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Love Attraction Bergamot for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Bergamot for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Bergamot for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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It is surroundings, but my own change is great! !

Based on the word of mouth, this bergamot was purchased for the first time.
I like aroma oil, but I am not good at strong perfumes perfumed. The workplace is also perfume NG.
As a scout to the neck before coming to work, after coming to the office after 30 minutes it is just as good as the fragrance calms down to the level of softener? Antiperspirant? Level.
As an effect, the place where you can become self-energized is great.
As I gained confidence from the time I got it, I'm thrilled to work, I can concentrate around my work for about 3 hours and move around in a glorified spirit.
I was also praised from the superiors as "I'm doing my best recently.
If only it is "in the end it is a placebo ...?" It seems to be thought that, but the place is pretty, the male team is close close (haha).
I was talking to the face closely and being spoken to, or putting the documents closer to the other party, I got a shoulder close as I looked into it, or thanked me a lot for help.

I want to think that these are not the minds!
At the very least, big progress, even if I could remove the wall of my own type of making a wall with a recession !!!

Interestingly it seems that it seems that it gets much more effective towards older people as we can.
It is that people who wish to be most effective! (Lol)

As the person who wants to be most effective, since the number of times I can talk to other departments and the amount of conversation has increased, I think that I will continue to boost this perfume in the future, and I think that myself will have to work a bit further.


September 04, 2016


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In the coming season

It is healed by a refreshing scent.
It is this bergamot that I bought the first time.
I got a young man who is interested in my work and met my perfume here when I was polishing myself.
I realized that pheromones are important for men to like, and it is feeling that they have reached while searching on the net.
It is a must-have item now.
I mainly use it in my workplace.
The effect, I have patronized it for nearly two years, so there is no mistake.
I can feel confident in myself.
The aura shines and is loved from women and treated as a woman from men.
And more confidence will follow the reactions around us.


March 25, 2016


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Thank you

Love attraction Bergamot It was a nice product as expected.
First, the fragrance is refreshing enough to wipe out the sensation of rainy season. I got up in the morning and puffed the neck one at a time, first of all my feelings calmly uplifted and I found that the expression of her husband reading a newspaper on a regular basis was clearly soft.
Of course, even before my husband returned home, he blew one.
And behind the ear when going out, on the wrist neck. I think that the wonderful places of love attractions are also effective for themselves.
You can see that self confidence comes only by sniffing its fragrance.
That is why it will be a smile with nature and a pleasant impression coupled with pheromone effect.
Just when I went to the hairdresser where I had a reservation I sitting on the shampoo table and combed my hair and I was excited when I was told "It is a nice smell" (laugh)

It is a feeling that it is going to be indebted for love attraction in the future for me who is originally retracted.


June 15, 2011


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Fresh scent

"It's a refreshing scent, it's calm with a nice scent." I was told by the men first time to have a scent on men who first met at work. I was surprised to hear stories with a smile all the time. I feel nervous at the beginning when I put perfume, but I am healed with a good fragrance. I could not find the fragrance that I like, but I bought it because it is my favorite scent of herbs. I say that it is fragrant regardless of gender, if it is attached, it is everyday that I am amazed at the effect of the effect with the partner talking all the time when talking. Will it be possible thanks to the smell, I can smile, and I think that it has a good influence on work as well. Moreover, it seems to be treated very seriously from other people.
It was nice to meet a truly nice scent. I have ordered again as it's getting low. Thank you very much.

I love cherry blossoms

April 25, 2016


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Excellent effect although it is casually fragrant ☆

It is favorite!

This time, I purchased this item for the first time. Until then I did not trust anything "pheromone perfume".
I do not like strong scent, I hate perfume, but in the summer I really want something fragrant because I care about sweat odor. But I do not like the cheesy smell of antiperspirant, so the antiperspirant is absolutely incense-free! I was looking for something else that looked like a colored smell, but it did not make a cheap impression ... something else.
And it reached the site of this place and was attracted to the place "It is not too strong aroma which disappears in about 3 hours" "It is not too sweet, refreshing and healing scent", I tried to purchase it for the purpose of fragrance to the last.
First smell. I think that it is a very good item for those who like citrus. Even though it is stated as "bergamot", cheaply monotonous scented oranges are not unusual, so at the moment I put on it, I thought "Ah, it is per colle!" I am doing a "hard work" that is commonly told, but I can use it without any difficulty.
And then. It is a pheromone effect ... I was surprised. Because I seemed to be "cheating" "frustrating" because there is not much fancy from long ago so it is about being kept being told by my family and friends that my expression is more soft! From my colleagues, even if I talk about business, it is a personal topic ... ... It was my daily life that I could not be a situation of "talkie". Even so, since I started wearing this product, I often tend to talk about else who is unrelated to men from work mainly. Especially about 2 people are coming closer and feeling that they are searching for a topic forcibly. I feel somewhat strange.
I also care about other fragrances and I'm interested in the pheromone effect so I'd like to have some fun (^ ^)


June 19, 2016


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It is refreshing scent

At first I bought a fragrance, but I tried challenging because I liked the citrus system.
I felt that there was no special change in the surrounding reactions, but I think I can speak peacefully with the surrounding men, because I think that I will relax by my shoulders' strength.
Also, I always feel that an unfriendly man talks to Nikoniko, and communication has become smooth.
The fragrance is fresh citrus fruit, just after blowing it feels a little tight, but it will soon become a soft scent.


May 25, 2016


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Passive he actively! !

About four months have passed since I liked seniors one more higher. He is so reluctant and he is unconfident of himself. But instead they are very friendly and attentive. I decided to visit him the other day. Well I got it but it was my 4th time to play with the other day the other day, but I went on this day on that day !! Then usually he is reluctant to "get it a bite!" Now I want to go out to another place too! ", Actively !!!!!
I could never have said such a thing from him, !!!
It may be thanks to this! I'd like to purchase again!


September 15, 2015


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There were lots of miracles in this short schedule.
First of all, I was able to speak to a man in the city.
Also, the shop staff seemed to have met many people who feel good regardless of gender.
Then, when I went to pick up my child, I told my teacher, "It always smells nice." ♪ Even in my work relationship, I heard that younger boys are getting closer to their hearts than before Did.
Again, it will be fun if the number of people who relax and smile like that is increased to surroundings.
Also, relationships with my husband were originally good, but I was happy that the surprise planned something like a date from the evening.
I have children, but I want to be a charming woman forever.

Glitter star

June 14, 2011


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I feel calm and appreciated.

The reason I wanted to try "Love attraction · bergamot (for women)",

Because I became fond of a gentle type of person, I also wanted to be that, so if I was "Love attraction · bergamot (for women)", just by wearing it in myself, I tried and actually used bergamot, which is said to have the power to make her feel very calm, and I really liked the fragrance that was comfortable, smooth and crispy.
When you wear that scent, the whereabouts you are now will be a comfortable feeling.
With a fragrance pleasant to this, I truly think to you that you have the perfect scent perfectly, until now!

If you had the ability to see a nice aura, you may be seeing a beautiful charming and wonderful aura being done!

While I was writing this now I tried to lie down a bit, but I was feeling a very happy smell after all.
It seems that I am very satisfied with my self confidence now, and it is a family situation at home, but since I started using this pheromone perfume, breakfast was a function I made every day, but even today, my mother My condition is starting to happen, I think I should prepare tonight, my mother recently became happy because I was tired and unable to cook.
I am glad if it is something that my family can also be energized by visiting the surroundings that I am enjoying with this perfume.

By having a good time, I feel confident in myself, the atmosphere of the surroundings is much lighter and brighter, and the feeling of crushing feeling full of happiness is rising again.
Thank you so much.

A bottle

September 08, 2015


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Gentle fragrance

First, I like scents very much. I feel very calm. So, I feel calm and can feel a calm atmosphere. It will be hot in the future, so it is easy for incense without Iyami to give likes to various people.
I was not alone, but I was going to put on with the one I care about on the 26th, as I was supposed to meet. I thought that I would post it!
Clearly I spent more time talking than last time, and also things that I got to be postponed were also re-energized (lol \)
I feel that I made a refreshing impression on myself.
I was glad that I could e-mail you again on the way back! When I got home, I had a pleasant surprise, when I mailed, I got an answer and I got a reply when I email again.
I am looking forward to meeting again next time.
Because it was a teacher of a lesson, it was a person who could not see him for a limited time, but since I met him for the first time in March, it is a miraculous thing to meet like this slowly. Even now, even if it is slow, I will patronize while expecting a happy change!


June 26, 2011


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Extremely amazing!

The reason why I wanted to use was because I wanted to get along with my younger colleagues for 15 years after working in the office. I was pretty good at communicating and I was shut down ... If I could have myself! ,used. I feel refreshed feeling refreshed and feeling rising, I want to talk with everyone, smile naturally comes out. If you feel irritated as if there is refreshing effect, calm down if you shake one shot. I feel I got along well with everyone. I love the fragrance, it is a scent of suppression that anyone can have favorable feeling. Even if you use it together with your favorite perfume, it's okay at all. If you like it, it may be effective, please for some reason your boss (lol). It is wonderful to have confidence more than anything ... I think that it is natural and better than makeup. We would like you to use it by all means (^ - ^) /.


June 14, 2011


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Refreshing ☆

This time I used bergamot for the first time.
Anyway it is refreshing. You can become a refreshing and positive mood yourself wearing.
Because of that, I was told that the person I meet (whether same sex or opposite sex) is "shimmering ☆" or "Happy aura is appearing" etc.!
For men who were good friends at work colleagues, they said "I want to see you in two."
It seems there is a person's action. I want to be indebted at the time when I am irritable with PMS!

A storm

September 06, 2015


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Go to work in a refreshing mood

I have been using it for two weeks. It is a muggy season, but if you go out in the morning, you will feel refreshed. For me working as a counselor, it is very important to create a good relationship. I have used non-fragrance type before, and thanks to that, my job is also smooth. Forecast of this summer as hot summer · · · I am also refreshing in Bergamot, people around me are also expected to be refreshing!


June 23, 2011


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Fresh scent

This is a very refreshing scent.
Perfumes can not be applied on the job, but this is so fragrance that you can use it.
Older brother who comes to delivery once a week It is more than one year for people in their twenties to face their face, but thanks to this perfume?
I am also shy, I do not like to talk with opposite sexually from myself so much, but recently he stopped well and talked to me a lot.
It is about greetings to others.
It is about a quiet conversation speaking often. He smiled nicely.
It might be a move soon, so it's a bit missing but it was somewhat a pleasant moment to say so.
Additional notes

That time I spoke a little more time, recently I want to drive somewhere, I want to go with you, the story is right. Does that mean? ... \?
It is a little wonderful.
I felt that he was a little cute when I was deeply appreciated by such a person who was a long time ago.


February 08, 2017


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good smell

I am getting intoxicated by my perfume, but this perfume is not sweet, it has a good fragrance and it is not uncomfortable around ordinary perfume.
I do not know if there is a pheromone effect, but my boyfriend yesterday was pretty sticky mode unlike usual (* ^ _ ^ *)

I also feel like I am sure that other fragrance-free types will also start.
I also used other pheromone perfumes, but I have this !!!

I will repeat again.


June 10, 2011


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This item is trying nearly 10 kinds, but it is my favorite scent. I am a restaurant owner, but sales have increased since I took a bergamot at work ^ _ ^ Although I tried variously because I wanted to reprimand him, I said that I would like to see you from him, There was no fragrance and bergamot. . It gets a little more funny to the restoration. Bergamot is healed with the fragrance of aroma.


September 11, 2015


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Favorite scent

I received a bergamot the other day so I can make a few impressions.
The fragrance of bergamot was a very good scent ^ ^ It was my favorite fragrance, but it is a bit disappointing that the fragrance will soon disappear.
I felt that the fragrance is the most fragrant in the fragrance I have used until now.
As impressions I tried, I tried using it at a drinking party the other day, it is a bit dangerous feeling, there are also drunk, there are around three people will come near me, this has happened to date It became feeling moody to say that I wonder?
I do not know, I do not know but I think I will buy it again, I got a good impression this time, so I'm a star 5 as I am. However, I think that it would be nice to have a little more capacity, I tried using it variously, but it is sad to be gone soon, please increase the capacity a bit more w


September 14, 2015


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I got it!

I went to pachinko with a distraction. Although it was rattle before closing, why is it bald sister who sat next to me? 30's younger? Because I will give out Jan Jang next door, because I am in a hurry on my way home, I will give up on this ride! He gave me a damaging table. I was delicate after having been chiled several times next to me, but I was happy because there were plenty of jadeballs. Actually, I got 5 kinds of perfume in one stroke so I tried scent and sprinkled five kinds on the wrist or the whole body and went out. Suddenly the effect came out ~ super lucky


June 10, 2011


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I love the smell!

It was a very healable smell, and it was a smell I liked privately. It feels like there are no particular effects, but it makes me feel happy that I regained my energy and talk about heterosexuality. It is said that to a child, "Mama's face gentle", I feel that it is perfume effect ....


June 12, 2011


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This is a refreshing feeling, regardless of sex or age, it is a fragrance liked. I feel the best when I want to become a popular person loved by everyone. Because it is in contact with many people, it is a fragrance that can be relieved.
I feel comfortable when I am nearby ~ I feel calm ~ I am healed ~ I do not want to separate from you ~ I was told.
I feel like the fragrance of gentle temptation.


September 13, 2015


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