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Love Attraction Happiness for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Happiness for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Happiness for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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It calms me down

Recently I was busy with my daily work, and I wasn't so much obsessed with something like "femininity", so I tried this perfume this time.
The soft scent continues softly, so I can feel calm and positive during work.
Although there was no effect of the big opposite sex that I heard in the story well (laughs), the reaction from people around me saying "It's better to be smiling like that" is realized, so I'm busy and have troubles For those who can not afford to feel a bit, it may be an amulet item.


May 31, 2019


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It is Ripi. Is it essential for prevention of fighting?

Since smell was not strong, I wore it not only at the time of going out but also at home every day.
However, if I did not use it for a month not to feel like putting on a perfume for the past month, I felt that there was a lot of fight with my husband.
The reason is always frustrated by her husband.

So, when I start putting on perfume again, I feel that my husband's mood is always good.
When I went to bed with my perfume before going to bed, I feel that the husband in a good mood when I wake up in the morning.
I was frustrated that it may be due to just being overlapped with the busy period of work but I feel that I am relaxed thanks to perfume for good mood.
I myself can smell so I can relax, so I really can not give up.


October 23, 2018


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Girls' power up (^ o ^)

Recently, I wanted to do something completely innovative, but I wanted some opportunity for me, meaningless and stubborn that I can not change words and behavior suddenly. Even if you wear cute, fashionable clothes, even if you make your hairstyle beautiful, I want to change myself who can not become obedient because I do not want cute little self that comes out of me by nature, this time for the first time tried It was. Recently I tried not to give perfume by myself trying this, sticking to the scent of body cream, massaging up every corner, and finally shooting happiness.
Thanks to that, I was able to relax, I could do it hotly and carefully.
Unlike perfume, I was able to revisit behavior, remarks, dressing, reconnaissance, on my own, while expecting an effect from my own unique smell.
As a magical item that can stare yourself, I think that my heart and body will continue to refine my girls power!


January 30, 2014


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nice smell!

I was simply attracted to the name pheromone perfume and purchased. Lol
Because I prefer older men, I chose Happiness that I have an older effect.
The scent was like a female, and it smelled like soap.
The person with the essential effect, to be honest I did not understand well.
Although it was attached mainly to the workplace, when it is attached, it is likely to be spoken frequently?
When I went to play with a few of the company's synchronized names, I always had a kind cold sync with me a little bit.
Since it is still long since I started attaching it yet, I would like to see a little more.


August 19, 2015


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Pull up and improve liking

Happiness, naming is good!
The fragrance is a gentle healing system of flowers like fluffy soap. Ugina, cleavage of the chest, hair, plenty of concentration in the upper body concentration. Three times a day. It is a very good scent!
Whether it is fragrance to receive everyone, men, as well as from women.
There is also a feeling of cleanliness, there is nothing out of her mood and it is enough for daily use!
To be a woman suited to scent, we attracted a fortunate constitution with a gentle smile!


January 12, 2017


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It is the first day on the second day

I used premium until now, I am interested in the fragrance of happiness, I thought that it would be nice to have a fragrance liked by the people I like, I applied for a trial. I was looking for a soft fragrance because it is a person who is not good at perfumes, but it is not too tight as I expected but it feels nice. As I put it on the company, the men were more gentle than usual. It helped me a lot. I do not yet know when I can meet him who I love, but I think he will be fine. When meeting with him, I think I should mix it with premium.


January 25, 2018


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You can brighten up.

It was the smell that I liked the best I have ever used. I say that it is lovely sweetness, but I do not mind that it is not strong enough so I am about to swing to the knees before going to work or at work. When I went to Shodoshima, I bought olive perfume and it smells like a strong smell but I guess it's memories. It is an impression that if you put on it, the surrounding men (mainly the age) become gentle and various wishes are asked. From a few days after it was attached, from being a person who has never been talked about until then, it is said to have become cute recently .... It may be because you become smoother, but I feel that you can get warm regardless of gender age. Because it is cute scent, there is no excitement like white musk or taboo. I have put on it, I feel that the store clerk at convenience stores and others is kind (laugh). I want to improve my relationships, I want to feel bright, I want to be confident, I want to become cute, sometimes I recommend!
Be cautious of those who are not good at sweetness.


February 18, 2018


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It was a series of delightful things

Because I wanted to get along well by all means I tried using it.
It is a very respectful person, but it was salted so anyhow, it was a dent that I could not accept even greetings properly.
I always had a perfume on the day when I could meet and there was the opportunity to have a picture taken at one time.
Usually the distance of the body is very far, but at that time, putting my hand on the shoulder, I had my picture taken at a close distance. It is a treasure.
When standing near you, you can see the depth of breathing well (lol \)
If you put perfume, the surrounding people, both women and men will get deep breathing.
A bit scary, when I got to a convenience store, everyone in the store gathered around me.
Cooperation (* '艸 `\)
Hope to see you more closer to you.


November 26, 2016


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There are other opposite sex ...

I'm using secret, geranium, papines and the mood of the day, but I feel that he is still listening to the secret he is going out with. It is disappointing for being a bit to say that "The previous scent is better" when it is attached with happiness. But when you go out with a happiness and you are out, the opposite seems to come closer. Is there any effect on other sex? I like the fragrance of happiness as well.

Akari no Akari

February 07, 2017


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My condition is more than one year older than myself, but rather a state in which I fell in love with him more.
I am inclined to be greasy to him, but I have not had much to stick to him.
When I found such a perfume and tried it, he got sticky enough to stick to what he had never had before.
I have not done anything else, so I think it is thanks to this perfume.
I will continue to blow one by one on the day I will meet him from now on.

Kyon Yoshi

February 13, 2010


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When I smell the skin without smelling the skin, the peculiar smell of pheromone perfume is stronger, I thought that I do not smell so much this time, but if I put it on the skin directly, I do not mind that smell It was. When I put on my neck and went out, the muffler shook and the air in my clothes took on my face? When my girlfriend scent was impressed by myself. Lol
It was very popular around ordinary perfume with slightly different type of perfume.
I like it myself.
I first put on a byte ahead for the first time but I heard lots of calls from customers than usual, this is a perfume effect.
I would like to patronize it until it ends.
Even after I finish I am thinking about buying if I think something is different from usual! I am concerned about the pheromone perfume is slightly higher, but because it has surprising effect ,,!

Female college student

January 30, 2014


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Soft scent

I used to favor a combination of premium and secret all the time, but since I felt that the effect became thin from the beginning, I am trying various other scents. This time we tried Happiness with a reputation that scent is good in word of mouth. It is certainly a reputation, soft scented fragrance like softener, it is a fragrance that everyone is likely to like. I was hoping that I wish Ikemen-kun in the same work place - but he did not change as usual ... (TT \)
However, I felt that the correspondence of people around men and women was kind. Always useless people talk to me with a smile ... (° _ ° \)
My subjectivity is that Happiness is not a thing that causes severe sexual urges like a secret, but it may have an effect that makes people around me feel gentle. I would like to recommend to those who want to make interpersonal relationship good regardless of gender (^ ^)


February 12, 2018


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It was effective as soon as it got turned on!

I was spoken to by a person in mind.
It is a person who rarely talks to people, so it is incredible just to speak to me.
I was very happy. It was an immediate incident with perfume, so I thought that the power of perfume is amazing.
I also had a good smell and I want to attach it in the future. (^ _ ^)


August 22, 2015


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The other party who is right next to you may have a sow. !

I did not know my own about the scent of Gardenia = Gardenia flower, so I tried it for the first time.
What a bald or weak feeling.
It is not fragrant, but it has a very ugly smell compared to “Jasmine”, “Hyacinth”, and “Glamourous”, which makes it feel better with perfume.
And, I felt that the persistence of the scent was the weakest = it disappeared immediately.
As it has a weak smell, it may not be effective unless it approaches.
The target who sits next to me usually doesn't talk to me from myself very much, but on that day he talked to him from the other side of the day, so it's going to be "something ..." I think?
In the situation where the seat is immediately next, it may be an ant to make the other party take action. Lol
However, I want you to smell the scent of Gardenia (gardenia) a little more, so ★ is minus one.


May 27, 2019


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The fragrance

This is the best. My head does not hurt, and it is discreet. It is feminine scent.
It is too conservative, I feel that the effect is modest, but why is ongoing. The effect side is premium, covering it.


October 13, 2017


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I would like to acquire the attractiveness of a good adult Onna if I can appeal him more to an older adult man


January 10, 2010


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♪ to a gentle fragrance and gentle feelings

I also like the scent like incense like the aroma of the angel I bought last time, but this fragrance of happiness is a lovely fragrance that makes me feel gentle tenderness ('▽ `)

The effect is better. . This male is close, close! Gentle!
I was told my boss, seniors and customers "I'm going to have a meal this time"

When I tried to leave early because I was not feeling well the other day, I got such a nutrition drink and juice as a replacement, and said "take care!"

Because it is a sister character at the age of this year, it will not be treated like a child, but somehow I am being kind to an older man!

Because I can become gentle feeling on my own, so I can be calm ♪ I guess it fits me like a man


February 02, 2014


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It is not good.

I was not sure if the scent was too fluffy, whether it was sweet or not. I do not understand the effect well.


September 13, 2011


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Fresh smell

It has a refreshing smell and I think it's good in summer.
There is no visible effect, but it may be good for people who don't like the strong smell.


August 03, 2019


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First purchase

Although my favorite person is older than 10 years old, there were various relationships with that person, there were various, but after all I was told that I want to make friends as a friend.
However, since then I've been feeling lonely because I was a bit jerky, irritable, I could not get along with him well.
Knowing this item on the net, looking at the word-of-mouth, I purchased it as if I could use it with a feeling like an amulet.
Of course I like him, so I chose a gardenia with a limited expectation with a limited age.
As soon as the day I put it on, I was invited to drink by my uncle who met for the first time in a while (a person who has spoken a number of times) and thinking "Is it perhaps the effect of perfume?"
But he is as important as usual ...

But the other day they gave me a birthday present.
A few days ago I was jokingly saying "I have not received a gift yet".
But I told you I should never give up on my birthday! And my birthday was summer (laugh).
I was very surprised, but I was happy and thanked you, but I did not see this much, and I was expecting that he was also embarrassed with a bland feeling ... (laugh).
For the time being, I hope that a good relationship can be established with him.
However, I did not think that it has such a clear effect, and I think that I want to continue to use it since I can make it feel good as I can.


November 08, 2011


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