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Love Attraction Sandalwood for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Sandalwood for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Sandalwood for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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I came up to the body

I have tried a couple of things, but this is the best job on the job. If you use it up to this point, it seems that the relationship with women is unquestioned and it is a wonderful effect compared with before use.
I also got confidence.
I was surprised to hear the shoulder briefly from behind by my boss the other day but I am glad that lots of skin ship has increased.


March 23, 2016


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It is going well.

There is a woman who is worried about her workplace and I go to work with sandalwood arrived immediately. Because fragrance is not hard, it can be used even in the office. Well, what is her response? Usually she is a clerk who rarely comes to the work site, but it is casually going in and out of the office after wearing sandalwood. He came to make us. The distance when I'm talking is so close that I will touch my arms somehow. There is effect! It is going well. We made a promise to eat together. Also, other women will be in a very close distance or talk to them. It became easier to work. Everyone please try it.


November 26, 2015


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Somehow, myself different from usual!

When the product arrives, it smells the smell, something is different from the perfume so far. I was drawn into this perfume for a moment.
The next day, I took a train after a long absence. Of course, with this perfume. When I got on the train, the time zone was evening, so the high school students who came home were on board.
In the train almost full, I was standing by a high school girl who had plenty of time to spare.
Then, about a couple of minutes after the train started to move, this girls high school students closed suddenly the mobile phone they were using and turned their faces towards themselves.
I turned my face in spite of myself, my eyes met.
Because the eyes met at a fairly short distance, there was also a bit of a puzzle, but when the eyes met, the child looked like a smile, so I think that nature and myself have also relaxed.
After this I did not have anything in particular, but I think that my eyes from my younger age were more than usual.
By attaching this perfume, I think that it would be a chance to get confidence in myself.


January 23, 2010


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To a different type from premium

I used to pretty common premium, but I tried it.
I do not have a strong aroma, I forget to attach in a good meaning, I think that it is easy to use even at work.
There is a woman of the workplace, a type of a very friendly type, but the distance is much closer than usual, standing next to me and naturally touched body touch from over there.
Also, as women worked out something at work, they often got help from me.
I also thought of trying other fragrances, but as with premiums, it certainly makes a good impression clearly for some reason, but I feel that the incense type will change the type of women with effect.


November 17, 2015


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Use for the first time in a week? !

Currently 34 years old, I got divorced four years ago, I did not go well even if I married, I thought about using this product from the impatience that I must manage somehow.
I tried using it immediately after the goods arrived.
I was worried about what kind of smell it was, but I was relieved with a refreshing smell with a little scent and no smell.
Change for the first time in a week ... Changes ... I was invited to a woman in my office during a break, "Will you go for breakfast next Saturday?"
It is a woman who has met her face many times, but I was surprised because I never had such a thing.
What is even more surprising is that I am 22 years old woman 12 years younger than myself.
Of course, reply is okay, I'm looking forward to the promise of next Saturday.
The rest of the perfume is getting less and I'd like to purchase again for the date.


April 02, 2015


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This fragrance is nice!

I often use "premium" because of "why double is still attractive" and "I do not want to think that it is wearing perfume", but this sandalwood is a very refreshing scent, very embarrassing I thought it would be nice! Is not it persistent with a casual fragrance, feeling like "adult scent" with goods!
It is also recommended for those who shy something fragrant for some reason like me!
There is not anything noticeable about the essential effect yet, but I think that it is undoubnful for someone who tried other things and proved effective (I also do) (laugh). If concrete things happen, we will report again!


August 31, 2016


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I felt the effect

I immediately went to work. I used sweet attractions for some time, but the women who passed each other, looked back and the effect was felt. This time, sandalwood joined, I myself had a feeling of calm. Today, I heard that the youngest female official in the workplace (the department was also different and there was no conversation) "I smell oo, what are you wearing?" "I do not have anything on it, is not it old age odor?" "Oo does not have an image of his uncle, rather it is an image of an adult male". It was a day I realized the effect of pheromone.


January 17, 2010


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It is a good feeling.

Until now we have only purchased fragrance-free products, so this time it will be the perfumed perfume for the first time. As expected, it would be better to have a fragrance than no fragrance. I felt a little adult this fragrance.
I decided to purchase from the feeling that I would get along with her, but it is an impression that it had the same effect as that of non-fragrance. I thought that there is no big difference when comparing the strength of the effect with the fragrance and the scented. Then I think that person would like the smell of that person. However, since it is a fragrance to the extent that I do not mind even if I repeat it repeatedly, I was the best feeling there.
Although it seems that one of the laboratory is also examining, I think that I would like to buy a fragrant person not a fragrance but a large fragrance-sized item. As there is only a small size yet, I have not decided which one to repeat with no fragrance and scent if this is gone, but if you have not been smelled, which one you are lost If there is, we recommend that you try to buy fragrance once for testing. The size is also very convenient to carry, fragrance is also not tight, I think whether it will be very helpful.
For my hope, I want you to make a big size experimentally, because it is fine to have a popular fragrant perfume for a limited time. I guess many people will buy it. Also, since the fragrance of this perfume is a fragrance to receive everyone, I definitely think it will not be damaged if I try it with this. It is my subjectivity, but I felt that way.

Black pen

January 24, 2010


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Honorable fragrance ...

The aroma essence smells slightly and makes me feel calmer myself. I used to use geranium before (although it is still), but it has an effect on an unexpected woman, this time I tried to make sandalwood with the intention of dropping a woman.
In the company, there is no scene to express men and women quite often, and I use pheromones like this in this way and I am enjoying the bargaining which is not word. Gesta-conscious gestures and so on ... Although the effect is not clear yet, I also expect unexpected effects!

Middle age like aroma

March 22, 2010


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I was not good at women. Even though I said somewhat, I thought that only ikemen likes women.
After using this product, I became able to build a good relationship with a woman, I felt joy as a man. Thank you very much.


December 10, 2017


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I wanted to raise the tension

I wanted to increase his tension, so I used it as a secret.
I attached, but I was wearing it, but since it was my first date in a while, I wanted to get rid of the manners.
He was not very much enthusiastic about going out because he was busy with work and also continued to fall a bit, but the day we used this perfume was different from usual.
I could not express it well since I first saw her, but what I was saying made my expression clearer.
It was brightly felt all the time, and it was a fun and exciting atmosphere.
She seems to understand that she is feeling uplifted by herself, "I do not understand somewhat," but he repeatedly spoken lines.
It is usually passive grazing kun, but on this day it was a carnivorous tendency. I was glad because I like people who come to visit so much!
He seemed to be puzzled by his change, but I was hurt in my mind because of the cause I thought (lol)

Strangely enough, however, I could not feel the fragrance of perfume so much.
I wanted to feel a different scent, I chose a scent that is not for women on purpose, but is this also related to the proportion of pheromones ??


August 22, 2016


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My favorite one!

One of the pheromone perfumes you tried some!
It is a favorite with a refreshing scent different from citrus fruits.
The fragrance of sandalwood feels just like mature.
Since the citrus scent is commonly used for antiperspirant spray, I feel cheapness, but this scent is exactly perfume, convincing!
Even if it says perfume, it is not a scent of fragrance, but it is fragrant to a faint order, so I can refresh myself, so I am using it when I am tired or want to change my mood.
The effect as a pheromone perfume is not good nor bad and it maintains the present condition.
A very normal relationship may be happy. Since I became able to talk with my favorite woman on a private topic or a different conversation, I am confident that I would like to be yourself so that this relationship will develop further.

One half

January 11, 2010


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I am a calm smell!

Because there are many opportunities to come in contact with a variety of people, occupation patterns, I mainly use it as an etiquette rather than saying "I want it!" (I also have that kind of feeling, of course, lol). Aroma, at first, the scent of the forest system is conspicuous, but as time passes, a faint sweetness seems to be joining. I like it because it is very fragrant scent. Moreover, it seems to have a good impression not only from the opposite sex but also from the same sex. As healing scent, I feel calm and I feel like I can tenderly touch anyone (laugh). You can expect good results for both your opponent and yourself with a positive synergistic effect. Recommended in various scenes!


November 25, 2015


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Conversation (^ ^)

I was wondering what I could talk with my wife very soon, but I spent more time talking abruptly from around a week when I took out sandalwood and I got to be joking. I would like to continue for a while.

Jumbo dream

November 27, 2015


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At first I thought it was a scent of smell ...

It is a scent full of cleanliness when you think carefully.

I am neat and calm even myself.
There was effect. A drunken woman came close to her chest in the train and did not leave until I came down.

Soon 40

January 11, 2010


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Sense of cleanliness and good fragrance

Because it has patented perfume, it is still purchased.
I am trying various scents with this time.
Sandalwood is nice. It is my favorite fragrance.
I feel refreshing without feeling a sense of cleanliness.
I always go on to work and experience the reactions around me.
It's a nice atmosphere, so I'd like to continue using it.


June 14, 2010


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The effect was realized! !

Until now I did not want to smell the perfume smell very much, I had not attached much, but this perfume had little smell so I was able to attach it every day.
And that is the effect ....

I became able to talk to a woman who liked her favorably at her work place.
Not only that, I have never been to a meal together, but I could date it twice in a week since I started attaching this perfume.
I did not anticipate this perfume too much to say clearly, but now I feel that there is a magical power.
I will keep on attaching and I want to drop this woman.


January 31, 2010


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Is this effect?

I tried it in many workplaces where there are many younger women.
Although I was expecting to try the effect, only at such a time, I had few opportunities to meet my favorite lady ....

But it certainly seems to be effective. It is strange feeling that other women began calling themselves as "○ ○ san" instead of their last name.
It was a relationship like a joke like a favorite woman, but recently it is feeling awkward because I am conscious of each other. I remember the time of my first love, and I'm expecting that it might have been this kind of feeling!
I still need time to put out effects, results, but it seems that there is no doubt that I am working positive. Everyone, please look forward to the report.

One half

February 01, 2010


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It was a little different.

I usually use Iranian Iran or double concentration, but my sandalwood who joined the monitor this time was a gentle fragrance. Although the woman's woman does not say it is a nice scent, the opportunity to speak from the other side in addition to everyday conversation has increased as I can talk calmly than usual on the day when I wore this. I think that there is considerable effect to calm people.

Be on time

April 03, 2015


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Good feeling (* · ∀ · *) ノ

Since I had a woman who was curious this time, when I wrote this perfume and talked to you, suddenly I got an answer of OK to the invitation of a date (* · ∀ · *) ノ And the contents of the date from the other side In the evening I decided to go drinking ...

Closing the day It was quite awfully dated with a close sense of distance! Content is okay, I leave it to your imagination ... This perfume is amazing (^ ^) Please try it out ...

Jack of all trades

March 28, 2015


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