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Love Attraction Bergamot for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Bergamot for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Bergamot for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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It is refreshing system! Good for the morning.

I barely tried using bergamot, which I had been interested in a while ago. I have used fragrance, Venus, Taboo, Glamorous ... to date, but it is quite refreshing fragrance among them. It was a citrus scent with less sweetness than I expected. It smells fragrant fluffily at the moment when it smells but it is a feeling that it will not matter soon so it can be used instead of fragrance. I wish the scent would last a little more ☆ ☆ is a minus one. So I went to work after raising my mood by blowing out bergamot at the beginning of the morning. In the evening I finished my work with a sweet grammar and relaxing and using it. It is quite easy to use this two swords ♪

At the beginning of using pheromone perfume, studying menopausal troubleshooting may be OK! I met each year when worries about female hormones are getting bigger. I am glad when I get used to any number (* ^^ *) I do not know how I can express it after I started using it ... "Femininity has come back" Is not it a kind of feeling that sort of confidence is kindness It seems that it seems that it affects softness and that people can often call me a voice. I am forgetting to turn on when I am in good condition, but I feel like an amulet when I am out of order.


March 02, 2018


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Good odor

Bergamot I liked it with a very refreshing feminine scent. It calms down with an aromatic smell rather than perfume. Although I tried various items here, I tried looking at what kind of refreshing fragrance it was, but it was perfect for this season. Next bergamot is going to be favorite too. Someone is always near by regardless of female and male feeling using it. There are times when it is not effective, but I feel that it is working if someone is nearby. I was not good at engaging with people, but I gained a little confidence trying out some of the items here. I will continue to test and love it from now on.


August 20, 2014


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When I went to a hairdresser the other day, I was wearing this, but unlike usual, the reaction was good. The other party seems to be relaxing. It is probably the effect of Colle because it is always the same person because it is the same person.

I think that same-sex uke will break up. When you are a jealous homosexual partner, you may as well stop kore. It was a feeling that it was good if it was a person who was not so. It seems that there is an effect on the opposite sex with a high tension.
*************: There seems to be some effect on the opposite sex. I wonder.
It was a premium that I used before this, and it seems that there was much that I felt that "Oh, there is effect". Also, I feel that women's uke is bad. It is hostile.
In that sense, it may be "effect ant" (bitter smile)


November 24, 2014


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First time bergamot

I usually do not put out such a refreshing scent, but I wanted to avoid smells at the time of the rainy season and I wanted to avoid bergamot because I wanted to avoid the scent which is too overuse as I use it at my workplace.
At first I felt little smell of bergamot and smell of alcohol appeared to my nose considerably, but I felt like a refreshing and gentle aroma with no bitterness of citrus though it is too sweet to use.
Whether there are no dramatic events in bergamot + premium, men who do not have much contact at work work positively, they are invited to lunch.
I am regarded as a person who is hard to approach in the workplace, so it is still a big change.
Also, bergamot may be popular among women.
I became able to talk to women closely.
I bought a citrus fragrance of natural fragrance at the aromatherapy shop, so I will repeat it again by superimposing.


June 28, 2018


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In times of depression

Always I am indebted.
Bergamot is using it when you can not sleep or worry.
I also have a sedative effect as I am severely nervous.
I am using it often for my break time, rather than turning to the outside.


May 09, 2015


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That's amazing ...

Thank you that you have chosen to monitor ^ ^ It is an event of 3 or 4 days using ...

There is a little heavy thing always carrying, but the male boss at work is also carrying heavy oneself but only on that day saying "Please bring" and carry me.
Men who do not usually do much greeting too often reacted overly. I surprised and threw it through ... lol

Also, spoken to or spoken at a short distance so that the arms seem to stick together.
The power of pheromone perfume is incredible!


June 19, 2018


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The impression that I bergamot for the first time attached this time is fragrant soft, I quickly passed out, I liked it very much with a gentle wearing comfort あ It is easy to use with a soft sweetness remaining a little after the first scent comes out!
Perfume is prohibited in the workplace, so when I tried using it, I felt that there were many opportunities to talk to!
It is certainly thanks to this perfume (* '꒳ `* \)
This is Lipi!


June 25, 2018


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Refreshing citrus fragrance

First push and you will be healed with a refreshing citrus scent.
Is not this a good reception regardless of gender?
It is not a sexy type scent like Ylang Ylang or secret, so it seems that you can choose a location.
Iran Iran and secret seem to like preferences for women, but male reception is good.
I realize that the scent preferred by men and the scent preferred by women are different.
This bergamot has no such kind of habit, is not it easy to use regardless of gender?
I think that it is a refreshing fragrance perfect for the season when it will get hotter.
The flavor of fragrance is faster than others.
Would it be nice to frequently re-attach it? Perfumery is hard to be squeezed.
All of these perfumes are easy to use because they are more fragrant than aroma rather than perfume.
Although it is the pheromone effect of the essence, I felt that women's reception is good.
I was able to talk with each other for the first time with my mum friends, and I often spoke to them.
As I always use it with premium, I think that there are also effects of premium, but I heard that there seems to be a hard-to-speak atmosphere, but I feel that I can spend a pleasant time around bergamot.
It is recommended.


June 25, 2018


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Earl Gray's

I like Earl Gray's tea, so I was concerned about [bergamot].
After all it is my favorite with a slight scent.
There are many young people in the night shift workplace and just about children age. Everyday I was caught by Alasar's child, there was a little change. Although I did not give a greeting to my aunt, I started from a greeting and became kind during work. Even at the restaurant, the back cleaning was mainly, but what we have done like miracles happens in the last few years, such as "Why do not you hospitality?" Or "Do you have a little break?" I have been working for a year and a half . Human relationships have flowed smoothly somewhat. It was my first night shift that I had no choice but for my living expenses, I thought that it was fun for the first time ♪. The young child's priority shift never get scrapped. LINE will come (I can not put it in LINE in the first place) even though I could only have two days in 5, "Because people are missing" Even if people quit, it is not the situation that something changed, even if it is not enough. The voice that was hanging on young children until now has come to be able to hang on me !!! If you can put this as it is five days a week, life will be a bit easier. [Bergamot], the child who likes tea reacts. Some children ask "Earl Gray drank?" Talks also developed from there. It is not a persistent scent, so relax. It is perfume, but there is more Brass Alpha effect than that.

Oh, Fif

June 23, 2018


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The fragrance of pheromone is strong

The smell peculiar to pheromones is stronger than the scent of bergamot.
However, I thought that it was easier for men to understand the reaction.
I have a very longing person, I'm a boss even in my workplace, I thought that I was married and I could not bring it closer. Since there are also different departments, there is no point of contact. But, I thought that I would be conscious. So during this time, there was a drinking party in the department where the person I admired had, I thought as a close friend to call me a close friend, I thought that pheromone perfume was added a little. At that time, how could you sit next to me ... other men came, and I ended up being unable to talk to him so much lol
However, the next day, the invitation to be stopped when he crosses him at work, suddenly drinking together!
And, we went for a drink together (of course with a pheromone perfume) and a lot of conversation was gone, hand in hand on the way ... I was kissed. I want to see him from there, I was able to have a relationship where I would like to see each other!

I realized that pheromone perfume is sure to exist!


August 10, 2014


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I thought whether it really made me positive and positive feelings, because I thought that a really happy event would happen, and the fragrance was to feel slightly floral, so I thought that it is my favorite scent, I tried this product I tried.
When I tried using it, I felt it was different from the scent I was thinking at the very beginning, thought that it was not my favorite scent, but gradually became accustomed, the scent no longer cared a bit at all .
For me, I tried using a happy incident, expecting that it would happen, but it was just a perfume with no change at all.
Like everyone, there was no happy episode, I was very sorry.


August 20, 2014


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I gave it to my friend ☆

Recently I've been suffering from hardship, and to my friends who have lost physical condition (* 'ー `*)

Recently, I felt that I got better and the stress at the company was reduced a little.
I bought new glasses, and my complexion grew greatly (* 'ー `* \)
It would be nice if this bergamot effect was good (; · ∀ ·) ...

This time, because it was only used once, I think that it will only be a reference for fragrance, but I will write.
Close to the bergamot scent of a good manufacturer's refinement, the herbal citrus fragrance was comfortable (* ^^ *) It was refreshing and was refreshing

Postscript ... ... I wanted to change the number of ☆ ☆ so I thought that she got good as I thought I should have taught that popular people (* _ *; results have been overtaken (TДT)). Directly below


May 19, 2014


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It is a nice scent.

I could not imagine what kind of fragrance it was, but I was comfortable myself when I attached it with a natural aroma scent.
I am battle, I was not young, I never thought of romance anymore, but I loved someone I liked. I am a good friend of good friends for many years, I am afraid of breaking the relationship, but the feelings overflowed, I met this perfume at that time. There has not been any progress yet, but recently, I often quit fighting to meet regularly, and now I am able to spend a warm heart with them. I wish I could wear it even further in the future as I could make progress between two more people.


September 19, 2015


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It is refreshing and looks like it looks good in early summer. If anything, it is a unisex smell. When I put on this smell, I still cook in the house with him for some reason and spend in a peaceful and homely atmosphere that remains in the impression ☆ It is a good smell. It may be perfect for the current season ☆


June 11, 2019


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Honorable scent

I always use fragrance. Because it exerts an effect on the same sex, thanks to you, my relationship is very good .... Because it was a feeling like how it is not good for men, I tried scenting of this one for the first time this time!
Although the fragrance surely disappears certainly, since it smells faintly, it feels refreshing and refreshing as it is wearing. It was my favorite fragrance (* ^^ * \)
There are not many people who just changed jobs in spring and there are few people like to be particularly romantic in workplaces where there are few men, but for the first time in two weeks after starting to turn on, I was spoken to by younger men who had been unable to solve it so far There are more things to get involved (* ^^ * \)
However, since it is still under examination, we will report any changes from now on!
Privately, I wanted to use it from now on (* ^^ *)


July 01, 2018


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I feel like it works.

There was a person who became awkward due to a certain thing and became unable to approach each other, but there was a point of contact and it was troubled.

When a perfume came, and put it on the day when there is a point of contact with that person, I was surprised to talk to him as if nothing happened over there!


March 05, 2018


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Is this smell ...? (There is a posting!)

I like the citrus scent, in particular there are things like bergamot and sweet oranges like it is in dirt, so I tried picking this item ... Bergamot ?? \?
To be honest, I could hardly understand the fragrance of bergamot · · · Was my nose going wrong?
It was disappointing, almost the same as the impression "like soap" when I tried Gardenia.
I will prepare my physical condition and try again. Shikiku · · ·


I posted the above comment once, but the impression has changed a lot while I continue using it!
Bergamot's fresh and mature aroma can be enjoyed satisfactorily!

When first attached ... I thought that the beets were contained in the tube part of the spray, I felt the scent was quite different.
It may be due to physical condition but ...

Because I am not good at the tight scent, I like the scent is not long lasting because it is light.
(Although this can be said for pheromone perfumes in general)

Although it is most important, it is always frustrating before menstruation, especially as people at work are getting in and out so intensely now that they are relaxed as much as possible, trying with the thought that if you can get in touch with people without being irritated ... I tried, but I think that it has an effect.
I usually get rid of frustrated Chinese medicine, etc. I managed to survive, but this time I am not frustrated even if I do not drink Chinese traditional medicine, thanks to this perfume.
Rather, it seems that you can be tolerant of other people's failures, etc, and you are getting better than usual (lol) ... \?
I feel that my job is getting better.
It may be because it is my favorite fragrance, but I think that it can be said that there is an effect ♪


June 16, 2011


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I will continue to use my life in the future ☆

I want to give more confidence to myself. I wanted to enjoy the fragrance, I chose bergamot. Although it is a medical-related job, I am healed myself with a fragrance that does not become any disturbance at all. Since it began to work with this attached ... Patients who have only complaints now touches me with a smile! Three more! It seems to be something magic. It was good to put on!


September 16, 2015


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Sweet smell?

Pheromone perfume, honest I was pretty uneasy.
I do not know the smell because it is through mail order, and still (and it really works?
And ... ... Because I am so suspicious, I thought I wonder if I could expect too much, but I wanted to try it with your evaluation!

As a result of actually trying, this is awesome!
First of all it feels like the odor is not perfume and it can be attached to a tough workplace with confidence and there is also a pheromone effect of the essence (^ ^ \)
After attaching this, I got along with a man who was interested recently!

I will repeat absolutely when it runs out!


June 23, 2011


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Aroma of healing

I am working as an aromatherapist.
I receive therapy while receiving fragrance message. Bergamot's theme is harmonious. The bergamot this time does not insist on fragrance, I feel a gentle aroma. I would like to make a perfume colon by adding Bergamot essential oil after a while.


June 10, 2011


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