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Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free) Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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There was an effect!

When people in the workplace are worried and are in the vicinity of that person, if they were trying to put as much as possible, "With today are you going? Do you go rice?" And !!!
There are many opportunities to talk to the day you are on!


July 29, 2010


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not really

Like others, I have a bad smell before trying to say that it works or not.
Because the master and the daughter are getting closer than usual, the effect may be ugly lol

I am sensitive to the smell, so I can smell it until the night if I reapply it once or twice from morning, and sometimes I just put water on my wrist when I washed my hands, and then I put it back again In, completely secret smell revival.
In all perfumes, I think that it is the level that I think that it is good to mix purified water!

Then I think that the correspondence of the employee is polite and really wonderful in this company!

I want to find it while enjoying other scents!


April 13, 2019


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Make the turning men turn!

First of all, as a result of very annoying when purchasing this perfume before, I made it fragrance-free! I did not believe the effect much.
However, after being attached, it was made more friendly to people than usual, and the relationship with people became smooth. Not only people in the workplace but also people who were interested also asked me to say something good, and more important things!
So I was concerned about this time and I was attracted by the phrase "turn my heart of loved ones" into secret (^ ^) I thought it was perfect for me. It is nice! Personally I like the fragrance, the effect also seems to be great! I want to put it in a pouch so I frequently replace it with another small container.
I am thinking that I am thankful for this perfume that I was able to receive an invitation from a man I was interested in. I am anxious if not attached, so I can not afford it. It is like an amulet (^ ー °)

Ponzu sauce

February 17, 2016


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I buy a variety of perfumes in various ways and enjoy the fragrance.
The thing that I felt when I tried this is that the partner is usually irritated to everything in many cases and the relations between the partners are not very good and it is getting cold, but when putting on it is calming a little bit more than usual, so it works !? There is something I think.
I told you that it smells nice.
I am wondering if I can spare a little more calm.
I want to reprint this place when it is gone.


October 20, 2015


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I look forward to it.

Although I was allowed to use for the first time, I also decided to purchase because evaluation is high.
I would like to write about the effect again when I arrive!


December 20, 2010


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It is good to get used to it.

Looking at the word-of-mouth, I am superimposing with the premium. I do not understand the effect well, but I think I think it is a good fragrance.


July 31, 2016


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Fragrance is also good, feeling of effect

I tried using it to try a different scent, but my scent was not bad and my friends were also good at uke.
It seemed that the gentle actions and words from him were increased in various situations although the effect was close to the distance when I was walking or talking than usual than usual. Even from other people, the rate of being able to call out got higher.


February 18, 2016


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I will rip it!

The smell itself is also a good scent, but the effect is also very satisfying personally! Since I started attaching, I am not suffering from romantic relationships (^ O ^)


August 09, 2012


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It is a good scent

Pheromone perfume has tried various products, but purchased this item for the first time. I got lost with Taboo, but I chose Secret by referring to the word of mouth. I smelled Iran Iran strongly, I liked it like an adult feeling.
I bought a new perfume for my husband, I hid and used the pheromone on a date.
My husband is tight and tight at all times, but when he was only two people inside the car, he told me "I smell nicely" and was speaking terribly. Because it was a rare phenomenon, it may have had pheromone effect.
Because it was good to use with premium in the word of mouth, it may be good to superimpose.
Also, after myself put on perfume, I was feeling excited as if I was really excited.


March 27, 2013


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Let me go

I am addicted to pheromone perfume and I purchase various kinds.
I feel like improving the effect when superimposing it with non-fragrance type one more than this one!
I think the scent looks like an incense with a little habit ,,,,

Mr. Chi

August 27, 2016


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The fragrance is subtle ...

Because evaluation was high, I decided to buy a secret next to Jasmine.
Fragrance ... 100 It was awfully shocking that it looked like a soap scented perfume that seemed to be evenly ... It was my feeling to the last but ... It was a scent with no luxury and I should have bought a fragrance free I regret it ....
There is no effect yet.

Chestnut tree

July 28, 2012


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Congratulations ...

After having married, my husband and wife's life gradually decreased, and I was cheated.
But, I wonder if I can make a lovey relationship like I used to do ~ I guess I bought with hopes and expectations.


May 16, 2010


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There is an effect and it is!

Although I did not understand well, I did not understand well but I tried a popular secret ... At first it was not effective at all, but it was a kanji but it was effective, there was an effect! Suddenly contacted him without much tangle It came to come and one day I was kissed. After that, I was confessed by him! At one time a cute little girl caught me a cool friend who was sticking! In addition, my face was already masked and I was kissing if I had not masked it! The guys are very nice and they are really nice ♪ It is really nice to have him do not turn around so I really like this pheromone perfume so that I can turn around for him so I will keep on turning on ♪ This is only for lip There is nothing I really appreciate it ♪ I can not let go ♪

Hello Kitty

January 02, 2014


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I expect it!

Because there are opponents who can not be defeated by any means, I'd like to win this love match with this one! We are looking forward to receiving it!


April 26, 2011


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He is exactly "secret"

It is a love attraction that you can not afford anymore to finish your own grooming.
Perfume with no fragrance non alcohol. Although it is usual usage as usual, I was concerned about fragrance, purchased Iran · Iran, Happiness.
I'm losing 10 or more people I like now, I was at a loss as to whether Venus is good or not, but this "secret", the fragrance of the flower of Iran and Iran and the scent of perfume-like rose overlap, "... something It was an impression that it is a feminine scent "!
It is a nice scent. Among the ones I am using, I think that the secret is not perfume like the scent of a single flower like Iran-Iran, but the perfume is the most perfume.
I thought that I was not enough to add perfume usually, but it may be a comfortable natural scent just in the coming season when the air dries (* '∀ `)

It is an effect, but ... there are !!!
When I got to see him, I was restless because I was not dating it yet, but not only was the distance close like my lovers, but it came to connect hands or handled her from above as usual, I put on a kiss mark.
I became deeply confused and I could not be honest, but thanks to Secret I was able to date without having to be confused by him who has many cute girl friends.
Basically he is coming straight to my feelings, but he is also de straight more than usual! LOL
I got pleased.
I believe the secret effect (о '∀ `о)

Exactly "secret perfume" !!
Thank you very much!!
I will try my best to become a confident and lovely woman while having love attraction help us from now on!


October 22, 2018


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I might like this smell as well *

This smell may be my first favorite * I always use it mixed with other perfumes, but I smell gentle without it *

I have been keeping it for hours, but when I met a person I liked it was better to think that it would be better after a while ??? * I thought that the approach from men was a bit more Will also


February 23, 2016


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After all it works

Although the effect of this product was seriously aware, it is still amazing.
However, compared with other fragrances, seems to stimulate the sexual orientation of men in particular, its teasers and so on will be more, so when I do not want to be related yet, I try to use a different scent.


December 15, 2017


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As expected

The effect is high.
Just by making it horrible, I wonder if my feelings are catching up ...


August 20, 2015


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I feel that it has an effect.

From the day the male's boss who had been complaining about something so far went to work with this perfume, he came to come close to complaining a word. Human relations has become much easier. Also my parents' dog, who hated me at my pace suddenly slurped me and began to embrace and I will follow him as far as I can. A little surprised · · ·


November 23, 2011


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I use it at a tremendous pace.

The 1st repetition rate may be high.
No matter where you are, men come close to you naturally. And the story is always exciting. I bought a lot in the past as well. I wish the price was affordable a little more. Continue to repeat various kinds. I am always grateful for your help.


July 10, 2018


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