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Love Attraction Karma for MEN (Alcohol Free)Love Attraction Karma for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Karma for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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A predestined pheromone cologne that intoxicates him with the seductive scent of the queen of aroma

With the fruity, citrus fragrance with a bitter sweet under tone, Love Attraction Karma for MEN can be your secret weapon to win over your crush. This pheromone cologne is an aphrodisiac that makes you extra attractive and makes those who smell it feel you are the one.

The cologne is composed of our patented blend of human pheromones complemented with sophisticated neroli oil, the essential oil that creates a warm, embracing, but sexually alluring vibe to win her heart. The accord of sweetness and bitterness in the fragrance makes your crush crazy for you.

The cologne makes you so attractive to her that she would feel you the one. If you really want to defeat your love rivals to win over your crush, this pheromone cologne is right for you.

…Just in case whenever you need it,
Love attraction comes in a travel-friendly bottle making it perfect to keep handy.

Patented Pheromone Perfume

Patented Pheromone Perfume

Pheromone is a transmitter substance which is secreted to convey information such as danger and propagation, etc. from people to people, from an animal to an animal of the same species. It had been thought during many years that it did not exist in people with communication means, but it was discovered that there was also an organ for the human to detect it by Dr. David Berliner around 1987.
The patent was acquired in the U.S. in 1992 and the process patent was acquired in Japan in 2003. …more >>

What kind of fragrance should I use?

If you are a man who wants to ask a woman out: a sexy fragrance that helps you grab her attention
If you have a crush on someone and wants to grab her attention, wear a sexy fragrance that enhances her feelings toward you. The fragrance makes you unforgettable with a synergy of the human pheromones that stimulate her "sixth sense" and a sexy aroma that brings out your sexy side from your inner self.

How to use

How to use

Shake the bottle well before use.
Please use it in the same way as normal perfume.
By spraying parts of the body that have a higher body temperature, the human pheromones contained in the perfume diffuse into the air when the moisture vaporizes. The effects usually last 2-3 hours. For the best result, we recommend you apply a small amount and reapply frequently.

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Water, BG, glycerin, citric acid, Na citrate, methyl paraben, fragrance(human pheromones , neroli oil)
Please note that, depending on the type of product, the liquid of the product is colored. This is due to the natural color of the fragrance oil used for the product and not a defective product.
Net Contents
10ml (0.34 Fl. Oz)

Scent components

The essential oil of neroli is obtained by distilling the white flowers of the bitter orange tree. Like rose oil and jasmine oil, neroli oil is used in many luxury floral perfumes for its elegant scent. In Europe, the flower has been used in a bride's wedding bouquet as a symbol of chastity. The elegant floral scent helps relax nervous brides and bring happy feelings.
Human pheromone
Human pheromone
Pheromone is a transmitter substance which is secreted to convey information such as danger and propagation .etc. from people to people, from an animal to an animal of the same species. It had been thought during many years that it did not exist in people with communication means, but it was discovered that there was also an organ for the human to detect it by Dr. David Berliner around 1987.

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The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction Karma for MEN (Alcohol Free), which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

There was an effect

There was a woman who is a new staff member who is interested in the sports gym which I attended from about a year ago and I knew that woman liked me as well and heard from members of good members, Because my age is considerably younger than mine and a child who is pretty familiar from young male members, I lose my confidence that I am something wrong ... I can not speak to a degree like saying a greeting It was.
It is such a day. I found this perfume and used it. The scent is like a plant type scent and I feel Iran Iran more gently stopped.
At first I thought that it was a fair degree to give confidence to myself, but first of all I feel excited about sniffing this scent if it is effective. And one more thing. One day, about one week passed since I started using it, the biggest luck for me came.
When I tried training as usual and tried going home, a woman staff woman handed me a secret letter together with my membership card. Although I made it as a KTONTO with surprise, when I returned home and looked inside I saw the text of the content close to the confession and the e-mail address. I was surprised really because I had never experienced a love letter.
For the time being, I made an e-mail and promised meals that night, went for a meal and went for a drink as it was, but I was able to finish my first date with a good atmosphere until the end.
Now I got to talk to a gym and I always have a phone call or e-mail exchange like every day.
As a result, I felt quite jealous by the young men who were aiming for her, but I was very pleased by the members who have been supporting me for a long time. Now I feel more motivated to train than I did before and every day is full of happiness. Thank you very much.


August 15, 2015


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feel well.

I tried purchasing repeat sandalwood and no fragrance twice, but the reaction of a acquaintance woman was not good. After that I did not purchase for a while but when I used Karma this time, there was a change in the response of a favorable woman. Anyway the smile continues. And I felt relaxed and enthusiastic as usual.
It is this change once attached once again, so I'm looking forward to the reaction when I meet next time. The scent of karma is fresh compared to sandalwood. I think whether it is good for the coming season.


May 29, 2016


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It looks like magic!

I have opportunities to work with a professional pattern woman many times, and because it is a close distance, it is in an environment where you must constantly care about body odor, bad breath, grooming and so on.
Originally I was not good at talking with heterosexuality, and I was also nervous ... ... I came across a love attraction karma where I thought something was not good, and tried it immediately.
From the conclusion ... It sounds like magic.
First, the scent is very good. It is not a tight scent but a faint, oriental scent. I can relax myself very much.
And I was surprised at the fact that the reaction of women to me was quite different from what I have ever had. Some of you said "Please take a picture together", come close to your body from the other side and come with your arms .... This will be exciting.
By the way, recently, I got a chance to have a girl friend send me by car, but then I got an email soon and I was invited to "Drive with me this time?"
It is not a fictional story, lol.
This perfume, it is not Tada Mono! I am sure so.


November 02, 2012


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There was an effect

Like sandalwood, this karma is a discreet aroma that fits any TPO. My wife likes it, too.
Several changes since I turned on this karma ... * When I took the child to the doctor I was gazed at the waiting room from the lady in the late 40's (gaze \)
* From the elder who was waiting at the supermarket cash register (half age 50)?, The order was handed over with a smile.
* The clerk at the work place (late thirties) began to come to us more than before.
Although there are some changes, I felt that this karma would attract women in their 40s and 50s, but the effect is more certain.


November 11, 2012


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I liked it for her!

I was doing a dancer, and she is 17 years younger than her, she also danced and she decided to dance together with a partner. So I thought that I would like to strengthen ties more with this love attraction · karma, so I tried using it. Recently she recently bought her "I bought this perfume recently, but I'm trying to listen to the direct opinion, but if you put it on your wrist and get her a fragrance of karma it would be fine This fragrance! "Because it says, I am putting it on my date with confidence. Something has recently gotten less fighting and she became very gentle and there is a feeling that mutual feelings are communicating with each other. As my own impression, I think that it is surprisingly vegetable and gentle fragrance. It is not a smell that seems to attract the opposite sex as if it is trying to attract the opposite sex, but it is a relaxing fragrance that a woman can not afford a sense of incompatibility, so it should be widely used as a perfume as a regular perfume, not limited to pairwise. I wonder if it is neutral. I think that people who feel tough are exactly better if they thin with love attraction without fragrance type.
Also, when I use perfumes in pairwise isomerism, I believe the smell is not felt or not I feel that it is more effective to perfumes (it is an illusion that body odor is better), so I believe the perfume with love attraction without fragrance It uses it as a faint red. Because it is a pheromone perfume, I think that there are cases where it is too much to put on too much and it is overwhelmed by a woman, so this way is quite advisable.

Nozomu Fuchigunmon

October 30, 2012


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Caring for a unique smell ...

I think whether the scent like roses is characteristic.
People around me twice, so I think that the fragrance that stands out for nature is very good.
It is a fun perfume because you can feel the line of sight considerably high attention.
I want to keep on attaching for a while.

Cancer cancer

June 06, 2016


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It is amazing

There was a favorite woman in the cafe that I am going through. Even though I was talking to you so much as I went there, despite the fact that my young guests of little handsome began to go for her purpose, she said that It became a ringing melody to the customer of myself, and I thought that I wanted to recover somehow by starting to respond quickly to my uncle like me.
One day, I used to keep this perfume while I was there One day, immediately after the opening of the cafe, there was a day with only me, the manager, the shop. As soon as she comes to me, she quits the cafe soon, but I want to get in touch from here even if I quit. I am sorry that I was not honest though I was always worried. I said they recently smelled good! There was definitely an effect, it is amazing after all.

Be on time

August 19, 2015


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90% success

Recently, I was giving up, I wonder if I will get old this way without relation to women ??? Knowing the existence of this perfume, I thought that it was deceived as the last chance, I tried it.
I tried to put it on when I go drinking to a lot of women, but I saw a glitter from a woman's clerk at a pub and was able to call out. This was thanks to this perfume?
The next day, when I went to another bar with a perfume again, I heard a voice from a group of women next door and brought it home with a tongs club. Two days later, when I went to a pub that I went to the other day, I was invited to drink at the woman's house after closing after receiving a voice from a clerk at that woman, and it was taken home.
I have been going to etch on the same day as a woman I met so far.
Thanks to this perfume? I am a bit scared, but I think I will go drinking again this weekend. This is real, is not it?


February 03, 2015


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Effective. But before the aim of her ...

There was a girl who wants to approach, I went karma at once and went out. Today we have a company drinking party. Three women, only men were men. Of course, one of the women is a favorite. I pushed Karma again in the toilet after about two hours. After a while back to the seat, I hit some foot. As I thought, a woman who is not the favorite of the opposite seat saw this and he stopped at the table under the table. It is complicated because it is aimed at. I do not feel bad. Well, although she is a favorite girl, she got her arms folded with a smile saying "Please drink this time with two people this time." Is it the effect of Karma? It was a person who had never done such a thing until now. I have to set up next time soon. There is no taste of scent and it is calm with restlessness, it is recommended.


August 18, 2015


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I tried using it as a nurse.

The other day, I happened to have an emergency hospitalization and I brought a love attraction · karma, so I tried it as a nurse.
Immediately after hospitalization, I could not afford such a room so I did not use it for 3 days.
Three days I have not used, nurse was not able to see any change at all, but my condition has also settled on the fourth day and so I started using it in the morning!
Day 1: No change Day 2: No change Day 3: I was able to speak a little chat from a nurse. (Maybe by the way \?)
But this nurse is terrible beauty and cute.
Honest preference (lol \)
Day 4: There was no nurse who chatted on the previous day, but another nurse was kindly nursed.
I was really kind.
But it may be a matter of course because it is a patient ... I felt familiar with the nurse until the 4 th day but it is unknown whether it is really an effect of love attraction · karma. Day 5: Since I was a nurse who chatted on the third day, I tried speaking from here.
I like karaoke so I was excited about that topic.
When I tried inviting karaoke to try it, I got OK, but since it might be the case, I tried to write the ID of LINE on paper and hand it over.
If I do not receive a reply I think I will give up.
Day 6: No change Day 7: When a nurse who wrote the ID of LINE on paper went to measure body temperature and blood pressure, but when I tried to register ID, the corresponding name That things did not come out!
Perhaps I thought that once I checked the ID again I mistook a single letter.
I seem to have tried to register at that time.
8th to 10th: We exchanged messages with LINE in various ways.
Maybe there is a pulse?
Day 11: I tried inviting a dating after my discharge to the nurse, a beautiful woman exchanging LINE.
Then I got OK by an immediate answer.
I am very happy.
But I still do not know if it's really a love attraction / karma effect.
But then I got a shocking comment from LINE from the nurse.
"I thought from the front, perfume is not good in the hospital room! But I really like that smell. I want to sniff some time. Please also use that perfume when you are on a date after you leave the hospital. "
I feel that this is effective.


September 01, 2015


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