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Love Attraction Bergamot for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Bergamot for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Bergamot for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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I was surprised lol

I thought about trying to use this product, recently staying away from love affairs, since it was a day of work all day, it was a comfortable feeling that something would not happen. Meanwhile, I had never talked about in the same workplace, but although there was a man I met every day, I was suddenly spoken to from the next day when I used this item (laugh) I was surprised and laughed at the same time I have gone. It is said that there is such quick action. Of course, I also spoke the next day. Since I am busy with work now, I do not turn my feelings toward love, but I think that if I can make it a bit more relaxed, I will move a little seriously. It seems to be fine if you use this ♪ ♪


March 01, 2018


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I tried Angel, Hyacinth, Venus, Romance, Happiness here, but Bergamot felt refreshing the most.
I am not good at scent of perfume or strong, so I am fine and think that it is perfect scent in the summer !!

Whichever pheromone effect you use, I feel the effect is working properly in my case.
I push it on the wrist instead of just one way and then spread it thin from the neck to the base of the neck, the cleavage of the chest, and the clavicle.
I know that I'm going to be in a place with a perfume, so he kisses me so it's really amazing.
I am saying that the smell is boring

I will review again if I try various things ♪ ♪


June 17, 2018


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I gave it to my friend ☆

Recently I've been suffering from hardship, and to my friends who have lost physical condition (* 'ー `*)

Recently, I felt that I got better and the stress at the company was reduced a little.
I bought new glasses, and my complexion grew greatly (* 'ー `* \)
It would be nice if this bergamot effect was good (; · ∀ ·) ...

This time, because it was only used once, I think that it will only be a reference for fragrance, but I will write.
Close to the bergamot scent of a good manufacturer's refinement, the herbal citrus fragrance was comfortable (* ^^ *) It was refreshing and was refreshing

Postscript ... ... I wanted to change the number of ☆ ☆ so I thought that she got good as I thought I should have taught that popular people (* _ *; results have been overtaken (TДT)). Directly below

The rabbit of the moon

May 19, 2014


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Alright? !

I received it, the next day, I tried using it!
When I move to another work place by car with a colleague who does not talk more than necessary usually the conversation is impaled and there is no mind I feel more kind than usual ... (* ^^)

Was it effective?


June 11, 2011


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Favorite scent

Freshly made citrus is a refreshing scent, it becomes a gentle scent a little over time, and it is my favorite fragrance. However, it felt faster when compared with other ones that the scent will disappear. The effect appears to be more effective for women than for men. Even if I went shopping, I was good at being somewhat carefully attended and talking with people who usually do not speak. I think that it is perfect scent for the summer.


March 04, 2018


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I will always sniff

Up to now I have used 2 times type of fragrance, but I also care about scent, I chose bergamot which smells refreshingly even in the rainy season.
The scent is floral rather fluffy than I thought, I feel citrus faintly.
I feel very luxurious.
Because the intensity of fragrance scents a little bit, it seems that you can use it well in your work place.
A regular friend of a going bar stroked his head and brought his body.
I saw it in the word-of-mouth, I tried imitating aside, so I think that it has its effect.
I would like to try other fragrances by all means.


June 22, 2018


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I will continue to use my life in the future ☆

I want to give more confidence to myself. I wanted to enjoy the fragrance, I chose bergamot. Although it is a medical-related job, I am healed myself with a fragrance that does not become any disturbance at all. Since it began to work with this attached ... Patients who have only complaints now touches me with a smile! Three more! It seems to be something magic. It was good to put on!


September 16, 2015


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It is determined by this!

At the moment I turned on I felt relaxed and calm, I was pleased why my 5 year old baby boy was odd.
I went on a day with a long distance on the day of the month on 1 month but I was able to have more fun than usual on that day And it was thanks to the scent of bergamot (* '艸 `*) And he likes the smell It seems like it was decided in Bergamot this year!

A rabbit

June 22, 2011


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Refreshing citrus fragrance

First push and you will be healed with a refreshing citrus scent.
Is not this a good reception regardless of gender?
It is not a sexy type scent like Ylang Ylang or secret, so it seems that you can choose a location.
Iran Iran and secret seem to like preferences for women, but male reception is good.
I realize that the scent preferred by men and the scent preferred by women are different.
This bergamot has no such kind of habit, is not it easy to use regardless of gender?
I think that it is a refreshing fragrance perfect for the season when it will get hotter.
The flavor of fragrance is faster than others.
Would it be nice to frequently re-attach it? Perfumery is hard to be squeezed.
All of these perfumes are easy to use because they are more fragrant than aroma rather than perfume.
Although it is the pheromone effect of the essence, I felt that women's reception is good.
I was able to talk with each other for the first time with my mum friends, and I often spoke to them.
As I always use it with premium, I think that there are also effects of premium, but I heard that there seems to be a hard-to-speak atmosphere, but I feel that I can spend a pleasant time around bergamot.
It is recommended.


June 25, 2018


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Somehow ,,,

I feel that there is an effect.
In preparation for a new encounter, I thought, but I can not make it in time.
I feel that not only men in the company but also women are gentle!
When I am irritated, I tried to dare to give it up, but I feel calm.
The scent is fresher than I thought, but it is a good citrus scent, but it will disappear soon ★ -1. Not limited to bergamot, it will be quiet and calm.
I want to try various fragrances from now on!


June 23, 2018


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First time bergamot

I usually do not put out such a refreshing scent, but I wanted to avoid smells at the time of the rainy season and I wanted to avoid bergamot because I wanted to avoid the scent which is too overuse as I use it at my workplace.
At first I felt little smell of bergamot and smell of alcohol appeared to my nose considerably, but I felt like a refreshing and gentle aroma with no bitterness of citrus though it is too sweet to use.
Whether there are no dramatic events in bergamot + premium, men who do not have much contact at work work positively, they are invited to lunch.
I am regarded as a person who is hard to approach in the workplace, so it is still a big change.
Also, bergamot may be popular among women.
I became able to talk to women closely.
I bought a citrus fragrance of natural fragrance at the aromatherapy shop, so I will repeat it again by superimposing.


June 28, 2018


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Good odor

Bergamot I liked it with a very refreshing feminine scent. It calms down with an aromatic smell rather than perfume. Although I tried various items here, I tried looking at what kind of refreshing fragrance it was, but it was perfect for this season. Next bergamot is going to be favorite too. Someone is always near by regardless of female and male feeling using it. There are times when it is not effective, but I feel that it is working if someone is nearby. I was not good at engaging with people, but I gained a little confidence trying out some of the items here. I will continue to test and love it from now on.


August 20, 2014


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A favorite scent!

Orange's refreshing and fresh scent will get better from the morning!
It is easy to wear without choosing a place, it is very good!
It is a workplace of a woman sensitive to scent, so it can be attached without taste.
It is bright, refreshing, fun, beautiful and makes you feel better.
That's why it's natural that men get popular?


February 11, 2015


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Honorable scent

I always use fragrance. Because it exerts an effect on the same sex, thanks to you, my relationship is very good .... Because it was a feeling like how it is not good for men, I tried scenting of this one for the first time this time!
Although the fragrance surely disappears certainly, since it smells faintly, it feels refreshing and refreshing as it is wearing. It was my favorite fragrance (* ^^ * \)
There are not many people who just changed jobs in spring and there are few people like to be particularly romantic in workplaces where there are few men, but for the first time in two weeks after starting to turn on, I was spoken to by younger men who had been unable to solve it so far There are more things to get involved (* ^^ * \)
However, since it is still under examination, we will report any changes from now on!
Privately, I wanted to use it from now on (* ^^ *)


July 01, 2018


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When I went to a hairdresser the other day, I was wearing this, but unlike usual, the reaction was good. The other party seems to be relaxing. It is probably the effect of Colle because it is always the same person because it is the same person.

I think that same-sex uke will break up. When you are a jealous homosexual partner, you may as well stop kore. It was a feeling that it was good if it was a person who was not so. It seems that there is an effect on the opposite sex with a high tension.
*************: There seems to be some effect on the opposite sex. I wonder.
It was a premium that I used before this, and it seems that there was much that I felt that "Oh, there is effect". Also, I feel that women's uke is bad. It is hostile.
In that sense, it may be "effect ant" (bitter smile)


November 24, 2014


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That's amazing ...

Thank you that you have chosen to monitor ^ ^ It is an event of 3 or 4 days using ...

There is a little heavy thing always carrying, but the male boss at work is also carrying heavy oneself but only on that day saying "Please bring" and carry me.
Men who do not usually do much greeting too often reacted overly. I surprised and threw it through ... lol

Also, spoken to or spoken at a short distance so that the arms seem to stick together.
The power of pheromone perfume is incredible!


June 19, 2018


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The fragrance of pheromone is strong

The smell peculiar to pheromones is stronger than the scent of bergamot.
However, I thought that it was easier for men to understand the reaction.
I have a very longing person, I'm a boss even in my workplace, I thought that I was married and I could not bring it closer. Since there are also different departments, there is no point of contact. But, I thought that I would be conscious. So during this time, there was a drinking party in the department where the person I admired had, I thought as a close friend to call me a close friend, I thought that pheromone perfume was added a little. At that time, how could you sit next to me ... other men came, and I ended up being unable to talk to him so much lol
However, the next day, the invitation to be stopped when he crosses him at work, suddenly drinking together!
And, we went for a drink together (of course with a pheromone perfume) and a lot of conversation was gone, hand in hand on the way ... I was kissed. I want to see him from there, I was able to have a relationship where I would like to see each other!

I realized that pheromone perfume is sure to exist!


August 10, 2014


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I purchased Bergamot with my first pheromone perfume.
I was expecting how the reaction around it would change, but I was a little disappointed with the change as I expected. After a few re-spins, you will only be concerned with the smell that is a little toned.
There is no such thing for the first time but ... So I ordered the premium again to be put on with my own perfume.
It and popular hyacinth. I have not received it yet, so I do not know the extent of the effect, but this time I hope!

Poke Poke

April 15, 2019


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It's amazing! !

Because I am in a job seeking, I gave it an interview. Thank you for your prompt decision. Thank you. At the time of the interview, it was two men, but I think that perfume was effective (lol)! It is amazing! Even if you are shopping elsewhere, everyone kindly felt.
Also I tried attaching to my mother's 60s, but he seems to have been invited to a date from a guy (laugh). Also, it was said that a girl friend who had never had rice also invited me.
I think that it will work for both male and female! I would like to never give anyone who I like next time! Thank you very much.

A picture

August 22, 2014


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I thought that it would be a substitute for the perfume you are wearing now, so I bought it because it was just a sale.

In the first time I bought a fragrance free, I felt calm after I got a fragrance free rather than a heterosexual.

As for bergamot, at the moment I turned on, there was still an alcohol smell. But I did not mind soon. So it has a refreshing orange-like citrus scent, but the fragrance fly as soon as it is in other comments as well. Because it is a very good scent, I thought it would be better if I had sustainability. But I think that it is easy to use feeling refreshed like a hot season.

I bought it with Taboo, but bergamot is a scent that does not get in the way even if it is attached with taboo, I think that it is easy to match with other perfumes too.

Since it is a company with many females, the effect is not so effective as to say to men. However, although it is a company with many females, I think that it will have such an effect because I am getting along well with everyone.

If it is the same as nonfragrance, it makes me feel like I feel calm or calm.


April 17, 2018


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