume is not a perfume that the other person turns around by putting on, it seems to be a perfume for you to relax yourself by sniffing yourself (see bulletin board \)
If you calm down and touched it, that general human relationship will do as it is, but love is another matter.
I think that it is right as it was also in other people's reviews that people who are not interested in me originally have no effect.
In other words, this perfume has no effect on the desire to "turn around", so it has become useless shorts to me · ゜ · (P Д 'q.) · ゜ ·

It feels like a good effect on human relations, but I'm already referring to romantic love, or for couples.

I do not have anything particularly troubling about human relations, so I wonder if Ripi is .... It is too painful for people who like this price to have no effect ... · ゚ · (∀ `;) · ゚ ·


May 12, 2012


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I can not let go.

Excellent effect. When walking, you are always spoken to regardless of gender. A young man of intention is approaching a distance with a smile more than necessary.


March 08, 2018


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Really odorless

It does not smell any smells as if it were just water.
Since the goods have just arrived, I do not go out with it, so I do not know the pheromone effect of the bottom.
After tomorrow, if I tried it and there is something, I think that evaluation will change again.


October 08, 2013


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Card payment statement "Pheromone perfume" is clearly stated and shocked!

I bought it by card payment. The product was wrapped so as not to know with it, but the card payment statement was clearly described as "pheromone perfume" ... Because it was awkward for families to know, it will not be purchased anymore.
As for the product itself, I feel that I can relax myself at the moment I put it on. Therefore I am using it in a situation where I feel stress and tension. I do not know whether or not people have an effect.


July 23, 2018


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I doubt the effect

I received it as soon as it arrived.
Surely like a review of others, it may be slightly smelly alcohol. There are some smells that I can not say anything.
However, because such smell fly quickly, I think that there is not much that other people care about. If you get used to it, it may rather smell you calm every time you turn on beans.
That is an effect, but I can not really feel real much.
Since I am a student, there are many contacts with opposite sexuality, but there is no change. I think I will try to see a little more, but it is a little disappointing.
There are not a few ritual peace of mind caused by blowing frequently, so it may be ants as an amulet. It's expensive if it's just an amulet ...


July 01, 2011


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Well ...

Regardless of the influence on the surroundings, it makes me feel like I'm getting mad at hand for some reason. I hope this affects heterosexuality ... It has been around for a month, but there is no particular response.


March 01, 2012


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There was no effect

I bought it for participation in the city con.
I tried using it, but the reaction of men was none.


June 16, 2013


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I met in person in front of me and met I was smelly I also felt that alcohol was a bit tight

Although I used up till the end, although I was not able to feel the effect much, I bought other items with expectation


June 22, 2018


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For women first

It is the first time to order for ladies.
It is my first order that I think that if I get a favorable impression when doing conversation with a man, my job will go smoothly.

Late 40s male fat

December 07, 2010


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Expectation was too big? (Lol)

Alcohol odor when attached is acceptable. Because it is enough to combine with your favorite perfume.

But, even if you use it, you still can not cope with events that feel changes ... Although you are trying to use it in various situations, you can not feel the effect.
For now, I will verify until now what I'm using now, if there is an effect, I wonder if I will consider the next time. Hoping that you will feel the future effect ...


April 04, 2014


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Let's try buying it first.
I am looking forward to receiving it.


April 18, 2010


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I do not know the effect

I thought that it was a man around the job and was professed to the public.
Let's become feminine. Since I have not used it yet, the evaluation is 2.


May 22, 2010


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Because it is not used ...

If you become two with men, the conversation does not go on. . I will try it as an amulet. I will post it when there is an effect.


March 19, 2011


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My friend is engaged in marriage, but since it has not worked out at all, I decided to give him a pheromone perfume that he had said he wanted to buy. I just hope that it will work.


October 14, 2010


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I can not say anything yet. . .

Originally there seemed to be a difficult atmosphere to attach, men got very friendly from me, but the feeling that my partner was pretty nervous came and I got nervous by that and got nervous to me, I feel somewhat tired I did it everyday.
Since 90% of the workplace is male, I managed to get rid of the tension of the other party and wanted to get along with everyone gently, I bought it at the opportunity.
It has been 2 days since I purchased it and went to work.
Somehow, it seems that the conversation that seems to be interrupted seems to have proceeded smoothly, being spoken more naturally than usual, but I am not sure if I am still feeling.
I will look at the situation for a while and want to report again.


February 02, 2014


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Well ...

I followed this with him twice, but this change is not particularly ... (^ _ ^; \)
I do not have any fragrance, so I guess it is working really ?? I think to see a little more.
Let's try it next as a premium. .


December 27, 2012


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It is not well understood.

I tried to purchase it for the first time with half-trust.
As mentioned in your reviews, it is a sakey scent like a sake instead of fragrance free. Although it is not a disgusting scent, I became very uneasy as to what kind of scent the surrounding scent.
Although it is an effect, there is nothing that can be expected at all ....
I'm sorry.


June 08, 2015


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Well .....

The next day I received it, I put it on the company, but the smell of alcohol has been kept for a long time and it has been said to be a quasi. If I heard it for a moment, I was worried and died, so I would not recommend it to those who do not like the smell of alcohol?


October 06, 2017


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