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Love Attraction Rose for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Rose for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Rose for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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I am glad to use it.

I felt like having a long relationship with him and having a relationship with him recently. Every time I saw him I was feeling lonely with a feeling that there was no mutual feeling just by connecting hands. Initially I was not good at rose system and I was concerned about scent, but I felt scent a little casually and I thought that it was easy to use. First of all it worked on. Somehow the soup of the circumference became gentle and it became to be more than necessary to help you ... Maybe ... and when it goes to the hairdresser it is said to the hairdresser "I'm beautiful, is it love, love attraction?" Although it is the same as usual except as usual, a merchant who constantly looks at the face always looked at me and was smiled as "the atmosphere has changed." When I finally got to see him he was particularly dented with the same feeling as usual but as my boyfriend always got hurt as usual, he said "Let's be with you a bit." Recently I was happy that I was excited with excitement because I did not even hug. I want to try various things from now on.

Pink Dragon

July 26, 2016


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It is sweet scent!

As usual, I use the premium with my favorite perfume! Because the premium is no fragrance, I want to try other fragrances a bit, I tried challenging the smell of my favorite rose!

I tried using it in my workplace but my colleague said that it is a good smell ~ What kind of perfume is being asked! What surprised me more than anything was that a male boss who is always amused nico Nico and Everyone around me was surprised! This is probably thanks to Rose!

The scent is rose, but it is a bit more sweet than I thought. I like to refresh a bit more. I think that it is perfect for people who like sweet scent! Moreover, I feel more elegant than ordinary rose. It is adult rose!


June 26, 2015


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I was invited to drink from my superior!

There are bosses that I like, and when I used a love attraction · premium, the number of conversations has increased and I came to participate in drinking with my colleagues even though I was not the type I went to date.
Since this time Love Attraction · Rose was written as "Pheromone perfume to advance the relationship with heterosexually one step!", I started attaching it with a desire to shorten the distance with my boss.
Then, the number of times that I came to my seat and chatted with me was increased, and I became more aware of my eyes.
And finally, a mail saying "Do you want to drink this time?"
It's a busy department so the schedule is being adjusted, but I am also exchanging lines and enjoying private conversations.
We look forward to the future!!!

Pretty much

June 24, 2015


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Not too sweet

I like the scent as much as I can eat Rose 's supplements, but in the past I have failed a few times in fragrances.
It is such a strange sweetness that most of it is bad.
I was a little worried what I would do if it were so, but I was not too sweet enough to worry. At the moment I put it, alcohol felt strong and thought "Eh · ·", but it soon cured.
I usually use alcohol free, fragrance-free one, so it may seem that way.
The effect is not much different from that.
Anyway, the surrounding men are kindnessy, and my husband who was supposed to be irritated unexpectedly talks to each other (lol \)
Considering meals etc., I always want to choose something without fragrance for everyday use, but I thought that it would be nice even here for seated seats and the like.


August 01, 2016


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An elegant scent of rose.

I love the fragrance of rose, which is very elegant. Always with the premium. I can not release it because I feel that the interpersonal relationship is smooth. A special change with the opposite sex ... I expect from now!
As of now, geranium or rose is my favorite after premium.

De S manager

March 07, 2016


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Excessive effect

I used it to try various scent of pheromone perfume.
Love attraction · Rose imagined it was a bit different aroma, but it is a very good fragrance.
It's been a week since I turned on perfume, I wonder if it is the effect of perfume or by accident, recently even in the workplace I feel a gaze on the train.
I worry about something on my face.
Even if you ride the elevator, the man is gentle, and when you get on and off you will also give priority to you with a smile.
I feel that I can have a little confidence in myself by synergistic effect, I care more about clothes than before and I feel like I can walk forward looking forward.
The effect of the pheromone perfume is greater that it got confidence in myself than the reaction of the surrounding men.
I even think that I have not thrown away yet.
When I meet him, when I go with a perfume, I usually say I will meet next week though I usually see only about once a month.
Just because fragrance disappears quickly, I am reworked several times a day.
If you sell it with monitor size, I thought that I could try other easily.


June 22, 2015


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I tried it for 2 weeks ヽ (^ o ^) Ÿ

This perfume is patronized with Venus, Peach, Hyacinth, White Musk, Premium. There are many employees in my workplace, and there are various people with gender and age ranging from teenagers to 60's, so I think that if communication is smooth even a little, I use these perfumes properly depending on the opponent and circumstances.
This time I thought that a male colleague treats it as a woman a little more and I tried rose. I had a close relationship with him, but I was too fit for like a friend of the same sex. Even if I use Rose, I did not feel any particular change for a while, but since about 10 days of using everyday, e-mail frequently came, "Even if you do not see it as if you do not see it as air It seems to be understood (it does not seem to be understood by the fragrance of perfume) "" I am excited about something today "to be told. I do not think it is an effect of 100% perfume, but my mood also rises by wearing a pheromone so it may be that the way of sending the line of sight and the behavior behaving naturally became feminine ♪

Although it is a fragrance at the end, it was not the rose of the bright and gorgeous fragrance that I imagined, but it was a scent of a feeling like a powder type "chic lady". Is the persistence of the scent itself about 20 to 30 minutes? It is easy to use because it is not too fragrant even when used in the workplace.
If I direct myself to be feminine, I thought Rose was a pretty good product.


June 26, 2015


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He is different from usual

The smell of love attraction · rose has very goods. Although it says that the fragrance of rose often raises female power, I noticed that I was casually using my mind to make myself feel like a woman at my moment of attaching, even to my own actions and remarks.
He in the same department at the company. I am always in a bad mood in the morning, but when I tried putting on the rose, I was somewhat smiling and I was kindly touched by morning.
I also use secrets and premiums, but if you add secrets and premiums, he will say "I can not stand" and hug you. Rose is not that kind of feeling, for example, I felt like I had a fight with him for a moment or when I wanted to be kindly touched, I felt it was effective. Indeed, my confidence with a rose was also a calm feeling, so I think I will try differently in the future.


July 29, 2016


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It was unexpected that the fragrance was thin even if it was blown to the extent that there was no presence of rose first.
I could not use the fragrance due to work relationship, this place was premium only, so I wanted to purchase this rose that I used on my monitor this time.
The effect as a pheromone perfume could not be felt at the present time as it was because the period was small.
However, it was good that I could understand that there are fragrances that I can not claim.


August 04, 2016


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I feel that it resembles the scent of a secret. Maybe you might like to have a stronger scent of rose.
Although it was effective, I could not meet the opponent who wanted to make a relationship, I could not understand the effect, but I was told I want to start over again from the former curry that used to be me long ago lol
It is not the expansion I expected, but it seems there was an effect!
I will try using it even when I meet the next person I like!


June 25, 2015


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Sweet perfume

My boyfriend had been with me for 8 years.
I heard that the fragrance of rose will be a charm of love when it is in a bottomless state.
I wanted to look forward and got Rose.
I do not smell rose. It is a cute sweet scent. Feeling that feminine clothes look good.
The other day, I went to the hairdresser with a rose. About 20 centimeters of BASARI CLEAN, perming and coloring, I am on the way home with a refreshing feeling. I was hit by a college student on the train. Lol
I was very pleased with my very sorry feeling that I was stuck in Arasar with one foot. I can also find a new encounter! I feel like I will not miss it!


June 14, 2015


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Florist's scent

It is a scent with a thin secret.
I think that the secret is higher on the effect.


December 01, 2017


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Pheromone perfume is the second one this time.
First of all, I purchased Happiness because I like the men I care about and I like the scent of the garden.

Originally we were on good terms and I feel comfortable talking, so I felt like I was not treated like a female, so I tried to rely on perfume.
Even the work that I had been doing so far became able to call out "Okay?" And "Watch out!" (〃 ▽ 〃)

But I wanted to see it as a special woman more than that, so I used Rose 's perfume!

At the moment I turned on, it got a sweet scent, soon it became a calm aroma of the wood system, I feel like an adult woman ♪ Fun to react with this O (≧ ∇ ≦) O


No way long holiday (T △ T)

Since I can not use it, I tried it for myself.
I feel calm.
Under such circumstances, when talking on the phone, a remark made out as usual selfish (feminine seeming? Weak?) Remarks, we got comforted and we got cheering.
I think that perfume is a commodity that changes my self confidence and brings love closer even if the scent does not reach the other person.
I would like to try another scent next time.


May 29, 2014


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It may be that the interpersonal relationship with the opposite sex is good

I use it in the workplace of desk work.
I tried to put a small amount of this perfume as frequently as the instructions, but I feel like the opposite sense became a friendly word usage and the affinity increased.
There may be further changes as you continue to use it.
I am looking forward to it.
I would like to compare it with other things.


November 02, 2017


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The scent of roses

There was also a review with a cheap fragrance, but I felt it as a rosey scent. Although it may be a little light.
It was not because it used it because it used a lot, but it was not particularly effective compared with other pheromone perfumes.


October 07, 2012


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Favorite scent

Thank you for choosing this as a monitor this time.
Before attaching, the scent smelled from the container was different from the smell when attached. A little sour taste was felt when attached, but good fragrance Death.

I think that the effect is not bad, if called. Even when I became the first group in a practice relationship, men were interested in seeing thriller here, and women also gentle.
However, secret is still strong, is not it!
The men praised myself so much only when I pinched over lunch breaks (although they are not interested), the woman still touches me nico Nico Nico.
Also, there was another gathering at a later date, but again Rose thought that it was good for everyday use with a feeling that "it has a simple effect".
It is not disliked.
But I wonder if it 's a kanji like "aiming at me" ^ ^; Although the scent has also disappeared unexpectedly, it is a feminine and neat scent.
Recommended for people who do not have a specific partner, good fragrance + slightly effective effect.
Until there is nothing left to use, I will post it if there is any change.


October 23, 2017


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nice smell

Originally, perfume is a lot of hard things, I do not like it so much, it is a group that does not wear. A type that satisfies the scent of hand cream, treatment, and aroma mist. However, I was tired of the new relationships at work, and I bought it because it has a relaxing effect on me. Calm with a soft scent. I didn't have a habit of putting it back on, so I only put it on in the morning.
Although everyone is always silent. I don't know if it is a perfume effect, but I thought it would be good to put it on after work.


August 07, 2019


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I used it for the first time.

Add reviews and revise the evaluation ★ 3 → ★ 4 When you become accustomed to odor and feel like "nice" by yourself, the reactions around you also seems to be slightly different, but it seems to change .
I am tired, and when I turn it down, the tension will rise. I think that it is Yunker's way of using it.
When I thought that my grandfather Uke is good, unexpectedly the response of a high school student or a young child was also good. Maybe, personally, "grandpa" type reaction is good, in my case (- - ;;;

I like the scent of rose, so I chose this. When it sniffs, "Well, rose, this ???" is about, a scent unrelated to Rose. Maybe this is the scent of pheromones ?? \?
It seems that there are many people who have been tauting on, after wearing this, even if you put a perfume on hand, they do not scented jelly. Many people say that pheromone perfumes themselves will be ineffective in a couple of hours, but that is correct as well.

If it's OK if it is OK, I thought it was OK even if mixed with perfume on hand, mixed it, it was a big mistake. For some reason only the fragrance of pheromone is noticeable. Then, when mixed with body odor, it turns into a stench that does not get stuffy. And it does not quite disappear. So, put on a place that is difficult to mix with body odor, then put a handheld perfume or deodorant spray.
It seems that there was no change like this especially .... However, when I was wearing, my mental condition seemed to be fairly stable (especially seems to be effective when I face a person who is not good), that was saved.
Regardless of gender, people who were compelled, unresponsive people and, on the contrary, they separated from someone who was tinged off more than usual, so it was fun to observe.


August 01, 2013


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It became popular!

It has become indebted to!
I used to hire a cheating husband again, but I started to get married from the surrounding men!
I want to turn my husband again with this condition!


November 08, 2017


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I feel that it is not Rose

I do not know whether or not men's interest was caught or not, but I got friends for girls at the event I went out alone. (Lol)

I felt that it was not a fragrance of rose, and I tried using it while thinking that "it is not Nikki water, but an unpleasant smell," but when I hugged with my friend I said "I smell nice" I think that it smells good for now.
Immediately after attaching it smells pretty much even by myself, but since it will not be anxious soon, is it right? Because I do not want to become a perfume aunt lady. (Lol)

I just liked it, but I also want to try another scent.


August 21, 2013


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