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Love Attraction Happiness for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Happiness for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Happiness for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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It does not seem to work for me

It has a slightly cute smell, but it is weaker than karma.
The effect of the friendship system came out from love.
I became friends with my first contact this year!


May 31, 2019


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good smell

I did not believe in the pheromone perfume ... but there are a lot of heterosexual skin ship and body touch.
And this is also a very good fragrance, so I am attaching it when I go to bed.
Calm down.
But really, a man began seeking me.
And, until now, it is said that it has become female recently though it is said that it is totally feminine with snack mom and comedy character.
It is amazing.
I would like to continue trying various kinds and looking for the best one.

hot water

August 20, 2015


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Light scent ...

It is a very thin fragrance like it will fade away just as soon as it is attached, soon it disappears.
It was a bit unsatisfactory to me.
It is not good enough .... I wonder if there are more effects if you add more.
I want you to make it a little cheaper.


February 04, 2014


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The effect is ...

I used the same perfume all the time so I was immediately noticed around ('∀ `;

It is sweet, I feel that the smell has lasted for a long time with just one push. I feel that it was too sweet for me.
Was it good for customers who first saw the effect? ​​Well spoken to.
To my colleagues I was told that the previous perfume was better ... (. _ .;)

Because the smell assertion is strong, I thought that it was a little casual feeling.


August 14, 2015


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The scent of calmness

Always I am indebted.
Happiness, I was on my mind, is it acceptable for older people \?
I think that it is modest, elegant scent.
There was a more fragrant image, so I will keep it a little too much.
Since the scent of gardenia is the first time, I expect it in the future.


August 08, 2015


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It is not good.

I was not sure if the scent was too fluffy, whether it was sweet or not. I do not understand the effect well.


September 13, 2011


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How to do ...

Although I had too much expectation of the effect at first, from the conclusion it did not differ from usual life in particular (lol)

I thought that the fragrance is rather like a fragrance of a male object, but it is not a bad smell (^^ \)
I am sorry that sustainability is not so surprising · · · I felt that it smells for only a few minutes, but I also thought that if I think of pheromone, it does not have to last.
Whether there is compatibility with other people's reviews as much as the effect (^ ^;)


February 05, 2014


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As much as I thought

It was not a cute scent of flowers.
I thought it was a little white rose or the scent of gardenia but it is regrettable.


February 16, 2019


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It is not the smell of your choice

Happiness was named something good, but I expected it, but the fragrance is not my preference and I hardly use it.
It's a waste, but I do not feel like using it.


August 06, 2017


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What is it?

It is a fragrance that seems to have not sniffed much, for about seven days with the smell of happiness!
About four days later, there were things that seemed strange, as I was looking back over from my older male voice and looking at me a few times!
I want to spread the scent every day to make things a little more fun.


November 22, 2016


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I do not know his reaction, because my favorite person and workplace have left, but I am in contact with older people and people around me without trouble.


October 10, 2017


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Not good

It is the fourth type this time, but there was an impression that the first smell would fly immediately. I feel somewhat disappointed because I can not feel the effect yet ... Also, I think I expect it to be different. Since I still have it, I will continue to use it.


January 31, 2018


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Uh huh

Regarding happiness, I did not understand the effect much.
As usual, I got it with a feeling that it does not change with other secrets and taboos ~ It was feeling like that?


September 22, 2017


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