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Love Attraction Peach for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Peach for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Peach for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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Anxious person

The chance to use this is that there are few people to worry about under the age, but I have less opportunities to meet and I am aware of it but I can not talk much and I can not step on it and I can not step on and I can become more familiar with my own I tried using it as it became conscious of existence.
Normally I am nervous, I can not find a topic often and often do not talk a lot, but when I turned on I was able to relax a little so much, I wonder if the conversation has changed more than usual. It was that kind of feeling. It is star 3 because there is no place for more than that.
I wonder if it's not very effective for those who do not have a job in person \?
But I think that it was nice to relax.
Only boys under other age were praised. It may be by chance, but I was happy.
I wish I could make it a friend of the opposite sex, I wish I could find a scent that suits me.


October 15, 2015


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Smell of toilet · · ·

Peach, I was expecting, it is exactly the fragrance of the fragrance of the toilet.
Well, since my toilet has been using peach forever, there may be things like ....

And this peach is sweet.
Sweet and artificial fragrance of peach is painful to repeat around the face.
The effect was as good as the others, but I will not repeat it anymore. .
* Additional note * While I was trying almost all scents, I did not dislike this peach so much.
I wonder if it is good when you do not want to give a heavy smell. So, ★ Increase from one to three ★.

Buff Beauty

December 12, 2011


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It was popular among young children.

As usual I went to work with one push on the neck and wrist. My confidence was healed by the sweet smell of peach, and while I was smelling, I worked in Lunulun (lol \)
It was not a smelling peacetime peach, I felt like a floral was mixed. On the first day we got there was no conspicuous reaction, just because I was healed, I thought about it, but there was a surprised event on the second day. I was usually spoken to by a young man who does not speak at all. Although it was not a funny story, while I was talking, I was quite nervous all the time. I was surprised to see that people around me are talking to each other because I feel confident, not talking to people much. I think that this is 100%, the effect of peach !!
After that, I was talking a lot and I enjoyed talking. I do not have any special feelings for that person, but I think that it is a happy event. There were things that I could talk to young children who were a bit chaotic. I felt strongly that uke was good for a young girl.


April 27, 2018


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Improve favorability

I purchased a peach in order to restore my husband and wife.
Unfortunately the smell was weak for my husband or the response was weak ... but when my husband went to Okinawa on a summer holiday trip, my husband gave me the air of the floating rings, and with the boy of the restaurant many times I realized the effect when my eyes met.

mariko ☆

September 03, 2018


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I tried putting it at work

When I tried it in the hospitality industry, many male customers felt a lot in good mood. Next time I'd like to put on a drink party


January 31, 2017


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Cute scent

There was a childish image of the fragrance of the fruit, but when I put it in practice I wanted to sniff the fragrance of peach, I felt my breath became deep. I think that it is easiest to use, even though I have used it up to now, it has no fragrance and fragrance.


April 25, 2018


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It is sweet scent!

The moment I first turned on, the fragrance of the peach smelled sweet!
It is a pretty girlish cute scent. When I was wearing this perfume somehow I felt the distance to the man is close. I think that this is the effect of perfume ~!
I think that I want to continue using and keep confidence in myself!


April 20, 2018


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Looking for a smell of healing

Unlike the fragrance of peach that I imagined, it was a scent that was hard to express.
It is not a persistent scent, I like the place I am okay if I put too much.
I do not feel the aroma as much as an hour by myself, but when I crouch, I caught a sweet smell sweetly, so it turned out that the scent was not gone!
I like the perfume with strong individuality like perfume, although my preferences can be divided, I can expect this perfume. Immediately after I thought that putting on too much, my husband who dislikes perfume has a look like that, but I am recommended because it is not a perfume that makes me feel uncomfortable around because I did not complain!
I will continue to use it in the future.
Personally I would like to try various things if the fragrance series of fruit series increases more ♪


December 25, 2012


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When I attach, it is a perfume with a scent, it is a peach of scent, but becoming a habit (laugh), it seems to want to sniff the smell any number of times.
Also, I feel that the duration of the scent is longer than the others.


July 01, 2018


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There was no real feeling.

I tried many products this time, but peach was a refreshing, sweet and very gentle scent.
However, even if it was turned on, there was not any change, sorry for a moment!


November 19, 2015


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Maybe you have likes and dislikes for scents

There is a person I admire the company. I thought that if I was a little closer to that person, it was the chance.
Several people mentioned, but as fragrance reminiscent of fragrance, it tended to keep refraining from using.
However, when there was a year-end party, the older people made me more gentle than usual.
After all, if you like your own fragrance, I think that I can feel the effect extra, so it is a bit disappointing.

Shinya Kurobu

December 26, 2012


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Is the smell a little hard?

Premium, Secret, Taboo and Peach, I tried but I exclude Premium, Among them it is the first familiar smell?
And I think. However, when attached, I thought that it was a fragrance like a fragrance. I do not dislike, but if I have been sniffing for a long time, my head is going to hurt, I can not say anything.

After an hour of attaching, he also told the impression, the smell of the bath bub!
And confidently. LOL LOOK Is it good or bad?

It might be suitable for those who like such smells, but I think that the combination of premium and something is the first in the sense that it deceives a man.

While I tried various combinations the most effective was a combination with other companies but I felt that the combination of Libido Rose and the premium of this item is effective for most people regardless of which male opponent . (I also tried Libido 's Muscat, but I was not satisfied.)
I usually go to the osteopathic clinic, but I could not get convinced by just libido alone or just premium, but since the day I went with that combination was carefully practicing fine details, so premium Is indispensable !!


April 14, 2018


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The smell of peach ...

I did not like it much.
If this is ... I wonder if you should use a peachy fragrance and no fragrance ...


March 02, 2013


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It might have been better than usual. . .

I tried using it thinking that it would be nice to be able to get along even with a little older one I care about.
The fragrance is not a feeling like fresh peach, but in a musky scent, is it a bit like a fragrance of peach?
As far as the main effect is, I feel that the conversation has felt better than usual. I have only used it for a short period of time, so I can not say clearly. . .
I think I will try using it a bit more.


December 27, 2012


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School girls high school students, for girls?

The first impression was "I am sweet!"
Rather than peach, I was impressed like flower-like fragrance, too young for me around 30.
I think that taste is a fragrance to separate, so if you like sweet cute it seems to be here.


October 18, 2015


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The scent was like a fragrance rather than a perfume.
It was not a peach as I thought.
There is no change for the effect so far.
I think that the correspondence of the staff and the speed of dispatch are good.


September 24, 2014


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Violet fragrance

I love the fragrance of peach anyway and it was a product I waited waiting for.
To be honest, the impression of fragrance is slightly sweet. .
I imagined the juicy, fresh and refreshing sweetness, so I feel too young for my age ... Is it impressive "cute"? So now, I use citrus perfume in a superposed manner.
The person with the effect can speak more often than when it is not on · the talk rises (the other party smiles awesome \)
I feel like!

When I attach a love attraction, I feel a bit confident and relieved, and I think that the effect is great not only for the opponent but also for myself!


December 26, 2012


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For use in 2 weeks

I tried using peach!
As I did not understand the clear effect so far, ☆ Three ...

Since there is no need in the workplace (because there is no person who wants to turn around), I put peach only when I came up with it.
Well, it is a kind boss (male) from a usual way, but I was more friendly than usual, I felt as if the distance was close when I was spoken to.
I think that the person who puts pheromone perfume will be in something more plus than it is being selfish, so I think that something like feelings has changed and that there is a good influence.
Incidentally, I do not think that smell is good.
After I put peach, I adjust the scent with my favorite perfume.
Pheromone perfume itself, scent seems to be easy to fly, so I feel I can be convinced that the effect will diminish unless it is reworked w

It is difficult to express because the way people feel the fragrance, but like the perfume of my aunt as it is also in other people's reviews ... If it says often, it smells like a general store www www

I am also using the secret, but I do not know the difference in scent with peach clearly ...

When purchasing it may be better to emphasize the effect rather than suffering with aroma ~


December 24, 2012


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Adults are cute (lol)

Perfumes etc. I always use are unisex, so I was attracted to the cute sound of peach, I used it.
I imagined a sweet smell, but it is a peach that makes spicy woody feeling a little.
I think that it will not hurt even if it is worn by an adult (lol) I feel like I can use it even with hands.
Children and the owner are said to be fluent smells. However, the duration of the scent is much .... Therefore it was -2.


December 24, 2012


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Sweet candy

It was a sweet candy-like fragrance rather than a fragrance of peach when watching it. It was a better feeling to put on 2.3 times than to attach once. I think that it is a fragrance for twenty passionate.


May 07, 2018


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