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Love Attraction Bergamot for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Bergamot for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Bergamot for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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I was surprised lol

I thought about trying to use this product, recently staying away from love affairs, since it was a day of work all day, it was a comfortable feeling that something would not happen. Meanwhile, I had never talked about in the same workplace, but although there was a man I met every day, I was suddenly spoken to from the next day when I used this item (laugh) I was surprised and laughed at the same time I have gone. It is said that there is such quick action. Of course, I also spoke the next day. Since I am busy with work now, I do not turn my feelings toward love, but I think that if I can make it a bit more relaxed, I will move a little seriously. It seems to be fine if you use this ♪ ♪


March 01, 2018


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I thought whether it really made me positive and positive feelings, because I thought that a really happy event would happen, and the fragrance was to feel slightly floral, so I thought that it is my favorite scent, I tried this product I tried.
When I tried using it, I felt it was different from the scent I was thinking at the very beginning, thought that it was not my favorite scent, but gradually became accustomed, the scent no longer cared a bit at all .
For me, I tried using a happy incident, expecting that it would happen, but it was just a perfume with no change at all.
Like everyone, there was no happy episode, I was very sorry.


August 20, 2014


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It is refreshing and looks like it looks good in early summer. If anything, it is a unisex smell. When I put on this smell, I still cook in the house with him for some reason and spend in a peaceful and homely atmosphere that remains in the impression ☆ It is a good smell. It may be perfect for the current season ☆


June 11, 2019


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It is a nice scent.

I could not imagine what kind of fragrance it was, but I was comfortable myself when I attached it with a natural aroma scent.
I am battle, I was not young, I never thought of romance anymore, but I loved someone I liked. I am a good friend of good friends for many years, I am afraid of breaking the relationship, but the feelings overflowed, I met this perfume at that time. There has not been any progress yet, but recently, I often quit fighting to meet regularly, and now I am able to spend a warm heart with them. I wish I could wear it even further in the future as I could make progress between two more people.


September 19, 2015


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When I went to a hairdresser the other day, I was wearing this, but unlike usual, the reaction was good. The other party seems to be relaxing. It is probably the effect of Colle because it is always the same person because it is the same person.

I think that same-sex uke will break up. When you are a jealous homosexual partner, you may as well stop kore. It was a feeling that it was good if it was a person who was not so. It seems that there is an effect on the opposite sex with a high tension.
*************: There seems to be some effect on the opposite sex. I wonder.
It was a premium that I used before this, and it seems that there was much that I felt that "Oh, there is effect". Also, I feel that women's uke is bad. It is hostile.
In that sense, it may be "effect ant" (bitter smile)


November 24, 2014


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Is this smell ...? (There is a posting!)

I like the citrus scent, in particular there are things like bergamot and sweet oranges like it is in dirt, so I tried picking this item ... Bergamot ?? \?
To be honest, I could hardly understand the fragrance of bergamot · · · Was my nose going wrong?
It was disappointing, almost the same as the impression "like soap" when I tried Gardenia.
I will prepare my physical condition and try again. Shikiku · · ·


I posted the above comment once, but the impression has changed a lot while I continue using it!
Bergamot's fresh and mature aroma can be enjoyed satisfactorily!

When first attached ... I thought that the beets were contained in the tube part of the spray, I felt the scent was quite different.
It may be due to physical condition but ...

Because I am not good at the tight scent, I like the scent is not long lasting because it is light.
(Although this can be said for pheromone perfumes in general)

Although it is most important, it is always frustrating before menstruation, especially as people at work are getting in and out so intensely now that they are relaxed as much as possible, trying with the thought that if you can get in touch with people without being irritated ... I tried, but I think that it has an effect.
I usually get rid of frustrated Chinese medicine, etc. I managed to survive, but this time I am not frustrated even if I do not drink Chinese traditional medicine, thanks to this perfume.
Rather, it seems that you can be tolerant of other people's failures, etc, and you are getting better than usual (lol) ... \?
I feel that my job is getting better.
It may be because it is my favorite fragrance, but I think that it can be said that there is an effect ♪


June 16, 2011


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It is a faint citrus scent, so I'm not sure if it is bergamot. I like the citrus scent, but the citrus flavor scent flies faster but because this product originally has a weak fragrance, is it about 20 minutes at most?
I do not feel the change to the surroundings and myself ...


December 09, 2012


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There was an effect!

I was allowed to use "Love attraction · bergamot" this time.
I feel that my feelings calm down with a refreshing scent from the time I turned on.
Older men started talking to us often at the office (lol \)
I also became able to talk to someone who likes fighting all the time even though I like it.
It is truly amazing.
I used "secret" "citrus" before, but "bergamot" seems to match to me.
I want to lipipize it when it is gone.


June 16, 2011


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I will continue to use my life in the future ☆

I want to give more confidence to myself. I wanted to enjoy the fragrance, I chose bergamot. Although it is a medical-related job, I am healed myself with a fragrance that does not become any disturbance at all. Since it began to work with this attached ... Patients who have only complaints now touches me with a smile! Three more! It seems to be something magic. It was good to put on!


September 16, 2015


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Alright? !

I received it, the next day, I tried using it!
When I move to another work place by car with a colleague who does not talk more than necessary usually the conversation is impaled and there is no mind I feel more kind than usual ... (* ^^)

Was it effective?


June 11, 2011


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It is refreshing.

Because the fragrance is not tight, it is slightly fragrant, so at the end of the work, I have refreshed it.
Also, because it is a pheromone nurse, I become a conscious myself as polished, my spine also becomes a pin, I think it is a dish of girls' power UP! My boy said that it is a good smell ~


June 21, 2011


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I gave it to my friend ☆

Recently I've been suffering from hardship, and to my friends who have lost physical condition (* 'ー `*)

Recently, I felt that I got better and the stress at the company was reduced a little.
I bought new glasses, and my complexion grew greatly (* 'ー `* \)
It would be nice if this bergamot effect was good (; · ∀ ·) ...

This time, because it was only used once, I think that it will only be a reference for fragrance, but I will write.
Close to the bergamot scent of a good manufacturer's refinement, the herbal citrus fragrance was comfortable (* ^^ *) It was refreshing and was refreshing

Postscript ... ... I wanted to change the number of ☆ ☆ so I thought that she got good as I thought I should have taught that popular people (* _ *; results have been overtaken (TДT)). Directly below

The rabbit of the moon

May 19, 2014


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I am troubled

Actually, I am a perfume beginner (lol \)
So I was using fragrance so far ☆ The effect gradually appeared, confidence came out to my self so I tried challenging things with fragrance!

At first I did not get used to perfume myself. . .
About the time I used it for about 3 days, I felt something that seemed to be a safe feeling. . .
I feel confident in a week (lol)

When I used it at a company drinking party, I could talk with a man who does not always talk.
It is Meluad getton being kind to the man who is interested (^ _ ^) v

So, while I was on business trip to Nagoya this time. . .
I always met people who only interact on the phone.
I was told that "I want to talk more", and when I got home I was told "Do not get in touch" (> _ <\)
I refused politely. . .
It's surprising how quickly it's deployed !!!

Next time I would like to purchase another scent again ♪


June 20, 2011


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Favorite scent

Freshly made citrus is a refreshing scent, it becomes a gentle scent a little over time, and it is my favorite fragrance. However, it felt faster when compared with other ones that the scent will disappear. The effect appears to be more effective for women than for men. Even if I went shopping, I was good at being somewhat carefully attended and talking with people who usually do not speak. I think that it is perfect scent for the summer.


March 04, 2018


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Somehow ,,,

I feel that there is an effect.
In preparation for a new encounter, I thought, but I can not make it in time.
I feel that not only men in the company but also women are gentle!
When I am irritated, I tried to dare to give it up, but I feel calm.
The scent is fresher than I thought, but it is a good citrus scent, but it will disappear soon ★ -1. Not limited to bergamot, it will be quiet and calm.
I want to try various fragrances from now on!


June 23, 2018


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I will always sniff

Up to now I have used 2 times type of fragrance, but I also care about scent, I chose bergamot which smells refreshingly even in the rainy season.
The scent is floral rather fluffy than I thought, I feel citrus faintly.
I feel very luxurious.
Because the intensity of fragrance scents a little bit, it seems that you can use it well in your work place.
A regular friend of a going bar stroked his head and brought his body.
I saw it in the word-of-mouth, I tried imitating aside, so I think that it has its effect.
I would like to try other fragrances by all means.


June 22, 2018


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A favorite scent!

Orange's refreshing and fresh scent will get better from the morning!
It is easy to wear without choosing a place, it is very good!
It is a workplace of a woman sensitive to scent, so it can be attached without taste.
It is bright, refreshing, fun, beautiful and makes you feel better.
That's why it's natural that men get popular?


February 11, 2015


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Mysterious atmosphere ...

Bergamot starts to wear, but it has a dry citrus scent, but it will gradually change its fragrance like a relaxed and relaxed scent.
Until now I have been going through a premium to the workplace with a slightly soap scented deoessence, but I think that this bergamot's refreshing scent can be worn without any concern ... the first day ...

I am near by when I realize that the distance with a male employee who has not talked much about recently is getting close. I feel I was wrapped in a magical atmosphere with him somehow ~ LOL

Because it was a nice scent, I'm wondering what to do ipi ☆


September 12, 2015


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It is refreshing system! Good for the morning.

I barely tried using bergamot, which I had been interested in a while ago. I have used fragrance, Venus, Taboo, Glamorous ... to date, but it is quite refreshing fragrance among them. It was a citrus scent with less sweetness than I expected. It smells fragrant fluffily at the moment when it smells but it is a feeling that it will not matter soon so it can be used instead of fragrance. I wish the scent would last a little more ☆ ☆ is a minus one. So I went to work after raising my mood by blowing out bergamot at the beginning of the morning. In the evening I finished my work with a sweet grammar and relaxing and using it. It is quite easy to use this two swords ♪

At the beginning of using pheromone perfume, studying menopausal troubleshooting may be OK! I met each year when worries about female hormones are getting bigger. I am glad when I get used to any number (* ^^ *) I do not know how I can express it after I started using it ... "Femininity has come back" Is not it a kind of feeling that sort of confidence is kindness It seems that it seems that it affects softness and that people can often call me a voice. I am forgetting to turn on when I am in good condition, but I feel like an amulet when I am out of order.


March 02, 2018


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It is determined by this!

At the moment I turned on I felt relaxed and calm, I was pleased why my 5 year old baby boy was odd.
I went on a day with a long distance on the day of the month on 1 month but I was able to have more fun than usual on that day And it was thanks to the scent of bergamot (* '艸 `*) And he likes the smell It seems like it was decided in Bergamot this year!

A rabbit

June 22, 2011


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