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Love Attraction Gardenia for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Gardenia for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Gardenia for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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Apart from ...

The incense is not tight, it has a refreshing feeling and can be likable.
I was able to do kissing at the fourth date with a woman who was just my dating (late 40s), but it is unknown whether this worked out so much.
It seems that there is no doubt that it can be said that incense that everyone feels likes. I will continue using it for a while.

Mitsu 32

September 24, 2013


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I want to continue using it!

It's about two weeks since I started using it. So, it did not have any big effect. However, it is quite common for a story to talk quite well with a woman who is meeting for the first time you met with this item on. I was told that "Customers are a bit cute" from customers at the byte destination (lol) I hope to use it a little more in anticipation of future effects.


August 19, 2014


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I tried.

Incense of gardenia, it was popular also around.
It was not too strong, and the feeling that it remained faintly was exactly the same.
However, we usually use premium, so those who feel it is felt. It seems that there is an effect, so it will be a pleasant thing.


March 02, 2012


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Premium may be better.

Although I have not heard directly to everyone, I felt that my reaction to myself was not so good compared to when I was using a premium, but when I was not wearing anything at all I think that it is still quite different from the comparison. I have not used premium and gardenia yet, but I'd like to use this separately for my own use.


August 15, 2014


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It is an adult.

Truly adult fragrance.
But it's not horny ... There may be a bit impact on the workplace and so on.
I want to use it when I am here. And it seems good to be older, or a pretty younger aim.
It is the fragrance of the system that calms down on the whole.
It seems to be suitable for the directing of a man 's man.
Because the number of times is still small, the effect can not be said at all.
I'm looking forward to the future.
Sometimes I think that it is good for people who want to change their mood.

Robin mask

April 25, 2015


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Hopefully put it in future!

On Friday night, when I finished my work and got home I reached home. I do not like to smell the surroundings, so I usually love the scentlessness, what kind of fragrance will this smell like? I just got to bed anymore, but I just could not wait and just tried one push on my wrist. Then, it was a very fragrant scent, I thought that this would not feel like "wearing perfume", I liked it very much. Since I had not planned to leave on Saturdays until the moon on 3 consecutive holidays, I began using it seriously from Tuesday morning (before going to work). The usage period is still as short as a week, and there is not yet such a dramatic event as you are written in the word of mouth, but I am confident that I can have contact with others and I look forward to future developments .
Although it is fragrant, it is a very gentle fragrance, so suddenly the interest of other series has also begun to be sudden. If other such fragrant fragrance is such, I think that it will be fun even if you change the scent by the mood of the day. However, the financial burden is also very difficult to align a lot. For example, how about releasing a set (men's / women's) with all kinds of series products in small quantities little by little? Who is the same opinion user as me?


September 25, 2016


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How is it?

There is a woman who is interested and she is also interested in me.
The other day, I tried using this at the drinking party 's seat .... I said "There is something magical smell!" But I do not know the extent of the effect.
However, I was able to relax myself because the smell was not tight and refreshing (lol)


July 27, 2010


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Only one life

Life still has plenty of things to do. I want to enjoy life clearly in many ways.


November 18, 2010


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Love attractions · Gardenia

I tried asking because it was a scent of gardenia, but I felt a little sweetness tight, I did not match my taste.
The fragrance suitable for me is difficult!


December 05, 2016


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Natural scent

Personally I like the fragrance.
I do not feel like I brought it to women, but ...

Mitsu 32

April 13, 2016


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Purchase with half price

I tried purchasing things.
The effect is ,,,

I like the scent, so I have an effect on myself (lol
I think that it was good to purchase.


September 10, 2016


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Are you over forty-five years old?

Because scent is an adult feeling, it is for people who are a little older, is not it for young people who liked a favorite child even though they liked it?


October 02, 2013


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2nd day to start using

I bought it because I wanted to close relationship with her.
I am using it when I sleep together, but I can not see the effect in particular.
When I was using the scented love attraction of Iran Iran, I was sticking from her, so perhaps there is a scent that suites people.
Love attraction Gardenia is a refreshing scent, so it may be an easy-to-use fragrance in the workplace.
I think I will try it for a while.


August 10, 2014


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I think that there was an earthquake.

I sent it immediately, it was a feeling that I got a calm aroma and I felt better. Every day, when commuting, we also got on hospitality, but I was praised for the fragrance to some people even if dramatic effects were not taken. I will keep on attaching a bit more.


August 02, 2010


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I hope it will be effective

If he put on a pheromone perfume, what kind of feeling did it try?
It is not too strong but it is not bad with a gentle fragrance, but I like refreshing citrus fruits.
I have not got time to spend it slowly twice, yet slowly, so the pheromone effect can not be felt.
It is a sweaty season, and it is good to have a high sensitivity up.


July 30, 2010


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I smell good, but ...

When it is attached, it smells sweet and fluffy, but it is not so strong aroma, so how long it lasts is "?" Since I still have it, I would like to try it again in the period when I do not sweat.


July 25, 2017


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The scent that you want to breathe deep briefly as soon as it is attached.
It is a pity that the fragrance effect does not last.


March 16, 2013


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I tried putting on gardenia immediately after it arrived but it was not clearly understood whether there was an effect ... but I was more confident in my confidence than usual that there were more women's eyes than usual Although it thought that it is excessive self-consciousness, it made it three stars, but it is a perfect product for self-polishing.

Like this

December 22, 2015


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Somewhat ...?

The scent smells flowers rather than perfume.
It is good without being tough, but I am afraid that I do not feel the scent much by myself whether the amount to attach is small.
Because the direction of the effect usually used premium or feeling unsatisfactory. Although it is not a persistent fragrance, it seems to be able to use Janken even in the summer. Of course it is not without reason and I will not go to that ...


August 17, 2014


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I tried to monitor

I usually waited for the opportunity of the monitor as I was not able to get out easily because of the fragrance of the flowers!
I use it by pushing to both shoulders and neck from the arrival day. The scent is clean and pretty, or there is a very clean feeling. I thought of a sweet smell because it was a scent of flowers, but it is fresh and good scent. You can chill and relax yourself (relax \)
Although it is a feeling of use, regarding smell from the beginning of use, nothing is told from the surroundings. However, it may be because there is a relaxing effect to self confidence, but usually children who do not ask very enthusiastic questions positively pose questions, have you helped create a good atmosphere? There were several times I felt. It is not the fragrance which pushes out the so-called man, but it is suitable for air production in many women's workplaces because girl power? Is rising scent. Although there might be a problem of how to use it, I thought whether it is okay to smell a little more because it seems to forget even things that I use even without strong smell. There is not much sustainability of fragrance, so if you improve it there is a big feeling to become a favorite item!


April 17, 2018


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