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Love Attraction Hyacinth for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Hyacinth for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Hyacinth for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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After all the charm of yourself may be indispensable ...

Before purchasing it here, we purchased a premium on a mail-order site of another company, so we tried both premium + hyacinth combined use and hyacinth singular. · Premium + hyacinth. Put one push behind the neck and left and right ears and go shopping at the CD shop specialized for rocking. (About 90% of customers are male customers!) Conclusion ... There was nothing. Orz clerk as well as usual. I never had anything to do with us more kind than usual. There is no other voice from male customers and I do not feel a gaze .... After all, no matter how much pheromone was attached, it would be meaningless unless the person himself or herself had favorable impression and external appeal · · · (cry \)
· Hyacinth singular. Also one push at the back of the neck and left and right ears. Neither at work nor supermarkets I always go, there was nothing like this.
However, I wrote it in Jasmine's reviews, but it was around 8 o'clock in the morning with a perfume, and the smell of Hyacinth suddenly smelled fluffily around 1 o'clock in the day. Since it was better to rewind the perfume frequently every two hours, it is about time that the effect will go away soon, is not it just me?

The fragrance itself, like other people say, is just the smell of hyacinth flower itself, I liked it very much. It smells fresh and refreshing! Although the smell will fly soon, after a flight, a unique product odor that smells even at premium (a smell like sake like other users' sake) is left a little.

Other users have a dramatic effect for those who have a favorable (originally) (perfume user) favorable "" There is no effect for those who originally do not like (perfume users) I think that it is there. So, I was prepared to have no effect in my workplace, but it seems to me that there is no effect on an unspecified number of people who do not know me. I really care about the scent itself, I will use it until I run out and see the situation.
Postscript: After overlapping premium and hyacinth, I got caught in a molestation by train. orz


January 20, 2016


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Is it a smell ...?

It is important, is the scent feel like a toilet deodorant \?
I was a bad smell.


September 13, 2013


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I was hoping that ...

I tried using all of them. I tried to go out actively, but I did not have any change. I always hoped that my cold boss will change, but in the end I was unable to renew my contract for one year. I enjoy a nice scent on my own.


February 27, 2012


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The fragrance is good.

Previously I used Wienas, but the scent was not good, so I changed my hyacinth as I was feeling sick.
I think the fragrance is attached because it is the scent of flowers and there is no disgust.
I have not realized the effect yet, but my son gets strangely strangely when it is attached (laugh) No effects are seen for husband or other men at the moment.
It seems like an effect to a child (I can make lots of voices to children).


September 18, 2013


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The effect is ...

I feel better with a refreshing scent.
Even if I put it, my family and surrounding reaction did not change, I did not understand the effect of pheromone well.
But it was nice because it felt sunny with the mood.
Thank you very much.


February 25, 2015


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Well - (- "" -;)

It was a nice scent that matched my body and I felt good over time!
I liked it, but the most important thing is honesty, one more. There was no effect for a long-time husband for years. Even if a nice boss of a company came close to the side, it was unresponsive.
It is a workplace with a lot of men, but it has not changed around me either.
Oh, but since my cat got briskly bitten, was there any effect ?? (lol \)
That is why ★ is two.

Super clear sky

September 10, 2018


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Refreshing fragrance · ·

It is a refreshing scent of not too sweet.
There may not be much persistence of scent. .
I thought that there would be an effect that makes it easy to be spoken to from the surroundings, but unfortunately it was not visible (> - <)


September 24, 2013


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Purchase for marriage

As the surroundings get married, there are no marriage schedule or boyfriend. Actively commit to hunting Actively meeting party reservation.
Since it is a good opportunity, I decided to try using a love attraction.
The effect is. . . Well I did not understand.
I like the citrus system so we are not good at using hyacinth's sweet smell.
I think whether it is good for people who like sweet scents.

Summer oranges

September 26, 2013


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