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Love Attraction Happiness for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)Love Attraction Happiness for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Happiness for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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A pheromone perfume with a comforting effect that helps you enhance your personal appeal to attract men

Love Attraction Happiness for WOMEN has a“comforting”effect on even the most mature men and helps you become more attractive to get a lot closer to your crush. This pheromone perfume is not just for any woman who has a crush on someone but also for those who want to become irresistible to your man.

The perfume is composed of our patented blend of human pheromone complemented with gardenia oil, whose subtle, pleasant soap-like fragrance appeals to men. The subtle, healing aroma helps you captivate your man’s heart and allure him.

The fragranced pheromone spray helps you make your crush want to know you more and get into a romantic relationship with him. If you want your crush to look at me all the time or make him want to be with you, this is the right perfume for you.

…Just in case whenever you need it,
Love attraction comes in a travel-friendly bottle making it perfect to keep handy.

Patented Pheromone Perfume

Patented Pheromone Perfume

Pheromone is a transmitter substance which is secreted to convey information such as danger and propagation, etc. from people to people, from an animal to an animal of the same species. It had been thought during many years that it did not exist in people with communication means, but it was discovered that there was also an organ for the human to detect it by Dr. David Berliner around 1987.
The patent was acquired in the U.S. in 1992 and the process patent was acquired in Japan in 2003. …more >>

What kind of fragrance should I use?

If you are a woman who wants to get attention from the guy you like: a pure, sweet fragrance that makes him want protect you
If you want the guy you like to turn to you or get to know him more, wear a pure, sweet fragrance that makes him instinctively want to protect you. Steal his heart with the combination of the human pheromones that stimulates his "sixth sense" and a feminine, naïve scent.

How to use

How to use

Shake the bottle well before use.
Please use it in the same way as normal perfume.
By spraying parts of the body that have a higher body temperature, the human pheromones contained in the perfume diffuse into the air when the moisture vaporizes. The effects usually last 2-3 hours. For the best result, we recommend you apply a small amount and reapply frequently.

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Water, BG, glycerin, citric acid, Na citrate, methyl paraben, fragrance(human pheromones , gardenia oil)
Please note that, depending on the type of product, the liquid of the product is colored. This is due to the natural color of the fragrance oil used for the product and not a defective product.
Net Contents
10ml (0.34 Fl. Oz)

Scent components

Gardenia is a flowering plant. The flowers have a sweet, elegant fragrance that provokes happy, positive feelings. It is said that in some cultures it was a tradition for men to send the flower to women when asking them for a dance party. The aroma of gardenia is perfect when you ask someone out for a date.
Human pheromone
Human pheromone
Pheromone is a transmitter substance which is secreted to convey information such as danger and propagation .etc. from people to people, from an animal to an animal of the same species. It had been thought during many years that it did not exist in people with communication means, but it was discovered that there was also an organ for the human to detect it by Dr. David Berliner around 1987.

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it's amazing

It arrived and I got a great job on the first day when I went to work.
My goal is only a bold boyfriend who is fancy and weak, so I'm trying various things towards that, but this time Happiness had a quick response around me.
As soon as I sat down, a synchronized boy (a young awful younger sitting) sat next to me speaking to him.
When I was talking with that girl, a senior boy came closer to that side again.
Three people tried to chat a bit because they were mixed in the story, but since it can not be impossible not to work, the hands were doing work but everyone did not move the place, something glittering While working for a while.
What is this? It is quite unnatural, but ...

When the conversation ceased, he came and began to sneak up the shelves behind me, so I thought it was a chance and I tried to say that I could open a bottle I bought from my boyfriend, a hard-to-open gesture I was doing. No, I did not actually open it, but my boyfriend was pointing out and looking behind me, so I could not see it, but I said that instead of saying, I do not know how old you are but Grandpa's Area) literally flew (sweat \)
As the synchronized men came at the moment when I tried to reach out, everyone hung for a second.
From where I was watching, I took a plastic bottle and opened it and left as it was.
Suddenly, including the boyfriend, of course, all the male employees were working around me.
Is it because of perfume or perfume ?? \?
It surely smells soapy but is it a scent to accept men? \?
I think the reason is, I think that it was a quite unnatural sight from the surroundings.
However, the feeling was "Maji?!"
It was a day full of tension rising.


August 09, 2015


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My favorite favorites

It is gentle soft smell. It is not hard and not persistent. Will it suit me, it makes me feel fluffy. If you attach a sexy type of Iranian Iran or taboo, the surrounding men will see glittering from a distance, if you are avoided by hoes, you can avoid it (laughs) Happiness is spoken regardless of age. Moreover, it is made gentle to women. I think that it is the most effective for private!


March 09, 2016


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It is amazing! !

I am amazed that the attitude of my favorite people changes rapidly.
Although I was making friends with each other, there was a time when my eyes also fell far apart, I definitely wanted to return again when I was friends, I tried using pheromone perfume.
The first perfume was cheap so geranium was tried.
With my favorite smell, I calm down and put on with a smile all the time. He also gave me a smile whether perfume worked.
Then I tried various perfumes, but I decided to use Happiness because he is older. It will be the third one this time. He likes this smell too Body touches increase, becoming increasingly aggressive, now it comes to be greasy when only two people are alone. He also touches and tells me to touch, but I'm surprised to hear that it is such a change.
I have occasional injuries, but I can only stay for 4 months in the same work place with him, so I would like to shorten the distance further while borrowing the power of perfume.


November 19, 2015


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My older man is older, he can depend so much, I feel relieved but there is also a long association, recently they are getting closer to each other's throbbing or sticky ... as a woman I feel a little lonely It was.
So try to use this pheromone perfume for Valentine's Day this year! The incense scented slightly, and it was not disturbing at all to eat, and the conversation was also felt.
And after a meal · · · effect ant !!!!
I was very happy.
Until now, I changed my clothes and hairstyle, I put on my make-up and put on makeup ... Even though I did a lot of hard work, there was no response.
Efforts so far are all on ..., (^ ^ ;;

yuki *

February 16, 2010


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I look forward to it.

As expected it was thought that I had no choice but to give up when I was 10 years old, but I decided to buy it immediately after discovering this.
I would like to try it as soon as it arrives!
Thank you for providing a nice product.


November 04, 2009


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A favorite fragrance ☆

It is a fragrance like a little stronger soap which is clearly like, I like it very much! When I turn on this, I feel myself very feminine. I think that I will continue to use it from now on.
The reason I tried this item was that I wanted to make progress with an older man I care about, but the other men have become somewhat kind. There is not much contact with the mind you care about, so I do not know the distinct effect .... But I feel happy because I feel better myself ♪


February 17, 2016


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He is ten or more, but when two of us are present, the date always makes noise like brothers.
I felt like I was the same as when I was with a friend, but I have been having fun as it is.
I asked him to find this perfume a little wanting consciousness.
There is not much reaction even though trying to put it in. I thought so, "I'm getting settled down than usual today" and I was cunning.
Besides, I was healed and it got warmed up.
If shape changes little by little, even if you can not become a sudden love love, I hope to build a firm relationship between them.

Peeling dead

June 16, 2016


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nice smell

When I used it for the first time, I smelled alcohol first, but after 30 minutes I got a good floral scent and it was comfortable.
I immediately went to the cinema to watch a movie by myself but I was told to a danny man older than 20 years old "Are you alone?" Although it was a very nice man, I refused because there was a job after this, but I just exchanged contacts. I was surprised with the power of Happiness.
I hope to expect Happiness while expecting the development with this man from now on.


August 08, 2015


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The surrounding men became easy!

I wanted to use it for my older boyfriend and I tried using it. Manneri ... or so, I wanted to lose such a feeling. My boyfriend is very busy with my work now, I can not take a day off (;;) However, even if I call, I want to date if I can take a break, but I have only one week off I could not say I would like to date, I could not meet you, I could not meet you, I got soooo nice if I saw it, ... I went on with this date I could finish date with him. Dating is different as usual and you buy it, evening has come. Now when you get rice, go to the hotel. Kiss me a lot from head to foot than usual, licking my body carefully ... ..., where are you going to hug the daily tiredness afterwards! Then When I went to eat dinner with him, I was relieved, oh, I wish I had a good date, I said it with a smile and choked and went by. Even after I came home, I received a phone call that does not come, it was a pleasure to hear from you today! There was also something I wanted to try out the effect before the date with him. I listened to the words repeatedly on the day, being spoken to by people who did not talk much, feeling their eyes, or helping out. The surrounding men were kind. Also, it was not limited to older men. It was a day you gentle to me and my younger men both older and the same age!


February 15, 2010


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First smell

I loved Secret and Peach, but I changed it to a change of pace. I wish for smooth human relations, I am continuing. I change the scent by the mood of the day.


March 22, 2016


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