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Love Attraction Feel for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Feel for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Feel for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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I like it ♪

Several lessons a week. There are many women on the spot.
Of course, I am not looking for women on the spot (wry smile) I am serious!

However, lately, elderly glitzy women came to be attached at a glance.
Even if I accidentally hit the woman and the body, I am on the spot.
On the contrary, I was embarrassed and separated.
One day after the lesson, the woman was invited to drink in the dark.
I doubted my ear, but I was honest and happy.
Then, several other women who were listening to it are said "I'm sorry. I want to go too!", And 4 women and a man are going to go drinking with me alone .
I'm confused because I have never had such a thing (^ ^;)

I'm a diligent person, I really worry about what to do (laughs \)
I think this is also thanks to this feeling.
What should I do? . .


June 08, 2019


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Better than vanilla musk

With my favorite sweet scent, I was looking for a different perfume than vanilla musk.
Comparison of fragrance (subjective only to the last \)
· Both smell sweet. There is no stickiness to the nose.
· Vanilla musk is rich and feels like scent has thickness.
- Feel has a fragrance like a floral system and it is simple.
Therefore, I thought that the feel would be suitable when I wanted the fragrance to be modest.
Feel 1 push enough in the room, vanilla 2 push in the destination.

Attention point (This is also subjective \)
· When fatigue is present or when the body odor of yourself is strong, it is unlikely to be effective enough to overturn negative factors. As usual the distance is set.
· Even if you are a person wearing a strong scent with opposite sex, no effect can be expected.


February 01, 2019


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First use with fragrance

Since there are likes and dislikes in the fragrance of perfumes, usually I used to love the type of fragrance such as love attraction no fragrance or love attraction · premium, but I would like to try using scented ones as well I tried to compare the differences and tried using the love attraction · feel this time.
Unfortunately when I was using this, I had no chance to meet a woman by chance, so I could not feel the effect, but I think that it was good for the scent of Feel. Although it was a slightly sweet scent than I expected, it was not persistent and I thought that the scent itself was not so intense.
As a personal impression I also received an impression like a pound cake with western sake.

Absolutely never give up

February 01, 2019


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At the beginning is not so much ...

There was no effect, but when I was sitting in the empty car in each train station on the train back from the company, there was a meeting with other routes on the way, people rode in. A young woman sits on both sides of her. A woman with more exposure also stood in front of her. Women are gathering only at my place when I look around. I do not think it is coincidence.
I also like the fragrance and refreshing.


February 01, 2019


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This might be amazing as well.

The other day, a woman who is interested in the workplace, going to work by two people for the first time! Strong married woman career woman who is usually stuck out! The story was a hard woman who only talks about work. Finish the work of the day and go to the convenience store on the way, suddenly, remembering the love attraction / feel, shoot it to the car! If you run the car a little bit, her eyes next door squeezed and snuck my suits! Today Somehow, you look like a man! Will you go out to play with me in the secret? And no wonder the inverse Nan! This power is not hampered!

Career woman is erotic

January 31, 2019


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I want to be obedient

When I felt tired of socializing such as company and private, I tried to use it as a review if I tried it and tried it for half. When I actually used it, I felt that my heart calmed down with a very good scent. Having relaxed up to now I was not very confident in socializing and I was not good at talking to people I now like talking with people very much. I think now that it was thanks to this that I gained confidence, that I became obedient to myself.


January 26, 2019


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In a moody scene

Dating etc. The usage attitude became soft in the scene of association with women


September 30, 2018


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No effect.

Like the last product, much effect is not felt right now.
This time I already have purchased one type, so I expect it.

Poldy ~! A

September 25, 2018


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Using 5 years

I have been using pheromone perfume since 2013, but at the beginning I just wore it, but now, in the morning, I wear it to the neck, I push twice a day and I am pushing in my heart This perfume has nothing to do with the age this time, before this, my 80-year old wife held hands, my 65-year-old wife was squeezed in my chest, but As my husband was in the living room, I stopped massaging my milk. When I meet next time, I will try to kiss my 80-year-old wife, 65-year-old wife, I will try breast mimi.


September 24, 2018


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It is a good fragrance

It feels like a sweet scent drifts.
There is not anything that has changed since now, but I will get better when I add it with my favorite scent, I would like to expect from now.


September 22, 2018


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Feel is easy to use without choosing a scene in various tests. I feel better just by having the refreshing pear scent. It may be good to use it with a perfume of unisex type. I feel that not only the effect on women, but also friendship with men has improved. A good day continues as the women demand more than before, and the treats to men. In addition to the effect of human pheromone, I think that there is also a result that the mood rises with the fragrance of perfume and it is active with confidence in myself. Please do not misunderstand even if you read this writing. Just getting the improvement effect to the last, ☆ I feel that someone who does not have one misunderstands it, but something like magic does not happen.

Scent model

July 20, 2018


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It is good.

I use it the most. I like it because I feel unworthy. This may be good for everyday attachment. Somehow.


March 18, 2018


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Find your own smell!

Thank you for the monitor. While I was there, I found my own smell and bought it regularly.

Feel was a scent that I do not like very much from the conclusion. It seems like an alcohol smell comes out all over if the smell does not fit.

Right now, my favorite fragrance is rose. Muzu and no fragrance are also attractive.

Well, although it is effective, first approaching a woman is no longer resistance (laugh). Communication distance with women is getting closer. Furthermore, the angle with women was over 90 degrees, but now it is less than 90 degrees. Incidentally 0 degree is frontal (laugh). The skin ship of the hand also increases naturally, it makes me touch from women, every day is fun.

I am also enjoying takeaways after work and meetings.


March 05, 2018


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Aroma is good

Against this product is a response. I also feel confident with my fragrance and confidence in myself.


February 26, 2018


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Distance to women

This perfume has become an aphrodisiac effect that brings people (mainly females) to himself. I began to speak positively from the woman, especially with my favorite woman shrunk the distance shrunk and I finally got to date with thanks. I would like to say thanks to "Pheromone perfume, thank you" with gratitude.

Chip & Dale

February 18, 2018


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First purchase

I smell a little sweet tastefully. Although it was not a fragrance of my preference, it seemed to give a feeling of security to female people, and it became more likely to talk to me with a gentle smile. I think that it is in a workplace where there are many women.


January 26, 2018


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good smell

I like it with a very good scent. There is a feeling of cleanliness, I have been repeating several times.


September 13, 2017


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It is gentle fragrance.

I tried with Iran Iran, Rose so far so I wanted to try new fragrances this time, and I bought it.
The impression is a very fragrant scent, I feel that it fits my own atmosphere.
The surrounding reaction is also good, regardless of homosexuality, as I got to talk to him often and chatting with each other, even people I met for the first time became friends, I could go to dinner too!

I am looking forward to the deployment in the future!


August 11, 2017


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Be active

The fragrance was a fragrance of pear and I felt sweet.
There was nothing to say about fragrance from the opposite sex,

Feelings can be more proactive, with positive attitude.
I would like to try other scents.


July 20, 2017


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Fresh and fruity

Try Love Attraction · Feel, First, the scent is refreshing and very good.
I think that comfort is good even for those with resistance to perfume without the unique feeling of perfume.
It seems that the distance has shrunk though it is slightly with the woman. Thanks to this perfume.
Especially if you do not use perfume, you will be confident in yourself and I think that you can have contact with opposite sex with extra margin.
I felt that the frequency with which women talk to me increased.
Also when you talk to me from yourself you can contact us with a different feeling.
Because it is refreshing scent, we recommend Feel if you use it frequently on a daily basis.
Of course I want to use the body and clothes in a clean condition.

Karma and secret are recommended as my impressions using other kinds.

deep red

May 29, 2017


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