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Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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I can repeat without repeating repeatedly many times!

With about twice a year pace, I'm repeating a few more!
It is such a kind of amulet that it is indispensable to my life.
When you are sitting next to someone you care about at a drinking party at a married men's workplace, the distance of your opponent is near, you touch the body from the other party ... Because the partner is married, the other side I do not have any heads to do anything, but I'd be happy if you can get in touch with people you like gently. Many people in the workplace appreciate me so it will lead to confidence in myself, so that I can respond to that expectation, I will be more female to raise as a woman I feel synergistic I will do!
I'd like to keep using it forever!


June 04, 2016


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I will be confident in myself!

When wearing it, it seems that the surroundings are gently touched by me, so I feel like I am carrying things smoothly in nature and in my heart.
I think that I can have conversation with a person with a smile and lead to confidence in myself.
I feel that there is no mind or I am frustrated.


October 29, 2014


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Easy to use

Perfume is a NG workplace.
Angel, mainly fragrance, we use a mixture of a little premium.
be careful. I will come back to you. It is nice to be friends with women, but men get beside married as well as married! Merely a good colleague comes as a heterosexual, so it's awkward!


May 06, 2016


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No fragrance

Actually, I use this fragrance free angel? Premium.
(Because the premium seems to have a slightly unique scent)

Basically, I think that it is a good impression to men. My workplace is not married because of married men, so it is not subject to romance, but it is certain that the teaser is very important. (Just a mistake at the level that you want to ignore if there is no human relationship in the work place \)
So, I think that there is an effect, but I think that usage is necessary attention.


August 11, 2016


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Alcohol free

Whether you get drunk when premium alcohol is on your neck, because I have a headache, I wanted to try alcohol free, I bought this.
There is not a unique scent of alcohol, it can be turned quickly.
Even if I use a lot, I will not get drunk and I will not smell alcohol and so it will not be noticed around me.
I do not know because it is not used separately because it uses a set with a flavor, but it can be superimposed.
I think that it is a pheromone effect plus and I will continue to use it.
Later I would like you to make an alcohol-free premium!


October 28, 2015


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It's been a while since I first used it

I will purchase it for the first time and let me use it little by little everyday.
Job business Pat a woman alone, there are no men.
People who are coming or an elderly who comes as a customer ... Occasionally a young person comes, but she almost has her (lol \)
I think that it is due to mind after using perfume, but people with a trader smile often and have a lot of mouth if it is with me.
Those who are married coming in have a light sexual harassment, but it is going through; There is nothing that I think is still "thanks to perfume!", But I feel that I can feel confident even if I have it I think that I will continue from now on.


January 11, 2010


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It is an item you can not release!

I have been repeating for 5 years already!
Even in my workplace it has already been the station's position completely (lol \)
Still, male employees are doing better.
Every year I join young new recruits, every time I see a woman talking about a woman at work at a drinking party etc. between sales men, I hear every year that everyone's newly liked me! (Teru) I appreciate it ...

I am confident in myself and it is an item that I can not afford to truly.
I think whether there may be some courses that can be bought cheaply by subscription!


November 28, 2016


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To him…!

I wanted to deepen relationships with him and purchased it.
At first, both he and I am not good at strong smells so choose no fragrance. As soon as I sprayed, there is something like a distinctive alcohol smell as others say, but I soon became oblivious.
Although I was wearing him every time I was wearing it, I did not realize the effect much at first ... But after pretty sweating a lot, I had lunch at the company's cafeteria.
The department is different from him, but the same company will use the cafeteria at a similar time. (It is a secret that you are going out with the company, so both of you were sitting in a seat somewhat away. \)
After lunch time, he received an e-mail.
"Your smell was soooo crowded in the cafeteria, it was a bit tough to play!" (Laugh \)
I was already convinced that this is the effect of pheromone perfume (lol \)
Although I was talking about my smell afterwards, I like your smell from before even if you can understand even a little far, but recently I heard that the smell became stronger than before (lol)

Because it is a fragrance-free agent, I felt that my own smells would be even better.
It is indispensable when you want to excite him secretly!
I purchased it for the first time this time and I like it very much!
I will continue to patronize you!


August 02, 2015


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The evening that I wore for the first time

I was invited from Koto to my husband.
I wonder if I will do it once in a month, so is this effective?

The fragrance is not perfumed, although it is a fragrance free.
Although it disappears quickly, at the moment of push I feel that alcohol smell and wild men 's scent will be on. That is a bit weak.
Next, I will buy scented.


November 02, 2011


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Confidence recovery!

For a while I used a secret, glamorous and scented, but there was a feeling that the effect was somewhat diminished. So I looked at the word of mouth and purchased fragrance free this time for better human relations at work. There was effect!
There was a drinking party at the workplace, but usually a drunk section chief got closer approaching while smiling, three people drunk were hugged (lol \)
I am 48 years old, an aunt, and 2 out of 3 people are from 2 people who do not suit Sori .... The conversation was also smooth. Because it was two people who usually do not like that even if sake goes in. I thought that this could be expected. Even in my daily life, I have been surprised to be spoken to by a man who did not talk much. Season of personnel change, it seems to be an amulet that can be relieved for human relations safely.


March 25, 2018


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Encourage yourself in your pocket, feel free to shoot!

I have been repeating many more!
It has become indispensable for my life as much as that!
It is a perfume you want to use forever instead of an amulet.
I always buy fragrance free, I attach it with my favorite perfume and body spray.
Since it is a small bottle, keep it in your pocket and connect with impressions UP if you go shopping before meeting with your boss or president!
However, when the return train on the way back is a bit crowded, the distances of unknown organs are close, so we are avoiding just before the closing day (lol \)
I will continue to repeat from now on!


March 04, 2017


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The smell of a woman

In my new workplace, I was carefully watched from the woman 's boss and it was a lot of depression every day, so I went with a love attraction · alcohol free, if my relationship became even better a little.
I was reproaching on the way of work, but I was scolded after all ... (tears \)
However, I was always called to the severe male president, and I was told to male employees who had never had sweets or had not talked to usually, "I smell nice, it is a smell of a woman."
Is it effective for men?
At this age, I was delighted to be told such a thing from a man in his twenties that I was scolded also blew away (lol \)
In order to be able to work more fun, I would like to attach it from now on.


March 17, 2014


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Because I want to use it

Limited pheromones such as perfume are full of attractive products, but for me that I want to use on a daily basis, I made this perfume with a lot of content. I think it would be nice if there were more of them.


November 13, 2009


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Two bosses who did not react at premium.

After attaching this perfume more things can be spoken.
But those in the workplace that reacted at premium ... somewhat nonresponsive.
Despite talking, it is different from usual.
I wonder what this difference is (° _ °)


September 02, 2015


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First purchase

Suite that I was concerned about before.
I usually try not to buy perfumes to try perfume.
As you can see, it smells like sake at first, but I like it quite well. However, I am a little worried about how fragrant it is from other people ... I do not understand the effect yet well, but like an aunt who is not talking usually, for example, something like a laundry can be spoken for a long time It is a feeling that consciousness gets terrible to other people by being myself being attached.
I will report it if it is effective.


October 09, 2013


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This perfume

As I put on it, it feels like everyone got tender. Men also feel gentle without feeling.

Saa chan

June 22, 2012


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Amulet and smile

I bought it for the first time. I have been using it for about 3 days but ^ ^; Recently I have not quite fought with him ... I was tough without anything. Human relations at work did not work well and it was quite depressed. Something ... I wanted to change and I searched for various items and purchased this one. I think that everyone thinks that if you make contact with a person with a smile you will receive a smile from your partner and you can build a good human relationship ... I believe it ^ ^; Although this perfume has a slightly unique scent, my perfume (I think that the scent of my perfume will remain strong, of course \)
I feel relieved ... I do not understand well, but it is easy to smile ^ ^ Thanks to that, I became better with him and my relationships at work became better as well. I do not yet understand that various people say I can speak. I love him so much ... Because he loves freedom. I want to do my best to make you think a bit more.


May 13, 2018


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Use it by splitting

I use fragrance, angel, premium, broken. . Although I have never used it alone, again, by splitting by three, it is feeling that it does not have a strong fragrance but it is sweating only the effect of love attraction.
Right now, I am trying hard to refuse my uncle's invitation.
Young child, I wonder if I can come to work


May 06, 2016


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Effect ant?

When wearing this in the workplace, regardless of gender or woman, they are made gentle, but also the boss who is not good at it also kindly Σ (゜ Д ゜ \)
It really is a 4 star because I'd like to make it a 5 star but I also attract people who are not good (* ^^ *)


June 19, 2018


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Effective in close combat!

My husband cherishes as a family, but he is a shy and cool person so I want a little more communication as a woman such as words and skin ship.
I am 11 years old, so I wish I could have better friends a little more.
My husband is not good at perfumes, so I decided to do it, but it is good to be attached. I was expecting because it was O type, but I could not understand the smell just because of a cold and it did not change days.
A few days later, I buried my face on the neck with my hands attached at the time of my good friends, I am passionate as usual and it is the best time to feel loved as a woman, such as a gesture that takes care of me, so it works I thought that.
Not only at times of friends but also I want more communication usually and I want to increase the number of good friends as soon as I will repeat the premium.


September 17, 2016


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