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Love Attraction Feel for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Feel for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Feel for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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I was surprised

Purchased attracted by PP Lab's product introduction. Personally I also love pears. I took a shower in the morning and brought in my feet on both ankles to work (I do not want to put on work, ears, wrists, armpits). 30 minutes by commuter train. I was surprised yesterday. Countryside trains are crowded in the morning hours, but I'm standing by the door to concentrate and read the newspaper. People usually do not stand around me usually, so it was yesterday as well. When I got on board and stood in place I noticed that a lady in the late 20's standing standing by me. She stood against me against her back and attached her back to my back. Although I do not have to bother to go beside such anymore, I am concentrating on the newspaper thought that I do not have to stick to it. It was 30 minutes as it was ....
Thanks to Feel, I'm looking forward to commuting on Monday.


April 16, 2016


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Fun daily

I am working as a 4-day, 2-day work day-shift repeatedly About 8 to 10 women are working for my department. Love attraction Feel was delivered just the night before I got there Love I attempted to use the attraction feel Squeezed in the wrist of the neck muscle back to the wrist A business started and after a while a single woman suddenly called my name even though I did not even talk normally and when I answered If it is nothing, it surely blushed my face and I was conscious of my eyes I was diverting my eyes Was looking forward to thinking that I was pretty conscious of the opposite idea The partner is 29 years old I am very fond of that person I think that I would like to keep using products of the pheromone perfume laboratory for a while as if I could manage to manage somehow.
I was surprised at the end of a word.

53 years old shy boy

August 02, 2016


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Other colleagues get a little tender

There is a reasonable effect.
Initially, premium was put on and not much effect was felt.
Iran Iran is the second time. Another colleague (both men and women) touched me slightly gently, because I was interested in me, perhaps it would be better to have a fragrance.

About 10 days wearing a feel, I do not like this odor much as it feels sweet, but turning on makes my heart gentle.
I have it every two to three hours.
As a result I feel that relationships with friendly female staff were even better.
I am going to drink home this month, but I say it's fun ♪ from her, I will talk about drinking home many times.
Also, bad female staff members have come to be able to talk by seeing my eyes once every 5 times.
Also, it seems there is a rise in body temperature, and the number of times that female staff go to the toilet when working in the same room.
I always say cold weather is hot.
Whether the volatility rises as the temperature goes up or not, all the female staff members had a good smile with a good smile all day long on hot days.
Children with a cold attitude in the morning gradually become more mild when they stay in the same room for one day.
I would like to try more type perfume that I can continue with my favorite odor. Because odor did not suit ☆ There are 4 ♪

Protein mania

May 01, 2016


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After all I came back to this scent (haha)

I have tried a couple of taboo, gardenia, ylang ylang etc, but after all I came back to the field I bought first (lol \)
After all the sweet scent of this pear is very good!
At the moment of attaching, it will raise a little tension (^ - ^)

Perfume beginner

March 29, 2016


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Genki came out

I tried using it, but I do not feel any noticeable change in the surrounding reaction. Just be sure to push when approaching the lady you want. Then I became aggressive and I was able to talk about idle talks. Today I am looking forward to tomorrow as we have found a common topic.


August 03, 2016


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Comfortable fragrance ♪

Again, unlike cheap perfume, it smelled firmly, it brought me calm and calm!
Inevitably, cheap perfume is a small amount, scent often is not scented, it is too overwhelming, it smells cheesy lies.
However, as always on the site, if you keep on using it frequently and keeping the way you use it, the citrus scented scent always wraps your whole body. I have experienced the gesture that the woman is smelling the scent several times. Lol

Because it is not pear, I will not choose a place so it's okay if I put it on work. If you are worrying about what kind of goods, this product is recommended.
I think there are a few scents that fit the appearance.
Feel must match from the baby face to the deep moor of the moat. Why do not you try it once.


August 18, 2016


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Effect feeling!

I think that it would be a reference for perfume selection, I will post though it is a personal impression. First of all, just use perfume, easy to mind! Please discard the idea like. First of all, this product of men's perfume seems to contain 75% of male pheromone 25% female pheromone. As you can see from this, I learned a feeling close to love at the moment I used it. It is difficult with words but it is like Muramura? I think that my pheromone is secreted more and it is getting higher. I feel a sense when both people of same sex and opposite sex have favorable feeling.
I can feel confident in myself. There was also a relaxing effect. A margin was born for feelings.
In the workplace, I can work smoothly and comfortably with the same sex, and in private it seems that it has increased more than usual to be able to speak from the opposite sex.
The usage period is 2 weeks!
Weekdays use at work place!
The holiday was used outside! Inverse Nan Although it is an example, it was a result that it was two days and four clubs and six off-clubs. Even without Nanpa, I came from a girl. Well, it is not good to misunderstand because this result is not just by adding perfume. As part of self-polishing, I think that if I do not use it as a charm of plus alpha, I will not be able to realize how long it will be. It was felt that the perfume itself had an effect. The scent was a unique feeling like being in a flower shop and a sweet smell like a pear?
At first it was a flower shop! There was a habit, but when it warmed by body temperature sweet fragrance changed and comfort was also good.

Scent model

October 14, 2015


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The last confession of the third time to a unrequited love person for many years

The last confession of the third time to a unrequited love person for many years. Since it was a promise from the evening, after entering the bath, perfume with Pushpush, behind the wrist / ears. At the beginning, the fragrance was strong but gradually became familiar with the passage of time.
After meeting we ate at a restaurant with atmosphere.
The woman was also relaxing like Uttari that he had never seen before.
I felt a little like I was smoking all the time.
The story also proceeded with the rhythm of time and there was a feeling which has never existed.
I thought that I could go, but I did not rush and I carefully made the atmosphere here.
It might be a placebo effect, but the atmosphere was very good with each other.
The meal ended and the main event confession of this time. Although the result was a disappointing result, I received the word of a compliment! "I never relaxed so far in my life"!
Speaking of not being regrettable would be a lie, but I did not feel like I lost by wonder.
Although it was a disappointing result this time, valuable experience was made with love attraction feel.
I also want to revenge for the next opportunity with a love attraction feel.

K & K

May 24, 2015


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Good for going out for drinks!

Although we used something without fragrance at the beginning, I tried this product because I wanted to try various things.
It is an impression that I used it at work, family, drink, and.
In the workplace, I got a comment that I started to put on perfume, but there was not any change at the time of no fragrance.
Although it says when it is a fragrance-free, but before and after adding a fragrance, it was a mistake, so it seems that there is equivalent uke.
Even my family did not receive comments, but I was born a strange feel obviously making it Kun. LOL
The most unusual thing is the drinking party. Everyone goes in to the shop before going out for drinks, which is not always the case, but I was able to suppress both sides by women at the timing of sitting or not sitting
I wonder if it is suitable for air in a crushed place. I'm sorry, I got drunk somewhat, I forgot to add in the middle of drinking, so I got a normal binge from the middle and I do not remember from the middle. .
I felt that I could seem to see a different world when I used various products in various patterns.


May 27, 2015


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Yea ~ This is so I wow ^ ^

I like this because it is not sweet even by a man. The change is two weeks after I started using it. There was (('∀') No First we were talking to the wife who is getting fatigued until just before divorce, but it seems like we can talk with each other kindly as to whether our own way of thinking has changed since we added it I am wondering, if there is a placebo effect, I am thankful that this thing has progressed in a good direction by the opportunity.The breakfast came out for the first time in a long time.Although it is a digression but after last weekend a friend's birthday party I did it in a club, but one person seemed pretty to like a pretty child, and the other party may have been drinking, but I grasped hands or made it more than once.No, it became the atmosphere that it can be replaced Of course, since the relation with the bride has just improved, I just went home without putting out any hands. Even though I usually have nothing to do with clubs, something Enjoyed the feeling that Mote to Ri ★ ☆ (Bruno ^ д °) Bruno

lapis lazuli

June 21, 2011


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For some reason more people are spoken to by people around!

A few days passed since I started using the Love Attraction Feel, but in my case men and women talked to me more often.
It is also often spoken to by people who have never talked to before.
Even when talking to a woman who is in charge of a worker at work, sometimes it tells us that he has never heard of it.
I like the smell a bit too sweet, I like it.
It would be appreciated if you could release a type with more capacity, if possible, body soap etc.

Perfume beginner

June 01, 2015


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Refreshing sweetness is good!

I tried it by sewing 2 to 3 drops on the wrist and neck, but first of all I liked the clean and sweet scent like pear at first. It is not persistent, especially in the coming summer, I thought that this fragrance could be used all year without discomfort. Although there was not a big change in particular, even though the woman who is talking normally still came closer to nearly never before, there was also confidence in the fragrance, and I thought that I was able to become active in conversation and interaction To do.
I would like to continue to use it from now on!


May 27, 2015


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nice smell

When I first turned on this, there was not much change in the surrounding reactions, but as I continued using it, I feel like the atmosphere of the partner in the conversation was feeling kind. In addition, it started to talk to me from opposite sex. So, I was able to see the effect visibly.


August 03, 2016


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it's recommended!

I used the most fragrance I've ever used!
I think that it is a fragrance that can be used regardless of gender. Unlike citrus fruits, the sweetness of gentle pear scents a little, and I think that this will not get in the way even if it is attached to work.
I thought that if a smell of acquaintance gets smelled, it will be snuffed and it will suit you as well! I think you can recommend it even in the summer.


May 27, 2015


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Perfect for autumn

When attached around the neck, it has a refreshing scent like pear. Because it is a refreshing scent I can speak to women without being concerned with women even at work. Since I have women who are trying to talk to me something in the past few days, I think that it is effective as well.

Chunichi Fun fan

October 21, 2015


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The effect is outstanding! !

Although I used it three times when I met a cute girl I knew, it was preeminent in effect and said "It smells something nice" and it is a nice feeling as it is, then at night with two people ,,, (leave it to your imagination Will \ "
Although I was half-trusted at first, I can not release it (lol \)
There is such a thing.


October 28, 2015


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Light sweetness is comfortable

I bought a few fragrance free and wore it, but this time I tried scented for the first time. I thought how sweet it is because it is not pear, but there is no sweetness that sticks to the nose at all, a refreshing and slightly sweetness lasts for a long time. I wondered why the woman who came nearly took a deep breath from his nostrils pleasantly and gently smiled. It is nice, she looks good. It is a perfect scent, especially for the coming season, and I am looking forward to it.


June 13, 2011


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It is a terrible effect

I used it in half-trust, but I was surprised by the amazing effect.
I think that it is not the dream world that we are so far behind women in their 20s and 30s after 60 years of age.
Other products are also similar, but if you attach it, most of you will be invited by women.
That's excellent.

Reversion to active

January 27, 2016


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It is said that it smells good !!

I am working for a cinema with 50 female part-time workers.
Because there are many girls, I was concerned about the smell.
Where I put it, I will praise the smell with a good chance.
I feel that this request (cooperation of attendance) is smooth.


June 12, 2011


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Aroma and surrounding reactions ...

First of all, I think that scent is fruity and even a normal perfume is a good product.
After wearing this perfume, I meet a woman, "I smelled good, where did you buy?" I will ask you a question.
After that, you can have a good time by speech bouncing.
Thanks to this perfume, every day has contact with women, I am sending a happy everyday.
By all means, it is a wonderful item that I think I want to buy again.
It is a perfect item for the coming season ♪ ♪ I touch scents with women ♪


June 12, 2011


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