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Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction Unscented for WOMEN (Alcohol Free), which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

Feels good

I have always patronized.
It should be odorless

Calm down. Of course, the level is much higher than the high-class perfume of brands. Really I do not want to tell Tomodachi absolutely 99.8% absolutely men who are intention!

First of all, the man who did not fall was not inside of me ~ ~.
Really secret !!!

Coco is amazing! Even if you do not care about the opponent, it seems you can not hold it down.
It is "magical perfume" in me.
Besides, I am getting captured with this scent. It is strange and exciting ... Haa ~. . It makes me feel drunk anyway anyway!

I certainly want you to experience this magic perfume and make more love with a lot more people.
Because I am ugly, I'm totkatto because I'm fat. Toka · There are various complexes.

I'm too tampering ~~~~~ !!


February 18, 2010


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For diet support · · ·.

Until this arrives, I refrained from attaching pheromone perfume for a while. It seems that the hands are about to end.
Then, an interesting thing happened.
I got no longer interested in people around me, which became my own stress, but it was a bit overeating, though slightly.
I thought that "Masui as it is," and when he was there, he was wearing pheromone perfume as before.
The feeling calmed down while being attached, the appetite that was going to runaway was suppressed.

I succeeded in dieting by 8 kg in half a year.
I will not rebound.
This effect that is mentally stable can not be removed for me.
Human relations in the company is also smooth.


September 30, 2009


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Is this ... okay?

* When I attached a love attraction · alcohol free (for women), my male boss felt gentle as well (lol) ← It is my bodily sensation.


March 01, 2013


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For some reason children (lol)

Rina-chan! I love you!
Because it smells all the time!

Nephew nephews are also very popular for some reason (lol \)
It is motemote! It can be a youkai watch level!
Even children like you stick together when you are bad! As it is already gloomy (lol)

Of course, adults around me will make friends regardless of gender, especially from those older than me, from the same age of my surroundings I was pretty to be wondering "why are you just getting along?" You got it.
What I say ... Pheromone perfume, regardless of age and sex, terrible (lol)

Yes Yes!
As mentioned above, I will never call my nephew nepheles as my aunt (laugh \)
When I am taking a spirit of my aunt, somehow, I feel like I'm going to get old soon (lol)


February 26, 2016


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I received it immediately after placing an order!
I went to the company from the next day after it arrived, but the attitude of people in my workplace was surprisingly different from the previous day, I was very surprised!
Also, ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 Friendly friends have invited me to play and drink than before ☆ It is only amazing!
Resale of big bottles and further expectations for future effects ☆


January 21, 2011


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Let me go

Although it smells slightly fragrant even without fragrance, I do not mind it, so I use it together with other perfumes. I can feel relieved with confidence if it is turned on.


May 31, 2016


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Hime treatment

I went to an event where people attracted with love attraction · alcohol free.
I was spoken to by men and was prompted to sit next to me.
I noticed that at the launch seat, it was red as one of the tables.
It is treated like a little princess.
At that time, there was a man (a little famous person) I wanted to talk to, but I was able to speak with confidence that I can not be accepted with love attraction.
Of course, I was able to speak happily.
Next, I tried putting on the favorite when I saw him.
When I entered the bed, I was gazing at my eyes and saying "I'm beautiful", I was able to be very kind.
It was such a long time that he was very happy.
When I wear it at another different event, I was told to be somewhere to sit next to me, being touched by men. Even a small gift can be obtained.
Because I can not feel any smell at all, I can sneak up anywhere and it is easy to use.
I feel that love attraction · alcohol free seems to be a gentle effect, so I'd like to try a little sensual scented type next time.

Mill Mill

March 30, 2016


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once again

The use resumed.
This is amazing.
I'm motivated.


September 08, 2016


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There is no effect

With an experimental feeling, we attached love attraction firmly around the ears and neck, and we had dinner with male friends. I was kissed suddenly in the car on my way home. For many years, my relationship with my friends without romance mode, I did not have that kind of relationship, so I am surprised! This is clearly the power of pheromone perfume. Love attraction Alcohol free literally contains no alcohol, so after spraying, it does not volatilize and water drips off, so it is good to let it rub with your fingers. When I used it for the first time, it seemed like water and I was half-trusted, but I also clearly feel better and I have a firm effect. Premium used before is pretty much the unique fragrance, but I do not feel it almost, so when you use everyday or with other perfumes, this is my recommendation.


February 17, 2013


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There was an effect ♪

It's been a week since I started using it, but I am seeing the effect as I see it.
Although it is a workplace with many men, there are many men who are helping with work, even if they do not have anything ... I am surprised by too much effect.
Especially, it seems that it worked dramatically for the boss who wanted to shorten the distance, the opportunity to talk is increased, and today I got until the sweets were put in. From my everyday life, I think that I was glad I really used it because it was an unexpected development.
I chose alcohol free because my skin is weak, but it was a correct answer. There is no smell, there is no stimulation, so I use it several times a day without being noticed even if I change over again many times.
I am looking forward to what will happen tomorrow. I will repeat again when it runs out.


May 10, 2016


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Certain effect

Alcohol free is the second one in this.
It is good to be able to use with perfume on hand and to use it without worrying about smell any more. As there are many men in the workplace and sometimes they help me with my work, I borrow the power of pheromone perfumes and build good relationships with the people around me. Thanks to you, you guys make me gentle.
I have a boss I admire, but I do not know when I have opportunity to contact him, so I push one time when I go to the washroom.
Compared to when I was not using (4 months ago), the kindness of contact and the gaze clearly differed, so I realize the effect. I want to go one step further, so I will continue to love it without fail.


September 05, 2016


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It might be good for human relations?

I was invited by a friend and I participated in the event.
I was the only participant for the first time, but everyone was friendly and able to spend a lot of fun.
Odor is odorless, but it seems to be effective regardless of sex.
This may be a good way to smooth human relations!


May 18, 2016


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It is a terrific effect!

At first I smell a little alcoholic, but I can not mind immediately.
Because it is non-fragrance, you can overlay it with your favorite perfume, I think that the first effect is easy to understand.
I always turn on when I meet someone you care. I brought this on and said that I would like to see you more than before! Even though I invited from me until then I was refused a lot, but the effect is amazing!


August 31, 2016


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I'm going to do some lips.

How many times have you bought this? I buy it once in January. I can not release it. It is impossible to keep it without it. Yes. I feel restless. I am sure that you guys are so. I think that I can confidently contact with people with confidence when I turn on this.


July 05, 2016


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It has been 12 years since I got married, but I got a boyfriend with this. Although it is adultery .... I was told that something smells .... Because it is adultery it is nice to have no fragrance.


October 24, 2014


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It is easy to use because it is non-fragrant

It is convenient when used with other perfumes.
When I was having rice with my friends, I got the effect of this perfume in secret.
I was being called out by a man sitting near me while I was out of the seat.
After that, after being separated, I heard that he was on a train and he said that he was able to say a voice to a male person today because he was told that he was a pheromone perfume.
I was pleased when I gave him the next presentation.


January 20, 2016


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Cheating up

13 years have passed since we got married. Meanwhile, I was cheated a couple of times, but I guess if it's a guy alone or not, I guess it's partly useless!
But this time the flirt was different. I came back home and seemed to have become serious with a woman, so I bought this item for divorce problems, and attached it every day without fail. Then, I came back to the old good couple.


October 27, 2010


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I bought it for the first time.

Actually, I had been thinking for quite a long time ago, but I tried purchasing because the evaluation of the word was high as to what the effect of patent pheromone is.
Since I started using it, I feel that somehow the surrounding men gently began to care about me. I am very shy, so I am very happy to be able to talk to each other. I will try to patronize from now on.


August 11, 2016


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Because it is this year, I feel that women will decline rapidly unconscious, I will try it. I chose a fragrance free to add it to my favorite eau de toilette.
When I tried using it, the college student in the part got so nice to herself that she was getting nervous, and it was truly effective to be spoken to by a regular customer who was unfriendly at the time of customer service !!
I was told that something became beautiful even from a woman ... I can not release it anymore.


June 20, 2011


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It will not itch!

Because it does not smell, it does not itch, so I tried it to various places to try.
I had eaten at the end of the work with the people who worked together that day, but the person sitting next to me stood up to me and said, "It is really beautiful, is not it?" "It is cute." And in a row. Sometimes I was invited to date on the line, but I was surprised because I never told my face.
Moreover, saying "Come to stay at home" ... Because they were not just two people, it is crowded from surroundings as "Do not want to get in the way" and it is not a type of person who usually talks about or appeals to us But is it still quite useful if you are nearby?
Alcohol free From now on too!


April 15, 2016


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