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Love Attraction Karma for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Karma for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Karma for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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There was an effect

There was a woman who is a new staff member who is interested in the sports gym which I attended from about a year ago and I knew that woman liked me as well and heard from members of good members, Because my age is considerably younger than mine and a child who is pretty familiar from young male members, I lose my confidence that I am something wrong ... I can not speak to a degree like saying a greeting It was.
It is such a day. I found this perfume and used it. The scent is like a plant type scent and I feel Iran Iran more gently stopped.
At first I thought that it was a fair degree to give confidence to myself, but first of all I feel excited about sniffing this scent if it is effective. And one more thing. One day, about one week passed since I started using it, the biggest luck for me came.
When I tried training as usual and tried going home, a woman staff woman handed me a secret letter together with my membership card. Although I made it as a KTONTO with surprise, when I returned home and looked inside I saw the text of the content close to the confession and the e-mail address. I was surprised really because I had never experienced a love letter.
For the time being, I made an e-mail and promised meals that night, went for a meal and went for a drink as it was, but I was able to finish my first date with a good atmosphere until the end.
Now I got to talk to a gym and I always have a phone call or e-mail exchange like every day.
As a result, I felt quite jealous by the young men who were aiming for her, but I was very pleased by the members who have been supporting me for a long time. Now I feel more motivated to train than I did before and every day is full of happiness. Thank you very much.


August 15, 2015


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feel well.

I tried purchasing repeat sandalwood and no fragrance twice, but the reaction of a acquaintance woman was not good. After that I did not purchase for a while but when I used Karma this time, there was a change in the response of a favorable woman. Anyway the smile continues. And I felt relaxed and enthusiastic as usual.
It is this change once attached once again, so I'm looking forward to the reaction when I meet next time. The scent of karma is fresh compared to sandalwood. I think whether it is good for the coming season.


May 29, 2016


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It looks like magic!

I have opportunities to work with a professional pattern woman many times, and because it is a close distance, it is in an environment where you must constantly care about body odor, bad breath, grooming and so on.
Originally I was not good at talking with heterosexuality, and I was also nervous ... ... I came across a love attraction karma where I thought something was not good, and tried it immediately.
From the conclusion ... It sounds like magic.
First, the scent is very good. It is not a tight scent but a faint, oriental scent. I can relax myself very much.
And I was surprised at the fact that the reaction of women to me was quite different from what I have ever had. Some of you said "Please take a picture together", come close to your body from the other side and come with your arms .... This will be exciting.
By the way, recently, I got a chance to have a girl friend send me by car, but then I got an email soon and I was invited to "Drive with me this time?"
It is not a fictional story, lol.
This perfume, it is not Tada Mono! I am sure so.


November 02, 2012


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There was an effect

Like sandalwood, this karma is a discreet aroma that fits any TPO. My wife likes it, too.
Several changes since I turned on this karma ... * When I took the child to the doctor I was gazed at the waiting room from the lady in the late 40's (gaze \)
* From the elder who was waiting at the supermarket cash register (half age 50)?, The order was handed over with a smile.
* The clerk at the work place (late thirties) began to come to us more than before.
Although there are some changes, I felt that this karma would attract women in their 40s and 50s, but the effect is more certain.


November 11, 2012


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I liked it for her!

I was doing a dancer, and she is 17 years younger than her, she also danced and she decided to dance together with a partner. So I thought that I would like to strengthen ties more with this love attraction · karma, so I tried using it. Recently she recently bought her "I bought this perfume recently, but I'm trying to listen to the direct opinion, but if you put it on your wrist and get her a fragrance of karma it would be fine This fragrance! "Because it says, I am putting it on my date with confidence. Something has recently gotten less fighting and she became very gentle and there is a feeling that mutual feelings are communicating with each other. As my own impression, I think that it is surprisingly vegetable and gentle fragrance. It is not a smell that seems to attract the opposite sex as if it is trying to attract the opposite sex, but it is a relaxing fragrance that a woman can not afford a sense of incompatibility, so it should be widely used as a perfume as a regular perfume, not limited to pairwise. I wonder if it is neutral. I think that people who feel tough are exactly better if they thin with love attraction without fragrance type.
Also, when I use perfumes in pairwise isomerism, I believe the smell is not felt or not I feel that it is more effective to perfumes (it is an illusion that body odor is better), so I believe the perfume with love attraction without fragrance It uses it as a faint red. Because it is a pheromone perfume, I think that there are cases where it is too much to put on too much and it is overwhelmed by a woman, so this way is quite advisable.

Nozomu Fuchigunmon

October 30, 2012


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Caring for a unique smell ...

I think whether the scent like roses is characteristic.
People around me twice, so I think that the fragrance that stands out for nature is very good.
It is a fun perfume because you can feel the line of sight considerably high attention.
I want to keep on attaching for a while.

Cancer cancer

June 06, 2016


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It is amazing

There was a favorite woman in the cafe that I am going through. Even though I was talking to you so much as I went there, despite the fact that my young guests of little handsome began to go for her purpose, she said that It became a ringing melody to the customer of myself, and I thought that I wanted to recover somehow by starting to respond quickly to my uncle like me.
One day, I used to keep this perfume while I was there One day, immediately after the opening of the cafe, there was a day with only me, the manager, the shop. As soon as she comes to me, she quits the cafe soon, but I want to get in touch from here even if I quit. I am sorry that I was not honest though I was always worried. I said they recently smelled good! There was definitely an effect, it is amazing after all.

Be on time

August 19, 2015


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90% success

Recently, I was giving up, I wonder if I will get old this way without relation to women ??? Knowing the existence of this perfume, I thought that it was deceived as the last chance, I tried it.
I tried to put it on when I go drinking to a lot of women, but I saw a glitter from a woman's clerk at a pub and was able to call out. This was thanks to this perfume?
The next day, when I went to another bar with a perfume again, I heard a voice from a group of women next door and brought it home with a tongs club. Two days later, when I went to a pub that I went to the other day, I was invited to drink at the woman's house after closing after receiving a voice from a clerk at that woman, and it was taken home.
I have been going to etch on the same day as a woman I met so far.
Thanks to this perfume? I am a bit scared, but I think I will go drinking again this weekend. This is real, is not it?


February 03, 2015


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Effective. But before the aim of her ...

There was a girl who wants to approach, I went karma at once and went out. Today we have a company drinking party. Three women, only men were men. Of course, one of the women is a favorite. I pushed Karma again in the toilet after about two hours. After a while back to the seat, I hit some foot. As I thought, a woman who is not the favorite of the opposite seat saw this and he stopped at the table under the table. It is complicated because it is aimed at. I do not feel bad. Well, although she is a favorite girl, she got her arms folded with a smile saying "Please drink this time with two people this time." Is it the effect of Karma? It was a person who had never done such a thing until now. I have to set up next time soon. There is no taste of scent and it is calm with restlessness, it is recommended.


August 18, 2015


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Evaluation has changed

I normally use premium, but I thought about using it when I wanted to change my mood at work, I tried using it when I got to the client's help on the day the item arrived.
Then, there was an e-mail from the client and I had a meeting with the staff at the work place after the end, but my reputation was very high reputation and "I want you to come again". Though I thought about 3 people, there were three staff members who were present but everyone was a woman, I was just working conversation normally, but I think that the story was fairly bouncing if I thought about it.
The content of the work was fairly normal so I changed my evaluation to thanks to Karma.
Karma is amazing, but there is a little scary the world (bitter smile)


January 24, 2015


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Even if I am close to retirement age

I did not expect much much for me, because I often stay at work at work.
After receiving the sample, after a while attaching a little to the neck, the change appeared after about 3 days. I noticed that there were a lot of things that girls' employees could call out. One of them invited me to dinner. It is a surprise.

Ohm shell

February 04, 2015


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It is also good with scent

As usual, I used a scentless type. I did not want to know that I was wearing perfume, so I chose the scentless type, but alcoholic smell like sake when evaporating was on my mind rather worrisome. I seemed to just lose, so I chose this time this time. It is a fragrance I was interested in, but rather than scent (alcohol smell when evaporating) I feel more comfortable. It was a scent I was interested in but I thought that I should have recommended it from the beginning rather than with a calm adult scent. I will purchase this from the next. I started using pheromone perfume because there is a woman in the work place. I often talk with each other and go to a group meal often, but it can not be a relationship beyond that. Such a girl asked "Are you going to perfume ○ ○?" I always touched her with fragrance-less type, but when I answered "I think that's going to make a little image change," I said, "It's a nice smell, I am not good at perfumes, but do you know that ○ ○ s something nose? It is nice here. " Up to now I felt that there was no scent to notice, but the smell that smells directly is also important. Although it became a very good atmosphere, in Shima city, I was floating in her word and I was pulling out the timing to invite meals. I occasionally have time to be alone in the work place so I will try inviting meals next time.


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Did you mean ... this is ... effect?

This time, I tried a love attraction · karma (for men) and I have not experienced it, so I will review it.
Introduction In my opinion, perfumes are not usually used much, but by motivating me to become my opportunity to attract encounters by placing my personal relationships, I expect that effect, with people I have used it for about 10 days at opportunities to meet and drinking party etc.
Even if this love attraction is on, the scent itself is not rugged, it is natural feeling, even if it is attached, it was good because it was completely absent.
Therefore, the actual feeling of the effect at the present time is that there is not much feeling that it attracts the opposite sex, yet there were many scenes that people of the same sex feel strangely kind. Although I had the opportunity to meet some people for the first time, I seemed to have a positive impression aggressively from the other side and I was able to relate naturally. Although there were some people to meet with you for the first time in a long time, I felt like a kindness that was kind for some reason,
Perhaps, I thought that this would be effective not only for women but also for men. I think that it is because the opportunity to meet from men was few that there was not the situation that it was not in a situation where it was still effective in a short period of time that there was no effect on women yet.
I can not judge yet because I am conscious of the feeling that I am wearing perfume, I feel like that or I can still accept it as an effect, but there is a feeling that it is different from usual. I guess that it is necessary to have a situation that you are in a certain distance to reach the fragrance. From now on I will continue to use it according to the necessary scene.
It is wonderful if you think that it will lead to relationships and encounters with scents ^ ^

Gold (rice)

June 01, 2013


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Effect beyond imagination?

I am an ordinary middle-aged man who does not rise in style with his wife's child. Heterosexuality that bother me is emerging. I saw it using this product with a single mind that if I got the person burned my impression with "fragrance".
There was not any change in particular at the beginning of use. From the 3rd day onwards, when I saw the interval of usage time short (once every 2 hours), I saw it from her that was a conversation about degree of greeting, although it is a trivial content, I can talk to it It was.
There may be my thoughts, but I felt it was obviously different between the tone of her talking to other men and the tone of talking with me. When you talk with me, you feel "Amae" or "Shyness."
I feel that I was glad that I used this product.
I hope to continue using it and report on the changes afterwards.


February 05, 2015


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It may have been effective ...

I tried it because it is a workplace where there are many women around.
In conclusion ... I think that a woman who never touched me tenderly gently contacted me.


August 19, 2015


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It smells very good

After adding this smell, I was confident.
Many people have had a good impression that they are “refreshing” and “refreshing” even though their weight has not changed.


August 21, 2019


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I feel awkward.

Her intention to have to learn a new job. Even though I tried to take a break, I did not feel like I was doing it, but after a while I had a pleasant reply. I tried karma of healing he came all the way to my place even when I was not talking. Then I came to come out every day to spit out bitches of work. Although it is a listener hearing the story, I feel it looks better. However, other girls came to consult and became busy ^ ^

Black rabbit

December 27, 2017


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Good feeling ♪

Although I was using another product, I wanted to try a different perfume, and I tried using this love attraction · karma.
I am looking forward to the reaction because there are only women except me for my company.
At first there was a very scary woman, but I was surprised that the person got kind of kind. And I always see myself glaring. Even if I took care, I answered honestly and other women were also surprised.
The young child began to respond with a very good smile. I hope the smile is nice! I think that this is also a nice and nice smile.
There has been a good woman for a long time, but the woman approached me as if she was talking to himself or sticking sideways. And yesterday I knew that I smelled a lot with my nose "Su - ku" next door. Yup. I guess it is a good feeling!
It may be my misunderstanding, but I feel that the women's gifts in the company have improved very much. I felt it was good for the company to make all of our employees brighten with this fragrance.
This karma. I myself like the fragrance I like very much. I like natural richness and somehow natural feeling.
Let's do this for a long time!


November 23, 2018


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It will be 40 · · · ·

I am divorcing, seeking new encounters and putting my face on various places, but I also have not made progress.
PP LABO 's products have been used for negotiation, entertainment etc. mainly for work relationships so as to be able to put out my strength plus α, but this time I was asked to apply for a romance even in romance It was.
The result I used ... I think it is reasonable. As it is said to the opposite sex friend, as soon as "I changed something?"

I think that it is recommended.


August 11, 2015


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About this product.

I just want to relocate. Originally she got a little tender since she started attaching this perfume with divine request. Although I have not changed anything, I was told that you changed from her ex-girlfriend, I feel a little effect.


August 09, 2015


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