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Love Attraction Peach for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Peach for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Peach for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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Masculine man with this perfume is transforming into a pretty and cute woman

Every year after divorce 10 years ago, I have to think that I become masculine and I must be more feminine and cute. Because of encountering this perfume, my mind is cute and pretty, I am transforming myself into a feminine, relieved person. Before going to work or going out, when I used to go out, I thought it was nothing at first, but I certainly do not know why but it is surprising that everyone's eyes are right for me. I was trying to think that it is due to myself, but it is surprising to hear a voice from men to me who has air that is hard to see! Because I want to attack the men who are interested in the train, I will try hard from now on I also want to continue using it.

Hello there!

May 27, 2015


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Excellent fragrance effect

If it was a tough smell like troublesome surroundings, I could hardly get a scented hand. This time it is the smell of my favorite peach, so I thought that I would like to use it for my healing. It is a sweet smell at the chest, it is a nice scent! It is not too sweet, it is a refreshing and gentle fragrance without being bitter. It was a product I bought for my healing, but my husband was most excited about me (laugh). In the hospital waiting, my grandpa who is diagonally smiling smile and I will stare at you. In the workplace, men are kind and I feel like I want to talk to me forever. My uncle - college girlfriend looks at her chest in person. As soon as my colleague who was angry with the phone interaction got through the corridor, "I am sorry somewhere." Even though I usually do not apologize. Anyway, I was healed by the fragrance and I was able to experience various experiences.

Heavenly maiden

December 21, 2012


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Anyway the fragrance is cute!

Until now, I have used premium and glamorous.
Regarding peach, especially fragrance is very cute! It feels like strawberry rather than peach, it is healed without using it too sweet.

The effect is often the first time he comes in touch. Also, I suddenly heard from my workplace that I'm always seeing "I became sexy" I was surprised!

Since I have loved this item a while ago and it has become indebted to me, I would like to continue using it.
Peach is recommended for people who like cute scents (* ^^ *)


May 30, 2015


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I was surprised

Always thank you for your help.
I am a big fan of pheromone perfume.
Pheromone If you are wearing perfume you can be gentle from the surroundings and you can have confidence while being healed by yourself with a better aroma than anything else.
I have used it with romance, Venus until now.
I was worried about what fragrance it would be if I lost Ginger from Venus when using Venus, so I tried using Peach this time.
I like it very much because I can wear it with a gentle soft scent.
I caught on and attached it when I met him younger.
It seems he is relaxing more than usual, so I could spend relaxed and comfortable time.
I was very surprised at the day I wore it to the company, my boss who was strong and unfriendly against female employees got very kind ^ _ ^; My regular mistake as usual is bad mood To expose himself "It's all right, it's not enough to apologize," forgiving me with a smile.
I was amazed by this as well as the surrounding female employees.
After that I began to treat me very gently.
There is such a thing.
Several other younger boys of different departments have come to be able to call out often, and they are also gentle for weddings, so they are really pheromone perfumes!
I can not give it anymore already (≧ ∇ ≦ \)
Thank you in the future (^ ^)


May 27, 2015


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Even in a hard workplace

Peach was used for the first time.
It is rather fruity than peach.
I work quite a bit in my workplace, but I can talk to men something!
Or, I finally managed to find the chance and talk to me. Even content that you do not have to bother to bother to report will be reported closely to the side (* ^ o ^ * \)
The fragrance flies soon, so it is okay for various workplaces.
It is all ages of twenties, thirties, and forty generations to talk to. Everyone, I feel uncomfortable hiding my heart and behaving intelligently!
My husband and daughter and son are private at private, but they are friends with my family.
It is amazing to see pheromones that makes us happy with myself so much simply by watching. Everyone please try it!
Additional It was somewhat like a married couple life, even if I was wearing this, I became friends with nature. My atmosphere may have been feeling like a young girl.
Everything, I understood that the pheromone which is released is important, not age.
It's 15th year of marriage, but the effect is perfect.


March 12, 2016


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The surrounding reaction ??

I have many occasions to talk to in public, but I do not know how to eat even if it is a boring story, regardless of gender, even when I start attaching this pheromone.
Also as for men's aimed at, sitting next to me, I get a nice smell ... I will bring my nose ... Even if I talk, something like the eyes seems to be wobbling more and more.
Regarding the main boyfriend ... If you put this perfume before going out, you are grabbing your arms as they are and going straight to the bedroom (lol) is also happening frequently.
As fragrance is a vague perfume so I use it in collaboration with the perfume you used.
It is quite a secret weapon.
Even if you are walking through the streets, there are more opportunities to look back on.
Pheromone is amazing. I will continue to use it.
I would appreciate it if there is a thing with more capacity.


October 14, 2015


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There was an effect!

This is very good.
I am the best favorite I have ever used.
I was able to feel nice with my friends who have met for the first time in a long while.
When I put it at work, it is feeling that the number of times I can come and come to talk has increased.
I also liked the fragrance of peach this time, I tried using it.
And it's a big hit in me.
It is a fragrance that I am healed.
I feel better when on.
I think I will repeat again before I run out.
Somehow it feels like people gently touch me, but I do not know if it is due to fragrance or because my feelings are rising.
But, if you have your favorite fragrance, you can smile yourself and synergistic effects may be seen. it's recommended!


October 18, 2015


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I gradually move forward

I have not been able to talk to many people since long ago, and I have no friends. Every day between company and house roundtrip, the day off is alone.
I am not talking much with my family. But it seems I tried using perfume and the surroundings began to voice little by little. Even if you talk to me regardless of gender, you can not tell how good you can talk with people.
"Pheromone perfume" is another different effect, but for me, a happy problem is occurring as above. Thank you very much.


May 29, 2015


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This atmosphere ... what is it?

Slightly sweet scent ... As soon as I turned on I was going to get drunk with this scent!
Whether it is possible to meet once in a few months ... It is time to meet such a unrequited love.
To a close range close ... face is close ... as if to check over and over, it comes near me .... And although I have not had it before, I hear from him frequently from that night.
Another time, when I delivered to juniors, the flowing air is different from usual .... Even though there were not many people around you, come over here and talk more. It is said to have been impatiently watching the junior who breathes a lot again and again "Oh, this is bad! This is the atmosphere!" (Laugh)


October 27, 2015


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Refreshing fragrance of peach

Originally I liked the fragrance of peaches and tried variously, but the only difficulty is that there are many cheesy fragrances. The peach pheromone perfume here is a good fragrance of goods, and it can be used without being resistant to me of Alafor.
I have not tried yet for him, but from the surrounding men he said things like blushing like "I'm fascinated recently", "I got cleaned up", I am happy and embarrassed. . .
Peach alone may be used, but non alcohol or premium may also be used.
Trying several kinds, Peach has feeling relatively favorable for any male.
I also would like to recommend pheromone perfume for the first time people.


June 18, 2016


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Even though it is pretty cumbersome effect ☆

Premium and unscented are used, but as a result of putting peaches at work alone, I felt that the conversation distance with men was close.
I was also happy to hear that my skin was shining and cute.
I was convinced that it would suit me because it was effective on the first day.
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ It is an honest scent, but I do not like it, but after a few hours, it becomes a scent familiar to me and I can spend it comfortably.
Men are kind.
You will be convinced if you pass in the corridor during work!
He / she helps during work!
I will be praised.
The place you put on is one push on your neck ☆ Thank you!


September 14, 2014


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Peach & rose & premium = loved constitution

【Peach】 Light and sweet with refreshing, fragrance jumps to suk, but even those who do not like perfume are also attached.
【Rose】 It is also peach like here, light and fluffy, scent flies to Suk. Because it is a light rose, even people who are not good at rose can be attached.
This time as the title ... Peach & Rose & Premium blended, Leading Peppers perfume (lol \)
Start running action with!

【Used place】 Within the shop of water merchandise where there are many opportunities for work to contact men.
Doki Doki I am excited as a result of contacting various men with excitement ...... sexy, glossy, sexy, beautiful, cute, addictive, nice scent, hopefully, accompanying, permanent nominating etc. from various men in one day I was told the degree.
Sexy of rose in addition to the cuteness of peach. Push the premium to the last !!
I made the strongest combination among me, so these three kinds will be determined again in the future !!!

※ I am married myself, I tried it for my husband trying it, it was interesting as close as possible I grew spoiled (laugh)

This is three kinds of sacred treasures that you can not release anymore.

Makura Mikura

July 02, 2015


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Start of experiment ~

The petit which I was looking forward finally arrived ^ - ^ I feel that the fragrance is fresh and easiest to attach. I am going to put on today (since I met a perfume, I can become positive and start my marriage).
Result report ☆ I am expecting that it will be a pretty good impression on the first meeting. Because I can relax myself, can not you relax yourself? I am very kind and I told you to eat me again ^ - ^ Because it is peach, I do not mind when eating.
? Postscript ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 But I will not be depressed anymore. Because there is perfume!

Second day ☆ My boss at work is kind. O (^ _ -) O As a matter of course, if you improve your mood with this perfume and try hard, everything will work. It is a scent that does not cause annoyance to the workplace.
Somehow, the remaining fragrance feels close to the fragrance of a ginger that certain name is exclusive to younger. This is the fragrance I want from now. If I use all, I will lipipize o (^ _-) O

Third day, this is quite effective younger. The story gets musical.
Day 4 I watched a mysterious clerk at lunchtime lunch shop. It is the first time that I was stared at such a young and cute boy.
Two weeks after I started to use Today, I was office at company office but I was late for bed late (-.-; But my boss overslept, I was really overslept or laughing.
Peach can be cute myself in three weeks. I have been a cute succession from women. My boyfriend can not, but I will be cherished or teased from my younger days. I look forward to seeing everyone's reviews.
I got a little bit of it, so I was repeating it ~. Perfect for the coming season.


May 16, 2015


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Gentle fragrance

Because it is a peach, I thought that it was a sweet smell and I put it on the back of my ear and my chest Does it work with a very sweet smell so I went to a recently opened gas station and I was preparing for lubrication suddenly Ikemen's staff ran and knows how to do it However, the staff told me how to do it kindly speaking. If I thought that it was just recently opened up, ignore the women's customers and men who came to refuel elsewhere. I am wondering whether this is Peach. I was surprised honestly.


May 21, 2015


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I received "I'll take care" ~ (haha)

He reunited for the first time in two months finally gets tightly closed, and on the way back, "I will take care of it from now on." It is an effect that makes me want to protect you, I am gentle enough to be surprised. I will continue to attach ☆


October 22, 2015


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A change in him

Until now I have used Karma, Venus, Premium, etc. and I felt quite an effect.
I will definitely put on it when I meet him, but I will try to kiss the part I'm wearing interesting.
I'm cute, it's cute, I hug you that I do not want to talk so I really can not give up!

Peach smells refreshing with an unpleasant scent, so your feelings will also be gorgeous. I will definitely repeat when I run out!


May 27, 2015


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Sweet, girlish scent

Peach's perfume arrived, so we went on to meet someone who is interested immediately.
Fluffy and sweetly fresh peach scent ... This is just a girl that feels like a girl! It smells good, I smile unexpectedly, do not you think?

So, it's an effect, but ...!
I always have a word of two words, but I can chat for the day I put it on, I can chat for a long time, neither my heart nor the distance ... When I was called by another person I was sorry when I left you, (It is a person who is easy to get away from you usually \) \
The next day also had many body touch and invited meals ... Because it was a big effect, I will repeat again!
With this condition, I want to work hard so that I can have a good relationship!

Cherry Blossoms

October 19, 2015


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Peach seems to suit you (^ ー °)

I am convinced that I am a girl and I am relieved mentally. It is quite attractive to me as well ~. I went to the first street con. The shop was kind, but the arranged pair is ...> _ <... When the self-introduction is over, it is told that it is next to Ole ○ ○, seats are changed without permission. (In the gap as a friend went to pick up the glass, my returning friend was stunned)

It was a favorite day for a strange man. I exchanged the seat with great momentum so I realized the effect very much this time ^ - ^


June 08, 2015


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Peach pheromone perfume

I was interested to see it as a perfume with a pheromone peach scent.
I used it for 2 days.
I thought sweet smell, rather than feeling that it was refreshing.
I like the sweet smell ... how the effect is ... I put on when I meet him, I feel that I was better than usual.
I will look a little more as it is.


July 15, 2019


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I feel good in the older

The fragrance can be done for about 30 minutes, but I think that there is an effect.
In my case, I like being older.
Previously, when I used Spring Garden, scent was not good, so there was not any change, but Peach is a good feeling.
I can not express well what with what?? _ ^;

Premium is usually attached, but it was a nice effect with peach single item use.
Secret, Karma I have been reviewing purchasing many times by reading reviews!


May 23, 2015


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