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Love Attraction Angel for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Angel for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Angel for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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Aroma to be healed

The fragrance of geranium is healed, it is a scent that everyone is likely to receive. Of course it is OK for my work.
Even if it says, the fragrance will fly soon ... but recently my favorite boss began to speak to me everyday.
It is a bit of a word, but I am pleased to bother to come to me and I am ecstatic every day before I go to the company in the morning.
When I spend days with such feelings, I feel kind to everyone around me, and it is becoming more and more virtuous circle.
It is made gentle not only for men but also for women (regardless of age).
Since I can not think of a life without pheromone perfume anymore, I will use it without fail.


July 03, 2016


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At the angel, I finally got my boyfriend ^ ^ (crying)

In April I came across this perfume, and in the short period of two months I got a salary with Verbena, Peach, Hyacinth, White Musk, Spring Garden, Geranium, Venus, Premium, No fragrance, Glamorous, Secret and so on It was.
I have no confidence in interpersonal relationships and since my encounter with this perfume has made my life easier, I was lucky with perfume teaching. (I have to worship from now on ....)


June 16, 2015


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From the name "Angel", because I was convinced that "sweet smell for young children" without permission, it did not come out. Bergamot and romance were more than I expected, so I wanted to try it.
First smell. It was easy to handle fragrance that was not too sweet contrary to expectation. You can relax from the moment you spray it, and you can be conscious of yourself as a woman. . It is such fragrance.
And pheromone effect of the essence. I have one mind who is interested, but when I used bergamot, the effect was felt, but when I used this angel I got to further reduce the distance (lol) Talking to me It does not matter whether it comes, eyes meet, but it is close anyhow. It approaches unnecessarily (* '∇ __ *) ......... Rip decision !!


July 08, 2016


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☆ Freshly scented effect ☆ batch

When I smelled the scent for the first time angel I was so frustrated that the power of my whole body could escape.
Although it is sexy but there are also cute and feminine ☆ It was sweet and gorgeous ☆ It seemed to be refreshing ☆ It was awfully scary ☆ I was shocked!
When I wear this fragrance I feel that my femininity is enhanced with nature and the pin and back muscle stretch ☆ (wonder!
Both men and women came to be told that the effect became recently beautiful ☆ and rejuvenated ☆! ☆ I will repeat from now __ !! ☆

Yu Yu

July 08, 2016


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The distance feeling approached!

Until now, I have used hyacinths and peaches, this time I felt the charm to where the effect of [geranium which brings out the attraction of women] appears, I tried using it.
First of all when I used it only with an angel, I felt the sense of distance of people at work closer than usual. Previously, I got a conversation and a paperwork right in front of the desk across the desk, but this time I often bother to come later.
Also, as I used to use the peach and hyacinth previously purchased, I felt that conversation and body touch other than work increased with men and women when I went to the head office due to the circumstances of work!
Now I have opportunities to gather at the whole company, so I would like to try it again at that time!


July 09, 2016


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It is a gentle fragrance ☆

I use it following premium, secret, Iran Iran.
Purchase with age and want to become a female woman. Secret, Iran Iran was fit for purpose with adult scent, but I thought that my character might be better for angel · · · I tried it.
I do not smell strongly, I like it with a gentle healing fragrance.
I think that the effect is effective regardless of which fragrance is attached! Although it is married, I feel that surrounding men look as a woman when wearing it. Also my husband praised me more.
I am not confident of myself, but I can have a little confidence if I put it on!
I will continue to use it in the future!

A kaka

July 06, 2016


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Angel who was curious from before!

I am using it three times a day if there is morning, noon, after-sale five.
I went to a new position and wanted to have a more close feeling to the environment I started getting used to and gradually, I resumed perfume for the first time in a year.
Well, as expected, the rate has increased and the work has increased, and the work has increased (lol \)
I wonder if it is suitable for living with everyday things with Japanese.
I felt that I wanted to try him with a more sexy fragrance for his intention.


July 07, 2016


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I got a gentle feeling

I only used a premium, but I thought I wanted to be drawn by the naming named Angel. I felt using it, that my self was healed by the fragrant flower scent. I think that it is easy to use even from morning as it can be used even in a workplace where perfume is banned. I started using it and the correspondence of the surrounding men became very gentle. It is me of an irritated character, but could you afford to leave this perfume? I got very gentle feelings. I'd like you to use women who do not have confidence in them.

Walking distance

July 06, 2016


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Even for everyday use with a refreshing scent

A refreshing fragrance spreads cleanly at the moment of attachment, it is a fragrance that makes me feel comfortable with pheromone no matter regardless.
I feel it is refreshing and understated, so I think that I can use everyday regardless of situations.
He is not fond of getting stubborn, but it may be due to this scent that he often touched me when I was with him.
It is not a dramatic effect, but I got a feeling of being happy myself, as the distance approached naturally, I spoke better than usual and laughed.


July 04, 2016


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Self and fragrance to heal

I always use a premium, but since I love the fragrance of lavender originally, it is an indispensable fragrance for my healing, so I hear that the scent of lavender is contained in "Love attraction · angel" and use it immediately I tried to put it in practice, it seems that I smelled more lavender than my love, I smelled a soft lavender or aroma, I guess I'm fascinated by myself I felt it was a fragrance that pulls out the cuteness of a woman. It surely encouraged female hormones, and they gave us the beauty and confidence from the inside. It seems that he can heal his favorite he would be healed if he wears it, so he may be able to approach him with a gentle feeling.


July 04, 2016


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Tentatively, there is a feeling that the product of this company is no doubt Usually I am using a fragrance, but I often confess from men of a company to 44 years old They are from the 25s to 60s Originally used to raise business performance, but it is a product that you can feel relieved within the company and you can not really relish so I wanted to use something fragrant this time and tried this However, it is becoming a feeling that it is very refreshing, it has a habit and I want to smell it


June 29, 2016


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I decided (* '? `*)

I have tried various things so far, but angel and secret are my favorite fragrance. Perfume seems to be more effective if you attach something that suits you. I guess it might be a thought (laugh) Because I got my younger boyfriend, I would like to try out which one reacts more strongly to Angel and Secret! These two kinds can not be handed off! Repeat definite Kana ♪

Looking for happiness

July 07, 2016


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Fragrant best! The effect is also ◎! It's Ripi decision! !

Angel, it is the best fragrance.
It contains 9 types of scents including lemon, lavender, geranium, rose, patchouli, sandalwood, chest tree, peppermint, clary sage, but it turns into a smell that gradually calms down with a fragrance that first gorgeous and brightens the feeling .
Especially, because the sandalwood is included, the fragrant fragrance is also good scent.
I do not mind the unique pheromone smell.
This is the 21st for me, as a result of various verifications so far, it was found that it is best (effectively) to use scented with scent of good or bad (preference) and to use a fragrance and premium together .
Of course, considering the combined use with your favorite perfume, if you choose scented pheromone perfume with a taste of scent, compatibility with your perfume is good,

Most importantly, since it was found that frequent reattachment exerts pheromone effect, I think that it is best to choose the fragrance that you want to rework frequently.

Angel, because it is a very good fragrance, it has been used too much, but the effect was also outstanding.

Many elderly men got a feast, and men of the same age and younger age were also invited to drink and they were praised for everyone. . .
It is surprising to get a little jealous e-mail that I want you to see only myself, just by talking with various men just by getting along well.
I am sorry just because I can not meet him who is my favorite. Recently I think that if he or more people appear close to him, I will try hard for that person.

Buff Beauty

November 12, 2011


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Great success in work

I was listening many times as I was working on it because I could not grasp the contents of my work, but I was not able to understand it.
Previously my boss was a series of "Why do not you understand?"

Even though my boss was very busy, he instructed me carefully.
Thanks to the angel.
Next week we will have a different industry exchange meeting so I would like to make use of it.


July 07, 2016


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good smell

I am sweet at first, but it turns into a scent like incense on the way. It is healed by an elegant scent of sweet and mature flowers.
Currently, I love secrets with premium and superimposition. Pheromone effect has been confirmed w
I would like to use it for angels while expecting similar results.
The rest is the taste of fragrance. I am a fragrance that both secret and angel likes, but my husband seems to prefer Secret. Angel also said that it is a good smell, while the smell of incense seems a bit weak. It feels like pheromone, but it does not mean it is fragrant or preference.
It might be a good idea to try it and choose the scent according to your taste.

Next, I'm ordering Glamorous, so I will challenge various scents while using Angel (besides my husband).

"Later talk" From the viewpoint of others, I was concerned about how I felt, I got my angel attached to my daughter in a situation where I did not use pheromone perfume (laugh) ← My daughter naturally does not know that it is a pheromone perfume Hmm.
I forgot a little about being attached to my daughter, and when I smelled casually and looked back, my daughter (laugh) ... Oh! Pheromone perfume!
... I tried it three times in two hours.
The partner is sometimes called a daughter, and although a pheromone effect when a woman smells for women is a little unknown, an angel was a good smell. I think that she likes the scent of the angel personally, but if she likes this smell in men, she will look back. I have no choice but to repeat this (lol)


April 19, 2013


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The feeling that everyone is very kind ...

This time, I tried the angel I was curious about for the first time.
Until now I have never used only fragrance type, but I like this angel faintly and gentle fragrance ♪ And the effect was ... I was really amazing (lol \)
Anyway the man around me makes me gentle. Obviously it is different from the past! It is kind enough to be surprised.
Also, men who did not know immediately got along well.
I am having some fun every day thanks to you.
I would like to continue to patronize from now on.


June 27, 2016


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I really like it!

I tried variously, but it is my favorite now!

With this perfume, I went to date with a boyfriend who has been unrequited love for a long time.
Although it became an understated appeal ... Apparently it seemed that its modesty and cute fragrance was good, before he went to bed he had a phone call, confessed !!!
Apparently he seemed to be throbbing all the time (lol \)
From now on I will like to use as amulets !!


January 18, 2016


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You smell sweet

I told you that he made a sweet good scent from him recently. When I added this scent, I was praised that somehow today was not cleaner than before. It seems that it was not due to just increasing the number of eyelash extensions.

Also, although it is always easy, I feel particularly easy today ^ ^

I myself like the scent of this geranium, so I heal it when I turn on.

Mei Mei

July 02, 2016


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good smell

Pheromone perfume has been purchased many times. It is because opportunities have come to contact people with work rather than having a favorite man. Since I often contact with ladies, I purchased it for men last time and tried it. Then, from a woman I do not know about during meals trying to say "I am beautiful" or a woman at a cash register saying "I saw you somewhere before before" and from acquaintances "Watch out for stalkers" I was surprised to see the gaze and effect from women. There is not such a thing directly from a man, but since there are more people who talk with a smile, I think that there is effectiveness. I am enjoying various fragrances for women, men, but the scent of this angel is a taste favorite scent. I hope to build a good human relationship while enjoying a good scent. I will also purchase ☆


June 27, 2016


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It is really good.

Previously, I bought a premium person and it was very effective so I tried this item. What I was worried about purchasing this product is that it is fragrance first. I was not very good at perfumes, there was a reason why I bought a premium before, because it was one fragrance. However, this product was very good as it was a fragrance like a shampoo with a clean feeling without feeling bad like "perfume". Also, I was worried that the premium was twice as concentrated, but I thought that it was thin, but I think that I never felt any particular difference. It might be like having a mind. However, anyway, after using pheromone perfume, relationships that people were not good with regard to both men and women have become relaxed and heterosexual relationships are also substantial. Although it may be taken lying when writing to evaluation, how would you try by those who do not have confidence in themselves or who would like to push their backs.


May 01, 2013


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