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Love Attraction Karma for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Karma for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Karma for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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Effect beyond imagination?

I am an ordinary middle-aged man who does not rise in style with his wife's child. Heterosexuality that bother me is emerging. I saw it using this product with a single mind that if I got the person burned my impression with "fragrance".
There was not any change in particular at the beginning of use. From the 3rd day onwards, when I saw the interval of usage time short (once every 2 hours), I saw it from her that was a conversation about degree of greeting, although it is a trivial content, I can talk to it It was.
There may be my thoughts, but I felt it was obviously different between the tone of her talking to other men and the tone of talking with me. When you talk with me, you feel "Amae" or "Shyness."
I feel that I was glad that I used this product.
I hope to continue using it and report on the changes afterwards.


February 05, 2015


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It smells very good

After adding this smell, I was confident.
Many people have had a good impression that they are “refreshing” and “refreshing” even though their weight has not changed.


August 21, 2019


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It may have been effective ...

I tried it because it is a workplace where there are many women around.
In conclusion ... I think that a woman who never touched me tenderly gently contacted me.


August 19, 2015


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I feel awkward.

Her intention to have to learn a new job. Even though I tried to take a break, I did not feel like I was doing it, but after a while I had a pleasant reply. I tried karma of healing he came all the way to my place even when I was not talking. Then I came to come out every day to spit out bitches of work. Although it is a listener hearing the story, I feel it looks better. However, other girls came to consult and became busy ^ ^

Black rabbit

December 27, 2017


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I think it was effective!

I've always thought that the fragrance-free type would be good, but I heard from a woman I knew about that women might be attracted to fragrance, and this time I tried using Love Attraction Karma.
The target is a business woman who has always been interested. I tried using it immediately when I visited her company.
The first time I felt that I was able to get a good impression, saying, “Oh, perfume is used, it is a fragrance that doesn't look like a rose”.
I visited several times after that, but it did not go to body touch, but it seems that I can see the touch that seems to touch, it is OK if I invite you to drink at the other day's visit, I attached a promise to go inside for a drink.
There is no mistake that the scent of karma attracted her, but the effect on pheromones is not known at present, but what was able to make a decision was the boost of the feeling that "I put on a pheromone perfume" It is also true that there was.
Of course, when I go drinking with her, I will use this perfume and try to push it even harder.


August 28, 2019


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It is good.

I am experimenting various scents mainly with gardenia, but it is quite nice as my favorite.
Wonder whether to choose the fragrance of female uke or your favorite scent \?
That is the question.


December 29, 2014


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There is an effect

Even though I was using another one, I was talking and speaking more than before. . . I put the karma this time, I felt like getting inside the other step, even when I talked closer than before, I came to come near from that child without any mental attitude. I am looking forward to more and more in the future.


November 20, 2018


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this is···

Love attraction purchase began with premier vanilla sandalwood · · · I tried it

Everything has been used by myself, wife, workplace woman and some action and it has been used for everything

And Karma · · ·

First of all, although this is a favorite scent that works for myself, it is a feeling I am addicted to a key point

Push before work Push on lunch break Push in the evening!

Calm down my feelings and reduce irritation of my work

It is a good fragrance from a woman's client (^ ^)

I was told! (^ ^)

It is said by a cute daughter Tension MAX!

I want to repeat this!

I would like to see the situation again.


November 20, 2018


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It was pretty good

The effect was outstanding. It was good that the citrus smell itself was not too strong.


August 11, 2019


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I had a good feeling.

You can also relax yourself with modest and subtle fragrance.
I belong to a group where people of various age groups with hobbies gather, I was able to speak from a woman more than usual.
Even a child like an old age girl usually came feeling as "father," but it felt as if I was rubbing as a man as a romantic subject.
Although it is adult but it is this age difference if it is a difference of age, it becomes a crime tick so do it self-weight, if it repeats like this it may be hard to keep reasoning (lol)


November 19, 2018


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It is a bad smell. I feel a karma.

Justa Way

November 30, 2016


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Karma is good, though

The impression around me is that taboo is better than karma during winter. When summer comes, Karma may be better ...

Unclean boy has sex appeal

February 07, 2014


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About this product.

I just want to relocate. Originally she got a little tender since she started attaching this perfume with divine request. Although I have not changed anything, I was told that you changed from her ex-girlfriend, I feel a little effect.


August 09, 2015


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Because it is hard to notice ...

I used it.
I feel the scent looks like sandalwood ... but the scent is the strength that the nose feels when time comes.
While attached, this perfume in general can be said, but the mind and the chemical approach can feel some sort of effect.
It leads to at least confidence.
It is recommended for those who do not like strong scent.


November 09, 2012


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It was good to choose!

Non fragrance → secret → karma and third purchase. I chose KALMA in the word of mouth, but it seems to me that it is the most fragrant with a sense of cleanliness.
Every love attraction seems to be the same, but it is good that you first calm down and have confidence in your actions. For the first time using Karma, she seems to be quite close to work colleagues and good customers, of course. Because it is told that it is a nice smell, it also makes me speak.
Honestly I can not take it any longer. She seems to be complicated .... Well if you want to grease it is only a small amount. I am happy that you can make a lot of capacity selection.


January 28, 2014


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Fresh scent

I tried another item here before, but at that time, I could not feel any effect on anything. However, after several years, I thought that it may be sometimes improved, and I decided to try it once again. From the name of "Karma", there was a bit of anxiety about what fragrance scent reached, but the scent actually reached was a refreshing scent of citrus type. I do not mind alcohol smell, normal perfume and scent are the same. However, for some time after wearing, I feel like burning from the inside, I feel that there is some kind of pheromone effect. As I work on massage, there are many opportunities to touch the head and head of the customer, but on the day when I applied this with my wrist, it should be the same treatment as usual, but the customer's Whether the degree of relaxation is deep, it often happens to be asleep and also repeats. I realized that pheromone has healing and relaxing effects. I do not have a habit, so I think that it is a good item that you can recommend to anyone. Although it may be attached with vanilla musk, scents do not collide.


January 27, 2014


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I tried it with expectation for the surrounding reaction.

I have never attached perfume, but I thought that it would be nice to have a good effect on the partner.
I feel that store clerks are friendly on the first day.
Day 2
I do not get used to the smell. The smell comes up as you attach it to the ankle. But it took a mild feeling after 23 hours.
third day
Become sick. I wonder if it matches \?
the forth day
It is close to the smell of fragrance.
Fifth day
On the day I can not turn on, everyone feels feels awkward. Feelings are also falling. Sixth day When attached to the ear, it gets sick with the smell.
Seventh day
If you come close to the other person and talk, the other sneezes.
Eighth day Because I can not put perfume everyday, I'm gradually making it, is it better to put a lot of \?
Ninth day
Conversation is the same as usual.
The tenth day
Maybe because it is attached, the feeling rises. Somewhat aggressive contact is also given to the first-time person.
Day 11
It will be easy to talk to. The surroundings are bright.
Day 12
Whether the feeling became big or smooth exchange of mail. The smell does not reach. Is it a matter of feelings \?
Day 13
The change in the surroundings does not change, but the feeling rises within myself.
Day 13
I felt that the response of the nurse when I went to an animal hospital was kind.
Day 14
I think the smile has increased, because of the surroundings.
Because I got accustomed to the overall aroma, I feel like I feel like I feel like I can not care about body odor.
Changes in the surroundings will not change dramatically.
It may be effective if it gets a little more, but if it gets too much my condition gets worse.
I thought about trying it out with a long eye.
Well, I think that there is an effect that the perfume plus aggressiveness rises, and I will try another scent.
If the effect to the opponent appears, I will try it like a lucky one.


February 06, 2015


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Good feeling ♪

Although I was using another product, I wanted to try a different perfume, and I tried using this love attraction · karma.
I am looking forward to the reaction because there are only women except me for my company.
At first there was a very scary woman, but I was surprised that the person got kind of kind. And I always see myself glaring. Even if I took care, I answered honestly and other women were also surprised.
The young child began to respond with a very good smile. I hope the smile is nice! I think that this is also a nice and nice smile.
There has been a good woman for a long time, but the woman approached me as if she was talking to himself or sticking sideways. And yesterday I knew that I smelled a lot with my nose "Su - ku" next door. Yup. I guess it is a good feeling!
It may be my misunderstanding, but I feel that the women's gifts in the company have improved very much. I felt it was good for the company to make all of our employees brighten with this fragrance.
This karma. I myself like the fragrance I like very much. I like natural richness and somehow natural feeling.
Let's do this for a long time!


November 23, 2018


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Is it effective?

It is a nice smell. My daughter's smile gave me a smile after I turned on this. I came to see this when I noticed it. Effective


December 22, 2017


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It will be 40 · · · ·

I am divorcing, seeking new encounters and putting my face on various places, but I also have not made progress.
PP LABO 's products have been used for negotiation, entertainment etc. mainly for work relationships so as to be able to put out my strength plus α, but this time I was asked to apply for a romance even in romance It was.
The result I used ... I think it is reasonable. As it is said to the opposite sex friend, as soon as "I changed something?"

I think that it is recommended.


August 11, 2015


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