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Love Attraction Karma for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Karma for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Karma for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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Timing is very bad from receipt of monitor to use this time,

I have reached consecutive holidays that I do not use (purchase is secret to the house). Because it is zero heterosexual exchange, I want to taste real feeling that it is somehow interchangeable with AC. I finally gushed it for the first time when the timing to use it was used only once. Timing is, I was going to cut my hair to a beauty salon who was going home, I thought that the staff there is absolutely necessary for women because it is not young. It took some time to use and the contents were full. Just before entering I joined the wrist and neck for about 4 times at a time. I have been waiting for about an hour, but there was a scent that I could understand even though it was somewhat. Fragrance is a fruity type scent that women seem to like. It is already purchased and the previous one is a feeling which disappears as soon as time passes. I raided my wrist and so on at the time of washing my hair on purpose and brought it closer to the other 's face (the neck failed because it washes). It depends on people but no change. Although it is somewhat even if the fragrance passes over time, it turns out that it is understood by oneself. I will go on when I go. I am deeply impressed if I am invited! The timing is bad and it is this place now. I expect a little perfume in the future. I will apply again until I feel satisfied and realized.


August 15, 2015


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For now, no effect is seen

I use it everyday, but the point that the response of women has changed visibly is not so far at the moment.
There is nothing unusual as usual, as usual.
I am trying to care about whether there is a reaction even at work, train, but I can not see any particular change.
I wonder if it will take time until effects come out ...


August 16, 2015


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Thank you for winning the previous monitor.

The timing of receipt and use was quite bad and there was almost no deadline of impressions, so I wrote it once, but when I use it on the monitor afterwards, the response is saying that because of work I am on a ride with little train for work There are times when it is a little crowded occasionally. I do not attach at all in the workplace, it is divided into two in a short time when riding. Although I always attach it and ride it immediately, there was a woman who saw this thriller twice this time only once. There were times when I thought that it might be effective. I felt that I could expect a little bit and bought it from Lipi from the monitor. I am also giving the return morning, but again the peak lag time and the opposite of the day and night are true opposite, so people are not expecting the mabara expectation on the route. I am still interested in other things now, so I think I should try it.


August 30, 2015


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Adult acne came out when attached to the neck and near the face.
Is it weak if you can not put it on your neck? It will not be effective.


February 04, 2015


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You may choose appearance and location ,,,

This scent is only based on plants, unlike citrus fruits, it is a product that makes me realize that perfume is wearing.
The fragrance is clearly crisp and may have different preferences. I also seem to choose clothes. It may be for dressing rather than casual. It is personal impression that the age should be over 30's is desirable.


August 18, 2016


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This time, since there are women who want to restore absolutely in the workplace together, I tried using it unexpectedly.
At first it was a half-trust, but somehow, but I felt like I was getting better with people. But, I do not know whether she works for her or she is ineffective or not at all. Is it better to use it as it is, or is it better to try other products? I am still wondering but I would like to continue using it. The degree of effect is subtle.


February 06, 2015


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The scent did not suit me

It is the taboo that you regularly use regularly, and compared with it it was not your own taste.
However, as an effect of pheromone formulation, there is an effect that even a person who does not usually talk much with the surrounding heterosexuals (mainly the workplace) can be called out for some reason.
Since there are various types of scents, it is good to try various things that matched yourself!
I am going to develop new products in the future.


December 28, 2017


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