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Love Attraction Sandalwood for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Sandalwood for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Sandalwood for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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It was half-trusted ...

The reason why I decided to use this perfume is to look at various reviews, impressions, while wondering as "Whether it is true or not?", I'd like to try it myself for a while, actually use it Because I thought that I would not answer unless I saw it.
My way of using is one push on the neck (mainly near the decollete) and one on the wrist. After that, I rubbed it around the other wrist and behind my ear lobe.
There is nothing to be particularly worried about the smell.
There was nothing special for several days after the start of use, so I did not anticipate too much to say "I have not changed so soon, after all ...". However, it is unknown whether this perfume is the direct cause, but it began to be worrisome. It is "a gaze from a woman".
In my case, there are many train movements, but if I got stuck in a strap in the car, the woman standing right next saw the gesture that I care about something .
On another day, if you notice that you are standing again in a car with some space, a few women around you ... not doing anything differently but somehow getting closer to me and something I was smiling a scent of scent. A similar thing happened in a cafe where we go often.
This is not merely a misunderstanding, but since I have not had this kind of experience until now, perhaps it may work on women where this perfume can not be seen.
While wishing that these are not misunderstandings, I would like to continue to see the effect.
(Early 30's, male, office worker, love attraction · sandalwood)


August 30, 2016


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Is it for the first time

I had hesitated to purchase by checking HP from before. I usually favor Bvlgari 's Pour Homme but I guess I should try a bit (lol \)
I was lost as to what to make it, but I decided to do this. If you can sense the effect, I'd like to consider "Limited to over 35 years old".


February 01, 2010


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Is the scent ...?

I was worried about sandalwood, I tried it, but the scent is light feeling.
Although it feels a little stronger, it may be good for consideration toward those who are not good at strong scents or around them.


November 17, 2015


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Good touch

Even if the effect is seen by other people, it is impossible for perfumes that you are wearing and you feel uncomfortable ... I got the opportunity to use it on a monitor and tried using it.
The impression when I turned on was not too sweet and too sweet, I did not insist too much, it was an adult feeling. What I was concerned was the top note immediately after it got turned on, but I could recognize it clearly, but the impression is that middle note and last note are weak. Evaluation dropped a little around that.
Just by changing the viewpoint, I think that it is good enough to overlap because it is not strong enough to be worried even if it is repeated several hours later.
It is a crucial response, but I was not blessed to develop something I can brag about. However, there is a feeling that it raises my mood to some extent by putting on, and helps to facilitate human relationships.
It is saved because it allows you to try perfumes that you have never used, although it is a small amount if you win a monitor.
I'm happy to have a bottle of perfume with a small amount, normal amount (current), plenty and 3 bottles for people I'd like to try. Perhaps there are also quite a few who think so, I would like you to consider it.


November 26, 2015


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To drop my favorite younger woman

I think that I will use it because the lady of the intention is younger.


October 31, 2010


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Is not it incompatible?

I ran out of fragrance, but I did not feel much effect

So scented revenge !!


October 29, 2010


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I tried

I was drawn to the word younger than I tried.
I do not feel the smell very much, I think that people who do not wear perfume can be naturally worn.
The degree of the effect ... It is still about a week, so I do not know, but I want to show that it appears.


January 24, 2010


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If you do not have experience

Because there are many opportunities to negotiate with a younger woman in a sales position, we thought that if we could make a slight impression it would be possible to build a good relationship even after the contract, and we reached a purchase. I will try as soon as the item arrives.


May 15, 2010


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First time to use

I tried it for the first time arrived today.
It is a very good incense, but I feel a little fragrance.


August 13, 2011


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Mote moto in this?

Because I can not expect marriage even by older seniors age, because I have to say that because there are also tougher points in terms of age to say yes, I decided to look at word of mouth information.


February 26, 2010


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The fragrance did not match this time. Continue to try other scents.

Stay gold

February 04, 2013


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I am looking forward to something.

I happened to find it when I was Nessa.
Looking forward to it ~

Lion Heart

March 08, 2010


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First try

Recently I have not quite encountered but the effect is how much?
Expectations like this ☆


December 20, 2010


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It smells. . .

There may be things that I'm not accustomed to, but I felt bad for myself.
I think that there is a woman who thinks that she wishes to go out with her and she tried to use it for trial and when she got into her wrist and neck, she tries to talk to her and it feels like she dropped closer than usual.
I can not keep it until I go out. In addition, those who do not usually adjust their eyes too much would talk staring and talk and think that the person who was a tone of tightness had a slight soft tone or effect.
But, I feel like I became a tree somehow and I like citrus fruits or the like (laugh)


March 25, 2015


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this time? !

I bought two items of this hand up to now but the effect is unknown - it is this time it is good if there is an effect ......


April 06, 2011


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I wonder if it is too busy.

It seems that likes and dislikes will separate because it is a bit too refreshing scent.


October 09, 2014


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Expect effect

Because there are girls who are interested in the workplace, purchase. I expect it for the effect.


October 20, 2010


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I do not have a woman younger than her at work

I usually use it as a perfume.
I do not know whether there is descent.


April 14, 2010


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First time

I have purchased no fragrance or looting until now, but I will purchase it to try it.


April 08, 2011


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Adult scent

I have an adult scent. Maybe there is a little habit.


October 16, 2010


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