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Love Attraction Peach for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Peach for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Peach for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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Peach scent

Two daughters have interested and used it together! At the moment of adding fragrance, the scent of alcohol smells, but as soon as the fragrance of peach remains.
Both of us have not yet realized the dramatic change, but the boyfriend's idea that the buddy's thoughts are not understood, it is said that the atmosphere became soft recently to friends around! It is a little easy to understand what the boyfriend is thinking It seems that there is a change that changed softly with feeling that it turned into behavior or words. I was talking to keep using it for a while.

Twin sister

December 27, 2017


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Smell not too sweet

I usually favor premium, but I also wanted to try something fragrant and applied for monitors. I imagined a sweet scent to say peach but it is surprisingly the impression that it is close to the fragrance of real peach. A bitter bitter bitter smile when used with premium? It felt a smile with a smile, but when you put time, it will be like a smell of faintness will not be applied. Although the fragrance remains a little even for premiums with no fragrance, this is a tremendous effect. I used it with peach and premium, it was a great effect when I met him. . Anyway, you will be asked to sniff anywhere you sniffed. And he was intense. He said he was dying, he was dangerous. I was surprised to hear that this is ashamed, but since it is a feeling that my sensitivity also rises when I turn on the pheromone perfume, it was the best effect for both him and me ☆ Because I am afraid of cutting, I regularly repeat To


April 19, 2018


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Fresh smell.

We used "love attraction · peach (for women)" this time.
The scent is fresh and youthful because I usually use Secret.
I thought it would be too young for Ala Four.
However, the fresh smell makes you feel youthful. The reaction around you when you are trained is also a good smell!
At Secret, it is said to be a bewitching adult scent, so another response was seen.
If anything, a good response is given to young children. It was well received by women.
Personally, I have always used the two Secrets and specials, but I wanted to try out the other flavors more and more.


July 19, 2019


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Is not it just peach?

I tried a love attraction peach.
I do not like peach fragrance very much. Even if it is natural water of peach, there is no tightness without anything? However, this love attraction peach has not only simple fragrance of peach but also gorgeous fruity.
It looks like various fragrant fruits were mixed ... like paradise ...

The date I thought about trying. I was postponed by my work. But after two weeks? Let's try out the effect of the attraction peach.
I will also report (^ _ -) - ☆


May 28, 2015


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I used it for the first time!

So far, I used ylang ylang, premium, and secrets that I had been using, and several types, but I decided to try peach because it is the smell of my favorite fruit. I felt that it was a kind of scent that I could feel gentle myself in the moment I first put it on with a mild sweetness that does not have a humour, and that has a mild taste. As I felt calm, I felt I could be kind to people. I was able to get along well on the day I was wearing this perfume, even with the other person (male) who was always disagreeable and prone to being jealous. It acts like a woman, so it's a perfume I would like to wear when dating with a favorite person. It's too early to use it, but I'm looking forward to future developments.


July 23, 2019


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Even around you and yourself have effect

Because I got divorced, I wanted something positive for a new encounter and I got to this pheromone perfume.
There was also a feeling that I wanted to verify that I was interested.
When a perfume arrives, I will first check my smell while throbbing. I thought that it was quite sweet because it was a peach, but it was completely different!
I wrote as pheromone that I wanted to protect cute and protected, but it was intact!
I want to use the smell as a word, but the feeling comes first!
It becomes a strange feeling that you want to care for yourself as well.
I am not too sweet at all and I can be confident in my thirties.
The most important thing here is the effect on men.
I compared the effects of when I went with a perfume and did not go on.
From the result it was effective!
I think the first impression is frustrating for cat eyes. I think that it is hard to speak cold.
However, as the perfume is turned on, the question comes from the other party as to whether it is wrapped in a gentle atmosphere.
Although it is secret to my friends about perfume, I was very happy being told that something changed my impression.
Of course I myself feel warm, so I think that it is also plus.
Although it is my personal impression, there is "effect" !!
Four stars The reason I want to try other smells! There seems to be still amazing yet ... It is from the desire to proceed to the next step.


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It is a lipi

We use in double of peach and premium.
It is a feeling that is the most favorite smell in recent days and is cute. I don't know which is working, but the effect is working out well.


July 25, 2019


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Premium from 50 years old

I became 50 years old yesterday, but I am blessed with various environments with my family, work, couple, children, social contribution, friends and I feel the most fulfillment in my life.
I can not win over my age, youth is probably the best.
But I think that happiness accepted, the pleasure required is not so easy to embody.
I started to use premium to get the joy of turning further for me ahead to 60 years old.
To be honest, since I was old, I chose something with immediate effect and sustainability, but the combination with premium and no fragrance or secret has the most rest and it is easy to realize.
First, before business negotiations, before drinking party with friends, before going out with my husband, behind both ears, 1 pushed to the chest.

I feel that I am wearing it now that there is a missing fragrance, so I feel like I'm more feminine, chatter, erotic, gesture, word usage than usual.
Also, originally, it seems that it is not visible at the age of 50, but it gets stared at frequently, and has been able to get along the body.
This time, I tried peach for the first time, but it is refreshing like floral perfume, but it seems I do not have a scent remnant.
It is unsatisfactory to me because I do not care whether it is on or forgetting it after five minutes.
I also want to find other collaborations and make it my own premium.

Pheromone mama

September 27, 2014


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It was popular among young children.

As usual I went to work with one push on the neck and wrist. My confidence was healed by the sweet smell of peach, and while I was smelling, I worked in Lunulun (lol \)
It was not a smelling peacetime peach, I felt like a floral was mixed. On the first day we got there was no conspicuous reaction, just because I was healed, I thought about it, but there was a surprised event on the second day. I was usually spoken to by a young man who does not speak at all. Although it was not a funny story, while I was talking, I was quite nervous all the time. I was surprised to see that people around me are talking to each other because I feel confident, not talking to people much. I think that this is 100%, the effect of peach !!
After that, I was talking a lot and I enjoyed talking. I do not have any special feelings for that person, but I think that it is a happy event. There were things that I could talk to young children who were a bit chaotic. I felt strongly that uke was good for a young girl.


April 27, 2018


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Improve favorability

I purchased a peach in order to restore my husband and wife.
Unfortunately the smell was weak for my husband or the response was weak ... but when my husband went to Okinawa on a summer holiday trip, my husband gave me the air of the floating rings, and with the boy of the restaurant many times I realized the effect when my eyes met.

mariko ☆

September 03, 2018


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Expecting too much?

I was expecting quite a bit because I am married.
Since the goods arrived (There are things at the end of the year and there were opportunities to participate in various events.) Every time I tried it at an event, there was no reaction at all (? Good event).
After all it seems that it does not work for anyone. (Naturally, but \)
I expected that magic will happen.


December 28, 2012


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First try

I used other peach perfume until now, but it seems that the evaluation is good so I try. I am looking forward to it ♪


January 09, 2010


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I am always saved.

It is really amazing. When I was a year-end party of the year before last, I have not met love attractions yet, I can not talk to anyone I like ... But when I go with a love attraction premium and peach at the year-end party of last year, my favorite person will feel sick It made me two persons in the toilet, I was able to talk for more than 10 minutes and then touched the body (* ^ - ^ *) Afterwards, even if I failed at work then gently followed me (≧ ∇ ≤) From the belief that I do not experience by myself, saying that when I think of myself, I can trust the love attraction series really. Love attraction · peach is a fragrance that can be smoked even by perfume irresistible person with scent of peacefully gentle peach. Anyway I have confidence in myself. It is aiming forward.


January 27, 2017


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Peach itself is a scent that I like as much as it is (* ^^ *) but it was in other people's reviews, but when I shuffled, I am not good at smelling like saliva.
But the other day, when I saw my boyfriend who was about to flare, I was awfully awkward when I saw her recently, but this day was sticking around like a while ago (^ - ^; Effect Is it there?


February 12, 2013


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Since the item arrived, I used it immediately and went out. Well, well, I could quite approach a favorite person and if I thought that "Oh ≧ ▽ ≤", I got a confession to my colleague who liked that, after that. ○ _ ○ This is ... Is it an effect ... I believe so. But it would have been nice if he liked that confession. Since it is still the first day, I will use it more and try it.

Red butterfly

August 13, 2009


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Sweetness of peach

It's the second day to use, but it's my favorite fragrance (^ - ^)

It is comfortable to wear, wrapped in a peachful flavor that feels good as it is not as fresh as the word of mouth.
Originally I was suffering from human relationships in my workplace and started using pheromone perfume, but peach is especially attracting men (^ - ^) ♪ even people who do not have much contact I am doing it.
I think that it is kore if it wants to put out femininity (* '∇ * * \)
Next time, I will use it when I go on a date.


May 17, 2015


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Sweet and cute scent

Peach of a love attraction, I was always worried.

I thought that I do not want to feel sweet and heavy, but the scent is lighter and smells like natural aroma rather than perfume. I only smell shampoo or body cream, so I do not think that this is perfect for perfumes. I have a few love attractions, but I think peach is a relatively quick flight of scent.

I do like it because it does not become tight even if I change it frequently to that extent. Because it seems that it is more effective to change it frequently every 1 to 2 hours.

I think that there are many people familiar with rose and citrus scent, but I was lost because I could not imagine the fragrance of peach, so much, but with a sweet and pretty fragrance directing "a woman who wants to protect you" I can do it.

This peach followed men's reaction to Iran Iran.

Iran Iran is a sexy and fascinating fragrance, but this peach is a pure.

Is it striking to men? I was talked suddenly from people who had not talked much, and I used something else something else.

As soon as I sat next to the train, the young man who was absorbed in the smartphone until a while ago saw this thrillingly.

The surrounding reactions are fun and fun each time. There seems to be a little difference between the scent preferred by women and the scent preferred by men. This peach was a correct answer.

When I want to produce "a woman who is pure and cute, but not easily reachable" I think I will use this peach.


April 19, 2018


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I like it.

I was good to use the monitor, so I bought the actual item. It is stable and has a very lovely scent (# ^^ # \)
However, he was swayed by the unrequited love. . .
What I was swayed is not related to scent (lol \)
From now on, I will love this lovely scent.


December 16, 2014


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The smell of peach ...

I did not like it much.
If this is ... I wonder if you should use a peachy fragrance and no fragrance ...


March 02, 2013


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Sweet perfume

It is said that it is a sweet scent from around.
I think the effect seems to be proper.
There were people who seemed like coconuts.


October 06, 2017


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