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Love Attraction Karma for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Karma for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Karma for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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It is a tremendous effect.

As I saw at the place where I used pheromone perfume as a word of mouth, as I saw in the word of the word, the reaction around me changed very well regardless of gender, and from a person I have met many times in the drinking party from now on, I will go to a meal next time I was invited and exchanged for Mead. After three days I went to drive and my relationship started from that day.
His job was busy, I could only meet about a couple of times a month, but I used to use Love attraction · karma to keep him captive this time, it is said that I would like to see you more ... Week I was able to meet once or twice.
There were times when the busy day was only 1 to 2 hours, but still I felt delighted with the feeling of coming to see me.
Moreover, it was a person who did not express love quite easily with words, but since it began to attach karma, it became possible to put a lot of pleasing words as it became embarrassing.
I am really happy now.
This perfume is a magical perfume. I can not give it away.
If you want to feel his love firmly, please try it.


December 22, 2015


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I chose this perfume because I wanted to take a step from the existence of my friend who was far away even if he was close to wanting to regain the relationship with him, he was unable to forget me before.
There is not much special aroma, it is sweetly fragrant at the moment you put it on, it is easy to fly, it is a sweet smell that you might be able to attach even those who do not like perfume.
There was no alcoholic smell like I felt in taboo.
I've been going out with him for a while this time, I wish I had a date as if I could be in a good relationship as before.
He is living with him right now, but still wanting to tell her own thoughts, wanting to be in good relationship ... Although he may be mistaken, it was a dated date with honorable preparation .
As soon as I met him, he made me very tender, and when I was talking alone, I felt the sense of distance between them was good, they stroked my head or kissed from a light body touch ( # ^ _ ^ # \)
And then I made an appointment to meet next ... It was like a dream.
Although I had just met even if I had just met, such aggressive he was the first time and I felt the effect of honesty coarse!
It will depend on me and he depending on what he is going to be from now, but it is the fact that it has become a fact that there was a change in him, since it became an opportunity to steadily take the first step, so it is effective!


October 29, 2012


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Great effect ^ ^

I decided to try Karma "grasp the mind's heart" because I want to avoid going into a fatigued period from a conglomeration with him who came to say that promise of the future for two years.
I did not like the fragrance very much, but I will report it because I had a very easy-to-understand effect.
As usual he realizes that "this time is already" and "I will work tomorrow" I will bye bye to say.
But since it began to attach karma, he answered "I do not want to go home" or "I do not want to leave yet, I want to be together forever" with respect to "I will return soon" I can not do it.
Thanks to the return home every day at 2 o'clock and 3 o'clock in the morning. . .
As I was tired of getting tired, it was about once discontinued (lol \)
I will continue to use it by all means while paying attention to the pace.


January 02, 2016


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The atmosphere is different from usual ... ♪

I used this scent for the first time. My usual date was only connecting hands, but this day when I put perfume, he hugged me with his hands on my shoulder and waist. Anyway, I was happy that the feeling that he wanted to stay close to me was coming from him. I was able to make a different atmosphere than usual and it got a good stimulation.


December 29, 2015


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I attracted you ......

I went for a drink with two men who were interested from a long time ago.
It was the second time that we met at a drinking party several times from before but we met together.

Last time I talked normally, I finished drinking, but this time with sweet attraction · karma on ... ... I kiss on the way back.
As it was close to the last train, it was a farewell soon, but I was touched by the opponent saying "Will you meet again?"
I was not confident whether I had charm, but I was able to say "I am very attractive" and I gained confidence.
I think that it is better to use it when you are alone with the person you care about when you are on a miss!
It really seems to draw !!
I made an appointment to see you again, so I will put it on of course.
I think that there is also the effect of becoming a little aggressive because it seems that it implicitly puts on myself by wearing this perfume.


November 01, 2012


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I seriously challenged

Because I was a halfway association, I wanted to settle properly, I thought about borrowing power.
Thanks to this scent, I was told that I can relax if I was with me, I decided to make a relationship properly.
I was able to tell myself how my mind was pushed back by scent.
I really appreciate it.
Thank you very much.


November 08, 2012


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I was excited

Originally I was wearing it for my husband with a passing mind, but my husband did not have any effect.
Therefore, I thought that it was not very effective for other people · · · I tried putting on a lunch of my colleague 's single birthday celebration.
Then, when it was only two people "It smells very nice" was said.
Also, after returning from the lunch, "I do not want to go back to the company, I want to go somewhere far away like this," I was excited a while after a long absence. Despite knowing that I am married ....
Maybe I used the wrong place ,,,

rr 910

January 26, 2016


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It's amazing ...

Pheromone perfume changes Secret taboo Romance Musk Karma every day Change course of course I use premium for bases Personal impressions seem to have things like perfume and people to be attached In my case Secret thought that the reaction of 1st male was gentle When I used Karma I wanted to turn towards me swarming rather than being gentle This person was also ambushed by a person who was an ambush and the reaction specialized to men was awful It was Karma The first thing I was surprised was that my husband got touched by myself just when I put on karma and became my servant ... lol

I just ordered two additional karma before writing this mail, but it's still two days to put on ???

Future external reactions and changes I am looking forward to how this pheromone perfume will be involved in my own mental changes

Incidentally, my husband is always very gentle darling, but it turned into a servant you did not compare to ... haha ​​??

Mr. Kururi

March 12, 2017


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Unexpected effect.

I want to get close to him who is very busy, in-house romance. Although I'm sitting in a slightly separated seat, I bother to come close and greet (moreover, the distance is close!), Especially as I get close to not having any business, I've come to frequent LINE It was.
However, an unexpected effect.
Not only he but also the surrounding juniors and girls began to be very kind.
Thanks to that, I became more and more enjoyable when I come to work every day.
Karma power, I think that is amazing!


December 24, 2015


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Wonderful night…

I tried to appeal to a man who was interested to celebrate his birthday.
Then, it was easy to be fine! Moreover, I was able to have a nice birthday, reserved a fine restaurant and a bar with a night view.
Karma taught us the joy that is cherished and the pleasure to receive honesty and goodwill! Even now, I am happy to treat it like a princess.


January 07, 2016


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It's amazing.
Surprised !!

When I put karma on a study meeting, what a hag on parade.
More than 10 times.

I want you to make it a favorite person this time.
Thanks to the pheromone perfume,

When I was invited by tea from a person I adored and talked about my dreams, I was able to drink lunch & wine and dinner together.
I was able to walk around the city as well as it. There is also a chance to call your name, it is already ringing.
Thanks to those I admire, I am excited nicely, so I'd like to deepen my friendship by closing my love while becoming even closer.
I am looking forward to seeing my partner soon.
Pheromone perfume works really well.
I think that it will be a report that I am happy this time.
Thank you very much.


December 21, 2015


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That's surprising

The scent is a little sweet, it feels like a mixture of citrus and floral.
The fragrance flew soon, so it seemed like it was almost not attached.
I have a man who is associated with me.
However, he is not the type to say favorably and speak.
I have a feeling of being loved by gestures and actions, but I wanted you to express it in words as well.
So I decided to use this perfume when I see him.
At first it was unchanged as usual, but his behavior changed as the number of days passed.
He talked about the reason I thought about going out and started talking about my favorite places.
In addition, the story of marriage comes out and it is surprising everyday.
I would like to use it as amulet when I am here.


November 08, 2012


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There was an effect duck. . .

I'm sorry I have not arrived late.
We will be staying!

From the conclusion I think that it is an effect ant!

When I tried several kinds of perfumes at the beginning, when I was not using anything, I did not talk to the people I liked almost but I only talk about business activities of my work, but it was a nonchalance feeling.
Well, originally he is not aware of what he is thinking with bad feeling and I do not see how he is talking with people so much and it is a type that is hard to grasp.

I am able to do my job and I am a highly educated person, but I feel like I should deal with it ...,

However, compared with the beginning when we met for several months using various pheromone perfumes, we got along well with each other.
I got to be able to talk about private, so I started talking about anything and received consultation.
However, I noticed that I was getting along with each other this time and somehow treated like a male friend.
I tried using karma to become conscious of being a partner of destiny there.
The second day can not change anything in particular.
But from the 3rd day, when you have heavy luggage at work, you are instantly helping me and opening the door little by little, but female treatment has been changing ???
I also have been waiting for me when my work is over.
I want to progress in a better direction with this momentum.
It is regrettable that the scent of karma does not necessarily like me.
Although other people had been reviewed as a good scent, I would not mind being scented with a stinky color by all means.
Because there was an effect, I put four stars!

Herb tea

December 26, 2015


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Does not seem to be effective?

I tried going out several times, but I had no effect like girl power up!
However, there was an incident that the child was familiar with, or the teacher of the instructor of the gym who does not usually talk usually speaks outside the studio.
People who really want it works live far away, so I have not used them yet, I wish I could be conscious as girls.


December 12, 2012


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Nellorious fragrance

At the moment of attachment, the fragrance of the wood type drifts strongly, but it will settle down to something settled in a few minutes.
Neroli felt that the fragrance with sensual core is hidden somewhere in a soft and gentle atmosphere, and it is a type that gives the impression of adults regardless of gender.

I purchased it at the end of last year. I ordered a pheromone perfume for the first time with a men and two men who had been concerned for a long time, with a feeling of scorching on straw.
The result ... was surprisingly texten.
He always said that "I feel somewhat excited ..." that does not break the attitude that I can afford, and on the evening that day, I got an e-mail saying "I saw you as a woman for the first time, I hope to see you again".
After that, I repeated the date several times (I went karma every time, of course), and finally I decided to go out and bed in this month ....

I think that there is also the effect that perfume brought to him, but most importantly, I think that sensual scent has raised my own feelings.
In order to make future associations fun, next time I'm lost a lot of fun and what kind of perfume to buy!


February 25, 2013


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after a long time.

The scent is mature and tasteless. I think it was a rare scent for me, who always uses sweet perfume. There is a boyfriend who has been dating for three years, but recently he seems to be tired because of his age ... but there seems to be a feeling he wants to do, and no matter how many times he has challenged, it has continued. I was always saying that I shouldn't overdo it, but I was just saying I lost confidence as a man. With this perfume and as usual, I was going to take a nap on a holiday, and when they were lying down, he suddenly turned to his back and said, `` Let's! '' In the meantime she was taken off her clothes and asked her boyfriend for the first time in a long time. I was surprised to see each other because I couldn't do my best. I wasn't told about the fragrance, but I think it might be thanks to this perfume!


September 18, 2019


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Should I say it is effective ^ ^;

I bought him to feel fate (lol \)
Although the fragrance is peculiar, it is a fragrance reminiscent of the sengoka flowers that once bloomed in the garden. I am not a disgusting scent.
It is about the effect, but it feels a bit too good (lol \)
It is nice that he got better than usual with this, but I happened to see a scene that we are communicating with a boy from a good colleague by e-mail.
Even though it was e-mailed secretly, he said that he could not hide because he was chasing me, he honestly mailed me with.
Well, be jealous of being jealous. I came to ask the girl next to me to do my job and I spoke to laugh at talking to a girl near me.
Because I got angry, I ignored and I worked with a different boy.
The face clearly jealousy already rolled out. I could laugh a little though. Since I came home I got a follow-up email saying "Where will you go for playing this time?"
Since I ended up having a weekend between, I got karma to the chest around the beginning of the week and when I go to work I switched my mind (lol \)
I asked my work for something, and I have never seen a woman doing it, but I will beat out a beep.
On the way home on the way home, "Where are you going to go?"
I feel that the scent also adds to my feelings.
Anyway I felt I was looking straight.
There is a feeling of being overly effective, but it is a place where I'm leaving if I am in such a state. My face gets chubby by itself.
Thank you very much.


July 12, 2015


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The scent experience has increased

I felt it was stunningly strange odor to think that I had a fragrance that I did not match so much.
I say that everyone is a good fragrance in the word-of-mouth, I think that I will be constitutionally NG.
By the way, I smelled a smell attached to my hair to a close man, "I guess this is not good." Even though I usually do not smell so much by myself, although I usually get the impression that "smells good!", Neroli will rebel against my body as a matter of fact. . And, it became one scent study.


October 20, 2013


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To older people

Because scent is unique, it may get bad, but I get used to it. The effect is more effective for people older. Anyway wherever you go you will be kind.


February 19, 2016


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Now repeating

Although I use several kinds, I have repeated this karma for marriage this time after getting him. As I was impressed by other people, I was worried about the fragrance of the cypress scented a bit and it was okay, but as I am familiar with myself it is quite nice scent. He seems to be calm.
I will continue to use it


April 26, 2016


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