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Love Attraction Rose for MEN (Alcohol Free)

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It was still the third day after I used the sample for free, but the scent smelled as roses as the name did. Night train congestion is also sparse due to night work, sometimes there are as few women as I do not expect, but I attach it before the morning riding at night and returning. I used the sample last time using Karma, I repeated it again, but I felt that the fragrance seems to be good for karma. Slightly in the evening by chance? Although I sometimes feel like there is a woman around by train, but I say that. I am trying to taste motemote with samples and purchasing, but I did not expect much, but I thought that it would be wonderful to decide by scent. Since other products are also worrisome, I would like to apply immediately if I sample it by chance.


September 09, 2015

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