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Love Attraction Happiness for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Happiness for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Happiness for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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He is ten or more, but when two of us are present, the date always makes noise like brothers.
I felt like I was the same as when I was with a friend, but I have been having fun as it is.
I asked him to find this perfume a little wanting consciousness.
There is not much reaction even though trying to put it in. I thought so, "I'm getting settled down than usual today" and I was cunning.
Besides, I was healed and it got warmed up.
If shape changes little by little, even if you can not become a sudden love love, I hope to build a firm relationship between them.

Peeling dead

June 16, 2016


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Was the usage wrong? !

Until now, I used other companies (2 types), but one is no longer a selling agency, I can not purchase anymore, another one can not feel any effect at all.
By looking for it, somehow found this site, no fragrance, gardenia and citrus to sale!
Since the person who is interested is 8 years younger than I, I bought 4 pieces at a stroke together for Venus and sale items for my younger age.
First of all, try attaching everything to a different part and trying the scent.
For me who regularly uses Chanel and Dior's eau de toilette, it is as thin as "fragrance ???".
Besides, it is not so much aroma. . .
But I bought it carefully, and for the week I tried to commute with gardenia first, trying to verify the effect.
Because there is almost no scent, I pushed the whole body to 10 push, it decreased considerably in one week. Indeed, the effect can not be realized so much.
I thought that it was strange though I should have written "OK" with 1 to 2 push.
I can always see it quite often, and since there are many teasers from older people, there was nothing more than usual.
What I was interesting was that I was invited to lunch and dinner by my juniors girls!
In this week, I got consultation with 4 younger women (lol \)
(By the way, most people around the workplace are male workers.)

Although I do not feel bad about being relying on girls, I thought that I would not post a rating saying, Gardenia is useless, when I saw the site again, it says in the way of use, "After the duration has been on 2 to 3 As much as time.It is better to put a little amount frequently, rather than putting it all at once. "

I pushed 10 before morning attendance, then I did not turn on !!!

So, correct the usage and try again.
Until you can feel the effect that is right for your purpose, for now, leave it three ★.

Buff Beauty

June 17, 2011


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I am indebted to the pheromone perfume lab. I've used secrets, taboos, and premiums until now, but this time I tried using the happiness I've been worried about before. It was different from the smell that I thought when I reached and used Happiness. But I like the smell. Happiness is used when you want to raise your feelings. Although it is an effect, in the privately used now, it was effective in the order of taboo, premium, combination of taboo and premium, happiness, and secret. There are other perfumes I'm concerned about, so I would like to use other things while seeing the compatibility of the smell. But I can only say this. I think there are a lot of people who can put on perfume and be positive, so that will make fortune better with that feeling and good things will happen that day. So I think that it would be nice if a lot of people were able to spend happily every day by finding the perfume that suits them, being used for the perfume laboratory's various perfumes.


May 31, 2019


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Is not it quite easy? !

If you give perfume to Valentine's Day, casually admiring boss "When you pass this chocolate!", I was suddenly hugged by saying "Thank you!" (It was working and daytime Sorry! \)
Is this also an effect of perfume?
Thank you ~. (^ ^ \)
I am crazy trying to attach it from tomorrow.

full moon

February 15, 2010


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Is good!

My favorite person and workplace have gone apart, but thanks to perfume it has become a new workplace and human relations are also good!


August 23, 2016


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nice smell!

I was simply attracted to the name pheromone perfume and purchased. Lol
Because I prefer older men, I chose Happiness that I have an older effect.
The scent was like a female, and it smelled like soap.
The person with the essential effect, to be honest I did not understand well.
Although it was attached mainly to the workplace, when it is attached, it is likely to be spoken frequently?
When I went to play with a few of the company's synchronized names, I always had a kind cold sync with me a little bit.
Since it is still long since I started attaching it yet, I would like to see a little more.


August 19, 2015


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It is an intermediate course

Because I got interested, I thought that if there was any change, I tried using it. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to contact, so I did not know the effect. I still have it, so I'd like to try it this way.
The scent was a smell of elegant flowers, I liked it. It is a busy day, but I was happy to feel like I was able to regain a little woman. However, it may seem that it is hard if you put too much. Fragrance is difficult because preference is largely divided by people.


August 20, 2015


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With scent

I've only used the unscented type so far, I wanted to try and see things with scent, and tried using the cute image Happiness.
I can not talk with people who are worried about it yet, but I feel that other co-workers who I often talk with are closer than usual (laughs)

I think ~ thanks to Happiness!
The scent disappears early, but I use it together because there is no sense of incongruity with my own perfume (o ^ ^ o) ♪


May 31, 2019


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It is a nice scent

I feel that the smell sweeps quickly.
As I feel that the response around me is soft, I feel that there is effect once.


May 31, 2018


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It's neither good nor bad.

I love it in the series.
Personally, Happiness was too soft for me.
It may be good for those who are looking for the incense type.
I think that I use hyacinth and secret because I think that the smell is something that gives me up.

Ms. A

June 05, 2019


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Soft scent

I used to favor a combination of premium and secret all the time, but since I felt that the effect became thin from the beginning, I am trying various other scents. This time we tried Happiness with a reputation that scent is good in word of mouth. It is certainly a reputation, soft scented fragrance like softener, it is a fragrance that everyone is likely to like. I was hoping that I wish Ikemen-kun in the same work place - but he did not change as usual ... (TT \)
However, I felt that the correspondence of people around men and women was kind. Always useless people talk to me with a smile ... (° _ ° \)
My subjectivity is that Happiness is not a thing that causes severe sexual urges like a secret, but it may have an effect that makes people around me feel gentle. I would like to recommend to those who want to make interpersonal relationship good regardless of gender (^ ^)


February 12, 2018


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The fragrance

This is the best. My head does not hurt, and it is discreet. It is feminine scent.
It is too conservative, I feel that the effect is modest, but why is ongoing. The effect side is premium, covering it.


October 13, 2017


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The scent of gardenia?

I liked the scent of gardenia flowers and I bought this, but the impression was a bit different. Also, rather than a perfume rather than a fragrance feeling (I'm sorry), the perfume that is being served here will become like the fragrance while using other people as it is being written . (It is strange, is not it?) So try it with a sense of game.


November 17, 2013


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Happiness from bergamot → hyacinth → premium.
Musk system is the first use this time.
I feel almost no smell.
I thought the moment I put it was kind of gentle, but there was no lasting persistence of the scent.
All scents are the same, but there is still a peculiar smell that can not be said after the passage of time. I am not good at it.
About the effect ... I use every day at work, how about ... I do not feel that it has changed dramatically. However, I feel that I can not hold my own self confidence by putting on pheromone perfume, or I feel like I can not hold it even when talking with people.
There is no such thing that works for men ... I still think that it is best to use your favorite perfume on hand to premium.
I also care about the high-rated secret but ... I would like to become a momote as you say lol

Poke Poke

May 29, 2019


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I chose my first product because of my favorite Gardenia.
Umm ... It may not be the Gardenia you usually imagine.
I will try a different scent. Other people said, I want a trial size.


September 03, 2019


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Fragrance preference ...

The scent is the impression that it is the closest that it is like a cosmetic soap with a good smell.
It looks like a scent of flowers, but it feels a little sweet to me.
Although it is not a fragrance that turns on and makes it unpleasant, sorry that I feel that it is not my image when I smell it from time to time.


February 14, 2010


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I have not realized it yet

I used to try it many times that my face is treated as a younger child with a baby face. The smell was not too tight, it was a faint sweetness, and when it smells gently, it was okay as it was unique, so I thought it was okay.
Although the effect is not clearly realized yet, I would like to expect from now.


February 06, 2014


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Huh ~

I tried happiness this time Before that is romance I feel aroma is more grainful than romance I feel soapy Perfume NG It is easy to use because I do not have a strong scent in my workplace I wrote a previous post, Recent softener is also perfumed so there is no problem at all so far I have used secret, hyacinth, glamorous, peach, romance, happiness, jasmine at work but none have been told

I tried trying to attract him under the circumference, but there was not much reaction (> _ <) It was Jiji that there was a sorry reaction It is a dundee old worker who seems to be 50 units Premium Even when I entered the room I was watching cancer (lol \)
Happiness this time also saw me from a distance (laugh \)
Giji (^ - ^; The target is not a witty (bitter \)
Afterwards Ozinger of a different department which is not usually usual was kind today Today it is rare to call with chan and I was astonished a bit

I'd like to ask him that I recently thought about having his shoes in the shoebox remember the fragrance and I'm trying to shoot himself while care about the eyes (^. ^)

Is uke good for ♀ \?
There was a day when I felt caring

I do not know which smell is perfect for him but I would like to try again


November 23, 2016


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It's neither good nor bad

At the moment of attaching for the first time, it gently and softly smelled like the fragrance of soap combined with the fragrance like soap.
I felt that the persistence of fragrance was short. So I used a lot of injection times a little, so I quickly exhausted it.
Although we could not see romantic relationships and changes in human relationships as in the word-of-mouth, but because the fragrance is still good, that point was highly appreciated in me


November 25, 2016


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The feeling is effective

It is a scent like a flower-like soap, and it is a calm aroma that you feel safe when you put it on. However, as an effect, it is not a life like talking with a man other than a husband now, so unfortunately ☆ Three. I tried Iran Iran Taboo Jasmine Premium Secret so far but I feel better if it is my favorite fragrance. I would like to extend the range of action a little more and try out various scents.


January 31, 2018


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