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Love Attraction Feel for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Feel for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Feel for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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※ These reviews reflect each customer's personal experience. Please note that they do not guarantee you will get the same or similar result.
The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction Feel for MEN (Alcohol Free), which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

Other colleagues get a little tender

There is a reasonable effect.
Initially, premium was put on and not much effect was felt.
Iran Iran is the second time. Another colleague (both men and women) touched me slightly gently, because I was interested in me, perhaps it would be better to have a fragrance.

About 10 days wearing a feel, I do not like this odor much as it feels sweet, but turning on makes my heart gentle.
I have it every two to three hours.
As a result I feel that relationships with friendly female staff were even better.
I am going to drink home this month, but I say it's fun ♪ from her, I will talk about drinking home many times.
Also, bad female staff members have come to be able to talk by seeing my eyes once every 5 times.
Also, it seems there is a rise in body temperature, and the number of times that female staff go to the toilet when working in the same room.
I always say cold weather is hot.
Whether the volatility rises as the temperature goes up or not, all the female staff members had a good smile with a good smile all day long on hot days.
Children with a cold attitude in the morning gradually become more mild when they stay in the same room for one day.
I would like to try more type perfume that I can continue with my favorite odor. Because odor did not suit ☆ There are 4 ♪

Protein mania

May 01, 2016


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Comfortable fragrance ♪

Again, unlike cheap perfume, it smelled firmly, it brought me calm and calm!
Inevitably, cheap perfume is a small amount, scent often is not scented, it is too overwhelming, it smells cheesy lies.
However, as always on the site, if you keep on using it frequently and keeping the way you use it, the citrus scented scent always wraps your whole body. I have experienced the gesture that the woman is smelling the scent several times. Lol

Because it is not pear, I will not choose a place so it's okay if I put it on work. If you are worrying about what kind of goods, this product is recommended.
I think there are a few scents that fit the appearance.
Feel must match from the baby face to the deep moor of the moat. Why do not you try it once.


August 18, 2016


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Effect feeling!

I think that it would be a reference for perfume selection, I will post though it is a personal impression. First of all, just use perfume, easy to mind! Please discard the idea like. First of all, this product of men's perfume seems to contain 75% of male pheromone 25% female pheromone. As you can see from this, I learned a feeling close to love at the moment I used it. It is difficult with words but it is like Muramura? I think that my pheromone is secreted more and it is getting higher. I feel a sense when both people of same sex and opposite sex have favorable feeling.
I can feel confident in myself. There was also a relaxing effect. A margin was born for feelings.
In the workplace, I can work smoothly and comfortably with the same sex, and in private it seems that it has increased more than usual to be able to speak from the opposite sex.
The usage period is 2 weeks!
Weekdays use at work place!
The holiday was used outside! Inverse Nan Although it is an example, it was a result that it was two days and four clubs and six off-clubs. Even without Nanpa, I came from a girl. Well, it is not good to misunderstand because this result is not just by adding perfume. As part of self-polishing, I think that if I do not use it as a charm of plus alpha, I will not be able to realize how long it will be. It was felt that the perfume itself had an effect. The scent was a unique feeling like being in a flower shop and a sweet smell like a pear?
At first it was a flower shop! There was a habit, but when it warmed by body temperature sweet fragrance changed and comfort was also good.

Scent model

October 14, 2015


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Good for going out for drinks!

Although we used something without fragrance at the beginning, I tried this product because I wanted to try various things.
It is an impression that I used it at work, family, drink, and.
In the workplace, I got a comment that I started to put on perfume, but there was not any change at the time of no fragrance.
Although it says when it is a fragrance-free, but before and after adding a fragrance, it was a mistake, so it seems that there is equivalent uke.
Even my family did not receive comments, but I was born a strange feel obviously making it Kun. LOL
The most unusual thing is the drinking party. Everyone goes in to the shop before going out for drinks, which is not always the case, but I was able to suppress both sides by women at the timing of sitting or not sitting
I wonder if it is suitable for air in a crushed place. I'm sorry, I got drunk somewhat, I forgot to add in the middle of drinking, so I got a normal binge from the middle and I do not remember from the middle. .
I felt that I could seem to see a different world when I used various products in various patterns.


May 27, 2015


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Perfect for autumn

When attached around the neck, it has a refreshing scent like pear. Because it is a refreshing scent I can speak to women without being concerned with women even at work. Since I have women who are trying to talk to me something in the past few days, I think that it is effective as well.

Chunichi Fun fan

October 21, 2015


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it's recommended!

I used the most fragrance I've ever used!
I think that it is a fragrance that can be used regardless of gender. Unlike citrus fruits, the sweetness of gentle pear scents a little, and I think that this will not get in the way even if it is attached to work.
I thought that if a smell of acquaintance gets smelled, it will be snuffed and it will suit you as well! I think you can recommend it even in the summer.


May 27, 2015


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I will rejuvenate.

Feel that I purchased thinking to use perfume after a long time to see. Honesty I did not like men and women who are puffing the scent of perfume. I am worrying that I am going to be the same way. Personally it is convenient for the part that the sustained fragrance is relatively short time. I feel that the fragrance will become familiar soon, so I think it is good for those who do not want to be understood. And thought that this feel was instantaneous, I thought that it could produce a little youthfulness and loveness even with men, with a smell of stylish clothes shops and so on. Although it is about a week from using, I feel that the number of voice calls from women has increased, and I think that there is a change from the person who thinks it is cute, there is a necessary unexpected voice call. If you are using scents for everyday or men, I feel that the best is also the feel when changing the mood. My family also says "I smell nice". I think that it is counterproductive to smell strongly against disgust. I expect a little from this perfume even from an objective viewpoint. Although I want to avoid increasing rival, it is recommended (laugh).

Robin mask

February 08, 2015


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This might be amazing as well.

The other day, a woman who is interested in the workplace, going to work by two people for the first time! Strong married woman career woman who is usually stuck out! The story was a hard woman who only talks about work. Finish the work of the day and go to the convenience store on the way, suddenly, remembering the love attraction / feel, shoot it to the car! If you run the car a little bit, her eyes next door squeezed and snuck my suits! Today Somehow, you look like a man! Will you go out to play with me in the secret? And no wonder the inverse Nan! This power is not hampered!

Career woman is erotic

January 31, 2019


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Is it necessary to use properly?

I broke up with her who had been dating for about 10 months ago.
Then I got to know the pheromone perfume, I wish to make her without doubt as a precious high school life I thought that I tried the perfume of this pear this time.
I was worried about how much fragrance I had, so I used it at school, but it was quite hard to have a slight incongruity (;)

Because it is familiar scent, we recommend that you leave time ^ ^

Also, although it was evaluation of surroundings, it seemed to be divided according to the type of person.
Girls and carnivorous girls were notoriously reputed, but popular among (- genuine) lady type and herbivorous girls.
I think that the elegant fragrance of pear is still involved.
Therefore it may be better to distinguish according to the type you would like to like.


July 12, 2009


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I purchased Iran Iranian perfume before, but this time I thought it was refreshing and tried it.
What I felt with one push was that the smell was not so tight. I felt refreshing after all.
I actually got an opportunity to try it at Gokon.
The reaction of the female team was good, I became friends with one person, I was asked for a relationship.
However, I refused because the woman was not a type, but ... I would like to push this perfume again if there are such opportunities in the future.


June 19, 2011


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First purchase

I smell a little sweet tastefully. Although it was not a fragrance of my preference, it seemed to give a feeling of security to female people, and it became more likely to talk to me with a gentle smile. I think that it is in a workplace where there are many women.


January 26, 2018


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It might be the best ever?

This time, the first field challenge ♪

When I frequently reattach it, I feel that the two women are getting quite close and that the body touch has also increased from the opponent!

The smell is not too bad, so it's pretty good, so this is ♪


May 18, 2017


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I tried it

The odor of alcohol was relieved compared to what we had purchased before, and the fragrance of pear smelled a faint color. I feel that the woman's eyes are more gentle than ever before


June 15, 2011


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I used a fragrance, but I tried using it with scent also.
I felt it by blowing it, it was not a persistent scent like a hardship perfume, it was a light and fragrant scent.
If it smells like this, the impression that it can be used for both work and private.

I tried using it for one lap, but there is nothing dramatically like Mote Mote!

However, it is no doubt that the strange thing was that the human relations on the job became smoother than usual.

Assistant children who occasionally have conflicting opinions have come to me quietly. (It may be by chance)

Also, it seems to be effective not only for opposite sex but also for same sex.

I wanted to try this effect for a while whether this effect belongs to this perfume!

I think I will give it a try for half a year.


June 20, 2011


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Was it good?

I am interested in the fragrance of pear and I think that I think that it is just good for summer. Honestly when I arrived and honestly, I only thought that "this is the smell of alcohol," but as I was wearing it several times, I gradually became accustomed and seemed quite nice scent I felt it.
I had the opportunity to go to the comp so I tried on this perfume. I do not know how much effect it was, but I thought that I was able to speak positively with other people with confidence because I was wearing it and it was a nice scent on my own. This perfume is a very good scent, I feel relieved somewhat when I turned on, I felt confident in myself, I think that I tried using it. Thank you very much.


June 23, 2011


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Moderate, sweet scent is very good ♪

The sweet smell of "no wine" is a good perfume drifting lightly and freshly!
Before putting on, I thought, "If it is fragrance without pear, sweetness is tough?" I did not have that at all.
I feel that scent fragrant smells faint, without ocean makes me an adult man!
If I say the degree of effect, I do not yet make it a bit clearer ... But at the smoking place of the license school, I always have a woman to be with, but until now, Recently it got excited a bit more recently! Is this also thanks to pheromones \?
I feel that I like the sweet smell without pears, and I feel like I want to have a woman smell, so I feel that the distance is somewhat shrunken naturally. Women also do not feel so bad, so it may be effective.
By wearing your favorite smell, you can feel secure about saying confidence, so you can act boldly for that! Does it sound like a talisman? One disappointment, I feel short lasting smell a bit. It was a perfect score if it lasted a little more ...


June 22, 2011


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As I received it yesterday, what fragrance does it have without owing \?
I thought it was a shit with me!

Although it was not clearly a feeling of none, I understood clearly the sweetness feeling more than some of the previous products.
I do not know if there was any effect, but I got a dating conversation ~

I think regret is that the scent will disappear in 1 to 2 hours. If it lasts about 4 to 5 hours, it is still ◎ for the date!


June 12, 2011


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Good fragrance feels good!

Recently, I began to attach perfume, I have attached a lot of perfume until now, I love this scent. I think that the elegant fragrance without the thoroughness is very good.
The other day, I went to karaoke with my colleague at work and a woman sat next to me. After sitting for a while, "I smelled good, what fragrance did you put on?" Was asked. The smell of this perfume was as elegant and discreet as it would be fine to go to work but it was appealing to the opposite sex firmly. We look forward to the future.

Power stone

June 22, 2011


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Fruity freshness

It is a product that exquisitely matches fruity sweetness and freshness of pear!
I thought that this could be used regardless of TPO.
Also, when you want to relax at home it might just be okay!

Shirasugi State Haruka

June 12, 2011


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nice smell

I was wondering what kind of smell it is because it is not pear. It is refreshingly fragrant and I like my favorite. There are more conversations with heterosexuals than usual in the company and I feel the effect in the company. I wonder if the smell of scent is also affected. I do not insist too much, yet it has a presence ... I think that it is very good with such feeling.


June 17, 2011


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