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Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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Finally finally I could verify o (^ - ^) o excited

Secret of longing

The result was good but the smell liked and disliked by the fragrance was clearly separated so we wanted to avoid the failure and he was lost in purchase.
The first impression of having it reached at hand and sprayed on the neck resembles romance ... I imagined Obasan 's cheap scent that my head would hurt so I betrayed it in a good way.
The fragrance which was sprayed on the neck and an hour passed is wonderful.
Day 1: The first impression was the fragrance of romance, but frustrated with the calm aroma when familiar, it got frustrated.
Day 2: I tried it at work at once, but somehow I got a cake of a cake shop popular with my boss just for me, so I bought a lunch for lunch, but I went out alone at work but a man at work Three people were already eating at the shop, so they bowed away at a place and sat on a table away from them so they asked me a voice before they finished lunch! I went out in the store and I was surprised to say that men 's customers are being accustomed to the shop when the meal ended and the accounting was done.
Thank you for returning to the office floor immediately and thanking them but the person who accounting was one of the three senior employees (^ ^ \)
It was a one push in the morning at the left earlobe, one push on the premium left earlobe.
Day 3: Leena has a happy aura from a senior employee of a woman! After all it is told during lunch break that I am an aura! I am listening and listening to me ('▽ `)

Brand perfume is also wrapped up and there may also be a scent with this, but it may be a commodity that does not disappoint the secret expectation.


February 10, 2016


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The power of scent

As I mentioned in the introduction to this perfume, I tried using "I want to keep his heart alone" ++ I like the sexy fragrance. I feel like an adult woman above a notch.
Although it is about the effect, I think that there are individual differences, but I was a side effectiveness ^ ^ The other day, I participated in a new year party at a friend 's house with my favorite people.
When he is in multiplayer he is not usually entwined so much. (↑ The boyfriend is not a title and it is a complicated relationship so she is supposed to be a secret; \)
However, on this day I went on with perfume, I feel he is always next to me. Moreover, at the short distance where the body can touch. It may have been thought that from a surroundings "Are you dating?" ^ ^; Even when I left my seat to wash my hands, he came from behind and caressed me cuddly.
Next time we went to play with two people this time but it seems that his atmosphere is softer than usual.
And I could see his smile more than usual.
On my parting I was stroking my head ... Most of all, he was more aggressive on the bed than usual
It also makes me feel a little relaxed. .
I remembered the explanation of this site "Iron Iranian smell ..." to stir the bridegroom's lust.
Anyway, I often thought "I'm better than usual".
After all the power of fragrance is amazing. Double attack of scent and pheromone. I liked this perfume quite a lot ☆ I do not love plunder love ... haha ​​I definitely want to lipipate!
And I hope someday that I can become a "girlfriend" with him.


January 21, 2010


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I will not go on everyday.

Superimposition of secret and premium.
Thanks to you and your relationship is favorable with people you love !!
On the day I wore a secret, I planned to do it with just the insertion, but I crossed the line with my favorite person.
Is it thanks to the secret?

I was thrashing hard,

Thank you very much!


September 04, 2016


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The first one blowing thought that the smell of the secret felt like the smell of the barber's shop and thought that it might have failed but as I was using it, I felt that the way I feel changed and I felt a good odor .
The effect of pheromone is still not good, but I liked this smell because it made me smell like this.
I will report it when the effect comes up.

There was an effect, my husband got as gentle as I was surprised. I came close to it, scented it, I started shopping together, (I did not get tired of it until now)
It's 21 years since my marriage, so it was a mutual feeling of air, but love came back with itchiness.


July 07, 2016


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Awesome effect

It was a feeling that he was somewhat obscure from the time when my association touched over a year and a half, and that there was no choice but to date.
I tried a big fight on those days and told me to keep a distance from him, but I purchased this perfume with the desire to grab the straw rather than want to keep distance.
After purchasing I promised to meet him and talk to him again, I watched a perfume and met.
Then he was gentle, invited me to go to the hotel from the hard work hard and asked a lot.
I only thought that it was awesome effect only one week passed since fighting.
Then he wants to see him, he wants to hold him every week, I will meet next week.
I felt a gentle, loved, perfume effect.
And when you put a perfume on the company and what goes you will go to dinner from your boss. It was extremely attractive, I was told to marry a person like you.
I decided to stop putting it on the company.
I think that I would like to be loved a lot when I meet with him not to kill the perfume from now on.
I think I want you to think that you were deceived really.

Be pretty

February 19, 2016


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I was confessed

I thought that it was absolutely impossible and he was unrequited, and he began to be invited to dinner, and after a month I was confessed "I became sudden".
I would like to continue using it for amulets that will keep on making friends from now on.


April 29, 2010


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The effect is too amazing. Herbivorous boys also become carnivorous.

It is the scent of adults.
It is a fragrance of a mature woman who has never been attached.
I got a bit drunk to smell with myself attached.
I smelled the internal organs when I smelt it.
Is it because alcohol is foolish \?
I think I will use this after accustoming a little with fragrance. I will verify and report again.
//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////

2013.07.13 <It is re-posted> Actually used in front of a husband, I will report it because it was an amazing effect.
As I saw the actual reviews, the secret was amazing, so I was scared just because I was scared even if there was too much reaction.
I thought it would be fine during the holidays and I tried it before shopping for dinner tonight. If so, in the midst of choosing items, it sticks to me behind me, is it somehow protecting me? Although it is typical of herbivorous boys, it became a carnivorous boy.
I hope it is a husband, but I thought that it is dangerous if I think well before attaching it.
I think I will quit at work or at work when commuting.
Actually, the fragrance was too sweet and I was cranky, but if I change so much I will only make 1 push and I will try it only for my husband.
Next time I would like to try with premium + secret.
People who like the place that I can regard as anything with this person, the scent is pretty sweet, but the effect is truly amazing so I want you to think that you were deceived by all means.
I am happy if it becomes reference of those who purchase.


July 10, 2013


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Effective ☆

I was able to associate with the person whom I admired ^ ^ I think that this is also thanks to perfume!


May 16, 2010


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It works!

After all, I feel like I'm motivated when I turn on this.
I will repeat again!


May 10, 2016


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After all it works

Repeat purchase I love this scent and I want to sniff many times

I get enchanted by myself

The effect is also amazing, it is quite a teaser and it is cheerful, it's perfect for the direction of the night as well

Just being too effective it also required self-control (lol \)
When I am not yet looking for that relationship, I use a different scent


March 29, 2016


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In a better relationship ...

I have used premium, venus, romance, opportunity, secret until now.
Fragrantly as I am in order of romance, opportunity, secret, venus ... But someone who is a little nice feeling now is 12 years younger than younger and 15 years younger than me, so when I meet Venus and premium together was doing.
Thanks to that, people younger than 15 years old became obsessed with me, but since I was a 12 year old junior person as a favorite as me, his feelings were not clearly understood so clearly, I went to see him after a long absence with a high secret of.
Since I had only a short time, as I was rarely able to meet, I was thinking that I only wanted to talk but, no matter how much time I got to the hotel ... Very gentle from the beginning to the end so H was also furious I think that it is certainly thanks to the combined use of the secret and the premium.
When I can meet from now on, I always want to attach a secret and premium, I will do my best to make his heart wish for me little by little.


April 15, 2013


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Perhaps it was the most effective!

I used a premium, so I had a very effective effect so I tried using a secret.
I like the scent of ylang ylang very much, so it was wrapped in a very good smell the moment I put it on.
Since alcohol is included, I thought that I would be better if I saw someone I liked and did not fit it immediately.
(It is good feeling before 10 to 20 minutes ago)

I recently thought that if I dropped in immediately after putting a perfume, I was told that I do not smell of liquor and it was kind of overdone.
I thought whether half push was enough more than one push.
I am spraying on the wrist behind both ears.
When you add a secret, how to ask him becomes aggressive!
It became animal-like feeling (lol \)
But since it works for various men, I think that it would be better to choose the place or scene to use.
Since he is in the company, I use it in the company, recently my uncle 's company got caught (sweat)

The use of premium + secret double is really effective!
It is my very strong ally. I think that I will continue to do my best on my own!


July 29, 2016


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want to meet soon

If you go out and drink it in front of him for about a month, he will say "I'm thrilled" and he will not leave me.
You might as well not put it in front of other people.
I just misunderstood contacts, but I was misunderstood by myself.
I refused firmly ... but it's quite nice.


February 15, 2016


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Secret.: * · '(* ゚ ▽ ゚ *)' · *: ...

Opening the cap, the impression of one puff is a soft, floral, slight fragrance. For most people, is not it a good impression \?
My own work, perfume use is prohibited, but it does not hurt.
And from the surrounding people, it is told that it is a person who feels directly, I am pleased to mind secretly. I think it is the real pleasure of secret.
It is effective for men, but within a radius of 1 meter, the effect is instantaneous. I want to touch it.
Although there is no problem if it is effective for your favorite person, it seems that there will be an effect on those who are not so, so I think I will think about adding at the time of use.


February 10, 2016


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To a friend's boyfriend

I am proud of me for free for a few years because my friend has a boyfriend, so why do not three people go out to play! Why are you being persistently invited and doing nothing?
Although I have no intention of plundering exactly, I met with my friend 's boyfriend with a doubt as to whether it would work because I had the looting limited pheromone that I bought and went cared. While I was a bit jerky at the beginning each other but my boyfriend wanted to be two friends with a friend while she was a friend (^ ^; I was smiling a bit like laughing properly In the shop, "I recommend this" but sticking to the good thing that there is not a friend without being friends .... If you do not want to loot honestly I will be nervous when touched by men, so I made this kind of perfume I think that the effect is good.I now I am interested in a 13 year old older man so I would like to buy an older male limited pheromone ♪


May 05, 2010


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The effect is tremendous. But the smell may be preference

The fragrance and preference can be divided.

But, I also thought that it was a bit difficult to use at the beginning, but I became flattening while using it.

I think that there is a great effect.
As I put it on, the closeness of her husband with the elementary school son is close!
In a situation where we are sitting on a holiday with a son and a husband on the sofa, I can not relax much.
Another time I heard that the husband who entered the room said "It smells like" It's a smell like "I heard that perfume is attached?", He says "smell of pheromone rather than rather" I was surprised.
It seems to be meaningful when I feel sexy, but of course that situation is not the case. I was surprised that somehow appealed to human animal sense, I thought that pheromone perfume is amazing!
In terms of scent ★ It is one minus, but the effect is ◎, so I will try again in future.


July 23, 2016


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I was really surprised!

To be honest, I purchased while suspecting that it was really effective but it was amazing !!
On that day I was not talking about Nanpa but I was able to speak to several men.
Although the aura which is difficult to speak to originally is out, I think that it will surely become an atmosphere that can be talked to ... ... I think. And confidence comes out among myself and it becomes a nature and soft smile face.
On the day we are wearing it is a little difficult to get stuck from your husband! This is amazing!


April 18, 2016


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Expectation degree up!

When I went to talk with a male superior who is interested in my workplace with a secret, I got a smile very gently while I was talking though it was sullen. I thought that the scent was healed.
I myself feel good in harmony when sweet Iran Iran waits a bit after the popular rose.
White musk was also effective, but secret seems to have healing effect also for men.
I hope it will be even more gentle with premium combined!

This is an additional review!
Although I am anxious boss, I was sighing all the day or I could hardly see a smile but during my overtime during the day I went to talk about my work for the first time and I got gentle with a smile.
It is a short time but close to me? (* ^^ * \)
Even though overtime workers overseas did not look directly at us, it seemed a bit surprised!
Yesterday, I was seeking consent from me by complaining the bitches I had never mentioned before while working.
It is not a big change, but I feel something different.
Expectation is further up (^ ^) d


April 06, 2016


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First time purchase!

I bought it only when I wanted to approach closer with my favorite boss.
I did not expect too much effect, I bought it with feelings about "I wish it was my favorite scent" ... There was an effect!
It talks to us a lot more than usual, distance is closer than usual, lunch is invited ♪ Because I smell like fragrance I want to repeat ☆

Yuni Yui

October 21, 2011


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It works considerably

Among various fragrances, this perfume was attacked most by men.
However, when I was wearing this scent, the way I was targeted was only in the direction of the night (lol \)
I was praised gruesome and sex appeal I still recommend another scent if it is still there.
This scent thinks that it is better to prevent people who are already associating, couple's mannerism, and also want to cross a line with people you like


March 29, 2016


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