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Love Attraction Sandalwood for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Sandalwood for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Sandalwood for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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Completely ...

Women turn around !!
There is absolutely nothing, no matter what you buy, no change.
It is too lie ... There is no clear data or evidence in general ... It would be better if you thought that it was a deceiving fee and a study fee.

Mitsu 32

August 01, 2013


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Well (bitter smile). Do you have a preference?

My favorite part may be big, but I was honest, I was not good at it. It was a peculiar smell of grass, or a scent of distinctive disgust afforded to my nose. As it was a reputation as refreshing feeling, it seemed that whether the item arrived incorrectly at the beginning or whether the contents changed at the temperature during delivery due to the seasonal pattern of summer. This is my first time and it was a little disappointing scent that does not fit.


August 26, 2012


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So bad

It was a bit different from the smell I knew. I think the probability that a man comes down is high (crying)

Justa Way

July 12, 2014


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This is a bit to lip

It is a tough feeling. There is a woman who received goods and attracted this time, and I am allowed to use it for the first time. Since I am receiving a feel while using it, I use this here first. There are no changes in the surroundings or changes in that woman. I think that the smell at the time of attachment is good. I do not feel the fragrance that I do not know whether it is attached in a few minutes. I wonder if the feel is better yet. I also have unused fragrance, so I would like to purchase others as well.


November 20, 2015


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Which perfume is good for me

Perhaps it is not fit for me that I did not feel any effect at all But maybe there is also compatibility with perfume


December 12, 2012


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