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Love Attraction Bergamot for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Bergamot for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Bergamot for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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It is a nice smell ...

It is citrus fresh scent. It is a refreshing feeling, but it is slightly bitter and feels like an adult.
But ... I can not see any effect for my manly boyfriend at the moment.> _ <I tried to remodel it carefully before the date, but there is no particular reaction. . .
I tried going to the work place, but this also no special thing happens. I thought that someone will respond somewhat because the workplace has many men. Actually, as usual, I greeted ordinaryly and just talked normally, did not you expect too much?

But aside from pheromone effect, it is my favorite scent, so I will continue to use it when I go out.


March 12, 2017


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Sorry ...

Since it was somehow effective at the sweet attraction, I decided to try it with fragrance as well.
I love the fragrance and its refreshing citrus fruits.
But, as we did not notice anything around, the evaluation is two ★.


June 30, 2011


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It was a little disappointing

One blow from the bergamot smell immediately after it arrives.
"The tea is the scent of Earl Gray, I thought that it would seem that I drank tea with this ..." I thought.
I have no opportunity to meet with the opposite sex, so even if I went to the neighborhood supermarket with perfume, I did not understand the effect at all.
Even if I had the same sex, nothing was said, I did not notice any change.
However, it is my favorite fragrance, so I think that the facial expressions were smiling with a smile.
But it is regrettable that the scent of bergamot flew soon and the nose got used to it, the scent did not continue.
I wanted the fragrance to continue a little more and I thought it would be fine if I could use it a bit more without getting used.


June 23, 2011


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There is a smell.

I was not good at smelling.
At the beginning I pushed a clear citrus smell similar to lemon, then smell of bitter citrus peel.
I was bad for this bitter smell.
Although I think that the first sour smell is a good smell it quickly flew away and the odor of people who is not good at it later remains, so I can not use it with patience ....

But it was popular with my son, I smelled nice scent and wrist, so it may be effective as a pheromone perfume.
I'm sorry I can not use it ('; ω; `) Wo ...


June 14, 2017


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I tried using it at my job change destination

Since I changed jobs, I tried using various expectations but I do not see any noticeable effect.
But since it is still used for a week, I would like to see the situation while reworking it a little more.


December 22, 2016


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