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Love Attraction Sandalwood for MEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Sandalwood for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Sandalwood for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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I'm worried about my eyes

The scent of sandalwood is also effective in calming your feelings.
As I looked at it during my work, I was very worried about the glances of female employees at the customer's office.
I felt different than usual.
I was convinced that it was a love attraction.
I want to try a different scent.


October 02, 2019


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Report on Love Attraction Sandalwood

Thank you for choosing this monitor. Thank you.
As for the impression of Love Attraction Sandalwood, when I tried it during a date, I started talking about what the other woman hadn't heard and was quite upset by the influence of the pheromone.
Saffle was made with this perfume.

Upset woman

October 02, 2019


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I like this scent!

Even I am not good at scented, I am fascinated by the refreshing scent.
I always use a premium, but I think it's also good for my personal change.
I think it's a wonderful scent at the moment you put it on, and a scent that comes naturally when you put it on.
Some people wonder if the reaction at the workplace can be spoken to by young women without much errand or that the distance is getting closer.
I think it is effective, so please try it if you are interested.


September 27, 2019


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Moderate scent

I am not good at smelling perfume and have never put on perfume until now, but the premium is unscented, so I used to have a premium.
I just wanted to try a scented thing because I wanted to cheat the smell of perspiration with perfume because I was sweating a little with my work pattern.
I thought that there was no scent I liked, so I decided to try sandalwood for the time being. The scent of sandalwood was not a tight scent, but it was a good scent.
Until now, I was worried about the relationships at work. The atmosphere of the workplace was bad because of disagreement, but after trying Sandalwood, I feel that people around me came to me with smiles.
There are women who are interested in the workplace, but since they are not usually close, there is no change in the perfume effect, but I want to go closer and expect the perfume effect I think that I want to use it from now on.


September 26, 2019


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It ’s strange!

I tried sandalwood this time.
In addition, I own exotic and ylang ylang and use them properly according to the mood of the day, but so far sandalwood may be the best reaction around!

First of all, the smell is a modest impression compared to the other two, but it is a good scent of your favorite incense (?).
Since it is not attached at work, it is exclusively for private use. Since there are few opportunities to try it, I tried a night shop.
The result is that the other woman gets sticky enough to be surprised (surprise)!
Although you should have been younger, everyone who is older is closer, frank, and will hug you.
What is it! (Lol)

By the way, there was a person in mind (it was a clerk at a certain store), and I tried that child as well.
As a result, the reaction is clearly different.
The first time, at an angle I could not see, I took a deep breath secretly and noticed that the nostril was spreading, but anyway it was closer than before!

There was also a day when I had been sticky.
Recently, the brightness of my eyes when I look at myself is different, so I feel that it is natural that I have a favorable reception.
I would like to continue to use this pheromone perfume as I hope to deepen my relatives and get someday.
There are too many strange things!

Selfish man

September 17, 2019


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It's amazing

Wearing a love attraction sandalwood on the back of the neck and ears and on the wrist, I went shopping and met a rainy day.


September 16, 2019


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I got a present

Recently, I was wearing this perfume every day, with the feeling that the woman has no connection with the woman and also scorching the straw. Then, I became interested (although I was married), I got to talk to you well, suddenly got a present personally personally. I feel that this is effective only because something is effective. I think I will see a little more.


April 03, 2018


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If it becomes the strength of marriage

Although I have purchased another item in the past, since consecutive defeat was continuing, I thought that it would be a good direction even if I could do it a little. Because smell was not strong (as a matter of course a lot was attached) lol But since we meet each other for the first time .. Neither did we get connected to answers, but there seemed to be differences in feeling by the partner depending on the product I do not know if the story was spoken or not ..w I will continue to polish my own while trying various products.

Evil Moon Night

March 31, 2018


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Maybe I can go

I usually use a white musk, but I thought that I would like to try out something different.

The smell was not so strong as I thought, I liked the reasonable feeling very much. I do not know the extent of the effect yet, but I was turned back and forth several times by women.

I'm looking forward to the future.


March 30, 2018


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I want to protect Final

Today is the day of farewell party for fellows who retire at retirement age and retirement at the end of March. This farewell party was an annual event of our company hiring more than 400 employees. I was not able to talk with her who changed department in the personnel department, it was a lonely day, but today I thought that I could talk with her with this scent today. I found her who was instructed to prepare at the venue. I am doing my best. How about having a meal while talking slowly this time. She said, let me hold a letter. "Please read when the thanksgiving party is over. "And left back to preparation. In my words my heart like a boy. Even if the thanksgiving party began, it was in "not in the mind" state. (I do not want her to invite her from her.)
However, the thanksgiving party also advanced, the name of the retiree including me was called, and when all came up to the stage, I suspected my ears when I heard the name called at the end. It was undoubtedly her name. I think that each person talked about "for the sake of the company" or "for the sake of myself", and I also said that I worked for the company for 40 years. (There is no memory at all.)
And finally she said "I will leave this month for personal reasons. thank you for everything that you have done for me. All the people got out of the stage saying. She bowed lightly to me who fell first and disappeared into the waiting room. I remember the letter from her and when I read the letter in the toilet, "□ □ Assistant, I do not like myself getting ruined like this. When I first met with the assistant, I was the manager of another department and my father at lunch buffet. Dinner when you dinner. And I am afraid that the feelings will increase more and more until today. As long as I am in this company I think that I will cross the line of assistance □ □ and the last one. I decided to leave this company because I do not want my family to be unhappy. It is my last selfishness. Please do not search. In this letter I realized that "this fragrance was so effective that she falls down in one more step." I will also try this scent at the second workplace after retirement.


March 30, 2018


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It is recommended for people who are not good at strong scent

Always use Rose and gardenia. Beginning with Rose, when I was concerned about other fragrances, I was recruiting monitors for Gardenia and so I won a prize. The scent of gardenia, unlike the fragrance of rose, is a refreshing scent, I used gardenia and rose properly according to the mood. Even this time, I got interested in a different aroma soon, I applied for a sandalwood monitor. The first impression that we won the prize this time,

There is no fragrance!?

There is no scent at all, there is a sweet scent in a faintly, it is a very good feeling!
It became the third perfume. When using perfume, it tends to become stronger scent due to too much attachment, but it may be reset using this ^ ^; (privately \)
It is recommended for people who prefer perfumes that are not strongly fragrant.


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Refreshing fragrance of sandalwood

It is my first impression that I thought that it was a comfortable smell when I tried using it. Sandalwood was fresh and very good, as it often adds a sweet smell of perfume. I wonder if the effect side will emerge from now.

deep red

March 28, 2018


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Something good feeling

I usually buy fragrance free regularly, but I tried trying to worry about sandalwood this time. First of all, I got the impression that there was no kick but a moderately sweet scent felt naturally. I was thinking that this sandalwood effect was able to speak from a woman company woman who is not good at all and to talk without discomfort.


March 26, 2018


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I think it's good.

I feel a smell continues, I feel that it gives the impression that the other person does not feel strange, and it is becoming a stimulus connected again to the next reunion?


March 18, 2018


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I was not good at women. Even though I said somewhat, I thought that only ikemen likes women.
After using this product, I became able to build a good relationship with a woman, I felt joy as a man. Thank you very much.


December 10, 2017


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I feel a smell like alcohol slightly on the first touch, but I do not care about myself.
I feel that the pheromone effect is good for the textile.
Even on the train I noticed that only women are gathering around when you notice it.


June 26, 2017


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I think that it is natural feeling.

I also think that it is nice feeling also here, although it is also incense free.


June 14, 2017


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I tried it

Beginning with no fragrance, I tried various kinds. It is "sandalwood" that I have not tried yet because I am interested.
We got advice for customer support as well, but we made "white musk" a classic staple, but I really wanted to try it if you were watching everyone's impressions.
Although it is actually used, although it smells the smell before attaching it, what is a wonderful smell while doing a smell like incense sticks? What a strange smell, but a calm adult who is not a floating smell It is a smell.
I tried using it for about 2 weeks. Spray on the armpits and side. Twice, before work in the morning and when you leave the office after work. In the train, I did not understand the imaichi reaction, but the feeling that a woman is kinking. While I worked, I used to ride around with a woman 's colleague and a car, but I was squeezing the thyme.
In freshness it is white musk, I think that it is sandalwood that fits my age and atmosphere.


June 11, 2017


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At the golf course.

Although the item arrived and I participated in the golf competition the next day I participated in the golf competition, but because I was self, I did not attach a caddy, but I felt a bit disappointing but half-finished and I was eating at the clubhouse, a sister of one-on-competition recruitment got closer I came and could talk for a long time.
I handed out my business card on the way home and I will be waiting for you to contact me later (lol)


June 05, 2017


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A very good scent

Sandalwood makes my heart calm down and it is a very good scent ^ ^ The effect makes me feel calm.
I got a bit more calling from a woman!

Protein mania

October 09, 2016


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