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Love Attraction Feel for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Feel for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Feel for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction Feel for MEN (Alcohol Free), which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

Massage women

I called a woman with an ordinary massage to the hotel because there are many business trips, but I was asked for a kiss from a woman for the first time on how to do it.
Next time I look forward to.

Tiredness 50s

May 29, 2017


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Without the smell of the moment we attached ...

Love attraction · At the moment when pear was attached, there was alcohol smell.
But after 1 or 2 minutes it will change to a summer-like sweet incense.
The effect is not changed at present so much, so let me make it three stars.


June 14, 2011


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The fragrance is wonderful.

Even if you look at it as an ordinary perfume, do not you think that this scent is refreshing citrus system so if you pay attention to overdoing it is not a few people who feel uncomfortable?

Pirate King

October 09, 2011


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Sweet and refreshing scent

At first it was uncomfortable enough to think that "girls' perfume?", But I sometimes blow one at a time and I am healed. I do not know the effect of interpersonal relationship at all, but it is a sweet and refreshing scent that makes me feel easy.


July 11, 2013


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Nice smell ^ ^

I used a pheromone perfume with a smell for the first time but this is a good feeling if I put on with a good smell.
Since it smells not too sweet, you can feel free to wear it anytime ^ ^

I brought it to me who likes pear!

This is absolutely recommended !!


July 24, 2009


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It is good.

I use it the most. I like it because I feel unworthy. This may be good for everyday attachment. Somehow.


March 18, 2018


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It is a sweet good incense, I feel a bit strong but I think that it is for young people.The year-end party season is near so I think I will actively use it!


October 10, 2015


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Monitor product

It was a smell not suitable for me.
I am sorry to have won the prize.
I thought that this product was good at the monitor.
Also, I would like to try other smells.


May 13, 2017


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At first I thought that the smell was strong, but I feel familiar with it when a little time adds up and it feels very nice.


February 08, 2015


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In the coming season

I have used taboo and sandalwood with perfume other than fragrance. When compared with these two kinds, Feel feels refreshing fragrance not heavy. Sweetness is strong when snuffed directly, but if you put it on your skin it will be calmer and sweet round up in tens of minutes. I feel the fragrance of the last note from the middle. I mix a fragrance type and a feel at a ratio of 2: 1, but the impression of a woman seems to be good as well.


May 21, 2017


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Fresh and fruity

Try Love Attraction · Feel, First, the scent is refreshing and very good.
I think that comfort is good even for those with resistance to perfume without the unique feeling of perfume.
It seems that the distance has shrunk though it is slightly with the woman. Thanks to this perfume.
Especially if you do not use perfume, you will be confident in yourself and I think that you can have contact with opposite sex with extra margin.
I felt that the frequency with which women talk to me increased.
Also when you talk to me from yourself you can contact us with a different feeling.
Because it is refreshing scent, we recommend Feel if you use it frequently on a daily basis.
Of course I want to use the body and clothes in a clean condition.

Karma and secret are recommended as my impressions using other kinds.

deep red

May 29, 2017


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Sweet perfume

It is a sweet scent.
Perfume with aroma is the second one after the secret.
It is regrettable that the fragrance disappears a little earlier.


March 25, 2013


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Is it the effect of perfume! What?

Although it can not be said that it is definitely clear to the effect though it is actually used, there is feeling that it comes to be likable from the opposite sex.
I tried using it with a light feeling, but I felt it was worth a try.
I'd like to use it a bit more.


September 26, 2014


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It is a good smell. Do not hate.
But is it easy for fellows to come back?

Justa Way

November 30, 2016


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I do not understand well.

I am also a professional pattern, but since there is no opportunity to contact women at all, is it effective?
Is not it out?
I do not quite understand it.
For the moment there is no woman so far, so I breathe on my neck and wrist every other day for the time being, but ... I do not dislike it fragrantly.
It is rather my favorite smell.


October 08, 2014


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It may be more than expected

I bought a feel for the first time is more than expected effect. I am well received by a wide range of age! I also like the fragrance so I will try again.


July 06, 2015


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To counter age odor

I was looking for a fragrance with a natural fragrance that is not so smelly as I was concerned about aging odor since I was over 50 years old but I thought it was not hard as I thought I wore this perfume and it is also good reputation

Perfume is attached It is good not to have much feeling


July 16, 2009


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nice smell

I do not know the effect, but the scent itself is nice.


April 24, 2017


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Gentle fragrance

For me who regularly prefers a premium, I liked the gentle scent of Feel. It is almost a year since we started using PP Lab's products. I understand that it is effective to reposition frequently every 2 to 3 hours to make the pheromone effect to be effective, and as for me who can confirm the effect actually in that way, I felt that it is easy to use, no fragrance type or this gentle scented feel. However, in this short period after starting to use Feel, it is true that effects like those realized with other products have not yet been obtained. I have not lost yet, so I would like to continue evaluating whether I will use it until the end and add it to my new collection.


May 22, 2017


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Although it is not certain, it seems that the company clerk better talk to you recently ...

To the end, I just feel like that. Compared to before.

Mitsu 32

September 08, 2015


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