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Love Attraction Sandalwood for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Sandalwood for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Sandalwood for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction Sandalwood for MEN (Alcohol Free), which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

Moment period? Thanks to pheromone perfume?

It is the third kind in this product. I like Iran Iran as I am. Use your perfume to snack (regular shop \)
When I happened to sit beside myself saying "I get a nice smell" I put my chin on this shoulders and spoke to me forever. On the way home I was asked for a hug and even a kiss.
In other snacks, familiar female customers suddenly sat next to each other, and the body also talked closely to each other. Mochi, until the kiss, lightly on the way home. Is this because of the pheromone perfume?
I will continue to purchase it.
I am always carrying it all the time.


September 01, 2016


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Both men and women ...

I tried using sandalwood.
I thought that scent combines spicy and sweetness and it fits well in the summer. However, I think that the strength and sustainability of fragrance is somewhat modest. (I was rather thankful as I used it even in my workplace ... \)
Although it is the essential effect, as usual it still has favorable feelings from around. One thing I noticed was that it got me strangely gentle from the same sex.
I also would like to try other scents.


September 01, 2016


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For meals with juniors ...

I wrote that I was motivated younger, so I tried my best and did the secretary of a circle drinking party!
I have not spoken to my daughter who was interested, but I'm kind of spirited up with first contact.
I have set a promise to go to dinner at a later date!
Of course I still keep wearing pheromone perfume.
I have never talked to girls in the past until now, but half of my regrets as I know if pheromone perfume has such an effect so much, I'm expecting halfway for the future encounter!
Thank you for your pheromone perfume!


February 03, 2010


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It really became sex appeal of adults

Everyday I use premium and another favorite thing, but I tried it attracted by the word adult's sex appeal.
In conclusion, sandalwood seemed to like 30 to 40 units, compared with what 20 - 30 year olds used to use on a daily basis.
Furthermore, I am 30 units.
What I was saying was, first of all, was the image that the Hollywood actor was wearing?
It is such a smell that I became a more adult man.
The reactions of 20 young women did not change very much, but those of the same age and those of the same age come closer to come up ... Because the level of work is only women who are higher than 20, Even the level was high, and it was a hard time ... There were more than 30 women with sex appeal and a lot of skin ship, so it was a lot of fun to do everything!
It is awesome if you use it according to the person you meet.


November 24, 2015


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I bought it

I bought it as a prize for a bingo at a friend's wedding ceremony secondary meeting.
It is hard to purchase on your own, so it is recommended because it is funny as well.


February 23, 2010


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I was interested in pheromones and such placebo-like things from a long time ago and tried to buy the item with a doubtful doubt.
Together with the perfume you usually wear, trying out and feeling somewhat uncomfortable, I feel a gaze from a woman somehow ... I like movies and going to a video rental shop often, but only when I wear it I talk with a clerk ... I also like cafes, I often go to the women next door sitting next to me ... I guess it's going to be a lot of sitting next to me ... Though it may be unexpected, thanks to this product, Let's see.

Other effects?

May 15, 2010


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It is the last time I visited my business partner by using my love attraction · sandalwood the 4th visit.
She was going to sneak around the girls who were in charge at the department (late twenties), feeling somewhat that the tone was softer than before, as she came back to the parking lot, It is a souvenir, please eat it if you please, "I was handed over.
No wonder from a woman younger than 20 years old ... Is it just a social expression or just ...?
I think that I will give back at the next visit.


November 25, 2015


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I think that it is quite good.

There is something that attracts you with a slightly thin smell. At first, although there is a peculiar smell, I can use it without worrying after that, I think that I can have it merely by drifting.

Cancer cancer

September 05, 2016


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Good odor from a smell

I think that the condition of a good man first decides his scent.
Even so, I think that fitting is also an important means for seasons and time zones.
I am looking forward to this product.


February 18, 2010


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Maybe good

Woody odor smells faintly

First, I feel calm

My wife's bond density has increased

It is love love (^ ^)

A clerk of the company also

The smile has increased


October 14, 2018


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Sounds alright

The scent is sandalwood, but I smelled citrus (grapefruit). Although it smells nice, it smells alcohol at first, so it is better to leave a little more time than putting on immediately. The main effect is ... I could not get up to her! I do not mind, but I think it was pretty good. Also, the child of the same age is not only true to younger people, it was a good feeling!
But the best effect is that you will gain confidence in yourself if you turn on this. Thank you very much.


January 31, 2010


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It is a nice scent.

Thank you very much for your winning at the monitor.
I used citrus perfume so far, so I used sandalwood for the first time.
The scent feels light.
I have a lot of women in my workplace, there are many kinds of relationships, and I am in a position I have to put together so I have been in trouble.
I think that myself has started to look positive first when I started attaching this perfume. I can now tell you what I have to say.
I think that human relationships have improved a little better, I think that there was an effect.
Unfortunately, there is no happening with women as everyone else wrote.
If there is an effect around that, I would like to comment again.


November 25, 2015


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It was as expected.

Pheromone perfume has been used regularly from everyday.

It was also a pheromone perfume that was going out with her now, I used premium all the time, but I used to love the fragrance of sandalwood personally, so I tried it immediately.

I felt relaxed with a somewhat nostalgic scent. It is well received from her, I would like to continue using it when I am chilling in the room or before going to bed.

After that, I tried using it even once at the company, but I was pleased that young children in the affairs praised the fragrance at the drinking party, spoke conversation and having a good time.

It is a nice scent and my mind calms down so I always wanted to have it.

Happy birthday

March 30, 2018


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Even if the fragrance is weak, it has effect!

When I wore sandalwood for the first time, I felt no smell at all, I thought whether my nose got worse. Thanks to pushing 3 times, it seems there was a patchy effect immediately with the woman who first met that day that day! The effect seems to have been patchy? I feel a gentle fragrance of sandalwood after a couple of days It became possible to do. Because I do not feel the fragrance wears almost, sandalwood is recommended for those who "do not want to scatter the fragrance much, but alcohol smell of non-fragrance (premium) is anxious". Even if I reattach it to beans I will not notice it. I am also a premium enthusiast usually, but now I am continuing to use only sandalwood.


March 28, 2018


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First pheromone

It was this pheromone perfume that I bought for the first time in my early summer when I was born. When I meet a child of my favorite super-youngster, I have been able to attach always, for about four months · · · Now she is not just a girl I admire.
It became an official lover!
I walked with the pheromone perfume and I remember the days when I fought hard. Before seeing her and spraying every time you enter the restroom, the summer when you wore a pheromone. Even if one season is over, I continue to pheromone. To keep nurturing affection with important lovers ...

Nozomu Fuchigunmon

September 21, 2010


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It may be a little scenty

I have continued to love the products of perfume laboratory and have been repeating for over 5 years.
Until now, I have enjoyed various fragrances for business, date and season according to the scene and season.
More than anything, any fragrance is gentle and my own feeling calms down quite well, I feel better or confidence is the best effect.
Well, the first time I tried this product was a slight scent.
I like the scent itself as a refreshing summer like feeling of sandalwood.
I felt that I could use it with confidence in those who like light fragrance, business scenes and meals, even when I care about them.

Large sky

June 14, 2017


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In the previous Perfect Love it was a fragrance-free one, so I thought that the products that were scaled according to purpose were interesting and wanted to try it


May 10, 2010


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There is a relaxing effect

I use it in an oppressive person, an oppressive place where I am under stress. It is good to relax with scent. Regarding female reception, I do not have any intense effect yet, but I think that it is great to have a relaxing effect.


April 03, 2018


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Fresh scent

When opening it a faint scent of faintness. Vanilla musk had a little insistence, but this seems to be problematic when used from everyday with a refreshing feeling. I felt that the response from some people was also good. However, it seems that the scent flies faster.


June 15, 2017


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Please listen younger

When I was looking for something effective for a young woman I just found it and decided to purchase.


February 09, 2011


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