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Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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It works considerably

Among various fragrances, this perfume was attacked most by men.
However, when I was wearing this scent, the way I was targeted was only in the direction of the night (lol \)
I was praised gruesome and sex appeal I still recommend another scent if it is still there.
This scent thinks that it is better to prevent people who are already associating, couple's mannerism, and also want to cross a line with people you like


March 29, 2016


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It may be the best

I am not good at the tight scent, so I always use premium.
Even that alone has the effect of smoothing human relationships and becoming gentle feelings, but recently I tried double use with various scents recently because I wanted to get closer to Mr. favorite.
This time I tried a highly evaluated secret in the word-of-mouth, but this is the best effect ever!
I was worried that the scent was a bit tight because Iran Iran was in, but it was nothing like that at all when I tried it, it was the best fragrance I tried so far!
Every year at the time of Valentine's Day I handed it to Ms. Ms. Mr. Fellows, but this year I was worried that I could reduce the opportunities to talk with less overall involvement so I could do a good job.
But when I used a premium and a secret a couple of times, I was able to speak to you from somehow over there! Because I really could not talk to you lately, it is already a miraculous feeling!
Even after that, I was able to talk to it everyday, I could talk smoothly and happily, even when I could not talk, my eyes match often and my eyes got nice and smiled nicely and I am truly happy. is!!
We will continue to use this absolutely! We also use premium with double use!


February 17, 2016


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Aroma of the royal road

It is recommended for those who like the mature scent. I did not like the perfume of a top brand even if I bought it, but I was going to the fragrance of the toilet, but the secret is my favorite perfume that does not get bored. Iran Iran 's sweet scent is the best.


March 22, 2016


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It is Lipi.

I am healed by the scent of this secret myself. Style is not good either, it seems that you are remembering "pretty people" unexpectedly to those in other departments at companies and cafeterias who are not beautiful but never passing each other.
A straight colleague who is serious and has a fiancee, when I ate rice together, I was told I wanted to meet sooner.
And the person who is my main intention is ... It is a person who can not take action from myself with shy while carefully looking around the eyes, but it was a drunk momentum, but I was hugged by Mr. Kyu. > <I was going to melt as being told I want to stay with you more.
I feel confident with the fragrance, I try to make it more beautiful, I become careful about clothes, I think that it has a good effect.


March 07, 2013


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How many times did you repeat?

I came to use a secret, I have not used the perfume I used to use. It is told that women smell good! Next time I will try challenging Iran Iran.


May 20, 2016


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The scent is .... But the effect is enormous? !

We purchase various pheromone perfumes here and are examining the effect and scent.
I have used gardenia, Venus, citrus, nonfragrance, opportunity and so far.
(Please see my review until now! Posted by: Click on the part of Buff Beauty to see it!)

Although I wrote to the past reviews, I, honestly There is not much I think that the fragrance of these perfumes is good.
Opportunity was the best in the past. (Opportunity is a gentle citrus line, I think it is a fragrance to receive everyone.)

Usually I usually use perfumes such as Chanel and Dior.

When I first attached this secret, I thought it was "a smell of a cheap toilet deodorant".
The secret seems to be used by Iran Iran and Rose, but it felt a little different from the essential oil used in aromatherapy.
It is a wonder of the fragrance of the pheromone perfume here, but if you do not like it for the first time it will change how you smell it.
It may also depend on your physical condition.
I feel the secret as "fragrance of Hawaii" depending on the day.
(I felt it like a gardenia perfume that I bought at ABC Mart in Hawaii.

Also, depending on the day, it feels like "hairdressing of a father".
In that sense, it is very delicately fragrant, but ...,,

There was a great effect!

Over a year or more, I decided to go drinking with a man 8 years younger I like unilaterally a while ago, I added a secret to the back of both ears, chest, and both carotid arteries one push went.
It is a person who is in a relationship of work, and sometimes my age is much lower than myself, no matter how old they drink together, relationships like "seniors (me)" and "juniors (he)" do not collapse, how drunk Even though it was embarrassing, I could not lightly touch the body.
That's Nantes!

Both of them may have been drunk, but this time I came home, I have been in this hot weather mode since I left the store.
When I arrived at the nearest station, when I parted by ticket gate, he hugged me twice from him.
Sprinkle your face at my neck.

More than that did not happen, but considering what we have done so far, it's impossible to progress rapidly!
I was really happy.

I will continue to verify other issues in the future, but secret, it seems I can not let go

Buff Beauty

July 23, 2011


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Throat !

The effect of the pheromone perfume ordered last time is overwhelming !!

But most people who thought it was nice to get married (tears)

So I will purchase it for "I will be happy" this time.


May 20, 2010


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Like Secret

After all the secret is reliable when it is emergency!
With a subtle relationship with him, it became a nice atmosphere, it is a surely developed Kanji.
I was relaxed when I was wearing it, I also had a lot of smiles on my partner and I felt like laughing naturally and happily. I was able to spend a day that seems to be "something happy".


February 27, 2016


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★ Pheromone perfume ★

I have been looking for a pheromone perfume for a long time.
Pheromone perfume was lost in various kinds, but we decided to buy "Human pheromone" and "Iran Iran" in plunder love limited suite attraction (* ^ ω ^ * \)
"Only one in the world, getting a patent" is one of the reasons why you could purchase with confidence ★ Just plundering romance while I'm gonna do my best (lol.

(Ω ·)

November 30, 2009


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Effective textile

I held an exchange party while drinking delicious sake with cozy friends.

Praised being praised.
We did it 2 to 2

I was the protagonist, the two men were in a state of melody.
I am married, but an adult male

It is a pleasure to be able to interact with gentlemen.
My spring is near coming.
Continue to enjoy your company's perfume

I will use it as an amulet.


February 18, 2016


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Resolve rut

In the fifth year of marriage, two children also. Everyday each day seems to be like air.
Almost no life at night.
I want to make friends again like a newlywedge!
Thinking that, I decided to buy it. I have not thought about plundering, but I saw the phrase "I want to keep his heart on my own," and I thought of "I want to keep my husband's soul again" from this thought.
After that, although others are also written, I think that it would be nice to have a long term relationship as a charm.
I have not received it yet, but I would like to report it if there is any effect.
○○○○ Report ○○○○

It is five days since I started using this perfume, but it was effective as soon as possible.
First of all, although it is a fragrance, I think that the fragrance of rose will bring out a very grown woman.
It is a fragrance that you can relax yourself with it.
Well, as for the effect, my husband is getting hit by 2 to 3 hours after attaching.
This is truly always impossible thing.
And I tried putting on the bath as well in the evening.
As soon as entering the futon husband began to say "I want to do".
When saying "What is it rare?" I said, "I feel something like that."
Is this a coincidence or is it thanks to this perfume ... I thought it was thanks to perfume.
Because it thinks that there are individual differences, it is my case to the last!
On the next day, I was on a routine medical examination of sickness, but I liked the fragrance so I was wearing pheromone perfume.
My doctor is a male doctor in his forties, but something is different from usual .... It is a very cute clothes, it suits you, swollen lymph and so on to investigate palpation or touching your face, arms, feet a little bit disgusted ... (bitter \)
I decided not to attach it only in front of my husband thought that this perfume might be somehow.
I think that it is absolutely effective !!
It's inexpensive, I think it's worth a try ☆


May 18, 2010


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It is a terrific effect

Anyway, if you go to the workplace, the male staff will be kind and the attitude of BF will change gently to wolves.
I really appreciate it.


June 06, 2016


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this is great?

It is very nice to have an adult-like rose in the sweet smell of Iran Iran.
Anyway, seems to make it easy for men to give a good impression, close to the distance is close ... ...
For those I love, the effect was perfect!


April 29, 2016


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Adult scent

I felt Iran Iran's fragrance was strong The taste of fragrance may be divided

But it was told from the partner that it is "good fragrance"

This may be a secret effect as men become gentle


September 16, 2016


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Effect feeling!

I have an unrequited love for her older man.
Two people going out drinking and going out ... When they are together they make me gentle like her, but I do not know how I feel because I am a good person.
In such a case, I purchased it attracted by the character of "looting love love". As I had plans to meet, I immediately went on.
He is always gentle but he suddenly kissed me on the way home when I thought that day was always more gentle ... and he hugged me.
I also like the fragrance, so I will keep it on afterwards.
I want to loot my heart with this momentum!


May 18, 2011


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I know the effect Iran Iran further pheromone ♪

Alaough generation thinking that girls' power has become little for a while. I expect the pheromone's chikara which can not be cultivated with skincare and skill up alone ♪ Iran Iran is a favorite fragrance from the beginning and if it is a pheromone plus if it is also effective in old romance, I am looking forward to see what happens!

******************************************* It is a posteriori report - ー ♪ her My favorite person invited me to hold me!
We are conscious of the fact that the relationship does not change.
But ... at that time I was happy to see him different from usual.
There is no doubt that it has pushed for courage.
Thank you!


February 07, 2010


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I want to ipi one dish ♪ ('▽ `)

I used a secret this time.
I had purchased it once before, was it effective at that time? What kind of fragrance was it ?, I was not impressed much, but I was worried for a long time, so I used it again this time.
The fragrance was oriental, I liked it. Rather than refreshing, it is a rich aroma. In terms of image, it is a scent of sexy adult atmosphere. I felt like a scent that made me feel night.
I used to use this time, I thought suddenly, but the scented ones feel like such effects will appear depending on how you feel themselves.
In the secret I used this time, I felt euphoria and a bit moist and elegant. Then it seems that his reaction also seemed to have seen me like himself, and when it becomes seriously sexy when it gets sexy occasionally (laugh) it is only me, keeping a thought, a rich love time To spend. If you are at the sofa, you kiss and cuddle. Anyway I wanted to mess up with mode packing.
His hyacinth used before was thought to be a gentle fluffy feeling, and his reaction at that time was posted before, but it seems that she is kind and kind.

I felt the secret was more strong as the aggressiveness of skin ship.
With that in mind, this perfume has done the support to perceive the impression of her fragrance, together with the pheromone ingredients on it, to finish it to herself with the impression of scent, her own atmosphere I felt that the opponent would change from.
So, recently I use several scents differently ^ ^ When he is busy with work, when he is tired, hyacinth, peach.
When I go on a trip, when I am relaxing on a vacation or on the night I came back early, my secret, a day when I fought a secret (lol \)
In order to make himself a comfortable presence for himself, and also how to want to fascinate himself / herself ♪ such as want to become ♪, depending on the mood, I am helping pheromone perfume ♪

There are lots of fragrances that I have not used yet, so I'd like to use it variously and look for him and his pleasant fragrance.


February 17, 2016


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A young boy was called out.

Since it was a sale, I purchased a secret I thought I'd like to use from the front !! As soon as I arrived, I tried to spray it with my shoulder at the chest and wrist. At first, a bit I thought that the fragrance was tight, but I did not mind becoming a little a little.I went to shopping at the supermarket and on my way home, there was nothing in my opinion, a young boy is a bit nice? I was surprised, I declined politely, I wonder if it will work so quickly ... I am surprised !! I absolutely want to attach when I meet a person I like! I think it is scary usually, I will give up.

Miyabi Maiden

February 14, 2018


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It is Ri.

I think that it works.
I like my energy and I like it.

Cherry Blossoms

April 29, 2010


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If you give up as if it is not effective with your wrist ...

Since Venus had an effect, it purchased premium, kore one after another. The premium was effective with double formulation, but secret is one more thing. I liked the scent so I was using it by inertia for aroma purpose rather than pheromone effect.
A story of the last night.
I somewhat changed the place from wrist to neck. It was a while before my husband came home.
Well, it is wonderful ('艸 `)

A pale-haired husband changed his hand!
Even though I was busy with each other after giving birth, fatigue was gathered due to lack of sleep, I could not feel like that.

And it was fierce (゚ Д ゚; \)
It is an event four hours after one pushed left and right of the neck.

Cat's wife

February 06, 2014


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