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Love Attraction Peach for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Peach for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Peach for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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Peach pheromone perfume

I was interested to see it as a perfume with a pheromone peach scent.
I used it for 2 days.
I thought sweet smell, rather than feeling that it was refreshing.
I like the sweet smell ... how the effect is ... I put on when I meet him, I feel that I was better than usual.
I will look a little more as it is.


July 15, 2019


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I will rejuvenate (lol

Peach and premium are often overlapped, but this combination seems to make you cute like a cheerful feeling, close to yourself when you are a little tipsy and when you are a sweet one. Anyway the tension goes up, so it's fun to talk, just laugh. Just as chopsticks roll, they seem to have returned to a funny age and enjoy themselves ♪ Sometimes it becomes more difficult for me than I (although I am doing a hospitality business, I am surprised to hear that it is young after I started attaching I also realized that I have been feeling a bit more confident about being able to say a lot about being cute !! or beautiful or something a lot Also it has been realizing that I really continue to use it as it is working really well. When it does not get good for a while or when you sigh, you get calm down when you try it ... ♪ I feel a little fragrant artificially, but please try it by all means because it is big effect! ♪


March 02, 2013


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Fragrant smell like Onna.

I want you to turn back to him, intentional, challenge followed by premium → taboo → secret → romance → happiness → geranium. There is no sweet smell, not too sweet, slightly. Fuwa - It is a kind smell like Onna. Anyway it felt like a smell close to a secret.
Unfortunately, he did not see any effect and he did not make progress at all, but I feel like being friendly to the smells smart and also just a little onna ♪ If there is progress until we get used up, To do.

De S manager

October 22, 2015


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Fresh fragrance of peach ♪

I usually love another scent, I originally liked the fragrance of peach so I wanted to try it by all means I used it.
When I shuffled a person, it was a faint smell than usual but it was awesome to be such a thing, but the fragrance of a fresh peach after a while ... There is not a sweet feeling which is common in body butter, etc. Every time it moves with a fresh & refreshing fragrance I smell casually, I was satisfied very much!

As I tried putting it on the year-end party with many women, people who usually do not have contacts usually feel free to talk to them and realized the effect on interpersonal relations in general.
It might also be plus that I was relaxing myself with my favorite fragrance ♪ It is really recommended for those who like peach flavors!


December 29, 2012


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Smell of toilet · · ·

Peach, I was expecting, it is exactly the fragrance of the fragrance of the toilet.
Well, since my toilet has been using peach forever, there may be things like ....

And this peach is sweet.
Sweet and artificial fragrance of peach is painful to repeat around the face.
The effect was as good as the others, but I will not repeat it anymore. .
* Additional note * While I was trying almost all scents, I did not dislike this peach so much.
I wonder if it is good when you do not want to give a heavy smell. So, ★ Increase from one to three ★.

Buff Beauty

December 12, 2011


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It is slightly sweet and pretty fragrance, I feel like it will be a little girls when wearing this.
I like the smell of peach, so I was healed.


October 30, 2017


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It is amazing to see on the third day

Having used the premium for several more years, thanks to my husband and Les were eliminated, I was surprised to find that the effect had happened on the third day.
I wanted to use the scent from the front, but my husband is not good at perfume and finds Peach this time, and if it is this, it may not be too tight. Honesty I think it was different from the smell I thought but I do not want to be sweet or tight I do not sweat I think that perfume beginners and favorite people are not good at perfume at this time or rainy day I think that it is good for men .
First day. Always good mood, but a cool husband, unusually look fun in Nikkonico.
The height of tension that is trying to entertain a girl in a joint party.
It was nice and kinder than usual.
When I ask about the scent, I always say that perfume and body mist are "hmm" or "I don't care but I don't care" "I don't like much" but this is the first time with "good feeling" I was happy with your comment

the 2nd day. Mostly it was on schedule the day before the holiday, but I was on schedule, but the content was full of affectionately and filled with kindness.
And on the third day, it was a date with my husband, so I thought it would be nice to be able to spend it kindly and have fun, and repeated premium and peach.
It seems that I was fine even if I put it back on the way, so the smell was not so tight, and the date was always like eating and walking and lunch from the lunch lunch, but I was invited to the hotel after lunch!
My husband is quite old, so I have only been one week, but I have been yesterday yesterday and it is the first time I have been married for two days.
Good friends in the layering with premium There is also a place called a hotel, and it has become bold, intense and hot.
What I felt other than my husband is that it is "pretended to be seen young" and "it is said that it is cute" if it is Peach as a reaction that was not a premium. It is said after about 10 years how cute it is!
In a date that was superimposed with the premium, although I am walking with my husband, the line of sight from men is not one or two people but also many people (// ∇ // \)
Be careful not to put it in front of a strange person, as it is really dangerous.
And for some reason I also felt that tension would rise when I applied this peach, and I felt that I could feel fine and young.
I am interested in other scents.


July 18, 2019


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Peach use

I do not understand the effect at all.
Odor also contains a smell of biting nose and peach like alcohol (?).
Since the smell quickly disappears, you may be told that there is no effect if you have to put more frequently.
I also use premium, but here also I do not know the effect.
For example ... · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · I guess there are people to connect with.
Looks like it does not work much for me !?


October 02, 2014


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Excellent effect! It is a reliable item.

This pheromone perfume has a favorite history of around 5 years, I have tried many kinds of scents.

This time we have a friendly and cute little peach. As a talisman who is sometimes referred to as a professional pattern, a hospitality industry at night, as a talisman of my hopeless, I also expect high sensitivity and appointment for customers and purchase it!

Turn on peach and work on the first day. On that day, I was in charge of several customers for the first time and a few guests for the mission.

I feel that you like it very much for the first-time customer (^ ^ \)
"I do not feel like I met him for the first time." "I will nominate Riao when coming next!" "Ria-chan, I liked it with something good atmosphere" and so on (lol)

From the nominated customers, "I know that you are a child of a shop but you like it seriously ..." "I want you to quit your shop, want to be mine," "Next week when you go to work? And (haha)

As you know the effect is in hand, pheromone perfume can not release!

It really is a place I would like to keep secret for everyone as rivals increase so I thought that it would be helpful.

Finally, my important thing is confidence by attaching pheromone perfume without relying on pheromone perfume only power, I am conscious of the feeling that "I am beautiful, full of feminine aura from the inside" It is to be in contact with people. Standing behavior will change and you should be kind to others.

By the way I tried various other pheromone perfumes of other companies, but the effect was now one more, and now I do not buy pheromone perfumes other than PP labo that I can trust.

Peach I will repeat it again when I finish using it!


April 23, 2018


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Natural scent

He is usually sensitive to fragrance. I did not dislike the smell of perfume and hair colon "smell!", But when I was using this it was no claim. It is not a translation praised by words, but I think that I got a passing (lol \)
However, I feel that the alcohol content is somewhat higher, or the scent will disappear in a short time. I think that if you keep it a little more I say that.

Mandarin orange

May 24, 2015


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It is modestly cute scent.

Bottle design is better than before!
There is no sense as much as anything. ※ I am sorry that the amount was reduced ※ The fragrance looks like a gentle soap Is it calm?
It is a modestly cute scent that does not leave much of it. I wonder if this fragrant older sister version is white musk \?
What I'm interested in is glamorous, white musk (^ ∇ ^) /


August 22, 2013


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To nature and to smile.

Even on a train, you can give your seat, turn around in the street, treat it for the first time in a drinking shop, or a happy thing you can not think of until now will continue to be a smile with nature .
Even at work, the project proceeded smoothly, and about 50 people in charge of department managers got praised from the director of another department at the congregation conference by name. I'm scared of happy screams.
If the scent was a little more sweet ☆ 5.


June 14, 2015


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I felt pretty.

The impression I tried at the very beginning when the goods arrived was the memory of the stationery with the fragrance that I used a long time ago. I remember that I wanted to sniff as Zoo and did not let go of my nose.

I have the impression that I have become familiar with myself while using it for a while. The surrounding men were about to hang around me when they were about 20 years old. I thought that was the effect of peach.


April 29, 2018


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Even if only slightly···

I have a favorite person. I am a physiotherapist who is receiving rehabilitation in a traffic accident. Because he is a married man, I do not want to be anything wrong, but my body is painful once a week for 40 minutes rehab but it can not be fun. I enjoyed it until now, but I thought that it would be good if the distance shrunk a little, I tried peach. The smell is like a refreshing fragrance of peach It feels like smell disappears soon, but I like it. I took it before leaving the house on the day of rehabilitation Rehabilitation began, and if I thought that it would not change as usual, I was laughing all the time as my tension got higher. On the next rehab day I got more skin ship than usual It was as much shy as I was ashamed to know that it was part of rehabilitation. I am looking forward to the next rehab day.


October 22, 2015


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Do you have pheromones?

Love attraction Peach has a particularly scented fragrance.
Besides that, my unconscious boss who did not have any progress while knowing my feelings, pounding on my 3rd day, when I was casual conversation, saying "I'm honestly cute," my heart pounding? What?
However, I forgot to attach T_T with a cold attitude on the day I carelessly forgotten (laugh)

Michinora Koibito

May 29, 2015


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Effective from that day on

I always patronize those without fragrance. I used only a mature scent like occasional rose etc. Suddenly I felt as if I wanted to give a scent different from usual, I found a lovely peach on a whim, and from the day I put on, there was an event that I could praise at work from men and women as well! Honestly I was surprised! Up to now, there was an invitation as an adult woman, but the day when I put peach was spoken with pretty words and I was caught by a man whose mind was younger. When you want to become a lovely lady, click here.


April 16, 2018


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Feminine softness

Because I made a favorite person, I started using peach from a physiological approach from an unconscious place and because I already had Venus and non-alar, I wanted to try a different scent. Compared to Venus, the sweetness of peach spread straight, and there was also freshness, it was my favorite fragrance. Regarding love, I did not feel any change in his reaction or contact with him, but I was kindly asked by women and older people "It is a nice scent" and it was popular. I think that the softness of peach matches women. I felt it was useful as a perfume for everyday use regardless of pheromone. Although I was lost from the original purpose, since I have a lot of troubles with something in many women's workplaces, I'd like to use it in the future to facilitate communication with staff.


October 21, 2015


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I was invited by the sweet smell

Using last time pear, this time there was nothing special about peaching to someone, but the surroundings were strange and gentle. Since it is a hospitality industry, I often contact people, but I was surprised to hear from a lot of older customers. When I felt a little scent of flowers in the first, it turned into a sweet scent in the second, it was a very good compatibility. But my most favorite was rose after all - that was a scent that I could spend a really hot evening (lol \)
Peach will be called lady-first aroma that everyone got equally gentle (^ ^)


December 28, 2012


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A word and a word

It seems I did not like this scent. About the husband who is indifferent about time, this smell only smells a stinky question and a noisy question. Although I was blurred as I do not know, I have used these things up to now, but I saw a smile without saying anything. As age and physical fitness, it is a person who is an old man, so I am not very impressed, but only this has reacted. You do not understand well?

Lady Baba

April 18, 2013


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Sweet ~

Pheromone perfume used other companies' favorite but on the net, I found this item and tried it immediately. I think that it will receive everyone with the sweet smell of peach. It is recommended as a woman. If you buy it for the first time it may be good from peach! ★ 4 pieces is this evaluation in the meaning of the desire as to whether the price will be a little cheaper?


June 09, 2011


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