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Love Attraction Gardenia for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Gardenia for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Gardenia for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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It's pretty good

The fragrance is somewhat sweet, but it is not persistent and elegant.
Personally I like it because it is my favorite fragrance.
It was a satisfying shopping because this feeling calms down so much, but there was an alumni association on a small scale in a Japanese pub with a New Year, and I realized a further effect here.
A woman sitting next to me is close to me! I am sticking and I came with my arms, and in a commemorative photo I had a wonderful time to be a woman on both sides.
There was such a thing, and when I took a caution, I noticed that there were women who did not respond at all to women who responded.
Reactive women vary from high school students to milf in their 40s.
Somehow, if you are friendly to the opposite sex, adult soccer with jobs and hobbies will be active as well. I have a virtuous cycle.
I wanted to try another type of perfume.


January 06, 2016


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The first love attraction.

This is the first purchase.
I thought that I wanted a gentle smell and it was the correct answer.
It will settle down even if you are sniffing yourself.
The effect can be declared whether it is thanks to a love attraction, but a colleague who did not call me at the time of using talked to me or talked with a strange woman in a pub.

kjo 9 m

March 30, 2016


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It leads to confidence

I used it in an office where there are several women. I felt that two women among them were trying to get involved with me more than usual. I am not convinced, but I also felt it as an effect of pheromone perfume. One thing I can say is that by using this perfume some margin will be born in myself and lead to confidence. I would like to continue using as much as possible.

Akita of a certain change

December 23, 2015


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To a person of intention

I wanted you to feel the sexuality of adults by all means 3 I tried it but I thought that it was not immediately possible to understand the reaction, but the reaction is different at any moment. Though it is difficult to judge whether it is thanks to this perfume, it is different from every occasion A child who does not show such a gesture at any time has become amenable And finally it smells good I do not drink alcohol on this day Although I feel a little strange but I think I will continue to think that this is effective

I did it, birdie

May 28, 2014


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Fragrance refreshing

I feel refreshing like being in the meadow, not the smell of my nose. Fairly natural feeling. The impression that it will lack sustainability of a little scent, too.
A store clerk at a convenience store that always goes to is "a good smell!", It is a good impression!


February 08, 2016


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Feeling strange

Although I use black and no fragrance, although I like the fragrance of black, it is medicine in the company, so it did not get much positive response.
Although I was not good at sweet smell of myself, I tried challenging because Gardenia was sweetness, it was a discreet smell.
As impression I got, it is a fragrance that I have experienced somewhere, but it is not a frequent encounter, it is not a feeling of getting on a fashion.
There is no sweetness, it is a fragrance that can be liked regardless of gender and woman, it feels strange.
Is it difficult to express, but should I say it as an elegant scent?
However, it is not a dramatic effect because it is subtle feeling that a father like me gets like it, and it is pretending to be afraid or rather reserved, but there is no person with a negative image in this scent I think not.


February 24, 2012


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Occupation Patterns There are many opportunities to contact women, but I feel that they are being called out more than ever before. Also, there are women who are popular among them, but I got an OK as soon as I invited them to dinner. I think that it will lead to my own confidence as well.

Taro Ito

December 20, 2015


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Is it a coincidence?

Every morning I use it when commuting. When I was commuting in a certain morning, when I was on a crowded train. A woman standing behind me at the angle behind me gave a forehead around my shoulder. At first I thought "I was crowded and pushed?", But it was not so crowded in Gyu-kyu, and there was space as well. Moreover, it did not stick for a moment, it was all the time until I got down. Since I was spraying perfume around my neck, did you smell that smell?
Is it a coincidence, or ...?
I will try to use it for a while and want to check its authenticity.


April 24, 2018


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It is almost popular

I am wearing it while I am at work, but I feel that greetings from women who pass each other have increased.


December 12, 2014


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At work

I often visit customers' house and I bought Gardenia for testing.
Whenever I ask, I try to ask after putting on.
Although it is wide from young women to elderly people, there is no hurricane that is hated at any rate by anyone.
I am sending a lot of fulfilling days with excitement with a private story.
You surely do it!


December 21, 2015


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Wonder (^ ^) d

Love attraction. I turned on the gardenia and got to know a girl I met after a long absence, pinching my chest and saying "Long time no see", I also touched the girl 's chest saying "Long time no see" If you do "My heart is not chest (^ ^ *)" It showed me a smile (* ^^ *) Is this an effect of perfume?


September 11, 2013


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I expected to have.

I expected to have.
There is a woman aiming at.
The effect is later !!


April 11, 2011


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I want to get it!

I thought that I would like to become friends with an attractive woman in my twenties who recently got acquainted. I would like to report if there is any effect.


April 22, 2011


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I asked for a product different from ordinary.

I ordered a premium all the time, but I thought that I would like to try scented ones as well.
This product is a scent that is refreshingly fragrant without scent, and I am not good at scent of perfume, but it can be likable.
I have noticed the difference with premium because it is about 1 week after I started using it, but I am satisfied with the fragrance, so I wanted to order next time as well.
Although we have been using premium this product for several years, I realize that the conversation with surrounding women became smooth. (It is a hard workplace, so it seems that it will not go any further ....) In terms of improving communication, I think that it is very grateful product.


September 30, 2016


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Approximately 1 month use result

Personally, among fragrant things I have purchased so far, it is my favorite incense in Dantotsu, but the reaction of the surrounding women is not good compared to taboo, secret ... ....

The secret appeared soon after the day we used it, there were lots of nice reactions, as colleagues' female teams helped in taking the initiative and invited lunch from a woman of intention.
However, when I changed to gardenia, it got lost almost surprisingly ... (sweat)

Was it incense that I did not like in my workplace? (Sweat \)
Or did not it match the personal atmosphere?

Like the secret, I did not have amazing results, but I personally like it is a very fragrant incense ☆ ☆ 4.


February 07, 2017


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All right?

There is a married woman who is now aiming. I can not speak quite well so I'm very much looking for an effect. I will also report the results.


November 24, 2009


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I want to realize the effect of pheromone!

I wanted to realize the effect of pheromone and chose this item from an introduction sentence.
One thing surprised using it!
Until now I have had lots of phone calls and lots of daughters who have never sat next to me even at the same place ... suddenly ... I was surprised.
There seems to be a dramatic effect, but it seems to be with the opponent. . There is no mistake for one article you want to continue using and confirm.

Kim brother

September 28, 2016


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It might be nice.

I tried using it when I go drinking, but it was generally popular among shop girls.
Personally the scent has too strong a feeling, so the evaluation made four stars, but I feel that it seems to be effective.
If you try using it on a continuous basis it may repeat if it seems good (¯ ∇ ¯)

Nuri ravie ♪

July 01, 2013


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It is the second purchase from last time.
I went to this circle recruitment activity.
It seems that there are several people, but women entered and the circle became full of lively. I'm glad.


April 11, 2014


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Finally found out!

I tried various pheromone perfumes.
I do not like any sort of phrase, but the effect is only those of ???.
It seems that this is a genuine patent taking!


December 11, 2009


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